tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDisturbed for Life Ch. 03

Disturbed for Life Ch. 03


I felt myself being woken up earlier than usual, and it took me a minute to remember where I was. David was very gently rousing me from my slumber.

"Sorry to wake you so early, but I have to get over to the theater, and I figured my driver could drop you off at your hotel so you could have some girl time before the concert tonight," he said, as he sat on the edge of the bed and played with my hair.

"Thanks," I replied, yawning. "It's not that I don't love seeing you in the morning, don't get me wrong. I'm just not a morning person."

"I know, I know. I'm sorry," he said. "Will this help?" He handed me a big cup of coffee. "Light and sweet, just the way you like it."

He handed me the cup and I took a sip. Smiling up at him, I said, "Thank you, you're so sweet."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, don't let it get around," he said with a smile. "Now get up! I need to get going, and you need to get dressed. If you don't get some clothes on soon, you're going to make me really late!" He smacked my ass as I headed toward the bathroom to get dressed.

After I was dressed and ready to go, we got into his limo. He had his driver drop me off first so he could walk me up to my room. At the door, he gave me a long, hard bear hug and an even harder kiss. "See you tonight," he said, leaving me in the doorway with a smile.

I went to my suite to shower, then went down the hall to Cait's room. I found her and Marie there, and they were both frantic with questions.

"Where in the hell were you last night??" "We were worried sick, we couldn't find you anywhere!!"

"Guys, I'm--" I started, but didn't get a chance to finish.

"Were you with David last night? Please tell us you were!!" Marie pleaded with me.

"Yes, I was with--" I tried again, but got cut off once more.

"Oh, thank God! So, how was everything? What did he have planned for you? Give us the details, girl!" Cait exclaimed.

"Ok, enough guys! I was only gone for one night!" I said, trying to calm them down a little bit.

"Ok, ok. So how was everything?"

So, I filled them in on most of the details...had to leave something to the imagination, ya know? :-P

"Ok, how did you get so lucky on this trip? We brought you here for the concert, and you end up with the lead singer," Marie said.

"I don't know, but I love it! He's wonderful. Now, let's go shopping again, I need an amazing outfit for tonight," I said as I grabbed their hands and pulled them out of the room. After a few different stores, I found the perfect outfit for the night—a mid-thigh black leather skirt, a red silk diamond-studded v-neck tank top with spaghetti straps, and knee-high black leather 4-inch stiletto heel boots. I knew David would love that outfit, and I figured if he could wear leather, so could I!

I told Marie and Cait that David's limousine would be at the hotel at 4:30 to take us to the theater, and they got really excited. Neither of them had spent much time in a limo before. "We still have a little time," Cait noticed. "Let's grab a pizza before we go back to the hotel, I'm starving!"

So we headed back to the hotel, fresh Chicago brick-oven pizza in hand. We camped out in my room for the next hour or so before we had to get ready. I turned on the faucet in the big bathtub and poured in some jasmine scented bath oil. As I soaked in the bath, visions of David kept running through my mind—the events of the past two days were still very fresh in my mind, and I couldn't believe the luck I had been having since I arrived in Chicago.

My hands started roaming my body as I thought of David. He had such an effect on me, just the thought of him made me ache for his touch. My fingers pinched my nipples, sending shocks straight down to my pussy. I turned on the water jets in the tub and resumed my manipulations on my nipples. As I started to get more and more aroused, my hips began thrusting in and out of the water. One of my hands found its way down to my pussy, and I started to rub my clit softly. I moaned quietly, wanting more than just my fingers, but I knew that would come later.

One of the water jets hit my pussy suddenly, creating a much better feeling than I was creating alone. I sat in the bath, my hands mauling my nipples as the jet sent waves of pleasure rippling through my body. Just when I was on the brink of orgasm, my elbow accidentally hit the switch to the jets and turned everything off. I whimpered and almost turned it back on, but decided against it. The thought of how turned on I would be by the time I saw David brought a wicked smile to my face.

Semi-reluctantly, I lifted myself out of the bath, dried myself off, and started to get ready for the night. Just as I was finishing my hair, I heard Cait and Marie banging on the door. "Come on, hurry up, we're gonna be late! Let us in!" I opened the door for them, and immediately got a reaction.

"Oh, my god! You look fantastic...he's gonna be all over you in that," Marie told me.

"Yeah, that was kind of the idea," I said, grinning.

"You are so bad! Are you ready to go?" she asked me.

"Just have to do my makeup and put on my boots," I told her. 15 minutes later, we were out the door and on our way to the theater. As we pulled up to the back entrance of the theater, David's driver handed me a note. "From Mr. Draiman, miss, and he's instructed me to tell you to go through that door, right there," he said, pointing to the only door in sight.

"Thank you," I replied, took the note and got out of the limo after Marie and Cait. "Well, what does it say?" Cait asked excitedly.

" 'Good afternoon'," I read aloud. " 'If you're reading this note, it means you're running late. Shame on you! In any case, if you would please make your way into the building, many surprises await you. –D.' "

"Well, I guess we should do what the man says," I said, walking toward the building. I opened the door and looked inside, but saw nothing. Confused, I let Cait and Marie in and closed the door behind me. Then, the two men from the club two nights ago, David's band members Dan and Mike, walked up to us. Without saying a word, Mike handed me a note, then the two men walked away with my friends. I wasn't worried about the girls, I knew they'd be safe, but I was more confused than ever at this point. I opened the piece of paper I had clutched in my hand and started to read.

"I know you're confused and you don't like surprises, but this will be worth it, trust me. Go down the hallway on your right until you can't go any further. Go left down the next hallway until you reach the fourth door on your left. I'll be waiting...–D."

He may have had a surprise for me, but he had no idea what was coming his way. I was still horny from my bath earlier, and the anticipation of seeing him now was making it ten times worse. I hurried down the hall, following his instructions to the T. When I reached the door, there was a single red rose on the floor, and the door was open a crack. I picked up the rose and pushed on the door, taking in the vision before me. I figured he would lead me to his dressing room, but this was not what I had in mind.

A crystal and platinum chandelier hung from the ceiling, casting tiny rainbows all over the walls. On a small table in the far left corner of the room sat the largest display of lavender lilies I had ever seen (he remembered!). There was a bucket of ice with a bottle of white wine in it (again, a favorite of mine), and two glasses next to it. To my right was a huge overstuffed, oversized burgundy velvet sofa, with David sitting right in the middle. He was wearing his signature leather pants, a black zip vest, and a look of complete shock on his face.

I sauntered over to where he sat and placed my foot on his thigh, giving him a direct view up my skirt (I had "forgotten" to wear panties that night). "You like what you see?" I asked him, my voice husky. I already knew the answer, however, as I could see the bulge in his pants growing very quickly. Noticing where my eyes had traveled, he said, "What do you think?", grabbed my hips before I could turn away, pulled me onto his lap, and attacked my mouth with his. I felt his hands leave my hips and travel down my thighs, lifting my skirt. One of his hands went to the small of my back, while the other found its way to my pussy. David's fingers slipped right into my waiting pussy, wasting no time.

"Miss me, did you?" he growled. I thrust myself down onto his hand as hard as I could in response, as I couldn't seem to find my voice. He groaned when he felt this, and started rubbing my clit with his other hand. Finally, I was able to speak, though I still don't know how.

"Put your cock in me. I want you to fuck me, hard," I told him. He didn't have any objections. Within seconds, his cock was out of his leather pants, and I sank right onto it. Suddenly, he picked me up, maneuvered me so that I was underneath him, brought my legs up above my head, and started to do exactly as I had asked. We were too engrossed in each other to hear the sound of the door opening, then close a few minutes later.

"Oh, you like it hard, huh? I'm gonna fuck you like you've never been fucked before," he said, his breath raspy. Again, I had lost my voice. I merely responded in groans and small screams, which made David go faster and harder than before. I was grasping onto his arms and shoulders, loving every second. Then, without warning, he pulled out of me. I looked up at him with an almost painful expression. He smiled, kissed me, whispered in my ear, "Think how good it'll feel later," and walked out of the room.

I sat on the sofa in disbelief. I couldn't believe he'd done that, but it just made me want him even more, which I'm sure he had planned. I got up and went over to the sink to fix myself, and found yet another note waiting for me.

"I'm sure you're frustrated with me right now, but don't worry...I'll make it up to you. –D."

The last time he said that, I had what could possibly have been the best night of sex I'd ever had in my life, so of course that just made me even more aroused. When I thought I was decent enough to be around other people ( :-P ), I went in search of Marie and Cait. I didn't have to go too far, as I bumped into them turning the corner.

"Hey, where were you?" they asked, but I didn't need to answer. The flush on my cheeks and the smile told them all they needed to know. Steve, one of the guys who travels with the band and works on the set, walked by then and looked at me with a knowing expression on his face. 'He couldn't possibly know what had just happened', I thought. David didn't have time to talk to anyone, and he wouldn't spill something like that anyway. Steve smiled and winked at me, then continued on his way. Distracted, I turned back to the girls. "Come on, let's go find our seats," I said, but was stopped in my tracks as an usher walked up to us.

"Follow me," he said, and walked away before I could ask where we were going. He led us to an area to the right of the mosh pit, right in front of the stage. "Mr. Draiman had these seats reserved for you and your friends, miss, and asked me to assure you you'd be protected from the moshers over there," he said, pointing to the rapidly growing group of people in the pit.

"Well, if you see Mr. Draiman, please thank him for me, but we may just be joining the mosh pit at some point during the night, isn't that right girls?" I said.

"As you wish, miss," he replied, and walked away.

We sat down in our seats, listened to the music, and chatted incessantly, as girls tend to do. Then the lights went out, and the familiar sounds of "Down with the Sickness" filled the arena. I got to my feet and immediately started screaming. I was filled with excitement as never before. I'd been to concerts before, but this one was different, especially now. When David came out on stage, he looked over at us, gave me a wink, and then got into his show. I didn't have his attention too often, but I wasn't really expecting to, either. He was there for all of his fans, not just me.

After two hours, the show came to an end. Cait, Marie and I were exhausted—we really got into the show! Again, we were greeted by the usher, this time to lead us backstage. Cait and Marie were in front of me, when out of the shadows, I felt a hand grab my arm and pull me away. Expecting it to be David, I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him, but as soon as I did, I knew it wasn't him—I didn't feel David's piercings. I pulled away to see who it was, and it turned out to be Steve.

"Nice performance, huh?" he asked. "Yeah, I loved the concert, it was great," I replied, hoping that was all he meant. I was too tired to handle something like this right now, and hoped he'd just leave me alone.

"That's not what I meant, and you know it. You and Dave were too busy earlier tonight to hear me come into the room. Complete accident, of course, but a very nice surprise nonetheless," he said, running his finger down my cheek to my lips.

I turned my head away from him. "What do you want?" I asked him.

"You know perfectly well what I want, and I think you're just the right person to give it to me," he responded, making another attempt to kiss me. I wanted nothing to do with it, so I turned around completely and started to walk away. Steve grabbed my arm just then, and held onto it hard enough to leave a bruise.

"Look, Steve," I started, tears forming in the corners of my eyes, but he would have none of it.

"I said, I think you're the person who can give me what I want, and I always get what I want," he said forcefully, this time landing his kiss. I tried to push away from him, but he was too strong. His arms pulled me tight to him, and no matter how I moved, I couldn't get away. I tried to yell out, to get someone's attention, but his mouth was firmly planted on mine, preventing me from making any noise. Luckily, David came around the corner just then and pulled Steve away from me.

"What the hell are you doing, man? You know she's here with me," he started yelling at Steve, his voice raspy from his exertions on the stage. It looked like he was about to punch Steve, so I wrapped both of my arms around one of David's in an attempt to stop a fight. My touch seemed to bring him back down to Earth, and he turned to me.

"Are you ok? He didn't hurt you, did he?" he asked, cupping my face in his hands and wiping away my tears. His expression changed immediately from anger to care and concern.

"No, I'm fine. Let's just go, ok?" I said, gripping his arm, not letting him go. He turned to Steve, and his expression changed back to anger—I hoped I was never on the receiving end of one of those glares. "We'll finish this later," David said to him, and I could hear the anger in his voice. Then he wrapped his arms around me and led me to his actual dressing room. He sat down on the large leather sofa and pulled me onto his lap. I curled up and nuzzled his neck, loving the feel of his large, protective arms around me.

"I'm so sorry you had to go through that," he told me. "I should have warned you that Steve is a little aggressive with girls. It never really bothered me until tonight. None of the other girls that have been around have meant as much to me as you do."

"You've only known me for three days, how can I possibly mean that much to you?" I asked him, my words coming out muffled because I was still nuzzling his neck.

"I really don't know. I told you the other night at the club; I felt this connection with you as soon as our eyes met. I don't want to explain it or try to analyze it. I just want to enjoy it," he said, kissing my forehead. I looked into his eyes as another tear ran down my cheek, but this was a tear of joy. David saw it and immediately wiped it away.

"Come on, you're staying at my house again tonight," he told me. "I won't let you stay at the hotel without me, and it's safer at my house, anyway. I won't take no for an answer."

"As if that would ever happen, anyway," I told him with a smile.

He gave me another hug and kiss, and we walked out to the limo. He told the driver to go to his house, and we were on our way. I sat next to him, again curled up in a ball, wrapped in the safety of his arms. The incident with Steve popped back into my head, and I must have been really lost in my thoughts because I didn't hear David talking to me.

"Hey, are you ok?" he asked me, pushing a piece of my hair away from my eyes.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm fine," I said, getting a little closer to him, but of course he didn't believe me.

"Don't think about it, you're safe with me. I won't let him near you again, nothing will happen to you," he promised me.

"I know. Thank you," I said to him, kissing him on the cheek.

"There's something else on your mind, I can tell. You have that look on your face," he said.

"I was just thinking that I can't wait to get you in that house and rip your clothes off," I told him, gently rubbing his cock through his leather pants, feeling it throb under my touch.

"Mmm...why wait?" he growled, and pulled me onto his lap. I immediately crawled right back off his lap and got down onto the floor of the limo. I pulled his cock out of his pants and started to very gently rub my fingertips up and down the underside of his shaft.

"Ohh, you're such a tease," he whispered.

"Oh, you know you love it." I told him, and licked the very tip of his cock, tasting the precum that was already forming. "Miss me, did you?"

He just growled in response, then gasped as I took half of his cock into my mouth at once. I sucked and licked his cock and balls until he was at the point of orgasm, which didn't take long given our games earlier in the evening.

"Oh, god, I'm gonna cum," he said, and with that, I pulled away from his cock. He gave me the exact same look I gave him when he did it to me. "You evil little minx," he said, a hint of frustration in his voice. I just grinned and whispered, "Think how good it'll feel later," nibbling his earlobe.

Just then, the limo stopped outside David's house, and he eagerly pushed the door open and scrambled to get out of the car. I followed suit and we made our way to the house. I barely had time to get the door closed and locked behind me when he wrapped his arms around my waist and gave me the same knee-weakening kiss I got outside the club two nights before.

My need for him had risen to extremes, and I couldn't wait any more. I once again took his cock out of his pants, wrapped my hands around the shaft, and led him to the couch. I lifted up my skirt and leaned over the arm of the couch, exposing my ass and pussy to his wanton stare.

"Come finish what you started," I teased, looking over my shoulder at him. He needed no further encouragement. He walked over to me and filled me up in one thrust. We both moaned in pleasure, and I could feel David's hands on my hips, pulling me back onto his cock. He felt so good inside me, I was moaning and screaming his name. The louder I screamed, the harder he would thrust his thick shaft into my hot, wet pussy.

Within minutes, we were once again on the brink of orgasm, and he stopped. This time, I couldn't take it. I turned around to see what the hell he was doing, but he just lifted me up and wrapped my legs around his waist, then sat down on the couch. I impaled myself on his throbbing member, and brought us back to the point of orgasm. He grabbed the back of my head with one hand and kissed me hard, while the other hand flicked my clit. This was too much for me to bear, and I screamed into our kiss as I had a mind-numbing orgasm. He was grunting and calling out my name, but I could barely hear him.

The next thing I remembered was feeling a hand running up and down my back. My clothes had somehow made it off my body, but I have no idea how he managed that. I lifted my head off David's shoulder and looked at him. "Oh, my god," I said. "I couldn't have put it better myself," he replied, once again wrapping his arms around me.

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