tagSci-Fi & FantasyDisposable Hero Ch. 01 Pt. 06

Disposable Hero Ch. 01 Pt. 06


The Gathering

Into the Foreverdark

I am still looking for an editor if you are interested please contact me. We have at last reached the end of chapter 1. As always your comments, questions, replies and even advice are welcome.

After Dirzune left I saw my tormentor or should I say Shyntaunlin leering at me as I gave her a defiant look. She smiled knowing that I was chained up and couldn't do anything but take her abuse, she wanted to enjoy this power over me and wanted to play. She tried to say something but I didn't understand it, which of course only made her angry of being robbed of the chance to torment me mentally, but that wouldn't stop her from beating me and I swear it made her excited on an almost sexual level to whip and beat me. I wondered if she had an orgasm or several while beating me, I refused to cry out in pain as my skin tore from the lashes and my blood flow freely, I retreated into my mind so I could block out the pain, the only saving grace was the language barrier she couldn't use psychological torture on me.

In the far corner of the cell sat Belar watching the proceeding with extreme interest. Her thoughts on the human and of course her sister as she watched her whip Henri yet again. She was surprised that he didn't cry out, but what was more interesting was how excited Shynta was at his resistance. This made the boredom of torture all the more interesting as she watched the gift of her sisters death being beaten all she needed to do was convince him to stop fighting Shynta. With Shynta distracted by her new pet she could either kill her with his help or blame him for her death either way she would need him.

The biggest problem with Henri was Zilvra, she had seen how different her sister was around him when he stopped her attack of falling sickness. Even as she studied him now she saw his aura growing more and more powerful each passing day. She had been kept from seeing her sister, only Dirzune was allowed to see her. Henri had seen her and was dying to know what happened when he did.

This human was making her life fun for several reasons as she thought about them she could feel the heat rising inside her. She had to admit that for a human he was attractive, his broad shoulders which made Zilvra's seem like a childs screamed physical prowess. He was tall like an Orc but much better looking and he was getting even more attractive as he continued to wind up Shynta. Belar knew this human would be her greatest victory of all, as she groped herself to try and relieve the fire she had lit in her loins. She promised herself she would fuck him before she killed him just to have one more thing over Shynta.

Shynta kept beating Henri until he lost consciousness and left the room all hot and bothered as she went to wear out her best sex toy. Belar on the other hand remained in the room to watch Henri heal and see if she could figure out what was happening to him.


Up in Zilvra's room she was flinching as she felt the sting of lashes on her back, the odd thing to all of that was she was the only person in the room, she had set wards on the doors, she looked and saw that they weren't disturbed. She laid down on her bed closed her eyes and could see a wall before her, she was chained and could barely move her hands or feet. She felt the lashes fade as the room went black. She knew she hadn't passed out, as another image began to appear before her, she was soon looking at a girl saying something in a language she didn't know, this girl looked much younger than her, as she looked closer she saw this girl was human, her black hair and black eyes that had a slant to them, she was noticeably shorter than she was, this girl came up to maybe her belly button at best.

Who was this very short human girl and why could she hear her, she heard herself speak if was a deep voice like the human that had cursed her, she knelt down and the girl ran and embraced her, she felt a warmth travel through her, this type of affection was something any Drow would find strange from a fellow female unless they were playing some game that would lead to cruelty in the end, this was different but she didn't understand why.

She heard that voice saying that it had a surprise for her, she watched the little girl's eyes widen, and she asked over and over what it was the excitement was annoying to her, as the embrace ended and Zilvra stood turned to a strange looking carriage with no lizards pulling them, she watched as a human woman walked out holding something very small in her arms wrapped in a blanket, she heard this little girl look at her and asked eyes shining at her imploring her to tell this small child. She looked down at the child and picked her up she weighed next to nothing as they she saw her hands, they were white like the human downstairs and much bigger than hers.

After picking up the little girl she felt the little girl put her arm around her, she felt that warmth again as they walked towards the woman holding something who was also walking towards them. They stopped and the woman turned and showed them a baby human, Zilvra had never seen a human baby she saw that it had eyes like the girl she heard her voice tell the little girl that this was her new brother Yuuya, she saw jealousy and anger in the little girl's eyes as she looked at her then this woman who had eyes like both of them, but couldn't understand why she would be jealous of such a weak female. She heard that voice telling the little girl that she was not her new mother and that Yuuya was alone like her. Zilvra could tell that this small female was lost in her own memories as she heard the little girl apologize to her, no Drow would ever show that weakness and expect to live, again she was amazed by just how weak humans were.

They walked into a house, she knew what it was because of her sire's teaching, as they entered the house she heard the voice saying the Miko would be looking after Yuuya as his nanny. They entered a large room with a strange black picture on the wall the little girl touched something and magically Zilvra saw pictures moving on what was a black picture, she walked up to a mirror. She was shocked as she saw the face looking back at her wasn't her own, but that damn human in the basement.

Her eyes flew open and she looked around she was back in her room, this was the second time she had seen things involving him, the last time she saw a flash of images with human men wearing the same clothes as he. Her eyes glowed red she was furious and grabbed her leathers, he would answer her one way or the other she would get him to remove the compulsion or whatever she was under. She started to put her leathers on and noticed that the leathers fit very tightly around her thighs and ass, she tried to move in them and found it too constricting, next she tried to get her top piece of her leathers and found that again it didn't fit right, being too tight in the chest and arms she couldn't move her arms unless she loosened the top straps one her leathers, she checked her arms and saw the sleeves were too short for her. She tried her other clothes on and found the same problem the only thing that fit was an evening dress with spider silk straps that she had worn once to a worship ball and even it was shorter, before it nearly touched the ground, now it was just past her knee.

Dressed in her evening dress with leathers in hand she grabbed a dagger and stormed down to the basement and Henri, she barged into the room adjoining his cell as the male standing guard stood she dropped him with a right hand and as he hit the ground she kicked him several times and took the keys and opened the door to the room Henri was being held in. She saw him sleeping in his cell and opened his cell and climbed on top of him as he woke.

She set her dagger at his throat and said, "You will remove this compulsion or I will."

His eyes went wide as he felt the dagger at his throat, what shocked him was that he understood her and said with a voice full of surprise, "What did you just say?"

Zilvra's eyes shimmered with evil intent as she repeated, "Remove this compulsion or I will."

After 'I will' she pressed the knife into my throat to make sure he understood, however he had no idea how or what a compulsion was and said defensively, "I have not compelled you to do anything. How is it I can understand you and not the others?"

She couldn't tell if he really didn't know anything about what she was talking about or just another stupid male, she demanded, "If this is not a compulsion then, what are you doing to me?"

Henri got a full view her lovely cleavage and saw the light blue tattoo glowing brightly, looked at her befuddled and asked, "What do you mean? As far as I know I haven't done anything but allow you to live by giving you my blood. Sorry, but I can't take that back. You still haven't answered my question why can I understand you?"

It dawned on Zilvra that she couldn't understand him until the mage had cast his spell and it wore off long ago, she also saw when she entered his cell that the wounds on his back closing before her eyes, she asked, "What are you? I see no healing draught and I sense divine magic but you are no priest, so how are you healing from your whipping today. I don't want to know let alone think about why I can speak your language or you can speak mine. I know it took me months to learn the surface tongue and you have only been here a few days."

She switched to Drow sign language to see if he could understand that as she signed with one hand, *tell me the truth because you reek of magic.*

Henri looked at her and said, "If I reek of anything it is from the filth I live in. I am a human like all the others. I don't know if I am speaking yours but I do know that you are speaking to me clear as day in my native French. I noticed my back didn't hurt as bad but I thought it was because of that." he motioned to the her mark on her breast.

She looked down and saw her tattoo glowing brightly and said, "But I heard you talking to a small human girl with black hair and black eyes, you were showing her a small boy named Yuuya."

His face flushed with anger as he demanded, "How did you know about that? What do you know about Yuuya?"

Zilvra watched as his eyes glowed blue like his tattoo, she could feel his anger in the back of her mind. It made her feel sick as she said, "I saw it when I passed out after feeling pain in my back earlier it felt like I was being beaten but nobody was there. Now, I know you have a great weakness for both of them and that is all any Drow would need to find and kill them to get what they want from you."

If what Dirzune said was true they couldn't get to them because I was on another world but how did she know about that day three years ago.

Then it all feel into place, what she felt must have been me being whipped. To escape block out the pain I went back to the day that I brought Yuuya home this was my happy place. She saw that, does that mean we were in each other minds? I had to know and said, "What you felt was me being whipped earlier, just like I saw how you branded Shyntaunlin for all the abuse you suffered through from her and your other sisters. I hate to say this but believe we have some sort of bond, what would happen if Dirzune knew about it."

Zilvra's eyes narrowed at the mention of the priestess who was playing a very dangerous game like all who held the kind of power the priestess did.

I stood up, mainly because I wanted to be in a position to protect myself if she did try and attack me. We I looked at her, she seemed odd like she was taller but that can't be people don't grow over knight.

Zilvra ignored Henri, her thoughts still on what Dirzune might do said, "You need to learn your place here or my sisters will at the very least make you a pet if not break you completely.

Your kind do not last long down here, you tend to break very quickly I can tell my sisters are enjoying your defiance."

Henri said stoically, "As you have seen they will not break me as long as I can't understand them. They can't get in my head, so I only have to hope that my body doesn't give out before that happens." He looked again and she was most defiantly taller, he commented questioningly, "Something is different about you, besides what we already know. I would swear that you have gotten taller and well bigger in many areas."

Zilvra didn't like the look she was getting from him, like she was a piece of meat. She studies herself closely and couldn't hide the fact that she was a full cup bigger, her large A or small B was now a large B or small C cup and she noticed her hips were bigger as well, with the exception of the height the bigger chest and hips wouldn't hurt her down here. She looked at her leathers and knew that if it was that obvious then she would need new ones.

She asked her voice filled with uncertainty, "This is your doing, isn't? I was happy how I was so that can only mean that you want me taller and bigger as you put it. If your point about us sharing some kind of bond then why isn't anything changing in you?"

She had a point if this was shared then I would be changing too or was I.

I offered grasping at straws, "I'm only guessing but if you have a better answer then I am all ears. Maybe, my changes are not physical like yours. I mean now you look stronger, but look at my back, my people don't heal that fast and you even said it you could feel magic, but I already told you my people can't do any magic. Maybe just maybe we are but in different ways, I mean look at me and look at your people I am a giant amongst them with the strength to match, hell I nearly broke the cell when I tried to escape. So maybe I don't need to change physically and you have magic that you can use and I can't. Following that thinking then you might be growing to be somebody who can match my size and strength and I am growing magically to match your powers."

She shrugged it sounded reasonable, but how much taller would she get, as much as her mother would like to see her wearing such things and get her to go to the upcoming fertility ball, she couldn't stay dressed in these clothes, she looked at her leathers and shook her head to be honest she loved how she looked in them.

She asked more to say something but not expecting an answer, "Do you think I will get as tall as you are. If so then I will need to buy new leathers..."

She stopped when she felt eyes on her, she remembered the guard she had knocked out, if he said a word to anybody that would only make things worse.

She tossed her leathers to Henri and bolted into the other room and caught the spying male, she could see that he had used healing draught to fix what she had broken. She repeated her beating from earlier and told him that if he ever said one word about this she would strip him naked and beat him worse than this, so that he would beg her to kill him.

She walked back and saw Henri looking at her leathers, unaware of the fact that Belar was still in the far corner watching them.

She said, exacerbated, "They are just leathers, or do you need a woman that badly?"

I smiled out of reflex, shook my head and said, "After your sisters yesterday or the day before I really don't know, I am good and finally not sore from the beatings. I was wondering if you could open the seams and give you some room in certain places or something, but this it very ridged."

She had thought the same but knew the material wasn't made that way and that she was going to have to have new ones made. She had seen his armor and having her fathers curiosity she wanted to understand how his worked it looked so flimsy and asked, "Your armor is much different how does it protect you?"

I replied not wanting to say to much but build something we could work from, "My armor is meant to stop a bullet not an arrow or sword, I guess it might stop an arrow can't say I have ever been shot with an arrow to tell you for sure."

She liked the idea of shooting him, hell beating him was also something she thought about but her thoughts quickly reminded her of the pain she felt and offered with a monstrous grin, "I could shoot you and then we could find out."

I fired back almost happy with the sarcasm, "Not funny, and we don't know what would happen to us if something like that happened. I mean you felt me being whipped, so would you feel the arrow, or if I died what would happen to you then?"

She asked truly frightful of the thought, "What would happen to you if it was me who got hurt or died?"

I answered feeling a chill run up my spine, "I really don't want to think about that. As I see it we have only one choice and that is to get out of this house, unless you have a better idea that is."

Zilvra did like the idea of leaving but had no idea were to go and said, "And go where exactly? To the surface? I have never been to the surface and you are from a faraway land that we don't know how to get to? Running around down here is very dangerous, so trying to live in the wilds of the Foreverdark is out. For now we stay put, while I don't hate the idea of leaving I would like to know that I won't be in the cell next to you if we did."

I couldn't argue with her logic and said, "It is better than staying here, if I weren't locked up it wouldn't be so bad. You know your sisters enjoy beating me and every time Dirzune comes to see me or us it isn't good. What would happen to us if she figures this out? Will she see me as a threat?"

She didn't like those questions and said, "I would worry about her more than my sisters, but that is like saying I am worrying about the sword that will hit my head as compared to the dagger to my gut.

If she thinks this is a threat to our people then we are as good as dead.

If she thinks this can be used to make our people stronger she will haul us off to the temple and the high priestess to be experimented on.

If she thinks it is no threat but doesn't help either then she might take us to the cloister and see if that changes or leave us here with everyone spying on us more than they do now."

I sighed heavily we needed a plan and not fumbling around like this saying, "How do we make her think we are no threat? If I could get out of this cage and get my weapons, I would try and make a run for it, but what would happen to you if I did?"

She pondered that for a minute think about their reactions and said, "They would probably send me after you. I mean how far can you really get, when you're blind down here?

If you used any light, it will make you easy to see by any of the denizens of the Foreverdark.

Even if you could see like we do, how would you get to the surface? I have no idea where it is Alak he knows and he won't talk, if we tortured him he would just lie, it is one of the things that keeps him alive.

If we could convince them that you are no threat or could be controlled that would go a long way towards getting you out of here.

Once my sisters know you have been broken they will leave you alone, the more you fight the more they are excited by the thought of breaking you.

You better hope one of them doesn't get sexually excited by trying to break you, you will never make it out of the Foreverdark and if you do get out they will chase you to the ends of this world to get you back."

My thought flashed back to Shynta and how she enjoyed beating me, a shiver ran down my spine at the thought of Shynta wanting me, I retorted, "I have said it over and over if you show me the way, I'll gladly go and never come back. Your people might like this but I do enjoy the surface, the change in season, looking at the stars, besides I need the sun. My people were meant to walk in the sun not live in the dark.

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