tagLoving WivesDisplay Wife Ch. 04

Display Wife Ch. 04


Chapter Four -- The Story of O

Sam was prepared for Mark's suggestion to abandon the window displays following the Bettie Page weekend. Mark approached Sam midday on Monday and said he thought the display window had run its course; that they should try something that didn't require Morgan being the model. He had not discussed this with his wife, but was reacting to what had happened over the weekend, and had made a command decision on his own.

This was exactly the response Sam had expected. He already knew the answer he would give, but he let Mark explain his position first.

"I understand your position Mark and I would have said the same if I were you. But in my position, and given the state of the business, I will probably have to let you go if that is your final decision." Those words took the wind out of Mark's lungs. He knew Sam had said he would consider letting him go, but he never thought Sam would actually do it. It had taken Mark over six months to find this job, and he needed this job.

"Wait a minute, you're telling me that if my wife does not continue to be the model that you will have to let me go?"

"Yes, I may have to let you go." Sam lied. The business had done so well, he was actually in a position to give Mark a raise, but he did not share this fact with Mark. Sam figured that if he gave Mark a raise, there was still a risk that Mark would want to remove Morgan from the window. He took a chance with this approach. There were other priorities playing here. And one of those was what Sam wanted, not what Mark needed.

"Okay... Okay... let me think about this for a minute. Mark had not heard the word 'may', he only heard the phrase 'let you go'. How about moving back to just using the mannequins?" Mark interjected without thinking hard.

"That didn't work the first time, if you remember."

"Yes... okay... it didn't work the first time. But maybe I can fix the dummies or maybe you can help me find better replicas?"

"Nope, what's in the back store room is all I've got. I cannot think of another option at this point, Mark. It worked because your wife became the model. If she will not do the display window, then sales will probably go back to what they were, and I may not be able to pay you."

Mark did not respond immediately. He lowered his head in thought and waited a bit longer. "All right, let me think about this. I'll get back to you with an answer later." Mark needed time to absorb the situation and evaluate the different options.

"By the way, I have a suggestion for the next scene if you decide to stay on."

This surprised Mark, because he was only thinking about whether or not he should let Morgan continue being the model, and here was Sam already thinking about a new window display.

"And what might that be?" Mark's image of his wife in a fantasy overrode his thoughts about what he should do regarding the job. Sam outlined his thoughts around the next fantasy display, which only took a few minutes. Mark listened, allowed his eyes to drift up to the left and responded. "Let me think about this. I'll talk to Morgan this evening and see what she thinks. I'll get back to you tomorrow."

"Alright, tomorrow is soon enough. I can wait." Sam turned and smiled to himself. He was going to get his wish.

***** ***** *****

Mark was not sure how Morgan would react to Sam's suggestion. Especially considering what had happened to her two nights earlier. He didn't really want his wife to continue being on display for other men. But he had to admit that her exhibitionism did excite him. And they really needed the money. So over dinner Mark outlined the next fantasy to his wife. He was expecting her to say no, but was surprised when she quickly said, "Yes, I'll do it. It sounds exciting."

Mark was taken back by her answer, half expecting her to break down in tears with his suggestion.

"As much as I was embarrassed with what happened last Saturday. I've had time to think about it. I now realize that it was stimulating and I enjoyed the exposure. I don't think anyone knows who is the model, so I think my secret remains intact. I'll do it!"

From the tone of their conversation, Mark knew that Morgan had no idea that Sam knew about her. Neither of them had any idea if anyone else realized what was happening. Morgan was of the opinion there were only two people that were in on her secret. In a way Mark was relieved. He was not going to burst that balloon and let her know there was at least a third person.

Morgan had taken over the dinner conversation and planning. What started as Sam's suggestion, was now hers, because she believed it to be her husband's fantasy.

Mark listened to his wife speak and was getting excited. She painted this new fantasy in his head as she talked. It also started to arouse him knowing that Sam had become a secret voyeur. He let her take control of the design.

Over the remaining time it took for them to eat dinner, they talked about the new project and made their plans. Mark was slightly relieved that he would be able to tell Sam that Morgan would continue to be their model. He realized this would allow him to keep his job. After all, another rent payment was due soon and they loved their apartment

***** ***** *****

On Tuesday Mark outlined their approach. Sam could only listen and smile, for he understood that he would continue to be part of the preparation, even though Morgan and Mark had no idea he was controlling them. Sam quietly listened, nodding his head in agreement, and only interjected a few suggestions here and there to enhance the fantasy. At the end Mark was pleased, but Sam was ecstatic.

Mark went off to pull the props he would need for the new display, and Sam went off to plot his next move. They both had plans that dealt with Morgan, but each would have very different outcomes.

***** ***** *****

One week later the new window display was in place. Mark and Morgan had finished with constructing the new window fantasy, while Sam had completed his own personal task. It was Friday night, show time.

On cue the 'trench coat lady' arrived to be greeted by Mark. He did not need to ask Sam permission to make an adjustment, they both knew what was going on and Mark just made his way over to Morgan as soon as she entered the store.

Morgan, not realizing her cover had been blown weeks earlier, thought she was still being very discreet hiding behind her coat and sunglasses. Mark took her arm and moved her over to the window as they had done over the past weeks.

After helping her remove her coat, Mark handed her a very skimpy thong bikini. It looked to be only a few threads hanging from her hand. She smiled realizing that other than the heels she had on, this was all she was going to wear. She was naked under the coat, so it only took a few seconds to place the strings around her body. Mark tied the halter string behind her neck and another down along her back, while Morgan tied the strings at each side of her hips. She was covered, but barely. This excited the exhibitionist in her. Morgan was making her way to the back of the stage when Mark handed her one more item.

"What's this for?" She asked, knowing quite well what it was.

"It's a 'Mardi Gras Mask' and I thought it would add a little erotic touch to the fantasy." He did not tell her it was Sam's idea.

The half mask was fanned by a rainbow of feathers on its top and was very festive. Morgan smiled at her devilish husband and quietly tied the mask around her head.

Mark moved her over to the rack. In this scene, she would be suspended between two beams that formed an 'X'. The idea had come from the Story of O; modified ever so slightly. A leather band was firmly attached to both wrists. Each restraint was attached to a metal chain, and the end of each chain was bound to the wooden rack. The same was done for her ankles. Once she was secured, she wouldn't be able to free herself. She found hanging in place made it easier to find a pose and remain in that position.

After she was securely locked in position, Mark pulled a new anal plug out of its packaging. This plug was red in color, looking much like the blue one, but had a long mane of horse hair running from the flange. It gave the impression of being more of a tail than a butt plug. She smiled as he applied the lube, slid the material covering her butt to the side, and inserted it gently into her ass. This was going to be more pleasurable than she had first thought, Morgan realized. She enjoyed the slight pain, as Mark eased the toy into her waiting anus.

Morgan faced directly towards the front of the store window. To her right stood the male mannequin, fully covered in leather, from head to toe, including a full-head leather mask. The dummy was facing sideways from the window, holding a whip in his right hand to give the impression of what would be her fate. She focused on her window partner, stored this vision into her mind, and let her fantasy start to play. She was securely tied to the rack, and there was no way she could set herself free. Morgan was planning to enjoy her captivity, enjoying the visions that were now running through her mind, becoming very excited with her bondage.

Mark stepped back, looked at his wife hanging from the rack, and smiled. As the picture flowed into his mind, he felt the growing excitement in his pants and reached down to make an adjustment. She did not miss his discomfort, and smiled at the thought of what she was doing to him as he repositioned his penis under his clothes.

"Are you ready?" He smiled.

"Yes, ready and able." She quickly added. "But are you?" She grinned.

Mark walked off the stage to turn up the lights and open the curtains.

Sam wanted to be outside for this unveiling, and had hidden himself behind a few people also waiting on the street. It appears there were a growing number of fans that enjoyed the Friday night unveiling. He was pleased with what he saw as the window lit up and the curtains were drawn. This was Sam's creation. It was one of his favorite fantasies taken from a movie he had seen many years earlier. It had become a burning desire for Sam to reenact, and now was presented in front of him, in his store, for all to enjoy.

***** ***** *****

Morgan was comfortable with her position. The anal plug helped to entertain her as she looked out over her voyeurs moving across the window. She let her own thoughts play out in her mind. The thong covered little, but it covered enough so she felt like she was not completely naked, but in her mind she let her fantasy move out of control as the street took in her nakedness. She stood still, gripping and releasing the anal plug, using her body, while tied securely to the rack in this BDSM scene.

Later that evening at home, Mark and she had another great sex session. Morgan described her thoughts while being chained in the window, telling Mark that she had visualized her Master touching her while she hung helpless from the rack. This excited her, but drove Mark over the edge as he listened to his wife explain her excitement while she was shackled and on display. They both looked forward to the next evening, hoping for the same excitement during their love making after the store was closed.

***** ***** *****

Saturday was a repeat of Friday, same rack, and same teensy bikini. What they did not know was that Sam had been hard at work the night before. The evening started out the same as it had Friday night, but about one hour into the display something was about to happen.

Morgan was chained to the rack, in the briefest of a bikini that was held to her body by four tiny bows. As she stood still she sensed a slight breeze behind her. It was almost as if someone had opened the curtains. She did not pay it much mind until she felt the first tug. She had the feeling that someone was pulling the lower string to her top, as the material slipped from her body. The strings fell to the sides, allowing the sides of her breasts to come into view, but leaving the material draped over her nipples. Thank goodness the top bow remained in place, she thought Again there was another tug, this time letting the top of her bikini completely loosen and fall from her body. It was almost exactly what had happened the other night, during the Bettie Page incident, except this time she could feel someone pulling at the material. Her anxiety increased, but she could not stop the material slip from her body and fall to the floor. Now she was topless. She wanted to admonish Mark, but she couldn't move or talk. That would give herself away. At the same time it made her extremely aroused that she believed her husband had put her on display like this.

Then she felt another tug, at her right hip, as another string was pulled, letting the material slip from her hip. Morgan was now very concerned. Her anxiety was reinforced as she could feel the other loop being tugged and the tiny material between her legs slowly slip down her legs. What alarmed her most was the fact that she was not completely shaved. With the exposure she knew was coming, the street would certainly realize that they were not looking at a mannequin; they were viewing one very real naked woman. The material slipped away as four pairs of street eyes widened in surprise. They only stared, not comprehending yet that she was real. They watched her being disrobed and did not move.

If that was not enough, there was a slight buzzing in her ass. At first she did not understand what was happening, but as the vibrations increased she knew exactly what was going on. The anal plug in her ass was also a vibrator. She did not know who was controlling the device, but who ever he was, it was increasing in intensity and having the desired affect on her.

Here she was, totally naked, chained to a rack with a vibrator stuck up her ass on display to the world. It was hard for her to remain still as the anal plug increased its activity in her ass. Suddenly the very excitement of her situation, being on display, and the titillation of the plug up her ass could not be controlled any longer. She let her body move. Morgan closed her eyes. She started to moan with her excitement. She didn't care if the street understood she was real. The toy had taken control of her body, controlling her like a marionette; forcing her to shudder when she didn't want to move, driving her towards the orgasm she tried to suppress, but now desperately wanted.

Two men and one couple stood on the street with their mouths open as they realized they were looking at a woman just about ready to have an orgasm. At first all they could do was stand and stare. Then one of the men stepped up to the window, to get a better view, saying, "Wow, she is actually real. This is better than any porn movie I've ever seen."

This man peering at her through the glass excited Morgan and forced her orgasm to come violently. Her body shook the rack, as she hung fervently trembling. At this point, she did not care who was watching. It excited her knowing she was on display and was coming before an audience. Her muscle contractions provided the pleasure she craved. She shivered in the window; finally coming to rest, hanging from the chains as the lights suddenly went off.

***** ***** *****

Mark's eyes caught notice that the window lights had gone off and looked up to confirm what he thought he had seen in the corner of his eyes. Concerned, he made his way over to the window to find Sam at the light switch slightly gesturing that he should go up and check on his wife.

Mark made his way up into the window to find his wife breathing hard. Holding her she told him that she had just had an orgasm and needed to be released from her constraints. He raised her up high enough to release her wrists from each chain and lower her to her knees. She stayed in that position for a few minutes, trying to catch her breath as he retrieved her coat. Placing it across her shoulders, she kneeled, letting the warmth of the material comfort her, while trying to catch her breath.

Mark helped his wife off the stage, out of the store and walked her home. It was not hard to figure out what had happened, he was not happy with Sam. Mark's concern was with his wife, not his work, and he did not ask Sam permission to leave early that evening.

Sam retreated to his office, after he had closed the store, to review the tape. He fast-forwarded the tape to confirm that he had captured her orgasm, and was pleased when he found the spot on the tape. Pushing the remote, he set the tape to rewind, while he moved his chair in front of the TV and dropped his pants. He was going to enjoy watching her hanging from the rack, unable to stop the orgasm he had so meticulously planned to happen. Sam was not disappointed. He watched her top, and then her bottoms fall away exposing her to the street and to his camera. Her beautiful pert nipples, centered on her ample chest, came into view. Then he gazed down at her womanhood and enjoyed the curly hair that was clearly on display. She closed her eyes letting her body move. Sam watched as her breasts heaved quickly as her arms hung from the rack. Her body was losing control and he briefly made out the contractions before she burst into orgasm causing Sam to have his own release, along with her.

***** ***** *****

"Thank God I was behind that mask!" Morgan exclaimed. "The people watching knew I was real as soon as my bottom came off and my pussy was bared to them. I couldn't stop what was happening to me, and I could not run off the stage. I was completely naked and could do anything but struggle as I hung from the rack. Then I had that orgasm!

Mark held her in his arms, said nothing, and just listened. He knew there would be a time for him to talk, and this was not that time.

Morgan did not tell Mark that evening, but did the next day. It excited her to be on display and for them to know she was real. It excited her knowing that her identity was still protected, having been behind the mask.

Mark was taken back with this admission, but not really surprised. He was learning that his wife was a true exhibitionist, and was enjoying this newly discovered part of her life. He was struggling with what he would do with Sam. Mark knew how the conversation would go around his job, but at the same time he wanted to protect his marriage and no longer keep this secret from her. So he told her about Sam. And as they talked, Morgan heard how Mark figured out it was Sam who had planned for this to happen. Sam had untied the bikini. It was Sam.

They were not sure what they would do next. Mark was angry that he let someone manipulate him and his wife, but at the same time, Morgan enjoyed what occurred and she showed Mark that night how much. They were both sure that Sam would want them to continue with the window fantasies. Mark was struggling with his desire to put his wife on display, and the need to protect her. They did not have any answers that night. Instead they decided to see what the next day would bring, and then maybe, they would be able to decide what to do next.

They were right. Sam did not want this to end. He had already conjured up the next fantasy. This was working out beyond his wildest expectations, and he was not going to let it end yet. Sam had already planned their next show.

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