tagFirst TimeDissolute: The Vanderbilt Years

Dissolute: The Vanderbilt Years


My heartfelt appreciation goes to DarkEmpress for her editing of this installment of Shane's story.

It is my intention to write in three distinct stages of Shane's life. I will not necessarily follow a chronological order in their creation, but will divide them into three clear segments

Dissolute: The Vanderbilt Years

Chapter 1

Growing up, I always thought I would end up like Uncle Ed as a pastor of a Baptist church. The choices I made led me towards that realization ... that was until I met Rich and Ann Nieman who introduced me to a world that I never imagined existed. One with such appeal, that no matter how hard I tried, I never fully escaped...

I watched with abject fascination as my engorged cock slid in and out of Ann Nieman's gaping gash, her shapely derriere serving as a delightful bit of eye candy that made my cock twitch in anticipation. Her ass wiggled like Jell-O with each powerful thrust forward. She was on all fours, her head and shoulders planted into the mattress of the bed. Her cries filled the air and commingling mingled with the aroma that permeated from her over heated sex.

Ann urged me faster, slower, harder, softer ... my hips followed her commands. Eventually, I realized the change in pace always occurred when she was about to cum, each change pushing her further towards an orgasm that would consume her sanity when it ripped through her being. As soon as it dawned on me, I began paying more attention to what her body was telling me and changed pace a split second before Ann would tell me.

I was on top of the world! Eighteen and my first experience ... well, real experience that is; was an afternoon long encounter with my professor's wife.

Brief moments of guilt welled up and Ann seemed to sense the change in me. Reaching between her legs, she stroked my balls lightly, bringing me back to the here and now. I knew, just knew, that my Father in Heaven was going to send me to hell for this one act, regardless of what ever good I may do in His name in future.

If He was going to send me to Hell, then I would go well sexed.

You, my fair reader, are probably wondering how a young innocent Christian boy finds himself buried inside a married woman...


The heat was beating down on me like a hammer in a forge, the temperature easily over 95 degrees and the humidity fast approaching the same level, or at least it felt that way. Sweat poured down my face and back. My arm pits were a soppy mess and I knew that I stank to high heaven. The swimming pool dominated the backyard, an enticing temptation. I would have given nearly anything to jump in it at the moment. Unfortunately the barbell I pushed up off my chest kept me pinned to the bench and I had a few more reps to do before I was done.

My spotter was also my professor and mentor. We had become fast friends previous semester, my first at Vanderbilt University. I had taken a course on American politics and he was a former lobbyist in Washington who had come back home after making an obscene amount of money schmoozing with the powerful shapers of American society.

He was a short man, no taller than 5'5" and his chest was easily that in diameter, or at least appeared that way. He was in his mid fifties and had the body of someone twenty years younger. His hair was thinning and was approaching wispy, the natural light brown retreating in front of the onrushing gray.

He had been exhorting me all semester to start working out again. My body was softening a little after high school, which was compounded by taking the fall off for a mission trip with a portion of my church youth group. We had spent six months in Mexico helping a village with time spent in menial tasks and proselytizing. It had been a rewarding time but left me slightly out of shape.

I had finally given in to Dr Nieman and joined him today for a workout.

My arms were quivering from the muscle exertion as I heaved the barbell one last time upward, to a "Good Job" from Dr Nieman. The bar clanked into its resting place on the bench and I sat up, knowing that I would be hurting in the morning.

I was wiping my face when I heard an unfamiliar female voice ask, "Would you like some iced tea?"

Behind me Dr Nieman said, "Yes dear, please bring a pitcher out to us."

By the time I had moved the rag from my face and looked to the backdoor she had gone inside. Dr Nieman and I sat at the table on the patio in the umbrella's shade. We were engrossed in a conversation about our local representative to the House when the pitcher of tea was placed on the table with three glasses. I glanced at the person that delivered them and did a double take, nearly giving myself whiplash.

Mrs. Nieman was taller than her husband by a couple of inches. Her dark mahogany hair was artfully caught up in a ponytail and hung to mid shoulder. A red bikini clung to her shapely figure, large enough that it was almost modest, and small enough to make you wonder if you could glimpse her nipples if she moved in just the right way.

Mrs. Nieman was not a super model, but she was certainly beautiful. Ann's skin was a golden bronze from spending hours by the pool tanning, which lightened her hair somewhat. Her breasts were full and heavy, a large B cup or a small C in size. Her stomach had that small swell that almost all mothers have after bearing children and her hips flared out provocatively into a firm ass. Her legs were longish and trim as if she walked, or ran, often. For whatever reason, I noticed her toenails had been painted a fiery red color, similar to that of her bikini.

My eyes must have widened noticeably because Dr Nieman laughed and said, "Shane, this is my wife Ann. Ann, this is the young man I told you about, Shane."

I stood as any good gentleman would and offered Ann my hand in greeting. She placed her hand in mine in such a way that it compelled one to kiss the back of her knuckles. I found myself bending to do just that, before stopping, muttering an embarrassed, "Pleasure to meet you ma'am."

Laughter played at the edges of her voice, "It is nice to meet you too, Rich has said so much about you."

I am not sure why, but my face blushed as I sat back down before popping right back up asking, "Dr Nieman, would you mind if I take a dip?"

"Go ahead Shane."

With that I dropped the rag I had been using to wipe myself with on the chair and dove into the pool. The water was cool and refreshing, the exact tonic needed to refresh my body. Not being much of a swimmer, I bobbed back to the surface and made my way to the steps at the shallow end of the pool. The water reached just above my nipples as I sat on the middle step, and leaned back against the top one.

The jarring sound of a phone ringing shattered the quiet prompting Ann to walk into the house to answer it. My eyes followed her disappearing form, thankful for the ice cold water.

Dr Nieman and I had just started chatting about what classes I should take next semester when Ann reappeared. "Rich, it was Helen. She needs your opinion on a piece of legislation for the congressman. It is apparently coming up for a vote soon."

Dr Nieman stood and said. "Shane, you are welcome to stay and enjoy the pool. I am sure Ann would welcome the company. I will call you tomorrow to set up some time later in the week for another workout, if you are up for it?"

"Uh ... are you sure Dr Nieman? I can leave..." I said as I stood up.

"Nonsense," Ann said. "You stay and have a couple of drinks with me and enjoy the afternoon. It isn't often Rich gives social time to a student. I would like to get to know you to find out why he did," she said giving me an easy smile.

"Well..." I started.

"Shane, stay and enjoy the afternoon. I know you don't work and Summer One classes start next week."

"Well, okay, Dr Nieman, if you are sure you are okay with it?" I asked, shooting him a quizzical look.

Dr Nieman laughed and said, "Don't worry son, she won't hurt you."

I settled back onto the step as he headed inside and closed my eyes, basking in the now very comfortable sunlight. I pondered his peculiar statement for a moment. It was short-lived as I was lulled into a near dream-like state. My upper torso and face basked in the warmth of the summer sun, as the cool water enveloped the rest of my body.

A moment or two later I heard Mrs. Nieman say, "Shane, would you like a beer or a daiquiri? I am making one for myself."

"Yes, ma'am, a daiquiri would be great," I heard myself say.

She disappeared into the house and emerged a few minutes later with a glorious frozen pink concoction dressing a plastic daiquiri glass. "Here you go," she said as an elegant arm came into view, placing it just outside the splash zone of the pool. I turned and picked up the glass, taking a long sip through the straw. The overpowering taste of rum eclipsed the strawberry flavor. After a couple of those I would be in no shape to drive, so I resolved to sip very slowly.

"How is your daiquiri?" Mrs. Nieman's melodic voice wafted into my mind.

"Very good, thank you," I said as the cold liquid slid down my throat.

I turned in time to see her place a large pitcher on the table before reclining in a patio chair in the sun. My eyes roamed across her form appreciatively before the reality of what I was doing dawned on me. Quickly averting my eyes, I took another long sip of my daiquiri and tried my best to avoid looking at her.

She told me how much she liked being in Washington D.C. over being in Nashville and how it came about that they landed up here.

Dr. Nieman counted the dean of the school of law as one of his friends. He had accepted a position to teach a few constitutional law classes in addition to an undergrad course each semester. She wasn't sure why. Apparently, he enjoyed the classes too much to sacrifice teaching them, even though no one would have blamed him.

Rivulets of water dripped from my body as I moved from the pool, pouring our second daiquiri and emptying the pitcher. Ann, as she began forcing me to call her, grabbed the pitcher and headed inside to refill it. The alcohol was making my head a little light and the pool was spinning slightly as I lowered myself back into its soothing cold depths. Closing my eyes, I leaned against the top step and enjoyed the buzz that was swirling around in my head.

I vaguely heard the pitcher being placed behind me someplace.

Little waves ebbed against my skin as I felt someone step into the pool. My eyes flew open to find Ann wading into the pool next to me. I watched her ass as she took a couple of steps into the pool, lowering herself into the water up to her shoulders. My eyes just about bulged out of my head as I watched her raise back up and walk towards me. Her red bikini, now drenched and clinging to her skin, was sheer enough that I could easily see the shadow of her areola. Her nipples had hardened into tight little buds from the cool water, straining against the red fabric. The sight of the water cascading down her breasts and smooth contours of her stomach banished any other thoughts from my mind.

She sank down on the step next to me, her leg brushing against mine. My heart started banging in my throat as a tickling tingle shot through my body. Her arm nestled against mine, her skin searing the flesh off my bones. A quick glance confirmed that she was gauging my reaction with a titillating 'come hither' expression illuminating her features. My penis stirred in my shorts and my heart skipped a beat as I hoped she had somehow missed that.

It was a very unfamiliar sensation, and certainly not one that I had ever dealt with concerning another man's wife. The absolute last thing I needed was my Professor getting me kicked out of Vanderbilt for inappropriate conduct.

The warmth of her soft thigh resting against my hip and her arm against mine suffocated the little voice of reason as I heard Ann whisper, "Shane?"

I turned my head to look at her and was about to say, "Yes Ma'am," when Ann took my face into her hands. My breath caught in my throat as she leaned in and kissed me lightly, her lips slightly parted. Her kiss was soft laced with a burning hunger that I had never experienced before, not that I had much, okay, any, experience at this. The fire and hunger barreled head long down my throat and torso, straight to my cock, snaking down my leg harder than it had ever been before.

Ann's tongue gently levered my lips apart and thrust into my mouth. Someone moaned, and judging from the reverberation in my chest, it was safe to assume that it was me. Shock pulsed through my body immobilizing me completely. This beautiful woman was someone else's wife and here I sat with her tongue in my mouth. Heaven help me ... but it felt so good. My mind refused to surface from the shocking display of her nipples through the bikini, the feel of her leg and arm against my rapidly heating flesh and her tongue ... oh god, her tongue that danced a searing tango with mine. I was so paralyzed that it wasn't until she leaned back a little that the resulting cold spot let me know that her breasts had been pressed against my arm.

"Are you okay, honey?" She asked, as a little knowing smile tugged at her lips.

It took forever for me to answer. All sorts of ideas started racing through the cloud of alcohol in my brain. What would Dr Nieman think was the one that crystallized the best, and after a couple of seconds I tried to answer. The only words that choked from my lips were, "Dr. Nieman?"

Ann's laughter was soft and melodic as it crashed into me. She gently kissed my lips again before whispering against them, "Why do you think he brought you home to work out instead of the gym at Vanderbilt, honey?"

Nothing in my life had prepared me for that statement. Church hadn't. My parents hadn't. My football buddies from high school hadn't. Not even my mission work. I imagine my reaction would have been much the same if she had told me she was the devil incarnate.

As my alcohol rattled brain indulged itself in a futile attempt at coming to grips with the concept of what she just revealed I felt a hand wrap around my cock through my cotton shorts and boxers. Starting with her pinky finger and then each finger in succession, Ann squeezed my cock. A low moan escaped me as she stroked me that way a second time.

Ann's lips found mine again as she pressed my cock against my stomach with the palm of her hand, causing my balls to contract. I huskily whispered, "Ann" trying to slow the situation down a little. She must have interpreted the single word as an affirmation, causing her tongue to thrust deep into my mouth raiding it like a Viking on a Briton village.

Her assault on my mouth shocked me out of my paralysis and my hands jerked into action, one settling on her shoulder and the other claiming a tit as its own. Her nipple hardened more as she moaned into my mouth. Involuntarily, my hand squeezed her boob tightly. Ann was soft, much softer than Patty's tit had been on that one opportunity I had to feel her up.

I pressed her breast against her rib cage and closed my hand as far as I could, Ann's nipple moving against my palm. My fingers danced across her flesh in a poor parody of the sensations I was feeling, instantly renewing the tickling tingle that surged through my body. My body was turning into a huge capacitor causing an electrical storm to rage in my veins with enough power to charge the water in the pool, no longer keeping me cool.

I was nervous and hornier than I had been when I was necking with Patty in the back seat of my 75 Buick. Somehow her hand worked its way into my shorts and under my boxers and she began with an impossibly slight touch to stroke me. "Sit there, on the side of the pool," Ann whispered. I haphazardly followed her instruction as she helped me out of my two articles of clothing, freeing my throbbing cock from its fabric restraints.

Fear and anticipation wracked my body as Ann moved between my legs, kneeling on the stair of the pool. She wrapped her hands around me and gently twisted while stroking up ... down ... and then up again. As her fingers reached the head of my cock, it twitched and exploded shooting copious strings of cum straight up into the air.

With a squealed "Oh MY!", Ann's mouth descended onto the head of my prick, her teeth delicately holding my pulsing cock in place as her hands continued their twisting stokes up and down, milking me. Ann sucked and swallowed everything I could pump into her as my body convulsed and a low groan rumbled from my lips. Her tongue licked heavily across the slit in my cock, wiping cum away, making room for more to percolate to the surface. Her moans vibrated across my cock amplifying the sensations that were coursing through me.

As the last of my jism dribbled out, Ann opened her mouth and moved her hands to swallow me entirely. The warm moist sleeve of her mouth was unlike anything I had ever felt in my life. I must have been staring in disbelief as her tongue effortlessly continued to massage my cock while she gently suckled on me, keeping me in a semi turgid state. My body bucked in response as my limbs twitched with an uncontrolled palsy.

My cock fell from her lips as Ann kissed her way to my nipples where she gently nibbled and sucked on them, before kissing me. The salty residue excited and repulsed me at the same time as it dawned on me that I was getting a taste of my own spunk in her mouth.

In the haze of euphoria I started kissing Ann back, hungrily devouring her mouth. Any comprehensible trace of sanity came to a grinding halt in my mind. Hands clamped down on her arms to firmly hold her in place as I assaulted her lips and grinded against her. It was amateurish, slightly painful, but it was the most exciting thing that had ever happened in my young life.

In a teasing and toying voice, Ann said, "Let's go inside, stud" as we broke for a breath. I helped Ann up and then stared for a second as the bright red stripe of her bikini bottom was mere inches from my face. My hand trembling slightly, I reached out and gently ran my fingers across the fabric, from left to right and then down along the hem. Ann's hands entangled my hair in clenched fists as she moaned out, "Inside Shane. Let's go inside the house."

I was shocked to discover as I followed Ann that my penis was hard again and was bobbing up and down, waving left and right with each step. My eyes were glued to Ann's curvaceous ass as she led me into temptation. My mouth salivated involuntarily as if she was a piece of prime steak.

Leading me through the cool air of the house, Ann opened the door to a small bedroom with little in way of adornments, a guest room of sorts. Pulling me into the room, she wrapped her arms around me and pressed her lips to mine in a gentle kiss. Pressing her body against me, my cock ran up her stomach as our bodies melded into one another. Hands cupping my ass, Ann pulled me even tighter and broke the kiss.

"Rich tells me you are one of the best students he has ever had." Confusion had to have crossed my face as Ann smiled, kissed me and asked, "Would the Doctor's number one student like to learn how to please a woman?"

Swallowing hard, I nodded.

Ann's mouth pressed against mine as she tugged my ass cheeks apart, keeping me tight against her. She bit down on her bottom lip as her eyes roamed across my chest sending my pulse rate to skyrocket through my veins. Ann precariously walked back toward the bed pulling me with her. As we arrived she turned and pushed me back onto the virginal white sheets. Ann leveled a look at me that terrified and excited me in equal parts of predatory conquest and sex appeal.

As I flopped to a stop, Ann said, "Now, let's work some of that youthful exuberance out of you: shall we?"

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