tagInterracial LoveDistractions Ch. 12

Distractions Ch. 12



"If you don't cut that out, you're going to get a spanking, little girl."

"Promises, promises," I taunted. I knew what I was doing, and so did he.

"I'm serious, Red. You're really going to get it."

"From who? Certainly not from you, big boy. I can take you." My smile grew wider as his eyes narrowed.

I watched as he stood to his full height, hands on hips. He was standing on one side of the bed. I was on the other. My clothes were strewn all over the place, and he was supposed to be helping me, but instead he kept stealing my panties. Not that I minded, but I would need something to wear. So, I told him that if he kept that up, maybe I just wouldn't wear panties anymore, and any guy could check out my panty-less ass. Apparently, that wasn't the thing to say.

"You think so, huh? We both know that's not true."

I stood up straight. I could tell he was about to pounce. I knew that look in his eye, and that bulge in his pants. "I was holding back. Wouldn't want to beat you at your own game, you know." I was smiling, but I knew soon I'd be wearing a different expression, and my boy shorts were soaked with anticipation.

"Holding back, huh?"

I started to nod my head with undeserved satisfaction when he leaped over the bed and seized me before I had a chance to run. I felt his strong hands wrap around my waist as he held me close. I could feel his breath on my face and as I tilted my head back for the kiss my lips so desperately wanted, he lifted me and tossed me back on the bed. I growled because he denied me what I wanted, but by the look in his eye, I knew he it wouldn't be much longer until he gave me what I needed.

We'd been like this for weeks now, barely capable of keeping our hands off each other. Bren was completely disgusted.

"You think you're so funny," Gavin teased as he straddled my hips and pressed my hands into the bed beside my head.

"I'm a fucking riot, pretty boy." Dramatically, he shook his shaggy hair out of his eyes. "You're only on top of me right now, because that's where I want you."

"Is that so?" He rasped into my neck. I bit back a groan and told him I could get him off if I so chose. "Uh huh," he grunted. "Sure, little girl".

I lifted my hips slightly, throwing him off balance. Not enough for him to fall, just enough for him to know who was really in charge. His eyes darkened as I felt his cock rub against my leg. That look was in his eye, and I knew I was going to get it. I'd been teasing him for the entire day, and I couldn't say I was sorry. I moved my hips into his groin again. I watched his jaw tighten.

His head dipped lower as he used his head to nudge mine to the side with his chin. His lips danced along my jaw, behind my ear and down my neck. I held my breath in anticipation. Wetness was seeping from me as I waited. The first touch of his tongue on my neck seared my skin as I bit back a moan. His lips followed his tongue as it danced and played on that tender spot on neck. It was getting harder for me to pretend like he wasn't making me melt; it was always a loosing battle.

His head moved lower as he tasted my throat, my collarbone, my shoulders, my chest. I felt his stubble as it scratched my skin. I could feel it tickling me, making me squirm, and causing him to hold onto me tighter. Gavin dropped his body onto mine and I welcomed his masculine weight. I welcomed his warmth and the closeness. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him to me more tightly.

"I don't hear you talking shit now," he said as his mouth captured a stiff nipple through my tank top.

"That all you got?" The only bad thing to come out of me taunting him would be a sore bottom from where he was surely going to spank me, but then again, I was being a bad girl.

He lifted my shirt from my body and pulled it over my head. His teeth sunk a little deeper into my flesh, and I couldn't hold back the hiss of air escaping my lips.

"What was that?" he asked as he titled his head back to look me in the eye. My eyes narrowed as I tried to keep my hips still. It was a losing battle, but I was planning on going out like a champ.

"I said, is that all you got?" He repeated.

I watched his lips turn up in a smile around my nipple. His teeth sunk in deeper as he pulled harder on my nipple. My hand flew to the back of his head before I could stop it. My hips bucked again before I could tell them to be still. I needed this just as much as he did.

My fingers tangled in his long curls as I pulled his head closer to my chest. A deep moan escaped his throat as he tried to get as much of my breast into his mouth as he could, his other hand kneading and pulling on my neglected nipple. I could feel my wetness seeping out of me and soaking my panties. My face heated as I thought of the look on his face when he pulled them off me and discovered how wet he made me.

I watched his head as it bobbed over my breast, licking and biting and teasing and kissing. I watched and tried to hold still as he moved to the other side, certain to pay both mounds equal amounts of attention.

Gavin planted kisses between my breasts, down my belly, making my stomach flutter. His lips danced over my flesh as he got to my belly button where his tongue paused for a taste. He trailed his tongue to the top of my jeans. With skill I still marveled at, his teeth latched onto the fabric and pulled, popping the button. I laughed as he looked up at me with a sly smile. Yep, I love him.

His lips danced along my flesh as new skin was exposed. His hands slid from my waist to my hips as his fingers began to pull the fabric from my body. He kissed his way down my legs as I lay sprawled on my back enjoying the feel of his lips. Gavin's hands glided over my calves, to my thighs as they parted my legs. He moved up the bed and settled his face at the small piece of cotton covering my secret pleasure.

I watched in anticipation as he surveyed his prize. I could tell how much he wanted to taste me. I could feel his excitement. Gently, he ran his tongue from the bottom of my pussy to the top causing my breath to catch in my throat. I could feel the heat of his breath on my pussy, through my damp panties. I could feel his hands on my thighs and they gripped my flesh, unconsciously his fingers moving in slow circles. I could feel my heart thudding in my ears. I could feel my pussy clenching around emptiness, begging to be filled by him. I could feel my heart aching.

When Gavin's lips touched the tender, swollen flesh of my pussy I cried out. I could feel his teeth pulling at the sensitive love spot between my legs making me shiver. I wanted to explode, but I held it. I wanted this to be slow. I wanted this to last.

The smile was gone from Gavin's face as he continued to try and pull my clit away from my body; teasing it out from under its hiding place, coaxing it to come out and play. My legs were trembling as his lips began to work their magic. They were threatening to close in on him, trapping him between my legs, but his hands were strong as he held me steady.

I was about ready to scream when he finally relented and pulled my panties aside. For those first glorious moments his tongue touched my burning flesh, I thought I was going to leave my body. I thought I was going to catch fire and melt everything around me. I was fighting to keep my eyes open, I was fighting to stay here in the moment with him instead of sinking beneath the waves of pleasure he was coaxing out of me.

My hands tangled in his messy hair as my brown thighs swung over his shoulders and my heels dug into his back. I felt him press his face harder into my flesh, coating his face with my juices. I felt his tongue dancing between my pussy lips and I felt my heart flutter as his tongue pushed inside me. I didn't mean to, but my hands gripped his hair tighter, possibly too tight, but he didn't stop, nor did Gavin complain.

I couldn't breathe. I felt like I was going to pass out. My eyes were fluttering closed as my body started to go limp. There was only so much I could take hanging on this, this peak of pleasure. A smile crept into the corners of my mouth. Gavin knew exactly what he was doing. The sting of his teeth grazing my pussy lips brought me back to the land of the coherent as my back involuntarily arched off the bed. My mouth dropped open in a cry I didn't have the breath to give. He was licking and sucking my pussy lips now, pulling them from me as if he were starved and I were his only source of nourishment.

Sweat was beading on my forehead as I became incapable of an intelligible comment. I wanted to say something like, right there, or keep going, just like that, but no words would come. Nothing but undecipherable grunts. Animalistic groans.

Gavin shoved my legs from his shoulders and pushed my legs wide and towards my head. I was spread wide for him, and I watched as he pointed his tongue and stabbed it at my swollen and throbbing pussy. My legs were flexing as if telling him to stop, but I couldn't control them. I couldn't do anything but lay there and take it. I wanted to say something witty, something, anything to spur him on, not as if I needed to, but nothing would come to mind.

My ears were filling with my labored breaths rushing in and out of my lungs and his moans as he continued to drink more of me. As I watched the pleasure on his face as he tongued me, and ate me, I couldn't hold off the feeling anymore. It was like rolling thunder and I could feel starting in my toes and rushing towards my core. My body locked as I felt it hit my stomach as it started to coil and build. All I could manage was a struggled, "I'm cu-, I'm cuu- mmi-." I couldn't get the words out, and I didn't have to. Gavin could feel it in my body. He could feel what was happening as my pussy clamped around his tongue as he sampled my walls.

My legs tried to straighten out, but Gavin held me still as he ravaged my cunt, making tears spring from my eyes. It was unbelievable the amount of pleasure he could bring me with just his tongue. I forced my eyes open as I watched him redouble his efforts; trying to make me cum harder.

All breathing ceased. I couldn't move. I couldn't think as I felt the ball of flames start to unravel at my core. Starting from his tongue and spreading throughout my pussy, my abdomen, wrapping its fiery fingers around my heart and squeezing the air from my lungs, taking over my mind and my body as I convulsed under him. This time was different. Maybe it was because we both knew what was to come, and had let go.

He was licking me like he would never taste me again, and I was enjoying it like this was a once in a lifetime thing. Instead of fighting the exquisite pleasure, I embraced it and along with it, the fiery explosion that was set off within me, nearly burning me alive. It started slowly and grew in intensity as Gavin never removed his tongue from my flesh. He prodded deeper; searching for something only he knew was there. I felt his tongue twitching inside me as I screamed, feeling every molecule in my body jump and fizzle for him. I screamed louder when he didn't stop. I cried out when he pulled my throbbing clit into his mouth and grazed it with his teeth. I screamed when his fingers plunged into my wetness as my pussy grabbed for him.

I felt it in my toes, my eyelashes. I felt it in the tips of my hair and in my fingernails. There was nothing I wouldn't do for this man and I knew there wasn't anything he would ever refuse me. In this moment, I had given myself completely to him. I let him take what he wanted, and he rewarded me for it. By the look on his face when he finally came up for air, I knew he enjoyed that nearly as much as I did.

My body was heavy and limp as I tried to shift. Finding I didn't have the strength to move, I stayed where I was. I flopped against the sheets as Gavin rested on his elbows between my legs, staring up at me.

Gone from his eyes was the cocky grin I was expecting to see. There was something else there. Something else entirely.


"Nothing," he said plainly.

"What?" My eyebrows were knitted together. "Is something wrong?" I tried to lean up on my elbows, but all I could manage was a half-assed roll to one side was.

"No." His eyes were wide and bright. Like he was studying something, trying to take in every detail.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I was paranoid. Had I done something wrong? Did I taste funny? Had I said something stupid in my moment of sheer and utter bliss?

He waited a beat before answering, as he was waiting just until my heart was about ready to leap out of my chest. "You're beautiful."

My mouth twisted up in a wide grin as my eyebrows became unknotted. I was about to tell him to go fuck himself, that I wouldn't believe that in a heart beat, but I caught a glimpse of the seriousness in his eyes, and it was more than fleeting. It was lingering, then taking over. He was looking at me like he wanted to cherish every detail and stray hair of my wildly curly hair. My breath hitched as I watched him watching me, and for a second, I wanted to cry. I had to remind myself that Red doesn't do shit like that.

Instead, I smiled back at him, and uncharacteristically said thank you. I said thank you because I knew that truer words had never been uttered from his lips. He was looking at me, face flushed, wild hair and chest heaving and he saw beauty. I wasn't going to dispute him on that.

He sat back on his heels and peeled his shirt off and tossed it aside. I would always marvel at his body, so hard and masculine. He crawled up my body planting kisses here and there until his lips hovered over mine. My juices were still glistening on his face, but I didn't mind as he bent to kiss me. His lips weren't gentle, but hot and demanding as they descended on mine. I parted my lips to allow him access as his tongue explored the inside of my mouth. I wanted to smile. I tasted exquisite.

His lips pulled at my lower lip as he sucked it first into this mouth then gently grasped it between his teeth. What can I say? The man knows how to kiss. Not to be outdone, his fingers sought my nipples and began to tease them once again. I couldn't help the moan that he swallowed right from my lips. My hands found their way towards the waistband of his jeans, but he smacked them away. "This is for you." Gavin broke the kiss, smiling at me as he moved back down my body. "I think I missed a spot," he said in a husky voice. Once again my brows knitted. He knew damn well there was nothing he left behind.

With strength I still had yet to comprehend, he lifted me from the sheets and flipped me on my stomach. It wasn't the most graceful thing, but I'm not complaining. I propped my head on my forearm so I could twist and see what he was planning on doing.

"I owe you a spanking, little girl," he said with a wide grin. I was coming down from my orgasmic high and my pussy took the cue to start all over again. "Assume the position." His voice was sterner, and I knew I was in for it.

I spread my legs out, spread eagle on the bed as he moved from between my legs to my right side. He leaned over as he ran his fingers over the swell of my ass, catching on the fabric of my panties. My pussy tingled in excitement.

"So, how many do you think you deserve?"

"Deserve, I don't know what you're talking about," I said with a sly smile. "Absolutely no idea."

"See," he said as he pulled my panties tight into the crack of my ass, exposing more of my flesh. "That's exactly the attitude that's gotten you into trouble in the first place." He said as he ran his hands in circles around my cheeks

I laughed as he smiled. My face flushed as I raised my ass just a little higher in the air.

"Well, I think the punishment should fit the crime." My voice was dripping with lust, and there wasn't anything I was trying to do to hide it.

He raised his hand swiftly, and before I had the time to draw in a deep breath to brace for the impact, I felt the sting of his full palm, square on my left ass cheek. It was amazing really how something that was supposed to hurt could feel so damn good. Gavin rubbed the sting from my ass with his fingers. Without hesitation, he raised his hand again brought it down in nearly the exact same spot and my body lurched.

I drew my lip between my teeth to keep from crying out. His palm rained down on the tender flesh of my ass over and over again as the sounds of flesh meeting flesh filled the room. The crack of his hand colliding with my skin was nearly as erotic as the way his fingers massaged me afterwards.

He would spank me four or five times, then rub the pain away; drawing circles with his fingers. His fingers dipped a little lower the last time, teasing my tender, swollen and throbbing pussy. I didn't have to look back to know the look on his face. Again, he was enjoying this as much as I was.

His fingers danced along my panties before he decided they were just in the way, and pulled them down the length of my legs. I turned awkwardly and watched as he settled between my legs. I watched as he licked his lips and brought his face closer to my pulsing pussy.

"Spread your legs wider," he said close enough to my pussy that I could feel the heat of his breath. I obliged. "Wider." He commanded, and again, I did as I was told.

I felt his tongue touch my burning flesh again, this time from a different angle and involuntarily, my hips lurched closer to his face. He licked again, this time swirling his tongue around my clit as he used his hands to pull my lips further apart. As his tongue trailed up my slit to my dripping and waiting hole, his hands moved too. This time they moved to my ass as he kneaded the sore flesh. I winced slightly as his fingers dug into my bottom, pulling my cheeks apart. It didn't hurt; it tingled, in the most delicious way.

"I love your ass," he stopped to say almost to himself.

His tongue dipped into my pussy, sampling and pulling out my juices once again, coating his face with them, but where his tongue usually stops, it didn't. I cried out as I felt the wetness of his tongue travel higher and higher as his hands pulled me wider and wider apart. My eyes widened. Was he really going to? My breath caught in my throat as his tongue touched the sensitive skin fastened around my asshole.

I cried out in surprise as his tongue licked this way and that. I could feel his face pressing deeper into the swell of my ass, trying to get his tongue deeper and I found myself spreading wider and arching. I wanted him deeper too.

Body possessed and groaning wildly, I screamed his name. It left my throat raspy as I hailed his praises. The roughness of his tongue lapped at my tender skin pushing me farther and farther from reality. My fingers where twisted in the sheets, my nails threatening to rip them to shreds as I felt his tongue leave me and his thick and hard finger begin its invasion.

Honestly, I never envisioned myself like this. Ass naked on my own bed, clothes strewn about with Gavin's face firmly planted between my ass cheeks as his tongue tickled my crack and his finger slid past the ring of my ass to the first knuckle. I never imagined how good it would feel – absolute fullness, the absolute surrender and trust. I couldn't imagine. Not this.

My mind was reaching for something to explain this, this...pleasure wasn't a good enough word. My cries died on my lips as I felt the tip of Gavin's digit dancing deep in my secret place. As his finger pushed deeper and the pleasure of my ass stretching to accommodate his thick finger increased, I could feel my pussy clenching, grasping for something, anything. I could feel the burn starting in my toes, intensifying as Gavin began to move his finger in and out of my body.

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