Distant Dom


A little bit about Amanda... She was a divorced mother of three. She was a beautiful blonde. Amanda was about 5'4, 110 lbs., with a very nice set of breasts. She was the prudish shy type and never really got a lot of looks. A few years back, her husband left her for a younger woman. She wasn't as pretty as Amanda, but she showed off more. Amanda just turned 41 and was starting to desire sex more and more. It was hard because she had 3 kids in her house all the time. They required all of her attention outside of work. They needed rides here and there and her support at their functions. Amanda had no time for a real boyfriend and less time for something intimate. She turned to the internet. She wasn't into porn all that much but did enjoy chat rooms. She met all kinds of guys, mostly weirdoes. Occasionally, she would stumble upon someone interesting. Then the day came when it would all change.

One evening, just before bed, she was browsing a room and she met Nigel. Nigel was an older man from the east coast. He was a published author of sexual stories. Amanda read a few and was very intrigued by him. He was very friendly and open with her. She enjoyed talking to Nigel all the time online. They exchanged fake emails to keep it somewhat anonymous but to chat more when they weren't online. Nigel was married and had no desire to meet with Amanda. Well, he did, but he knew his wife would disapprove and he was really just fine chatting with her. Amanda read one story that really intrigued her. It was about a woman who would do sexual favors for a man at a moment's notice. She was very subservient to him but he always pleased her. Amanda told Nigel how she was fond of this story. Nigel suggested they take it to another level. He wasn't there to be a part of it but he could tell her what to do through email. Amanda was very skeptical of the idea but agreed to think about it. Nigel had an interesting idea. Since Amanda had not much free time outside of work, why didn't he bring the fun to her work place? She was very curious but also shy to start.

The first experiment....

It was a Sunday night when Amanda received an email from Nigel.

Nigel: Feel like having some fun at work tomorrow?

Amanda: What did you have in mind?

Nigel: I'd like you to wear a skirt tomorrow but with no panties.

Amanda: Ummm okay... I can do that.

Nigel: From now on, if I give you an order, I would like you to say, "Yes, Master."

Amanda: I will not wear panties under my skirt tomorrow. Yes, Master.

Nigel didn't respond anymore that night leaving Amanda to wonder. She was instantly turned on and took to her favorite toy before bed. She got ready as usual the next morning and put a little more makeup on than normal. She slipped into her skirt with no panties, just thigh highs, and headed to work. She sent an email to Nigel telling him she had done as he requested. She didn't hear back from him until late afternoon.

Nigel: How's my pet doing without her panties on today?

Amanda: Very well, sir. I've been turned on a few times today thinking about it.

Nigel: Go out to your car and take your fingers to your wet pussy. Go ahead and please yourself. Don't take too long though...Don't want anyone to catch you.

Amanda: Yes, sir. Right away, sir.

Amanda disappeared from her office out to her big SUV in the parking garage. She quickly got in and looked around a few times to make sure no one was around. She hiked her skirt up enough to slide her hand under. She slowly rubbed her clitoris and started to finger herself. After a few minutes, her eyes closed and she lay back in her seat. She thought about some stranger just ravishing her outside her car in the parking garage. She heard a car door shut, just then, opened her eyes and looked around. She didn't see anyone except for a man walking away from where she was on the opposite side of the garage. She couldn't help but wonder if he saw anything as she walked back to her office.

Later that evening, she signed online and was talking with Nigel in the chat room. He was very friendly and curious about her day. It was almost like he was two different people at times. She told him about how she fingered herself in her car. He loved hearing about it. He pretended like he had nothing to do with it as they talked about it. He asked a couple more questions to pry into her persona. Amanda agreed to set up a PO Box so Nigel could mail her some stuff. She told him the number of it. Nigel instructed her to check it every Sunday evening. He would be sending her things to further their fun. He then told her he would be out of town on work and with his wife so he couldn't be in contact too much this week. She understood but was a little disappointed. Just when it was getting to be fun he had to stop.

Sunday came and she still had not heard from Nigel. She forgot all about the PO Box when she noticed the key on her kitchen counter. She took a quick drive over and opened it up. There was a box in there that she quickly took to the car and opened. It was a vibrator that was black in color and quite large. She had never used one this big and had never been with a man that big, either. It had to be 9 inches and thick. It was veiny and had the appearance of a cock. She quickly got home in anticipation of using it. She sent Nigel an email thanking him. Right away, she received a response.

Nigel: You don't use it till I instruct you too.

Amanda: Okay, yes, sir.

Nigel: Great... Bring it to work tomorrow and be ready.

Amanda: Yes, sir, goodnight.

Amanda was shocked with what he said. Bring it to work; there was no way she could do that. She reluctantly left it in her night stand as she went to bed. The next morning she had an email from Nigel.


Dear Amanda, I want you to use the toy on yourself three times today while at work. Use it in three different locations and do not climax until the last time. Go as long as you can the first two times without climaxing.

Amanda headed off to work and could hardly wait to try out the toy. She had a meeting early at 9:30. Upon arriving to the board room the boss's secretary instructed everyone to come back in 15 minutes. He was going to be late. Amanda quickly ran into her office and shut the door. She hiked her skirt up and pulled the toy out of the top desk drawer and started to work it over her pussy lips. The fastest vibration was too much for her and per her instructions slowed it down so she wouldn't cum. She worked in an out for a little bit till she noticed it had been 15 minutes already. She pulled it out and stuck it back in the drawer. She adjusted herself and headed back to the boardroom. Her boss might as well have been speaking another language. Amanda couldn't concentrate on a word he was saying. Finally it was over and she went back to her desk. She couldn't get anything done thinking about that huge vibrator in her desk. She went in the chat room to see if Nigel was on but he wasn't. She finished some urgent items that needed attention when there was a knock at the door. She was so tense it startled her. Sarah from down the hall wanted to know if she wanted to go to lunch. Amanda agreed and they went out for some appetizers at this small chain restaurant around the corner.

Sarah occupied most of the conversation. Amanda was just nodding and agreeing with her and wasn't all the way there. She was thinking too much about the vibrator. When they finished, she went out to her car and watched as Sarah drove away. Amanda had stuck the vibrator in her purse before she left. It was daylight and the area was busy so she drove to the very back of the parking lot. There were no cars parked out there. She started to work her pussy over again with the huge vibrator. She didn't slide it in as much but rather ran it over her lips and pussy. She started to moan in her car then she remembered and she had to stop. She thought to herself how bad she wanted to cum. She couldn't wait anymore and drove back to her office. She took the toy out of her purse and lifted up her skirt. Then she remembered it had to be three different places.

Oh, my God, where else could she do this? She thought for a little while then came up with the solution. She walked around for a bit looking for ideas but couldn't come up with any. As she was walking down the hall she heard some of the bosses coming and didn't want to be bothered with them. She quickly slipped into the computer room. It was where all the servers and main frames were. It was a small room about 7"x12". It was wall to wall with computer equipment and a median in the middle with more computer equipment. She couldn't believe what she was about to do as she walked behind it. She hiked her skirt up over her waist and squatted down. Taking the toy out of her purse she turned it on high right away and started working it in an out of her. She was letting out little whimpers as her eyes were fixed on the door. If anyone walked in she sure would be busted but she couldn't stop. She kept the toy going in an out until finally she could go no longer. She held it in deep as she started to cum around it. After she let out her final gasp, she quickly fixed herself up and headed back to her office. In her car she sent an email.

Amanda: I waited till the third time to cum, sir. That was amazing, thank you, sir.

Nigel: Where did you do it?

Amanda: In my office, my car outside of a restaurant and in the computer room at work, sir.

Nigel: Very nice, my pet. You should head home and continue your fun. I will email you later this week.

Amanda went home and pleased herself again before her son's football game took her back to the real world. She could barely cheer for him as she was at the game thinking about the fun she had. She didn't please herself with the toy at work again but did multiple times at home away from work. Sunday came and she headed to the post office in-between picking her kids up and dropping them off. This time it was a bigger package that Nigel sent. She waited till she got home and opened it in her bedroom. This time it was an outfit. She started to open each individual part. She couldn't believe how much, and to what detail, was in there. She emailed Nigel but received no response. Amanda tried the outfit on and was stunned at how she looked. It was the first time a man had bought her lingerie and, for that matter, even heels. She neatly packed all the items in her closet. On Wednesday, she finally received a response from Nigel.

Nigel: How have you been, my pet? Like your new gift?

Amanda: I love it. I take it you want me to wear it to work, sir?

Nigel: I do, yes. Tell me, what guy at your office hits on you the most?

Amanda: Well, to be honest, not many. I'm not the provocative type. There is this guy, Josh, he really hits on my friend, Sarah. He is a hound and doesn't give up.

Nigel: I want you to call him into your office tomorrow, dressed in the outfit, and convince him to eat you out. Don't be shy, but be assertive. Promise that you will take care of him later, even though you might not. Remember: you're the boss. He will do what you ask.

Amanda: (She hesitates for a few minutes then finally responds.) Yes, sir.

Amanda was shocked at the next set of orders. She knew she could not follow through with them. It'd been fun, up until this point, but now it was getting serious. If she got caught she could get in real trouble. She went to sleep and awoke the next morning. After showering, the outfit was staring her in the face while in her closet. Well, she could at least wear it and keep it buttoned up. It wouldn't be that provocative.

She slipped into the black lace push up bra and matching thong. Then she slowly slide her toes into the ever so soft stockings as she pulled them up. She had a bit of trouble attaching the garters to the stockings, having not done that in quite a while. She stopped to admire herself in the mirror as she slipped on the top. She buttoned the dark blue satin top all the way up with one button open. Then she slid on the black form fitting skirt. It was tighter than she usually would wear and went down to the middle of her knee. She strapped on the sandal heels and finished getting ready.

She noticed that when she walked by Josh before lunch she got a look from him. She headed to lunch with Sarah and was convinced by Sarah to have a cocktail at lunch. Sarah had a rough night with her ex and just needed a drink so Amanda obliged. They returned back to work. She walked by Josh again, kept going, and then stopped. She collected herself and walked back up to him.

Amanda: Hey, Josh, I need a favor. Can you come to my office in five minutes?

Josh: Sure, doll, what's up?

Amanda: (A bit repulsed at being called "doll" and how he kept looking her over and just staring at her tits.) I'll show you when you get there.

She headed to her office and shut the door. She unbuttoned her blouse half way and pushed her big tits up in her bra. She waited at the door for his knock. She opened the door and closed it as he walked in.

Amanda: Have a seat. Okay, Josh, this is hard for me to ask.

Josh: What is it? I can help with anything.

Amanda: (She rubbed her hands over her waist and breasts as she stood in front of him while he sat.) Well, Josh....

Josh: Come on, babe, let's hear it!

Amanda: (A little peeved at his terminology, but determined to do this) I want you to eat my pussy. I've been horny all day and I just need this.

Josh: (A giant look of shock on his face) Come on, be serious what do you need?

Amanda: (She started to speak; then stopped. She slowly undid her top more and took it off. Her breasts pushed out her bra as she unzipped her skirt and stepped out. Standing in front of her desk in just the lingerie and heels she hopped up on the front. She cleared some room on it with her hand and lay down on her back. She started rubbing her pussy.) Eat me, Josh, and I'll take care of you later.

Josh: (Hesitated for a second then moved in. She was too amazing to pass up as he rubbed his finger over her pussy lips. He flicked his tongue over her clit and started to go deep in her pussy with his tongue. He slid it in as far as he could and moved it up and down inside of her.)

Amanda: (She started to moan at the feeling. She had never kissed him, been out with him, or shared an intimate moment with him and he was just licking her pussy like a wild man. Her hands ran through her hair and over her breasts as he licked her.)

Josh: (His fingers probed into her pussy as she parted her legs. He flicked his tongue rapidly over her pussy making her start to climax.)

Amanda: (She shook a little on the desk as his tongue fucked her pussy. Her eyes closed as she started to moan loudly and climax. She tried to keep it as quiet as possible so not to be heard. As Josh stood up, she quickly stood and got dressed. She took a few glances at his crotch.) Thank you, Josh, you may go now.

Josh: (Still a bit stunned. Had a noticeable hard on in his dress slacks.) Umm okay... Anything else you need just let me know.

Josh left and Amanda sat at her desk. She couldn't believe she had gone through with it. She opened up her computer and immediately sent an email to Nigel.

Amanda: I know you might not believe me, but I was just eaten out on my desk.

Nigel: Mmm, why wouldn't I believe you?

Amanda: It was so hot. Thank you for encouraging me.

Nigel: You're not done, my pet.

Amanda: (Curious and a bit worried to know what next.) Yes, sir, what else do you desire?

Nigel: Does this man have his own office?

Amanda: Yes, sir.

Nigel: I want you to go in there and start sucking his dick, don't say a word. Then let him fuck you. He is to finish on your tits.

Amanda: Sir, I can't do that. I barely know him.

Nigel: I didn't ask if you can do it, I told you to do it.

Amanda: Yes, sir.

She composed herself once again and slipped back into her heels. She walked out of her office past a few other cubicles and noticed a couple looks from some of the guys. She didn't knock; just walked into Josh's office where he was on the phone. She pushed his desk back a bit as he sat in his chair. She hung his phone up without asking or saying anything. This time, she didn't undress but just knelt down in front of him and undid his pants. She took his cock out, which was still semi-hard from the surprise earlier, and started to work her mouth over it. She had no big attraction to Josh but just the situation. She didn't look up as she worked her mouth over his cock. She jerked a few times, but just kept sucking. Her mouth never left his dick. She slid his dress slacks and shoes off. After a few minutes, she stood up and quickly undressed. She moved to the corner of his desk and propped her right leg up on the near corner. She rubbed her pussy as she waited for him to enter her. Josh rubbed his fingers over her pussy lips then slid his cock into her wet pussy. Right away, she let out a whimper. He had a nice sized cock and it had been a while since she had sex. She leaned into the desk and let Josh fuck her. His hands roamed over her body, squeezing her tits and ass as he fucked her brains out. At one point, she grabbed his shirt on the desk and bit down onto it so as to not moan so loudly.

The blinds were drawn shut but she kept looking to see if anyone was out there. After a few minutes, she couldn't take it anymore. It'd been so long since she had been taken like this; she starts to cum. Josh kept going, even though she couldn't. She pushed him back and squatted down in front of him. She quickly jerked his cock and aimed it between her tits. Finally, he released onto her. Josh came quite a lot as he moaned loudly when he finished. She was so turned on by this, having never done anything quite like this. She let go of his cock and proceeded to rub his cum into her cleavage and over her tits. Finally, she stood up and started to redress. Josh asked if they can go out later for drinks; she gave him a stern "no," left his office and returned to hers.

She sat at her desk for about a half hour, breathing heavily and just thinking about what she had done. It was now an hour past when she should have left and she needed to hurry to pick up one of her kids. In the car, while outside the school, she sent a message to Nigel.

Amanda: Josh just had his way with me. Are you happy, sir?

Nigel: Are you happy, my pet?

Amanda: You have no idea how great that was. Thank you, sir.

Nigel: You are very welcome. Take the next couple of days off. I'll email you later next week.

Amanda spent the weekend at home. She ran a couple errands but her thoughts were clouded with her actions. She didn't think it would be a good idea to keep this up with Nigel. It was too much of a turn on for her to deny it, though. She went through her new usual routine and checked her PO Box on Sunday. There was a package. She brought it home but decided to wait. Maybe Nigel wouldn't respond back and she could stop with all of this. It was Thursday morning when she opened her email. A letter from Nigel was there.

Nigel: Dear Amanda, I'm really glad you enjoyed last week. I have a new surprise for you that's going to rock your world. Don't open your box yet. Do you work with any black men?

Amanda: (She thought to herself, oh, my, where is he going with this?) Well, there is one in the overnight security.

Nigel: Have you ever been with a black man before?

Amanda: No, never, sir.

Nigel: Well, when you leave the office tonight, I want you to tell him you need help with something after work tomorrow.

Amanda: Yes, sir. Is he going to fuck me, sir?

Nigel: Yes, he is. And he is going to cum wherever he wants. I won't make you wear the outfit to work. Just after everyone leaves put it on. Don't look at it till you put it on.

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