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Disneyland Adventure


It was a warm summer day and I'd decided to have a nice day to myself at Disneyland. No rushing around, just a leisure day of enjoying myself. See a few shows, go on a few rides, do a little shopping. It was a weekday in the fall that wasn't going to be too busy. Little did I know, that today was going to be anything but an ordinary day at Disneyland!

I was taking a leisure ride on the railroad that went all around the park, enjoying a bagel from y little drawstring backpack; sitting in just a casual pair of form-fitted jeans and a fairly low cut burgundy top, and of course comfortable walking shoes. Then I heard the alert from my phone that let me know I'd received a text message.

Finishing up my bagel, I reached into my pocket and flipped open my phone. I stared confused at the number, not recognizing it.

:You look beautiful, riding the railroad this morning:

It was a wonderful compliment of course, but it probably wasn't even meant to for me, I mean I didn't even know who this was. But regardless I texted the number back.

:Who is this?:

I looked around, but no one was on a phone near me and I didn't get a response right away so I went back to enjoying my ride through Disneyland.

Suddenly, as I was getting off the train back near Main Street, my phone beeped at me again and I flipped it open.

"Where to next? Maybe Tomorrow Land?:

I looked around again, but no one I knew was anywhere near me, and to be honest, I didn't even see anyone with a phone out. Then again, that probably didn't really mean anything, huh?

This time, I decided not to answer and definitely was going to bypass Tomorrowland for now. Instead, I went straight down Main Street and through the castle to Fantasy Land where I got in a fairly short line to the Peter Pan ride. The rides in Fantasy Land were more cute than anything else, and still fun even if you're not a little kid anymore.

In the middle of the short ride I got another text.

:Are you going to make me go on It's a Small World too? That's a very annoying little ride:

I looked confused down at my phone. Whoever it was texting me had been on the ride either a little ahead of me or a little after me. A shiver found its way through my body and I glanced around instinctively. But then I snapped out of it and sort of glared at my phone for a minute before smiling. If someone was following me, then why not annoy them? So I started in the direction of It's a Small World. The line was fairly long, but no where near as long as it would be in a little while when the park filled up a bit more.

I changed my message alert to vibrate, seeing as I could just barely hear it anyway. And ten minutes later, I felt it buzz.

:This isn't very nice of you, I thought you might skip it if i mentioned it:

I looked around and felt annoyed, he couldn't be that close to me without me knowing. The only person all that close with their cell out was a group of girls taking pictures and giggling. :Who is this?!:

It was a few moments later before I felt it buzz again.

:My name is Derek. But you WILL address me as Sir.:

My eyes widened and I had to close my eyes and bite my lower lip to keep from moaning. Then I blushed and grew annoyed at my reaction. I shouldn't be reacting this way! I glared at my phone for a minute before texting angrily. :Well DEREK, you have fun, I'm not paying attention anymore.:

I flipped my phone shut and put it in my pocket and tried not to think about it. A few minutes later I felt it vibrate in my pocket, but ignored it. but the trouble with my phone, was that it vibrated every five minutes or so to alert me of a message until I read it or at least acknowledged that it was received. So as I was getting seated I groaned and flipped it open and was surprised to find more than one text waiting for me.

:I'm going to ignore your outburst and such disrespect. But be warned, you've not many changes left.:

:We will talk more in a while, we're seated and the ride will begin shortly.:

I stared at my phone shocked, not only because of how my body was reacting, but he had said that WE were seated and were about to start and I couldn't help but look around me.

After the ride, I sat on a nearby bench to think for a minute then I laughed and called Shane.

"Hello?" I heard him answer.

"Hahaha, very funny, Shane." I said rolling my eyes.

"What?" He asked confused.

"So where are you? I know it's you just messing with me. Who's phone are you using?" I asked, sure I'd figured out who was texting me.

There was a long pause and Shane seemed confused. "Ashley, I have no idea what you're talking about, I'm in Illinois this week for my brothers wedding, remember?"

My heart almost leaped into my throat as I realized he'd left three days ago with his mom. I'd completely forgotten!

"Ash?! hello? Is everything alright?" I vaguely heard him ask.

I snapped out of it. "Uh yeah....Everything's fine..."

I quickly ended the conversation and looked around me. A but more visibly nervous. Who could be texting me? I mean the only logical person it could have been was Shane, but he was half way across the country.

Suddenly, I felt my phone vibrate and i jumped a little.

:Nope, this isn't a joke or a prank. I'm NOT your ex-boyfriend.:

My heart was racing as I sat there looking around me before texting back. :Who is this? What do you want?:

A few agonizing minutes passed by before it vibrated again in my palm.

:I told you who I am, and you'll know what I want soon enough.:

:Now since we're in Fantasyland, lets hear one of your fantasies.:

I stood and started walking back through the castle feeling nervous, but excited at the same time. Almost feeling him following me, but there were no familiar faces near. I couldn't possibly answer that text. I made my way to Tomorrowland. Maybe if I saw a show it would take my mind off of these weird texts. So I decided to go to the next showing of Honey I Shrunk The Audience, which would start in thirty minutes.

I was seated twenty minutes later, with those odd glasses in hand, my drawstring backpack on the floor between my feet, and as the show started, I started to relax a bit, that is, until the odd sensations through the show. How they made you feel the mice, etc...It was almost like torture when your senses are already on such high alert! And on top of it, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket throughout the show.

Almost immediately after I left the "theater" I checked my texts.

:You're delightful to watch, pet.:

:I can't wait until later when we try other things:

A shiver ran through my body. :What other things?:

:You'll find out soon enough...and you will do as your new Master tells you, won't you?:

My heart skipped a beat and I became very aware of the growing wetness between my thighs. My anger at this strange unknown person texting me, starting to subside, being replaced by a very familiar submissive feeling.

No! I had no idea who this was, and I couldn't let this stranger have such an effect on me. And somehow I found the nerve to text back. :No, you've no control over me and I don't even know you! Leave me alone, Derek!:

I closed my phone, my hand shaking slightly as I made my way to the Nemo Submarine Ride. As I stood in line, I received several texts.

:This is your last warning, slut. You WILL address me as Sir!:

:Anymore disobedience will result in punishments. Understand?:

When I didn't respond, I got another text.

:Say you understand, slut.:

I couldn't see him or hear his voice, but there was an aire to his texts that was calm but commanding and I felt myself star to give. :Yes.:

:Yes what?: He texted immediately, almost as if he sensed that I'd respond how I did.

I close my eyes and somehow found the nerve to text. :Yes Sir.:

My heart was racing as I felt so aroused among all these people, praying that they didn't realize what was going on.

It wasn't for an hour and a half that I was in line to Star Tours that I got another text, and I'd began to calm down by then.

:After this you will make your way back down Main Street towards the entrance and go to the lockers.:

:In your backpack there is a key for locker 32A where you will retrieve several items.:

:You will place them in your backpack and quickly go into the restroom and away further instruction.:

I found myself wanting to skip out of the ride and go right away, but I was already inside and then it hit me. Key in my bag?!

I almost flung it off my shoulders and started to quickly look through it. The key, I guess, could have been easily slipped in through the top- without me knowing it- if I hadn't pulled it tight....and sure enough the key was there, having made it's way to the bottom among everything. When had he snuck it in there?! He was always close, but I never saw him. I looked around me, who was he? No face looked any more familiar than the next, but he was near, I could feel it! I could feel his eyes on me, watching my every move. It was a very intense feeling that made me want to disappear and "relieve" myself somewhere privately. All of this even through texts was having such an effect on me.

I was nearly running towards the lockers after impatiently going through the ride. Walking as quickly as I could to the lockers near the front entrance of the park, the key in hand. Finding myself anxious to see what he'd left in there for me.

I stopped in front of locker 32A not seeing too many people and inserted the key, pausing for a moment. What was I doing?!

Suddenly, I felt my phone vibrate.

:Open it and do as you were told.:

The text gave me the nudge I needed and I turned the key in the lock, hearing it click and I pulled open the door slowly, revealing a smallish black bag that would just barely fit into my own. Without looking, I quickly went into the bathroom and into the larger handicapped stall, almost breathing heavily as I leaned against the locked door.

I nervously pulled out the black bag and my eyes widened at what I saw! It was a butterfly vibe that I'd once seen online that you wore, only it was a little different attached like a chastity belt and I saw the little lock and key in the bag as well. There was no on or off switch which was a dead give away that it had a remote somewhere. In the bag was also a loose white skirt that, as I held it up to myself, would only fall about mid-thigh. And wrapped in that was a white thong as well. And lastly a pair of strappy white heels.

I felt short of breath as I starred at the items and almost yelped in surprise as my phone vibrated.

:You will put on the special chastity belt and lock it into place, then change into the clothes provided.:

:I suggest making use of the toilet as you will not have the key to that lock for much longer.:

:After you've done as you're told come out and walk around the corner to the back for inspection.:

My breathing was labored and I was shaking like a leaf as I went to the bathroom as suggested and then nervously stepped into the chastity belt, feeling a small few inches of the vibe enter my pussy while a tip pressed against my clit and another at my anus, and I had to close my eyes trying to control my excitement. It wasn't super comfortable at first but I slipped the lock into place, gasping as the realization suddenly hit me, making me even more wet! I slipped the thong on then the skirt and stumbled into the strappy white heels before folding my jeans and placing them and my shoes into the black bag. I took out my little coin purse/wallet and left the rest in there and fit the black bag in also.

:Put the bag into a locker, keep the key to the device in your hand as well as the key to the locker.:

:You may hold onto the coin purse if you wish.:

:After placing the things in the locker, come where I told you.:

I closed my phone tucking it into the little coin purse and holding the key I walked out after washing my hands.

I found the locker from before still vacant and inserted the bags, putting a quarter in and taking the key, locking it and with my coin purse strap around my wrist and keys in hand I went where he said, coming upon a wall in the little alley way that was deserted.

My phone vibrated.

:Put your back to the wall and lift your skirt and hold it there until I say otherwise.:

My heart was racing and I lifted the front of my skirt, scared that someone may come and see me.

:Pull down the thong to your knees and tug the lock to show it's secure.:

I did as I was told.

A few minutes later, he finally texted back.

:Turn to face the wall with your thong still around your knees and don't move, your head better stay facing the wall.:

I turned and waited. It felt like hours! And I never heard his footsteps, but suddenly felt a body press up against me making me gasp and shriek in surprise.

"Hush!" I heard a deep calm voice whispering into my ear, I was pressed lightly up against the wall and heard him moan. "The skirt suits you, My slut."

I felt his hands roam my body and his lip so near my ear that I felt his hot breath travel down my neck, sending a shiver down my spine. "I've been watching you for such a long time, waiting patiently, planning the way to make you mine."

I whimpered as his hands found the chastity belt and vibe an he seemed a little displeased with something. "This isn't near tight enough, Ashley. The tip should be pressed firmly to your clit, to the point of it being near painful." He paused letting that sink in for a moment. "And the other tip should constantly rim your sweet little asshole as you walk. Like this..."

In just a few moments I'd felt the device quickly tighten substantially and gaped as the tips did exactly as he'd said. Inadvertently showing the few inches deeper into my pussy. I didn't even know how he had tightened it!

I was breathing heavily now as he grinned, slipping my thong up into place and lightly slapping my ass, making me squeal delightfully.

"Much better. Now hand me the keys." He said slowly. My hand closed tight around them before I submitted and let them drop into his hand. "That's a good girl." He praised lightly.

Suddenly, I felt a gentle vibration emerge from the vibe and I gasped loudly, feeling weak at the knees as it tortured my clit and made me instantly wetter. "You want release already, don't you?" He asked with a chuckle, his fingertips lightly tracing over my thighs. "But don't you dare, without permission. I will know if you do slut." He paused. "Oh! an this will not do."

He reached up the back of my top and I whimpered. His fingers wrapped around my bra straps and yanked had. It scared me more than it hurt, but I almost squealed, having to bite my lower lip to keep quiet. He then tore apart the clasp and removed my bra. Before I could react he reached in front of me and pinched my already hard nipples, making me groan in pleasure.

"That's better...I want these to protrude visibly through your top all day as they are now, understand? If they start to lose their stiffness you will pinch them three times, regardless of where you are understood?" He asked, more as an order than a question really.

I couldn't find my voice to answer and he grabbed a fistful of my hair, pulling my head back a bit. "I said, understood?!" Hearing him growl quietly into my ear.

Oh God, I loved feeling a man's fingers in my hair. "Y-yes." I whispered.

His grip tightened and his lips brushed against my ears before I felt his teeth roughly nibbling my sensitive ear lobes. "Yes, what?!" He growled again.

I started to quiver and squirm against him. "Y-yes Sir!" I squeaked.

He let my sensitive ear lobe go. "Better, pet. Now you stay facing this wall until you receive instructions from me."

And suddenly, he was gone. I didn't dare turn. I still didn't know what he looked like but his voice was heavenly! Quiet and low, and commanding without too much harshness, wit a slight accent.

My thoughts were interrupted by the vibrations of my phone.

:You may emerge from the alley. Happy walking, My slut. I will message later.:

I sighed softly, that incessant vibrating of the butterfly vibe torturing me more as I walked, while the point rubbed against my clit also and the other tip kept protruding just a little bit into my anus with every step.

I tried to ignore it all as I walked a bit unsteadily on the tall heels, aware of my hard nipples through my top- which Sir had pulled down lower to reveal more of my cleavage, making me feel so exposed and slutty. I blushed at some of the looks I got but was also a bit delighted at the attention.

I couldn't keep my mind off of the man that ha pinned me up against he wall a few moments ago. I started to wander around the park- back through the main square and through Frontierland to New Orleans Square where I non-committedly stood in line for the Haunted Mansion ride. Able to ignore the low humming while still enjoying it immensely.

I hadn't heard from him in almost forty-five minutes and I felt extremely alone even amongst all the hundreds of people around me. Then as I was entering the inside of the "elevator" among the first of this group, my phone vibrated in my hand and my hear started to race as I flipped it open.

:How are you doing, My pet? : ) :

I wasn't sure what to say so I stayed quiet as everyone filed in.

:Are you thinking about My cock slut? Is that why you're quiet?:

I bit my lower lip as I closed my eyes and though about all the images that had been going through my head even more since my "inspection" from Sir. Thinking of his lips, tongue, and teeth torturing my ears, his large hands all over my body, and his body pressed up against mine. How I could feel the bulge through his pants pressing up against my as he pinned me against the cool wall.

Images of what he looks like and his throbbing cock...How it would taste, how good it would feel buried deep in my pussy- his hips thrusting forward-

I snapped out of my daze as I realized I wasn't paying attention to the ride and we were all filing out to the inside line. Then my phone vibrated and I flipped i open to see that I'd gotten four texts.

:It isn't polite not to answer My questions, Ashley. :

:I can tell you're thinking, and I want to know what about.:

:Slut, answer me now or you'll be punished.:

:*growls* I'm not happy with you at all right now slut.:

I felt bad and looked around me before texting back.

: I wasn't ignoring you on purpose Sir, honest!. I- I was just lost in my thoughts. I'm sorry : ( :

The silence that followed was like torture and I felt like crying as I moved with the line, nearing the ride. Then I finally received a text.

:You still should be more aware and not so disrespectful.:

:You are Mine, as such if I want to know your thoughts you will tell me, understand?:

I sight softly and texted back immediately glad that he wasn't too upset with me for accidentally ignoring his texts. I didn't want him to be upset with me.

:Yes Sir, I'm sorry.:

:Tell me about what you were thinking, slut.:

:A-about you, Sir.: I texted.

:I know that, I want to know more slut. Be specific.:

I blushed as I stepped onto the moving walkway to my seat and the bar settled into place.

:I was imagining what you look like and how your cock would taste and feel Sir. :

I closed my phone, squirming in my seat as I felt the vibe press into my pussy even more and I tried to feign interest in the ride as my phone vibrated again.

:Don't worry, you will know soon enough, My slut.:

The ride was soon over and I sat on a nearby bench.

:But maybe my slut should have something to suck on in the mean time.:

:Go and enjoy a chocolate covered frozen banana treat with nuts as:

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