tagTransgender & CrossdressersDiva Las Vegas Pt. 03

Diva Las Vegas Pt. 03


This is the third of a three part series. Please read Part One and Two first for the character's backgrounds.

The story so far: Hal and Rona are a married couple from Kansas who lead fairly mild, vanilla lives. Rona has an obsession with watching Ru Paul's Drag Race on TV. Hal enjoys it too. He really loves how excited Rona gets when she watches it. For their third anniversary, Hal and Rona go to Las Vegas during the big Trans convention called "Diva Las Vegas." They take in a drag show and they meet three new friends, two trans women and one cis gender woman (Janie, Mary-Margret and Anne) which gets Rona worked up. Her sexy alter ego is named Roxanne who she becomes when she wants to get wild. Hal submits to playing a femme role for Roxanne as they explore some new sexual territory. Roxanne christens Hal as Holly. The next day, Rona dresses up and makes up Hal as Holly for a Diva's event. They party with Anne, Janie and Mary-Margret all night and back at the hotel room in a five way orgy.

The story is told from Hal's point of view.


The day after our night with our new friends started slow due to a hang over. After showers and breakfast, my wife Rona asked me if I wanted to go out shopping with her for the day dressed up as Holly. I had felt so comfortable the day before that I agreed quickly. I only had the one outfit and if I wanted to go to more events at the Diva Las Vegas convention, it seemed appropriate. So Rona got to work on my makeup once again. An hour later, I was in wig, makeup and my white dress and heels.

Rona took me out to the shops that she had been to the day before. "First, I think we need to find you some casual day wear," Rona suggested. It made sense. Rona herself was wearing cut-off jean shorts and a tank top. I was going out in a evening dress and high heels in mid afternoon to shop.

The first place we went to was a trendy women's store. I was shaking a little. I had gained my confidence going out at night surrounded by other trans ladies and cross dressers, almost exclusively at trans events. Walking into the clothing store, I felt like everyone was staring at me. All the patrons were cis gender women as were all the staff. My wife held my hand to steady me. The sales girl, a cute, spunky, eighteen year old blonde approached to help us out. My knees were literally shaking.

"Hi, my name is Brittany. How can I help you ladies out?" the girl asked. My words got stuck in my throat. I had to swallow.

Luckily for me, Rona chimed in before I made a fool of myself. "Holly is looking for something casual in her size," my wife spoke up.

Brittany smiled with a large practiced grin. "Sure, of course, I can show you a few things that you might like Holly," the sale's girl responded. Brittany pulled a few things off the racks for me including some short skirts, cotton tops, and hooded sweaters. She then showed me to the change room. She could sense my nervousness and I was sure that she read me. Younger girls can always tell.

"So, are you here for the big Diva Las Vegas convention," the blue eyed girl asked subtly. I made eye contact and saw her coy smile.

I cleared my throat and spoke in a higher pitched voice. "Yes, yes we are dear," I answered. She didn't seem judgmental at all in her voice. It just appeared that she threw it out there to put me at ease.

"Yah, business has been booming all week for us because of it. Are you having fun so far?" she continued. I blew out a sigh of relief knowing that the air was clear and that she was cool.

"Yes, a great time hon. Thanks," I replied. I tried on four different outfits and modeled them for Brittany and Rona. In the end, we settled on two new outfits, one of which, I wore out of the store. I was in a denim miniskirt and a pink zip up hoodie. We then went to a shoe store and I picked up some open toe wedges which I wore right away and also picked up a pair of black stiletto heels. The girl at that store was just as friendly as Brittany. We then went to another fashion store where Rona had bought my white dress. We picked out a black and white evening dress for me.

I felt very comfortable walking around Vegas the rest of the day in my new outfit, long blonde hair flowing and made up so beautifully by my wife. I received a few odd looks here and there but received far more stares of lust from onlookers. The large rimmed sunglasses we picked up helped me look back. Later on we met up with of new friends, Anne, Janie, and Mary-Margret for lunch and drinks. They were still fighting their hang overs too. We drank some bloody Ceasars which Mary-Margret insisted were the best hang over remedy. It was a Canadian thing but it seemed to work. We all talked about the night before and how much fun we all had. I could see the other girl's sitting as gingerly as myself. Our butts all got quite a workout.

Our friends were all heading out on an expedition to the Grand Canyon. They had pre-booked it weeks before they met us so we were left out of the loop. They offered to cancel so that they could hang out with Rona and myself but we insisted that they go ahead since it was paid for already. Rona already had a Diva's event picked out for us anyway. After kisses and well wishes, we left our trio of friends and went back to the hotel.

Our event that my wife had picked out was a fashion show with all trans models and top designers. She was able to score tickets from the night before at the cocktail party. We had a light supper at the hotel buffet first then went back upstairs to get ready. We showered together. After my shower and shave, I ended up with a raging hard-on again. The shopping, the clothes, meeting our friends and the look in my sexy wife's deep blue eyes all had me worked up. Rona seemed to be excited too and when she noticed my erection, she shoved me onto the bed and straddled me.

Rona lowered herself down onto my naked body, impaling her soaking wet pussy onto my shaft. She moaned with pleasure as she bottomed out on my six inch cock. I breathed deep and reached up to grab hold of her perky B cup boobs. Her nipples were stiff and erect. She grit her teeth as I touched them. Rona rocked slowly on my cock, grinding her clit against my smoothly shaved body. I hissed as I felt the warm, wet tingling feeling on my red hot prick. My wife picked up the pace and began bouncing up and down on me, using my cock as her fuck toy. As I gently squeezed her nipples, her entire body shook and I could feel her pussy tense up and clamp tightly around my stiff member. I clenched my teeth and let go, exploding up inside her with a geyser of hot cum. When we finished, we both needed another shower.

Once both of us were in our makeup and dresses, I put on my blonde wig and we were off to the fashion show. I wore my new black and white evening dress. It buttoned up the front so I left the last two buttons on both ends open to show off some leg and cleavage. I was also wearing black stay up stockings and my new black stiletto shoes. Rona wore her tiny red dress from the first night again. We looked like two smoking hot bitches.

The event was even glitzier than we imagined. There was a red carpet and paparazzi taking photos at the entrance. There was even TV cameras and some TV reporter interviewing people on the way in. My wife and I walked in casually but we did notice a number of A list celebrities had showed up for the event. I wasn't as current as my wife on who was who but I did notice a few, including Celine, Christina, Ru Paul of course, and a few others. Rona started slapping my arm as she got excited spotting celebrities. "Oh my God! Look, it's the Helmstrom twins," she squeaked.

Apparently, I knew nothing because I had to ask, "Who the hell are the Helmstrom twins?"

Rona looked at me like I had six heads. "Oh come on, the Helmstrom twins. Christian and Liam Helmstrom from Sweden. They're huge stars," she gushed. They looked familiar but I was obviously not as big a celebrity watcher as my wife. She went on to tell me about their modeling careers that turned into acting careers. She rhymed off a few movies that they had made which sounded familiar. It was no wonder that she was so excited. They were two good looking dudes. I had never really looked at men from a woman's point of view before. At least not manly men like the twins. They were about six foot one tall and one hundred ninety pounds each with perfect bodies, ash blond hair cut longer than average with chiseled jaws and ocean blue eyes. They were dressed identically in matching camel colored designer suits with baby pink shirts with open collars. Although I never really looked at men sexually, I had to admit that they were the best looking guys I had ever met and there were two of them. That was exciting.

Rona and I took our seats and waited for the show to start. I found the twins in the crowd and pointed them out to my wife. They were just a few rows in front of us and not far away. She squirmed in her seat and I could tell that she was getting juicy just from being close to them.

The show itself was quite good. It was great to see all the trans models wearing top designer clothes. Those girls really knew how to work the runway. I found it as exciting as any Victoria Secret fashion show I had ever watched on TV. Being at a live show made it that much better. The show lasted just over an hour. After the show, there was a reception with some cocktails. Rona was excited to be amongst so many A list celebrities.

"Are you going to ask anyone for an autograph?" I asked my wife.

She scrunched up her face and said, "No, that would seem tacky. Look, no one else is doing it. I'd just like meet some of them and talk to them. That would be cool."

I sniggered at her fan girl enthusiasm. I was giggling as I teased, "Anybody in particular? A pair of beefy Swedish twins maybe?" I knew that they were her favorites. She blushed deeply. We decided to head to the bar and get some cocktails. We were standing in a long line up. It was moving very slowly. We sighed but waited patiently.

Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see who it was. Standing next to me were none other than the Helmstrom twins, Christian and Liam. One of them extended a glass of champagne to me. "Hello ladies, can my brother and I buy you two a drink?" one of them asked.

It was my wife's turn to be speechless. She had lost all of her cool as she stared open mouthed at the two hunky male models. I took a glass from the one speaking and handed it to my wife. I took the next glass that was presented to me. "Thank you, yes. You are both so kind," I answered for us in my practiced female voice. I knew I wasn't passable but it was a Diva event and half the women there were men.

I introduced us, "My name is Holly and this speechless pixy is my wife Roxanne. We're here from Kansas. It is nice to meet you both." I extended my free hand for a hand shake. Both brothers took my hand and gave it a soft kiss on the knuckles. They then did the same for my wife. I had made sure to use my wife's alter ego name which she reserved for her sexy side. She had been using it almost exclusively since we arrived in Vegas.

"Nice to meet you ladies. I am Liam and this is my brother Christian," introduced the brother who handed me the drinks. "We saw you two ladies in the crowd outside and noticed that you were talking about us. My brother and I thought it would nice to meet you in person," he went on. His voice was charming and tilted with a Swedish accent. Rona was still speechless and blushing a bright hue of red. She couldn't believe her luck.

Christian then spoke up. "You ladies both look lovely this evening. We love your dresses. Are they Kline?"

Rona finally found her voice. "Oh, I wish. No, this is a cheap knockoff but Holly's is a new Stella. We just got it today," she confessed.

"Well they look magnificent on you both. I think you two are the hottest looking women here tonight," Christian flattered. That made Rona blush deeply again.

I giggled at the show of flattery. "Oh that's very kind of you to say Christian but come on. Look around the room. We are just a couple of tourist from Kansas and there are so many fabulous ladies here of all genders," I claimed.

Liam spoke up, saying, "Ya, there are many fabulous ladies here tonight but as a couple, you two have no equals. Believe me, we spotted you two and Christian said 'look at that couple in the red and black dresses. How hot are they?"

Christian said, "Ya. We go to many fashion shows and events and we see so many of the same phony people. They think the world revolves around them. But you two are real people and you are both so sexy. We are charmed to meet you." That made me blush as well.

Liam then proposed, "My brother and I have a suite at the Bellagio. We would be honored if you Roxanne and you Holly would join us for a night cap up there," rather boldly. I could feel my wife's nails digging into my arm. I knew that I would never live if I denied her this. It was a once in lifetime experience. Besides, I was getting turned on too just from the flattery.

I spoke for us. "Of course. Roxanne and I would be happy to join you fine gentlemen," I said with a sexy smile as I batted my long fake eye lashes. Soon the four of us piled into the Helmstrom twin's limousine. Paparazzi camera's flashed as we climbed in. It was so exciting. Liam took my hand and had me sit next to him while Christian guided my wife to the seat facing us. He quickly cozied up to her with his big strong arm around her. She melted into his chest. I could see the lust in her eyes as she stared deep into his eyes. I felt Liam's hand touch my nylon covered thigh and got a shiver up my spine. I turned to face him and when I did, he leaned into me and pressed his mouth on mine.

Liam was a smooth kisser. I opened my lips and he explored my mouth with his strong Swedish tongue. I moaned with pleasure as I kissed my first real man. My body seemed to melt into his. I felt his other hand on my ass, squeezing it gently through my dress. We made out for a few minutes before I remembered my wife. I opened an eye and saw that Christian was feeling her up as they kissed each other. One of his hands was squeezing my wife's sensitive breasts while the other was between her thighs and up under the hem of her dress. I could tell that he must have been touching her pussy which must have been soaking wet by then.

I felt a twinge of jealousy run through me. The guy was taking liberties with my wife right in front of me and he was so masculine and handsome. I could never compete with that. Then I remembered that we were out as girls and that I was in the arms of another man too. Instead of getting upset and jealous, I decided to enjoy the moment and enjoy the fact that my wife was having a once in lifetime experience too. I loosened up and kissed Liam harder and wrapped my leg around his. That encouraged him and he french kissed me with passion. His one hand continued to massage my ass while his other explored my nylon covered legs. I opened them wider and his hand reached up and found my silk panties. He gave my cock a good squeeze through my lingerie which made it grow thick and hard. He moaned his approval into my mouth.

Our little backseat make out party ended as we arrived back at the Bellagio. We broke our kiss and I giggled at the red lipstick all over Liam's face. I grabbed a napkin to clean it off. Then I noticed the huge bulge in his pants. His cock had to have been massive to cause such a big lump. He straightened himself out as I fixed my lipstick. Rona was doing the same to her lips. Just before we climbed out, she pointed out the tent in my dress so I carefully tucked my cock away again which was difficult due to my arousal. The three others waited until I was ready before they opened the door.

When we arrived at their suite, the twins took us by the hands to their king sized beds. Liam kissed me again as he squeezed me tightly. We broke for a breather and he asked me, "Would you like a drink or something Holly before we continue?"

I looked over at the other bed and saw my wife on her knees in front of Christian. She had his fly open and was sucking his cock like a lollipop. It was bigger than mine by a lot. It was thicker, meatier and longer. His cock was uncircumcised but it didn't phase Roxanne at all. She slurped up and down on it taking as much into her throat as she could. Christian removed her glasses so they were out of the way. I then realized that since they were twins, Liam's cock would be exactly like his brother's. "The drinks can wait Liam. This cannot," I said as I dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants.

I unbuckled his belt and pulled down his trousers in one motion. Liam's cock sprang up and hit my chin. It was like a club or a battering ram. I had never seen an uncut dick in person. The big, pink bulb of the head of his cock was peeking out from the foreskin. I reached up and pulled on his shaft which slid his foreskin back. I then opened my mouth as wide as I could and took his cock into it. I slobbered all over his beautiful prick which stood out proudly and erect. My tongue bathed it all over and I sucked on it like hard candy. For a while the only sounds in the room were the slobbering, wet noises coming from the blowjobs my wife and I were giving to the two twin Swedish hunks.

Liam grabbed hold of my head and took control. He started fucking my face. He plunged deep into the back of my throat, deeper than anyone had gone before. I gagged several times causing copious amounts of saliva to gush all over his monster cock. I looked over at the other bed and Christian had removed all of his clothes and had laid my wife on her back. Her dress was pulled down to her waist with her bare breasts exposed. Christian hiked up her short hemline and pulled off Roxanne's little red panties. His cock was wet from her drool still as he mounted her between her wide spread legs. She still had her red heels on. They looked so sexy. Christian plunged his bare cock into my wife with one hard thrust. She screamed and her eyes nearly popped from her head. I was about to intervene but Roxanne threw an arm around his neck and kissed him hard as her pussy felt the biggest cock it would ever have. I was glad to see her enjoying it so I stopped worrying.

Liam was pumping my face and I began to taste his salty precum on my tongue. He took a deep breath and pulled his meat muscle from my mouth. It looked so raw and angry, blood pulsing through it and covered in saliva and lipstick. Liam lifted me up and began unbuttoning my dress. He had already took off his jacket and shirt. His body was one every man ever dreamed of owning. His muscles were sculpted and defined but not overly bulky. He had a soft layer of blond hair on his chest. His abs were like a wash board. He kissed me again as he peeled my dress off. I was left in my slip with a corset on underneath and my stockings and shoes. He fondled my fake boob inserts as we kissed. He then spun me around and bent me over the bed. He pulled up my slip and lowered my black panties down to the ground. I stepped out of them as Liam bent down and started kissing my ass. I had grown to love rim jobs in the past two days and Liam didn't disappoint me. I gyrated and shook my smooth ass to entice him. I even reached back to spread my cheeks. He got the hint and licked around my puckered rosebud. He got me nice and wet.

Liam tongue fucked my butt eagerly. I could tell that he was experienced. As he ate my back door, I watched Roxanne getting ploughed like a field by Liam's twin brother. She had her legs wrapped around Christian's waist and was clawing at his back. He pumped her hard, feeding her pussy with his nine inch meat hammer.

Liam licked my hole really good before going lower. He took my smooth ball sac into his mouth and gave my nuts a tongue bath. He then pulled my cock back toward him and started sucking my stiff shaft. I moaned out load as he gave me head. It was heaven. He was just teasing me though because he soon stood up and took hold of my hips. I felt the big, mushroom shaped head pressing against my anus. I had so much anal sex in the past few days that my sphincter was pretty loose. It still stung as he slowly forced his cock inside me, stretching out my ring. I gripped the sheets and took a deep breath. As I let it out, I pushed back on his cock and it slid up inside my pooper up to our balls. I felt his big, egg sized testicles smashing against my slightly smaller ones. I let out a grunt and Liam bit my bare shoulder.

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