tagBDSMDisobeying Master

Disobeying Master


I squirm from the position you have me in, tied up on the bed. My arms are slinked over from their positions glued to the oak bedposts. A red and blue striped Ralph Lauren tie hold them up to the point where they hurt, but doesn't drown out the heaviness I feel from your weight, on my chest. The look on your face tells me I'm in for a definite punishment for disobeying you earlier today, and without any notice or hesitation, you force the head of your cock between my wet lips.

Immediately I start gagging from the taste of your salty pre cum. Taking your two pointer fingers, you hook them on my already stretched lips, and force yourself in deeper. My eyes start to water as you waste no time fucking my face, and choking me, at the same time. I can feel my clit getting harder from the pressure and it starts to swell between my already soaked pussy lips.

I listen to you call me dirty names and slap me around, telling me to suck harder, and take more of you in my mouth. I start to gag even harder as I feel your cock head puncturing the back of my throat, and pre cum starts to leak down it like a nose bleed. My reflexes fight to betray me but you ram your monster cock in even deeper.

"Don't you fucking even think about pushing me away you sluttish cunt. You knew what you were in for when I told you to wash the dishes, and you looked at me like I was stupid. Now suck my thick cock before I slap the shit out of you."

I can feel your cock swelling even more and I can tell you're turned on from all of the threatening you just laid on me. You start to choke me even harder to the point I'm about to black out. I murmur an apology and you cut me off.

"Did I say you can talk bitch?" You say with a sneer. "Shut your mouth and keep it glued to my cock." You shove it in deeper and start fucking my face in quick patterns. I slowly start to slip away.

"Not yet you fucking cunt, you're gonna suck this white cock until my thick cum shoots out of my balls. And then I'm going to watch it slide down your fucking nigger throat!"

I come to at the sound of such a harsh word but I know its part of the game we play. I'm your little black whore, and you're my white Master. Anything and everything we take personal never enters the room. Your fingers let go of my mouth and my lips take their place wrapped around your throbbing cock.You close your eyes and let me know that you like what you're feeling.

"Fuckkkkkkkk, Yeahhh!" "Suck my cock. Mmmmmmmmm, yeah.You like sucking Master's cock don't you my little black whore?"

"Mmmmhmm...." I murmur as best as I could but it doesn't satisfy you enough.


I feel the sting of your palm across my face as a tear rolls down onto the bed.

"Answer me when I speak to you cunt! I don't care if you have five cocks in your mouth, I want to hear every answer loud and clear from now on."

"Yes Master." I manage to reply through my nose.

"Keep sucking me... yeah, like that."

I grip my lips tighter around your cock and it reacts by spurting a thick glob of pre cum which I gurgle in the back of my throat.

"You fucking filthy whore." You say, as you spit a thick puddle of saliva on my face.

"Open your mouth." I obey as you pull your veiny cock out of my mouth, leaving me to choke on the remainder of pre cum left behind. You turn around and force your ass in my face.

"You know what I like, lick it clean bitch."

I stick my tongue out and ream your wet asshole with the tip of my pink licker. Though I do it, I hate it. Knowing that this is my punishment, and you enjoy embarrassing me; I briskly do what I'm told in order to get the pungent smell of your ass away from my face.

"Oooooohhhhhh. Master loves that baby, lick it good sweetie."

You sense my aggression and you get into a slow rhythm and press your firm ass cheeks onto my wet face moving your tight globes up and down until your whole crack is juiced up with my saliva. With my eyes closed I have no idea what's coming next but I feel a cold rush of air on my face and I open my eyes to your purple cockhead starring me down.

"Open your mouth slut."I do as I'm told and you shove your whole cock deep down my throat.

"Mmmmmm suck my cock baby, Ahhhhhhhhh."

You thrust deeper into my mouth and wrap your strong hands around my small throat again and fuck my mouth harder then before.

"Mmmmm look what you've done slut, you've licked my asshole so good that I think I might have to fill your mouth up with my cum right this minute. That's right, keep sucking hard on Master's big cock knob."

Without notice your body stiffens on top of my chest smashing my 38 ddd breasts together.

"Oh shit bitchhhhh. I'm gonna cummmmmmmmmmm." I brace myself as the first shot of hot cum hits the back of my throat causing me to gag.


Another load fills my mouth and starts to seep out of the sides of my tight lips. I try to swallow it all because I know what the punishment would be if I even let a drop slip onto the bed. Flogging, for wasting Master's creamy, superior cum. You pant and thrust yourself deeper into my mouth as you release the remaining streams of thick white semen spilling out the sides of my mouth.

"Gawwwddddddd yeahhhh!!!" You yell, as the last few spurts spill out of your deep purple, cum covered, cock head.

I quickly gulp down as much as I can as you lay still, limp in my mouth. You fall asleep inside of me, not giving a fuck if I can breathe or not, as I black out into a deep abyss.

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