tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDistracting the Neighbor

Distracting the Neighbor


(This story is a fictionalized version of a true event that occurred in July, 2013, in Crossville, Tennessee.)


Libby and Rick were a fairly average couple. They met in high school, dated, and got married just after graduation.

Libby became a nurse assistant and worked at a local assisted living facility while Rick put his love for cars to good use as a remarkably good mechanic.

They weren't likely to become rich leading the lives that they found themselves in, but they, more often than not, paid their rent on time and had enough money for the all the necessities and even a few luxuries. That was the case, at least until the latest recession hit.

Unfortunately things had been getting rougher and rougher, and, in July their finances became stretched beyond the breaking point. There was a quick succession of bills for which the couple just wasn't prepared. Rather than dealing with creditors or attempting to get a bank loan, the couple decided to take matters into their own hands.

They had heard rumors of a very wealthy man named Allen who lived a street or two over in the neighborhood, and they found out that he had been alone for almost a year following the death of his wife. They began driving by and walking by his home, and within a few days they were comfortable that they had learned his patterns.

The next day Rick timed his neighborhood walk so that he was in front of Allen's house as the mail carrier came by. As soon as the carrier placed the letters in the mailbox and sped off, Rick walked by the box and removed a couple of them, barely slowing down in the process. He then headed home and helped Libby finish up packing their things, as they were hurrying to get their belongings out prior to the inevitable eviction.

That evening just before dusk, the doorbell rang at Allen's house.

Allen was just finishing up his dinner and walked over to his front door. Though not a bad neighborhood, Allen was always cautious. He knew that as a retired man he could be a target, and, had it been fully dark out, he probably wouldn't have even opened the door. He glanced through the peephole and saw a gorgeous blonde, probably in her late 20's, in a white nurse uniform. He began searching through his mind to remember if he was supposed to have an appointment with anyone this evening. He then noticed a man with her whom he recognized from seeing out and about around the neighborhood. He opened the door and greeted them.

"Hello, may I help you?" Allen asked.

"Not at all, sir," Nick responded, "We just got home and noticed that we had received some of your mail and wanted to return it."

Nick held up the letters as he finished speaking.

"Oh, well, thank you very much," Allen responded.

There was no reason to doubt the story, so he unlocked his door fully and opened it to retrieve the letters.

"I sure appreciate it this, folks," Allen said as he took the letters, "If I can ever help you two with anything, please let me know."

Allen's words were more out of habit than a genuine offer, so he was pretty much shocked when he received a reply.

"I actually am very hot, perhaps a drink, sir?" Libby said.

His manners came rushing back, as he took in what she had said.

"Of course, of course, please come in," he replied as he opened his door all the way.

The couple entered the home and could tell right away that they had been right. Everything was expensive, the furniture, glassware, and they suspected the art on the walls.

Allen offered drinks; Nick took water, and Libby chose wine while she complimented the home.

Upon receiving the wineglass from Allen, Libby commented on how beautiful Allen's backyard and swimming pool appeared and easily manipulated the conversation so that Allen was quickly suggesting that they move out to the patio to enjoy their beverages.

Allen was enjoying sharing wine with the younger, beautiful nurse, and, before long had brought the bottle out by the pool. By playing up to Allen, using compliments and such, she was able to get him to tell her & Nick about many of the collectables in his home. He didn't give exact dollar values, but he gave enough descriptions of when, where and how he had acquired some items that it became fairly obvious which parts of his treasures were some of the pricier pieces. They learned of a jewelry collection that had been accumulated over years and of a gun collection which contained several collectables.

At a break in one of Allen's stories, Libby asked if Allen had any cigarettes.

"Oh, no, Libby, I don't; I'm sorry." Allen answered.

"I know it's a bad habit," Libby went on, "I just crave them when I get tipsy."

She giggled slightly, playing into her "tipsy" role, as well as a little girl role that she could tell was enchanting Allen.

"Well, it's probably time to call it a night anyway," Libby said, "We'll just go home; I have cigarettes there."

She stood, and Allen could see what he thought was a sad look on her face.

He had been alone for a while now and was really enjoying this evening; he had been through a few glasses of wine himself and was captivated by this woman. The last thing in the world he wanted was for this evening to end right now, but he had no idea what to say to keep the evening going.

Just then, Nick spoke, "Why don't you stay here and finish your wine, Libby? I'll walk home, get your cigarettes and bring them back."

Allen seized his chance, "Yes, yes, I insist," he said, topping off her wine glass as if that ended the discussion.

"Well, if you don't mind, Nicky, that sounds great." Libby said to her husband.

"Don't mind at all," he replied. "I'll be back in a few."

As Nick and Allen headed to the door of the house, Libby called out, "Allen, would you mind terribly if I dipped my feet in your pool to cool off a bit?"

"Of course not," he answered, "Whatever makes you comfortable."

"Could you also bring me a towel, please?" she added.

"It's on the way," Allen called back.

As the two men entered the home, Nick told Allen that he could show himself out and that he could just run the towel back out to Libby. Allen agreed, grabbed a towel from the closet and returned to the backyard.

Libby was walking the perimeter of the pool when Allen arrived back.

She took a seat sideways on the diving board and casually spoke after removing her white heels, "Come sit with me."

She had a big smile on her face and patted the space on the diving board with her hand a couple of times to indicate to Allen where to sit.

It didn't even occur to Allen not to do what she said.

Allen sat and listened as Libby again talked about the heat. She said she was so looking forward to dangling her feet in the pool.

While talking, she slowly raised her dress to about mid-thigh, which revealed the lace tops of her white thigh high stockings. She rolled the first one down her leg, very gently, and, while not too slowly, certainly not as quickly as she could have.

She pretended to be completely focused on her stockings as she moved on to her second leg's stocking, but, in reality, she was watching Allen in her peripheral vision, making sure that he was focused on her legs.

She knew he would be, of course, but she was still glad to verify it.

As the second stocking came off, she folded them together. She stood and took a step to the edge of the pool.

She dipped a toe into the water, and turned toward Allen.

"Do you mind holding these for a second?" she asked, handing him her stockings. "They'll get dirty if I just set them down."

He took the stockings and felt their silkiness as he watched her take a seat on the pools edge and ease her legs into the water.

This was rapidly turning into the greatest night that Allen had enjoyed in years.

Inside his home, however, Nick was quietly and efficiently going about gathering up items of value.

"Oh my God," Libby moaned, "This water feels amazing."

"I'm glad it is comfortable," Allen replied.

"I just wish I could get all the way in," Libby said, "You wouldn't happen to have any ladies' swimsuits anywhere would you?"

"Um, no" Allen answered, desperately searching his brain to remember if one of his adult kids or their friends could have left one there at some point.

"Too bad," Libby said, her sad look or pout was back, "I'm on fire."

She began making small splashes with her hands to get each of her arms wet and even her chest above her uniform.

"Allen, this may be the wine talking, but what are your thoughts on skinny dipping?" she asked in a whisper while leaning back toward him.

He took in the whole sight, her hair, beautiful smile, nurse's uniform, and wet arms, legs & chest as he stammered, "My thoughts?" ' "Yes, Allen," she stated firmly and directly. "You wouldn't mind if I went skinny dipping, would you?"

She moved her hand to the zipper in the middle of her dress and began pulling it down. Allen stared as her stomach became exposed.

As the zipper reached her waist, she pushed the dress off of her shoulders and let it drop to the patio.

As Allen hadn't answered, Libby asked again, "Pretty please," she teased.

Allen nodded and Libby grinned while removing her bra and panties. She pretended to be shy and acted as though she was covering herself from him, but this was just an act; she was giving him great views and teasing him mercilessly.

She made him promise to stay right where he was and hold her towel, allegedly so that she could cover up in case anyone came over. Allen really didn't care about the reason and happily promised, not that he would have left the side of the pool for anything right now.

Libby swam a few laps, all on the far side of the pool. This kept Allen looking away from his house. This was, of course, the point and was necessary as Nick was moving items from the house into the moving van out front.

Libby was now alternating strokes, allowing her magnificent tits to be on full display while performing the back stroke, letting her eyes focus on his while on her side, and showcasing the flexibility of her body underwater as she randomly swam about.

Allen watched and didn't even move. He had no sense of time as he watched the nude woman swim around his pool.

A short time later, Nick reappeared, calling out as he entered the back yard, "Here are your cigarettes, Libby."

This made Allen jolt, as he turned red and faced Nick. Allen had forgotten all about Nick and was worried that he may be angry.

Before he could speak, Libby called to her husband, "Allen's been such a dear, honey, he let me cool off in his pool."

Libby was out of the pool and wrapped in the towel before Nick made it out to them.

"Nick, will you be a dear, and grab me a bottle of water from the kitchen on the way out here?' she called across the yard.

"Sure, Libby," he answered and disappeared back into the house.

Libby glanced at Allen, "Thank you; I feel much better now."

She leaned down and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

"You stay here and finish your wine; I'll go inside and get dressed and be right back," she told him. She took her clothes and disappeared into the house.

Allen sat there, sipping his wine for a while. He then realized that he heard an engine start in his driveway and a vehicle driving away.

He assumed that they had just decided that it was late and that they had just headed on home.

Allen remained poolside until he finished his wine, all the while reflecting on his great luck this evening. He was even making plans in his mind to have this happen again. Perhaps he could invite Libby over during the daytime, he thought. That should work, he concluded, Nick would be at work and surely Libby would want to tan nude to avoid tan lines. He was still smiling to himself for working out this clever plan as he entered his home and noticed that his home had been cleaned out.

He called the police immediately, but the couple was nowhere to be found.

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