tagInterracial LoveDistractions Ch. 02

Distractions Ch. 02



The problem with living in a small town is that you can't get away from anyone. Every time there's a party, everyone knows about it, whether you want them to or not. So when we pulled into Spike's driveway, I knew by the amount of cars lining the streets that this was going to be one of those nights filled with everyone I haven't seen since high school, old friends I'd forgotten about and people I'd rather not see. Namely, people like Wilson.

Pretending like he didn't notice how awkward I felt, Gavin led me inside the house. It was one of the more spacious houses in our town, and I'm sure that's one of the reasons most people showed up. Even with the expanse of the house, I could feel the base of the music tingling my spine and jarring my insides.

We walked side-by-side, saying hi and hugging people that came across our paths. It was strange to see how much people had or hadn't changed since high school.

"Red!" I recognized the voice immediately. It was Spike.

"Spiky," I exclaimed as I turned around. I held my arms out for a hug and he picked me up and spun me around.

"Honey, you look hot," I batted my eye lashes at him. "Your tits look amazing."

"Thanks babe. Just for you." Gavin rolled his eyes.

Spike was six feet tall, lean and lanky, and most of all, gay as the day was long. He got the nickname Spike for other reasons, if you catch my drift.

He swatted Gavin on the arm and I watched as Gavin shifted his weight, slightly uncomfortable. "You look delicious too, Honey."

Gavin grunted nervously.

"There's beer and liquor in the kitchen and the pool is open for business but don't touch the stereo." Gavin nodded and walked off.

Spike watched as Gavin walked away. "He is one fine lookin man. I don't know how you do it. Don't give me that look. Even you can't be immune to his charm."

If Spike only knew.

"Of course I am. I've known him my whole life and he's a total pig." When in doubt, try to convince others even if you can't completely convince yourself. Spike looked at me as if he didn't believe me. "What?"

"Honey, he's got buns of steel, and I've seen his abs," So have I, I thought. "And those arms. What I wouldn't give to have those things wrapped around me." Spike fanned himself dramatically.

"On a more serious note," he said snapping out of it. "Wilson is here with his new girlfriend, so don't be surprised if you see him. Now go have fun!" Spike playfully swatted me on the bottom and walked off to greet the rest of his guests as he left me standing in the middle of the living room with my heart in my throat. I walked towards the kitchen looking for Gavin. I found him hovering in front the refrigerator.

Without a word, he handed me a cold beer over his shoulder as he continued to browse the selection for what he wanted.

"What?" he asked raising his eyebrows as he turned and saw the look on my face.

"Wilson's here." The hysterics were starting to claw their way to the surface.


"So? So? He's here with her. What am I supposed to do?" Breathing was becoming difficult.

"Nothing." It was early, but his cool, calm, and collected attitude was starting to chip away at my cheery disposition.

"What do you mean do nothing?" Black dots were starting to float before my eyes as I tried to twist the cap off my beer. The thought of Gavin wanting to 'distract' me again was almost too much.

Gavin flashed me his cocky smile, and it made me want to smack that stupid grin off his face. He grabbed the beer from my hand and with little effort twisted the cap off. "Do nothing. Like I told you before. You act as if it doesn't bother you; it'll really get under his skin. He showed up tonight because he knew you'd be here."

Breathe, I told myself. I rolled my eyes. Gavin always had an answer for everything. I would have been more irritated with him, but he stepped closer to me and the heat of his body made all ill feelings melt away.

"Unless you prefer I gave you something to take your mind off him."

My heart slammed against my chest. Was he suggesting what I think he was suggesting? The saner voice in my head told the crazy voice to shut the hell up, because Gavin thought of me as a best friend -- a little sister even. It would have been easier to listen to the saner voice if he wasn't standing so close and if the sound of my heart beating wasn't drowning out the voice.

Gavin stepped closer still, peering into my eyes through thick heavy lashes. He had the most beautiful eyes, and he knew it. I could feel the hardness of his chest lightly grazing mine. I knew that if I looked down, my nipples would be standing at attention. How inappropriate.

"What did you have in mind?" My mind balked at my audacity.

Gavin smiled and handed me back my beer. "Drink up. What did you think I was gonna say?" he added with a sly grin after my expression fell.

"I assumed something worth while, ass. Like I proved last time, alcohol doesn't solve everything. That is unless you want me decorating your lap again."

His jaw clenched at the suggestion. But his smile quickly returned -- situation diffused.

"Well babe, don't worry." Babe? "You're here with me tonight." He threw his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close placing a kiss on my hair. If it hadn't been such a brotherly kiss, my knees would have gotten weak and my insides would have melted. If it hadn't been such a brotherly kiss…

After our little chat in the kitchen, I was a lot less worried about seeing Wilson due in large part to Gavin's closeness. The hint of his cologne was more intoxicating than all the alcohol I ever could have ingested. All night, I could feel part of his body touching mine. It was mostly due to the fact that there were so many people in Spike's house that we couldn't move, but Gavin didn't seem to mind. Neither did I.

We'd spent half an hour standing shoulder to shoulder with each other, talking to friends. After about ten minutes, the fingers of his right hand lazily found mine. We stood, hands entwined with me enjoying our closeness more than I'd ever admit aloud.

We had shifted with the crowd, now gently swaying to music, still talking with friends when he threw his arm over my shoulder and casually pulled me closer.

People were starting to give us curious looks. Everyone knew the story between us, and more were confused at his casually draped arm over me. I guessed it was for show. After all, he had to do something to keep my mind off Wilson.

"Penny for your thoughts?" he whispered into my ear over the music. His hot breath on my ear made the hair on my neck stand up.

"Don't think so."

Gavin backed me into a corner. He slid his index finger across my collarbone and hooked it into the already opened front of my blouse. He pulled the fabric away ands looked down into my shirt. My breasts were heaving with excitement in my white lacey bra.

"Don't lie to me. Aren't you having a good time?" he asked as he dipped his finger lower in my shirt just barely grazing my skin.

"Yea." My mouth was suddenly very, very dry.

"Then what's the problem? You've had this weird look on your face all night." I gulped. Hopefully he couldn't read my mind and discover I'd been fantasizing about ripping his clothes off for the last 20 minutes.

"Look at me." He grabbed my chin and tilted my face towards his. After all night of being teased by his closeness, I was near my breaking point. I could feel a shock begin to spread throughout my body under the heat of his gaze. This was getting ridiculous. Slowly and slightly drunkenly, he pressed his body against mine. I smiled because now I was certain Gavin had to be drunk; he'd never do this if he were sober. He must have me confused with someone else, someone who wasn't his best friend.

"What are you smiling at?" He asked with a toothy grin.

"You're drunk."

His face fell. "I am not."

My smile got wider. "Yes you are, you can't even stand still," I said as I grabbed the front of his shirt. My breath caught in my throat as my knuckles brushed the buckle of his belt.

"Is that a bad thing?" He asked as he pressed against me again.

He watched my lips as I spoke. "It is if you plan on driving home tonight."

"Would you relax for once? Jeez." His voice had an edge to it, and I wasn't sure why. The sudden urge to escape him was overpowering. Gavin rolled his eyes.

"I am relaxed. You stay here so I can find you again, I'm gonna go to the bathroom."

I had to get away from him. I'm not an idiot, I've seen all the tell-tale signs of him trying to seduce me, but for the better part of the night I was trying to ignore it because I didn't want to get caught up in what was happening; he'd resent me for it.

Gavin was bored, and I must seem like the path of least resistance to him. And why not? He was putting gall this effort into "distracting" me, could you really blame him for attempting to reap the benefits? No, but that didn't mean I was gonna let him.

We'd been friends our entire lives and there was no way I was going to let him make me a notch on his belt and ruin our friendship. Because that's what always happened. Gavin is incapable of being friends with a girl after he has grown tired of her, mainly because they always fall in love with him, and he has already moved on. I'd barely escaped his charms once; I wasn't going down that path again.

I turned back and watched as Gavin sighed and leaned back up against the wall. As I fought my way through people to the bathroom, the crowd swallowed Gavin and I couldn't see him anymore.

In the bathroom and away from the noise of downstairs, I was finally alone with my thoughts. Gavin only flirted with me when he had alcohol in his system and he was definitely drunk tonight but nothing had ever been this intense before. Not very encouraging.

I'd always chalk his flirting up to the alcohol, because he had a record of doing this with me. He'd get drunk, flirt with me then walk off with one of the pop tarts shamelessly trying to get his attention and then not remember what he did the next morning. It never really bothered me because deep down I already knew I was just a placeholder until the flavor of the week bounced into the party. I mean I'm not really in a position to ask for anything more, am I?

If I lied to myself, I'd say it didn't matter…except I really liked it when he flirted with me and now he was coming on much stronger. My thoughts floated back to the night he'd provided the 'distraction' for me. That's the first time things had ever really gotten physical between us and I'm not gonna lie, I wanted more. I should have gotten over this schoolgirl crush years ago, but it just wouldn't leave. I'd tried dating, and everyone knows how that turned out.

"Hello! People are waiting out here!"

I glanced at the door with distain and quickly washed my hands. With my hand on the doorknob (which totally defeated the purpose of me washing my hands) I decided that he was drunk and that's all there was to it. If he flirted with me when he was sober, I'd have a leg to stand on. Since he doesn't, this silly feeling in my stomach is the result of too much beer. Let bygones be bygones. For better or worse, he was still my best friend. That mattered more than anything else.


Gavin slammed the back his head against the wall harder than he'd intended. What the hell was he doing? The entire night, he'd gone out of his way to be next to Isabelle. He easily could have left her like he usually did for one of the many girls ogling him or shamelessly flirting with him, but he didn't. It was unnerving.

Gavin closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He took another large gulp of his drink grateful she was still in the bathroom. He needed to get laid. He hadn't had sex in weeks. That had to be the problem. He'd spent all night with his arm around her shoulder or waist waiting for her to acknowledge him in some way. He played with her hair while she'd talked to others. He exposed her ticklish spots to make her smile reappear when she'd get lost in thought. He thought he'd been doing everything right. Usually girls were all over that shit, but not Isabelle. She knew him too well.

He shook his head. He shouldn't be trying to fuck his best friend, even if it was under the guise of distracting her from her prick of an ex. This shit has to stop, and it has to stop now. He should be doing more 'friendly' things like they used to - going to ball games and the park on Sunday to play catch with her brother and some other friends. He just needed to get a grip.

Gavin nodded to himself. That would curb his mild obsession with her. All he needed to do was start treating her like his best friend again, and everything would return to normal. He was already thinking about going online to look for tickets. Things would be fine.

Gavin pulled himself away from the wall and scanned the party for Red. He felt arms snake around his waist and he felt excitement course through him. That wasn't the reaction he was expecting himself to have. No more alcohol for me, he thought.

"Hey Red…" Gavin stopped mid sentence when he turned and realized it wasn't Isabelle that was hugging him. "Hey Cassie, what's going on?"

Cassie smiled her coy smile and batted her eyelashes. "Hey baby, I haven't seen you in a long time," she cooed in a throaty voice.

"Been busy." Gavin raised his cup to his lips again trying to think of a way to get away from her.

"Too busy for me? I missed you."

"I bet you did."

Gavin and Cassie used to have a 'thing' awhile back, and she knew just how to push his buttons.

"Did you miss me?" she asked as she pressed her body seductively against his.

"What do you think?"

"Well," she said huskily. "I really, really missed you." Gavin could feel her hand snaking in between them as she slid her hand over the front of his pants. Just how she knew he liked it, she began to coax his cock to life. "Mmmmm, and it seems like you missed me too."

Gavin closed his eyes and let the sensation of blood filling his cock take over. Now this was more like it. "I've been calling you, baby, why haven't you been answering?"

The feel of her manicured nails dragging along the front of his pants was making his head swim.

"I told you, I've been busy." Perhaps this wasn't a bad idea. What better way for him to get over his best friend?

"Too busy for some of this?" Cassie was taller than most girls, so when she rose onto her toes and gently ran her tongue across his lips; his cock let her know how much he liked it. Cassie Lucas was a sexual goddess, and that was part of the reason their fling lasted so long. There was just one major character flaw. She was clingy, and Gavin hated clingy.

"Why don't we go somewhere else?" she asked, Gavin's doubts evaporated into thin air.

Immediately Gavin's mind filled with images of her writhing beneath him, moaning and telling him how good it was. She was one of the few women that appreciated his love of rough sex. On several occasions, he'd left her house with marks and bites of his own.

She leaned into his ear to whisper over the ridiculously loud music and he could feel her hot breath tickling his neck. "I can make it worth your while. I've been a very bad girl, and I need," she stressed the word need, "to be punished."

Cassie pressed her body intimately to his and tilted her head to look into his eyes. This was part of the little game they used to play. He would pretend to be uninterested until she pushed him to the breaking point and he ravaged her. Cassie could feel her panties dampen under her short skirt at the prospect of how the night would end. It's always so easy, she thought to herself as she continued to press his buttons. She'd been watching him all night, and as soon as Isabelle left his side, she pounced.

Gavin didn't object as Cassie stuck her tongue down his throat. He should have, but he was horny and hard and she was coming on stronger than he felt like resisting at that point. He tried to rationalize this was a good thing.

Cassie could see through Gavin's heavy lidded eyes that he was thinking about it, he just needed to be persuaded a little harder. Cassie was due for a good fucking, and tonight she was going to get it.


I finally left the bathroom and stepped back into the heart pounding music and evil glares of the people waiting to use the bathroom. I left my drink in the bathroom by accident and I wasn't about to go back in there, so I headed toward the kitchen. As I pushed my way through the crowd, I glanced in the living room and spotted Gavin up against the wall talking to a girl. All the more reason for me to get a drink. I may be a lot of things, but I am not a cock block.

I laughed to myself. I was more than a little disappointed that I didn't have his undivided attention anymore; I knew it wouldn't be long before he gave in and started pouncing on the pussy that'd been swarming around him all night. Standing next to me had probably been a big deterrent, but now that I was gone, it was open season. But not a big deal I tried to tell myself, I already knew how things would play out before I got involved.

I elbowed my way into the kitchen and made my way to the counter with all the liquor on it. I was about to reach for the vodka when I heard someone come up behind me. I smiled to myself as I thought Gavin must have seen me walk into the kitchen. I turned around with this goofy grin on my face.

"You look good, too bad you can't keep a man." It was Wilson's new girlfriend and she was looking over her shoulder. I followed her gaze and could see some girl lewdly rubbing herself against Gavin and shoving her tongue down his throat. "Looks like your boy Gavin finally got it right." Wilson's girlfriend turned back to me with a smug look on her face. I wanted to remove it with my fist.

"Gavin can do whatever he wants with whoever he wants. I don't care." This wasn't entirely true, but she didn't need to know that. The girl looked at me like she knew I was lying. It dawned on me that I still didn't know what her name was. I guess at this point, it didn't matter.

"Right…" the girl said. I could feel the walls of the kitchen beginning to close in on me. And of course as I was sure things couldn't get any worse, I spotted Wilson making a be-line for us. The hair on the back of my neck began to stand up. Goosebumps raised on the surface of my skin.

It didn't go unnoticed how good he looked. His hair was messy and his starched blue shirt looked like it was made for him, and it probably was. If we were here under any other circumstances, I would have told him how good he looked.

"Hey Red," he said smoothly as he slid his arm around his new girlfriend's waist and possessively pulled her to him.

"Hey," I croaked. My rib cage was constricting.

"You look good." Vomit. I could slap them both. He was doing this to piss me off, and it was working.

"Some time away from a parasite can do that to a person." I wasn't sure where that came from, but I was happy it flew out my mouth.

"Oh come on, by those words I'd think you didn't love me anymore."

"I don't, never did. You or your limp dick." Ha! I was on a roll. Two for me, zero for Wilson.

"You weren't good enough to get it up." Ok, two for me and two for Wilson.

My mind was screaming run! But my feet were rooted firmly to the ground. Hot pinpricks of panic were shooting through me as I looked over his shoulder for Gavin. Where the hell was he? He was supposed to be here, with his arm around me, threatening to kill Wilson, but instead he was off in the corner with some girl. I could feel the tears starting to burn the back of my eyes.

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