tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDiva Las Vegas Pt. 01

Diva Las Vegas Pt. 01


My wife Rona was sitting on the sofa with her popcorn as I finished up the supper dishes. "Hal! Hurry up Hal, it's about to start," my excited wife beckoned.

"One second honey. I'm almost finished," I answered while putting away the last plate. My twenty-six year old bride of three years had a tendency to get intense when her favorite show came on TV. She was addicted to the show, "Ru Paul's Drag Race". I wasn't as crazy about the show as she was but I found it entertaining enough and I enjoyed how into it Rona got. She was sitting cross legged on the sofa with the popcorn bowl in the crux of her legs. She was wearing her pajamas which consisted of a flannel short sleeve button up top and matching shorts as well as her white ankle socks. It was not much of a fashion statement but living in a small city in Kansas, there wasn't much demand for fashion. Still, she looked adorable with her pixy cut auburn hair, slim, athletic figure, and large frame glasses that accented her big round blue eyes.

I was still wearing my shirt and trousers from work. I had not had the chance to get comfortable for the night yet. I had worked overtime so I could start my vacation time a day earlier. I worked as an engineer for the county doing road surveys, easements and other exciting stuff like that. Rona was an office manager for a law firm. We met in university and graduated the same year. A year later we got married. We were holding off on having kids for the time being. We both kept very busy.

Our upcoming vacation coincided with our third anniversary. It was the first real vacation that I took since I started my job. We had never traveled much. Even our honeymoon had only been a conservative trip to Florida. My wife made all the plans for us and she booked a trip to Las Vegas. I was looking forward to the break from work and was hoping that the time away would bring out an appearance of Roxanne.

Roxanne was my wife's sex name. Roxanne was her alter ego when she wanted to get dirty, adventurous, or just slutty. Rona's everyday self was a respectable, hard working, professional, feminist woman. She dressed conservatively and was well respected in our community. Even our normal sex life was nothing to write about. It was usually standard, married couple, me on top intercourse. Every now and then however, Rona would turn into a different person in bed. It usually only happened on birthdays, anniversaries and such but when it happens, she calls herself Roxanne. She was Roxanne when she wanted to try anal for the first time and when she wanted to experiment with bondage and spankings and anytime she wanted to role play. When Roxanne comes out to play, she gets wild, talks dirty and fucks my brains out and likes to be the aggressor. She had a hidden dominant side that she usually didn't show in her regular daily life. I figured that an anniversary trip to Sin City was the perfect setting for Roxanne to come out and play. I was hoping anyway.

I brought a beer into the living room and sat in the chair next to the sofa. I watched my lovable dorky wife and tried to imagine her in Roxanne mode. It was tough to picture at the moment. "Hal, you missed the first five minutes. Do you want me to rewind?" Rona asked.

"No honey. I'm good. I'll figure it out," I told her. I couldn't believe I was watching a show about drag queens. Even more, I couldn't believe that I enjoyed it. The cattiness didn't do much for me but I had to admit that the transformation from guy to beautiful woman amazed me. Some of them looked better than most of the genetic women that I knew. The flamboyant fashion was something we never saw much of in Kansas either. When my wife first started watching it, I found other things to do, figuring that normal guys didn't watch those shows but eventually I sat threw one when my wife teased me for acting stupid about it. I surprised myself that I did find it entertaining.

I never told anyone at work that I watched it. The conservative atmosphere in Kansas meant that the only acceptable shows for real men to watch were football, NASCAR, pro wrestling, home improvement and fishing shows. That's all any of the guys ever talked about. I found most of that stuff boring but being the new guy, I wanted to fit in so I dared not admit that I liked a show about drag queens. At least I would be away from those guys for a week.

Later that night, as I was getting ready for bed, I examined myself in the bathroom mirror. I had changed into just the flannel pants that I wore to bed. I was deciding if I was ready to rock a swim suit on vacation. I was proud of my body. I kept fit with regular exercise. We had a swimming pool which we used six months of the year. I sometimes wished I was more muscular though. I rode a bike a lot so my legs and butt were quite muscular and defined but my upper body was not huge. I had a slight frame and I was shorter than most at five foot seven. Lucky for me, my wife was petite at five foot three and she weighed no more than one hundred and five. She was slim but she had the curves in the right places with a perky ass and perky B cup breasts.

"Hal, come to bed. We have a long day tomorrow," Rona summoned. I wondered if that meant she was horny. I ran my fingers through my short blonde hair and checked my breath. Satisfied I entered the bedroom where my wife was already curled up in bed.

"Here I am honey. Does Roxanne want to play?" I asked hopefully as I seductively kissed her cheek. Rona groaned.

"Oh honey, not tonight. We have to pack in the morning and shut the water off and take the dog to my mother's and still be at the airport by ten o'clock. Get some sleep Hal. We'll be in Vegas soon enough," she sighed as she rolled onto her side. I sighed too and tried to get to sleep.

The next morning as we packed for our trip, I noticed Rona packing a tiny red dress that I had never seen before. When I asked her about it, she teased, "Roxanne did a little shopping for this trip. You'll just have to wait and see."

That got me excited. "Wow, I can hardly wait. I'm looking forward to seeing Roxanne again," I commented with a wink.

Rona winked back but abruptly stopped and pondered, "So how is it that I have an alter ego for my wild side and you don't?"

That made me really think. It was true. I was just Hal all the time. I didn't have an alter ego. "I don't know honey. I guess I am just Hal. I'm the same person in the bedroom. I'm always up for anything. I don't have to be someone else to get wild. I'll do anything. You know that," I explained to my wife.

She mused on that for a moment before asking, "Anything? You'll do anything? Is that a promise?" she dared.

That could have been a dangerous question but it was true. Rona explored her limits as Roxanne but I truly had never come close to pushing my own envelope when it came to sex. I guessed that if I ever was faced with a limit, I'd see it. I never had a fear of finding it however.

We finished running around and completing our preparations and got to the airport. Soon we were in fabulous Las Vegas. We were both blown away by all the hotels. Being from Kansas, we had never seen anything so extreme and opulent. We stayed at the Flamingo hotel on the strip. After checking in, we went for a swim in the pool before going to the casino to play some games.

While we were in the casino, my wife pointed out a few ladies at the craps table. They were tall and well dressed. "I think those ladies are all trans women," Rona observed. On careful scrutiny, I had to agree with her. I looked over at a blackjack table and thought I discovered a few more. I pointed them out to my wife. Back in Kansas, neither one of us ever recalled seeing a trans woman in real life, just on television. After only a few hours in Vegas, we had seen half a dozen. Some of them were gorgeous. At dinner we spotted a few more.

For a while, my wife and I were apart as I played some black jack and she played slots. Later when we got back to our room, she surprised me. "Surprise honey! Look what I scored. I got us two free tickets to a show. It's called Diva Las Vegas. It starts in an hour. Let's get changed." She was jumping with enthusiasm. I looked at the tickets and realized that it was for a drag show with a number of female impersonators. Given her love of Ru Paul's Drag Race on TV, I understood her excitement. I was excited about seeing the show too but also had a nervous, worried feeling in my stomach. It wasn't like sitting at home, watching it on TV in private where I couldn't feel judged. This was in public. I knew that it was stupid to feel like that. It shouldn't matter. Besides, I was hundreds of miles from home and I would be with my wife. I shook off my trepidations and had a stiff drink.

Rona put on her sexy new red dress to go out to the show. It had spaghetti straps and she decided to go braless. The dress was skin tight and showed off her dynamite figure. The hem went to her mid thigh which showed off her beautiful legs. She produced a pair of strappy red high heels that I hadn't seen before with five inch heels. It took all my strength not to jump her right there in the hotel room. I would have if she wasn't so keen on getting to the show on time. I knew that I would get to play with Roxanne before the night was over. Might as well enjoy the show first and let her get all worked up. It might do the same for me too, I thought. I wore black dress pants and a black blazer with a pale gold open neck shirt and black dress shoes.

The show was next door at the Linq Hotel so we didn't have far to walk. A lot of heads turned as they stared at my gorgeous wife in her sexy outfit. I felt very proud to have her on my arm for the night. As we made our way closer to the theatre, I noticed the number of drag queens, cross dressers and trans women increasing. There were dozens. Suddenly, I was in a minority of men dressed in men's clothes. While in our seats, I noticed the crowd around us. There were so many good looking and well dressed trans women.

The show itself was quite good. The performers were amazing, funny and beautiful. It was really over the top though. My wife squeezed my arm several times to indicate when she was most thrilled. At one point in the show, she began stroking my thigh. A cute redheaded trans woman sitting next to me noticed and gave me a wink and a smile. To be honest, I found many of the trans women and cross dressers far more sexy than the performers. It was probably because they weren't performing for an audience. They were just being themselves. When the show ended, I was looking forward to getting Rona back to the hotel room so we could take out our sexual tension on one another. The MC of the show made a comment to the crowd at the end of the show. She said, "To all you lovely ladies here in LasVegas this week for the Diva Las Vegas convention, have a fabulous week darlings."

On our way out, the redhead who was sitting next to me asked, "Did you enjoy the show?" in a practiced female voice. She had a pretty but mischievous smile and big green eyes. Her wavy hair was shoulder length and she was fit. I guessed her age to be mid to late thirties. She wore an elegant black lace dress, stockings and high heels.

"Uhm, yes, we sure did. Didn't we honey?" I queued my wife. She turned to meet the lady and nodded her head in agreement as she clung tightly to my arm. The enthusiasm was showing on her face. I continued, "We sure don't have anything like this back in Kansas."

"So, are you here for the convention?" the trans lady asked.

I shook my head. My wife piped in, "Oh no, this was the first that we heard about it. I guess that explains why there are so many fabulous trans women around. Hi, my name is Roxanne and this is my hubby Hal." Rona extended her hand for a hand shake. My eyes lit up when she introduced herself as Roxanne.

"Nice to meet you both. My name is Janie and my these two slackers are my companions. This is my wife Anne and my best friend Mary-Margret. We're from Canada," Janie introduced herself. Her companions who were sitting with her had caught up to her after presumably returning from the restroom. Janie's wife Anne was a blonde, cis gender woman also in her thirties with shoulder length hair and sky blue eyes. She was wearing a silver gown that emphasized her bodacious cleavage that seemed to be spilling out. She had an hour glass figure that would put Marilyn Monroe to shame. Their friend, Mary-Margret was another trans woman, also in her late thirties. She had long red hair with strawberry blonde streaks and wore red framed glasses. She had pretty hazel eyes and plump lips. Her figure was thicker than Janie's but was all muscle. It wasn't like a male muscular but more like a strong woman's figure. Her legs were some of the best I had ever seen. She showed them off by wearing a short black leather mini skirt, black nylon stockings and five inch stiletto heels. She had a leopard print blouse on too which showed off some great cleavage.

Janie went on to say, "Well, if you enjoyed this show, there are many more shows and events going on this week. If your interested, come on out to some of the other events. The parties are amazing. I think we have a spare itinerary with us. Mary-Margret, do you have one in your purse?" she asked her friend. The sexy trans woman produced a flyer from her purse and handed it to me along with a business card that had Janie's cell phone number on it.

I took the pamphlet and card. "Okay, thank you. We'll take a look. It was nice meeting all y'all. Maybe we'll see you again," I responded with a big smile. We went our separate ways but I took a good long stare at the three sexy asses as they walked away in their tight skirts and dresses. Rona tugged my arm and indicated that she wanted to get up to our room fast. Only when we started walking did I notice that I was sporting a bulge in my pants. Rona noticed as I am sure our three new acquaintances did too.

Once up in our room, Rona went to full on Roxanne mode. She stripped off my jacket and opened my shirt. As she kissed me forcefully. Her hand then went straight to my groin. We were only a few feet into the room and I hadn't even closed the door. My petite wife jumped up onto me and wrapped her legs around my waist as her arms wrapped around my shoulders. She continued her lip lock on me as I carried her to the big king size bed. I gently laid her back as we continued kissing. She released her leg lock from around my waist and planted her heeled foot on my bare chest. She pushed back so that I had to discontinue our kiss. She pushed me back a little more and I looked back at her with frustration and confusion. She took off her glasses and locked eyes with me.

Rona's, or I should say Roxanne's eyes were big as saucers and staring right through me. She began peeling off her red lace panties but just a bit so that they were over her hips and she stopped. I could almost see her fresh shaved pussy but not quite. Roxanne then put one ankle behind my head. Then she moved her foot from my chest and placed it behind my neck and locked her ankles so that I could not move my head. She started squeezing and I felt the pressure in my skull. I grabbed onto her legs to show my discomfort. Staring back at my wife, I could see the devil in her eye and knew that I didn't need to panic. She was up to something sexy.

Making firm eye contact, Roxanne spoke softly, "Now Hal, remember how you promised me that you would do anything I wanted?" I couldn't speak so I nodded my head. "Good. I really want you to do something for me this week, starting tonight and I don't want you to chicken out on me. You won't chicken out will you?" she teased. I shook my head no. I was completely under her spell. "Good. Now, I'm going to be in charge and you're going to do everything Mistress Roxanne tells you to do like a good little pussy. Understood?" The pressure on my neck was killing me and I had little choice but the truth was that I would do whatever she asked anyway. She just wanted to establish dominance. I nodded my head in agreement.

Roxanne released the pressure on my neck and smiled. "Ah, that's my good little pussy. Now, be a good girl and finish taking off my panties," my wife ordered. I reached down to them but she quickly slapped my hand. I drew back. "With your teeth, like a good little slut," she demanded. Taking her queue, I lowered my face and gripped the panties between my teeth just inches from her pussy. I could smell her wetness and inhaled deeply. She was so horny. So was I. I slowly peeled her panties off of her. When I got to her ankles, she made it difficult for me by pointing her toes in her high heel shoes. I struggled to get her panties free of her feet without using my hands and she giggled at my strained efforts. Eventually, I managed and spat her panties out of my mouth and onto the bed. They tasted of her sweet wetness.

Roxanne then placed the sole of her shoe on my lips and demanded. "Keep your hands behind your back and use your teeth to take my shoes off." The task was easier said then done. The ankle straps on her new red shoes were tiny and the task took precision which was difficult given my state of arousal. The first shoe took almost five minutes to remove. The second shoe should have been easier since I figured out the technique but she used her bare foot to tease me, rubbing my face, my hair, my body and my groin. It made it so difficult. My cock was so hard from my wife's teasing, I was tempted to forego the promise and just rape her but I held on and played her game.

Once I had successfully removed her other shoe, Roxanne rewarded me by forcing her toes of her left foot into my mouth. Her scarlet painted toes pushed right to the back of my throat. Her size four foot fit easily into my mouth. I still gagged. "That's a good little pussy slut. Suck on Roxanne's toes like they are tiny little cocks," she demanded as she slid her foot back so that I could accomplish my task. I did as instructed and sucked on each of her pretty little toes. I snaked my tongue all around them and licked the gaps between them. Once I had finished worshipping her foot to her satisfaction, my wife made me repeat the performance with her other foot. As I sucked the toes of her right foot, Roxanne began masturbating. She made sure that I could see her fingers plunging in and out of he shaved box. Her fingers glistened with juice. She rubbed her clit which drove me mad with lust. I thought that my cock would burst right through my pants.

Roxanne had noticed my frustration and was laughing at me. In between giggles, she moaned as her fingers brought her closer to orgasm. "Oh, poor baby. Do you want some of this?" I nodded enthusiastically with a mouth full of toes. "Are you going to suck my clit like a good girl?" she teased. I nodded harder. The fact that she was referring to me with feminine pronouns was driving me mad at a new level. It was turning into a girl on girl fantasy where I was one of the girls and I was all for it.

Roxanne popped her foot out of my mouth and hooked her left ankle behind my head, forcing my face down to her dripping pussy. Her labia were swollen and red and her entire crotch was coated with her glaze. I stuck my tongue out and plunged it deep into her honey pot. She tasted so fucking good. I started sucking as I licked. "Ahhh! Yes! That's my good little pussy licker. Suck my pussy like a good girl," she instructed. I clamped onto her clit and sucked. My wife bucked wildly and humped back at my face.

"Yes, yes, yes! Eat it! Eat it!" Roxanne screamed as she squeezed my head between her fit thighs. I held on and sucked as she shook and quaked in an intense orgasm. Juices squirted from her vagina and soaked my face. My wife didn't usually squirt when she came but it was a flood like I had never seen before. I lapped and lapped as I swallowed her tidal wave.

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