tagNovels and NovellasDistant Minds Ch. 01

Distant Minds Ch. 01

byNakod Apa©

Chapter One - An Idea Proposed

Sitting on the grass slope beside the library Sabbina gazes lazily across the lake. It's time to be getting back to her studies. Slowly she finishes the coffee in her flask. If only it weren't so pleasant with the early summer sun warming her oval face and long, chestnut hair. She gives in to temptation and, clasping her hands under her head, lays back musing on that last book she analysed.

With one mighty heave he snapped his bonds and bounded to gather her in his strong arms. 'At last,' he murmured as he untied the ropes that held her.

Sickening, sentimental, slush, she decides. But it's her own fault, choosing modern female pop stories as the subject for her thesis. Dreamily she redrafts it in her mind;

He struggled with his bonds, his temper gradually rising; finally he found a weakness. Angrily he worked until it gave and, free at last, rushed to her side. Her relief faded as having unfastened her legs he ignored her bound arms and violently ripped away her clothes. He forced her legs apart and savagely drove in his already hard manhood. His thrusts were vicious as he vent his anger on her, his grasping hands bruising her soft boobs, his tool hurting her dry tunnel. 'Please! Please! Be gentle.' He ignored her pleas as he emptied himself into her. 'Together at last,' he murmured as he finally withdrew. He untied her arms. 'Never again will I let another man have you.'

That was a fantasy she could relate to; there were times when she could wish to be that woman, to rouse that emotion and desire in a man, to be a vehicle for his pleasure and release. Not that she thought it very likely in this age of women's lib, with men too cowed by social pressures to allow their true natures to surface; deprived of the self esteem that is a prerequisite for the confidence required to satisfactorily take and service a woman.

Long ago she had decided that men were designed to dominate women - at least in bed. That's what she wanted, needed, a man with the knowledge and confidence to fully take and use her. Born too late it doesn't seem she will ever find one. Wishing she lived in a previous century she reluctantly returns to her research.

As she enters the library a tall, distinguished figure waiting beside the checkout counter moves, without apparent haste, to her side. 'Hi there, Miz Blunt,' he says.

'Why Professor Tobin it's good to see you again. How are you? How's your wife?'

'Oh, I'm fine. Can't say about Kate, though. She's my ex-wife now.'

Aha! He's quite a turn on with his tight ass and the small tufts of white in his sideburns. She'd really fancied him when they'd been involved in that experiment he'd run for the Department of Parapsychology - but then, regretfully, he'd been married. Now it seemed he was available, so get going girl, no more backing off!

'Sorry to hear you're alone, but what can I do for you?'

'Well, we've come up with a rather revolutionary hypothesis and need a volunteer for a preliminary test. It's so way out we haven't got a hope of getting a grant at this stage, but if it seems to work we can apply for funding to run a full experiment.'

'You want me?' He ignores, maybe doesn't notice, the double entendre.

'Please. I shouldn't say this, but the results from last time showed you were the most psychically sensitive of all our guinea pigs. Sorry, test subjects. . . Anyway we . . . I . . . think you are the most likely to succeed this time.'

He doesn't have to sell it to her, she has already decided to agree to anything that puts her close to his titillating torso. 'And how long will it take?'

'We've no idea, that's why we want to schedule it for when the University is down.'

'Look I'm a bit busy right now,' it isn't good tactics to show you're too keen, 'but if you can give me the details in the next day or so I'll certainly consider it.'

'Fair enough. How about over dinner? Say tomorrow night.'

'Why not?'

'Good. I'll book a table. Tucksanne's at eight?'

'I'll look forward to it.'


With few midweek diners it's an ideal place for a quiet discussion and, she hopes, some gentle seduction. She's given thought to her clothes and decided on the simple, feminine look of a plain sleeveless dress, but no bra - she learnt long ago that a bouncy cleavage stimulates most men to action. It becomes clear she's chosen well when he treats her with an old fashioned courtesy nearly forgotten in these days of feminism. He stands to welcome her; pulls out and holds her chair; orders for both and, to her delight adds a bottle of wine, the cost of which is far beyond her undergraduate budget.

'Thank you, Professor.'

'Peter, please. And, if I may, I'll call you Sabbina.'

'Bina is easier. . . Peter.'

'Fine, Bina it is. Now about this project.'

She raises her hand, 'Please not yet. I don't get invited out to dinner very often. Let me enjoy it. You can inveigle me into your plans over coffee.'

He laughs, 'Right - charm now, blandishments later, seduction to end.'

'I get seduced as well as fed, do I?'

'Of course, shouldn't every beautiful woman?'

She barely notices the meal. She's so entranced by his quiet charm and flattery that it comes as a shock when, leaving the restaurant, he turns serious and says, 'We haven't even mentioned the experiment.'

'Oh, I'd quite forgotten about that.'

'Thank you for the compliment. Perhaps, then, I can tempt you back to my flat for a night-cap and some serious talk?'

'A new angle on come up and see my etchings. You must have guessed that I'm like Oscar Wilde, I can resist anything except temptation.'


'Let me go and put some light on.' He leads the way into his apartment, closes the door behind them then strides across the room to the far window, on the way pointing to various doors. 'Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom.' He draws the curtains, turns, drops his jacket on a chair and walks back to fold his arms round her.

She raises her mouth to be kissed. Good, he means it, he's going to take her, possess her, use her. She's already damp.

He runs his hands through her dark hair, pulling it free of the clips that keep it piled high on her head. He presses his lips to the soft spot behind her ear, nibbles an earlobe, lightly kisses her delicate neck.

'Now that's what I call an irresistible temptation.' She pulls away, reaches behind and unzips her dress, slips the straps from her shoulders and allows it to float down to her feet. Stepping out of her panties she takes his hands and, 'Come here,' leads him to the bedroom.

Falling back on the bed she pulls him to her. Fervently he presses his mouth to her's, then grasps her knees, stretches them up and open, and plants a trail of kisses from her ankles to the inside of her thighs. As he reaches her throbbing pussy lips he gently slides his fingers between them, his middle finger probing deep while his thumb lightly massages her sensitive centre. She moans, her head rolling back and forth. He plunges his fingers rapidly; his mouth greedily sucks an erect nipple; her breath comes in excited gasps. He pauses to shed his trousers.

'No, no, don't stop. I want you now. . .Yes, yes, like that.' She grips his head. Eyes closed she thrashes in ecstasy as he licks her pussy with firm strokes that start by her navel and descend to the bottom of her lips then probe between them to find and gently suck her clitoris.

He strokes her breasts, squeezing her nipples between long, artist's fingers. She arches her back as the rapture surges through her mind and seethes in her cunni. Impatiently he positions his tool at her entrance.

Looking into his eyes she smiles, 'Already?'

Firmly he pushes his hips forward, she's tighter than he'd expected and gasps as her virgina stretches to accept him. He pauses, he mustn't hurt her. She clasps his ass to pull him deep and scissors her legs around his back. Fully in, he touches bottom before pulling out and stabbing into her again and again and again.

Finally exhausted Bina says, 'Some night-cap that was. I didn't realise how much I needed it.'

'I wouldn't have thought an attractive woman like you had any trouble getting all the cock she wanted.'

'Well maybe, if it weren't that I seem to be way, way too choosy. So it's mainly my own fault that I've actually been fucked so very little.'

'Then I'm honoured.'

'You should be, but who could resist such temptation. Anyway now's the time for you to talk, make your pitch, while we gather our strength for act two.'

'Wanton young hussy. Haven't you had enough?'

'Of you? Never. Stop delaying, come on spill the beans.'

'Right. . . . Well, one evening we were chatting about the idea of reincarnation, and the claim that some people can remember incidents from previous lives. Difficult to refute because while most are false not every episode can be explained away. Then someone suggested that perhaps we had it the wrong way round. Maybe some sensitive individuals were capable of going back in time and living in an ancestors body for a short period. A sort of time travel.'

'That's really off the wall.'

'That's what we thought at first. But we kicked it around a bit and then said, what if it's not just due to a single cause but to several psychic stimuli at once. That's what we want you to try - a sort of mind travel to the past.'

'You really want me to try and go back and live in the past?'

'Only in the mind. We'll give you a small dose of magic mushrooms, put you to dream-sleep in a mirrored pyramid, and see if anything happens.'

Isn't this just what she had wished for. 'Can I pick the time and place I visit?'

'Don't see why not.'

'Good, I've always been fascinated by Renaissance Italy. Let me know when you're set to go. Talking of being set to go, you should now be ready to resume your duties.'

She kisses his chest before slowly running her lips down his body and starting to lick his cock. Taking each of his balls in her mouth she sucks on them for several minutes before moving back to the tip of his tool. Lazily she gives suck until she hears him moan, then sucks harder and caresses his balls. He begins thrusting to the rhythm of her mouth; she feels his balls tighten then his sperm flood over her tongue. When he's empty she says, 'That was nice, now how about you eating me.'

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