Distractions Ch. 06


"Next time, then," Wilson said as he winked at Isabelle. Gavin felt his stomach churn. He looked at Brenden, and he looked as worried as Gavin felt.

Gavin watched as Brenden shuffled his little sister down the path back towards the car. Gavin tried to control himself and ignore what his mind was trying to tell him. Gavin finished putting the fire out, and sighed into the darkness.


Monday couldn't come quick enough. Gavin spent the rest of the weekend trying not to feel awkward around his best friend. He, Brenden and Isabelle had spent the weekend together, and he tried not to notice her indifference towards him. It was strange at first. When he'd first laid eyes on her, it was hard for his mind to not conjure up images from the bonfire. He'd see her hair whipping in the wind. He'd see the flush in her cheeks before he'd pressed her into the tree. Oddly, it didn't seem like she was having the same problem. It got easier through, and eventually they were back to normal.

The trio spent Saturday and Sunday at Gavin's house watching movies and playing pool. Everything seemed normal on the surface, but Gavin knew otherwise. Monday rolled around, and Gavin was glad he'd have the distraction of school to pull his thoughts away from his best friend. He was convinced it was just shock he was feeling. How was he supposed to know how good his lips would feel pressed against hers?

School droned on with the same predictable monotony, and that made him feel better. At least something in his life was remaining the way he always remembered. He didn't realize school was actually over until he found himself in the boy's locker room changing for baseball practice.

He'd been on autopilot all day, and that felt good. As if noticing his classmates for the first time, he turned when he heard someone call his name.


"So, you gonna give me Isabelle's number or am I gonna have to get it the easy way?"

Gavin's stomach lurched and he tried to steel his expression as he turned toward Wilson.

"She's off limits. She's not part of the game." Watching the look cross Wilson's face, he wasn't so sure going on the defensive was the best idea.

"Dude, I can't believe you haven't tapped that yet," he heard a teammate say from behind him.

Gavin knew it was coming, but the strength of the rage that began to rip through him shocked him. "Shut up," he said through gritted teeth, without taking his eyes off Wilson.

"C'mon bro, she's hot. I'm gonna hit that either way." Wilson was smiling wildly now as he pulled his gear out of his bag.

"Yea she is. I'd fuck her. Twice," someone else threw in from across the room. Had everyone else always been this attracted to his best friend? Where the hell have I been?

"I bet she'd look real good with that mocha skin pressed up against mine." Gavin didn't realize his hands were balled into fists as everyone laughed, no doubt allowing the image to soak into their minds.

"Guys, shut the fuck up, that's my sister," Brenden said as he entered the locker room.

Wilson threw his hands up in defense. "I'm just sayin, she's a hottie," Wilson said as he glanced at Brenden.

Gavin watched as Brenden shook his head and headed for the stalls. Wilson leaned in closer so only Gavin could hear him. "C'mon man, that pussy is lookin sweeter and sweeter by the minute. We make her a target in this game, and the winner gets $600. That's how serious I am."

Gavin couldn't believe he'd ever considered this fuck stick a friend.

"She's my best friend, and Brenden's sister, asshole. She's off limits," he growled trying to reign in his temper. Wilson didn't seem to notice as he kept talking.

"I bet I could really make her moan for me man," Wilson said with a far away look in his eye. "You shoulda seen how she kissed me at the bonfire. It was all right there for the taking." Gavin did see, and he hadn't missed a thing. "Ohh," Wilson said with a shiver, "I get hard just thinking about it. Can't tell you how many times I jerked off in the last two days thinking about it."

"Enough." Gavin could barely breathe.

"What?" Wilson asked as he pulled off his shirt and yanked on his practice jersey.


"Ohh, I get it," Wilson said shoving his feet into his cleats. "You're sweet on her aren't you?" It seemed as if everyone stopped talking and was waiting for his reply. Gavin didn't respond as he focused on controlling his breath. Wilson stood now, squaring his shoulders looking Gavin straight in the eye.

Gavin could feel waves of revulsion rolling off him. Wilson didn't seem to notice.

"No. I'm not."

"Bet I could fuck her before you could. Really make her a believer in white boys. Bet I could even make her my girlfriend too."

The wild look in Wilson's eyes propelled Gavin forward. "Don't you fucking touch her!" Gavin roared as he threw himself at Wilson. His teammates were too shocked to move at first, but the wet smacking sound of Gavin's fist slamming into Wilson's nose jolted everyone into action.

Gavin felt several pairs of arms trying to separate the two of them. "What the fuck is goin on?" Gavin heard his coach roar from somewhere. It didn't matter where, as long as he got to hit Wilson again.

"Stop it!" The coach yelled. Reluctantly Gavin's hands fell to his side. He wasn't getting benched for fighting because of this asshole. Wilson slammed his fist into Gavin's stomach as their coach fought his way to the center of the fight. Gavin doubled over in pain. He groaned knowing he couldn't hit Wilson back; the coach was standing over them now.

"Break it up fuckers," the coach roared pushing the boys away from each other. "I better see this much emotion in the game tomorrow, or we are gonna have a big fuckin problem."

Satisfied that the fight was over, the coach walked back to office.

"Game on motherfucker," Wilson said as he spat blood.

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