Diva Las Vegas Pt. 03


Liam began building up momentum and was pumping my ass faster and faster. Before long, he was fucking my butt as hard and fast as his twin was fucking my wife. He was still crushing her tiny little love canal. As we both got fucked, Christian suggested to his bother, "Let's get these two together as we fuck them."

"Good idea. Bring her over here," Liam replied. Liam pulled his fat cock out of my asshole and I felt cool air rush in. I knew it had to be gaping wide open. He flipped me over so that I was on my back. He grabbed hold of my ankles and put them on his shoulders. He then slid his cock back into my hungry asshole. I mewed like a kitten as he filled the emptiness and I smiled up at him. He smiled back and returned to fucking me. It was so different to get fucked like a woman on her back, looking up at my lover.

Christian brought my wife over and placed her on all fours on top of me, sixty-nine style.. She kissed me hard one time before Christian pushed her forward so that her face was at my crotch. She started licking my cock which was hard as a rock and craving attention. Roxanne's battered box was right above my face. It was red and swollen from the fucking she had taken. Her inner lips were red and protruding like I had never seen before. She lowered her snatch to my face and I started licking it all over. It was so hot and moist. Roxanne moaned with my cock in her mouth. She sucked me harder as I ate her pussy. Liam had resumed pumping my ass. Roxanne had a close up view of her husband getting fucked like a woman.

Christian had climbed onto our bed and positioned himself behind Roxanne. His big cock brushed my forehead as he grabbed her hips. I let my tongue move from her snatch to his cock. I licked it and tasted my wife's juices which covered it. Christian then slid it back into my wife's cunt, forcing it into her. She spit out my dick as she screamed again at the rough entry. Her pussy was raw and she bucked him off. His cock slipped out and slapped my face. I started sucking it again. Roxanne was tearful. She begged Christian, "Please, my pussy is so sore. You destroyed it. You can fuck my ass if you want."

My wife was not the biggest fan of taking anal. She had done it a few times with me but she never begged for it. I knew she loved dishing it out more than receiving it. I knew she was trying to save her battered pussy though. Christian giggled and took her bait. He spit on her ass with a big wad of phlegm. It ran down her crack. I watched up close as he pushed his huge member against her tiny pink back door. She grunted and groaned as he slowly pushed inside of her butt. I reached up and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Christian continued to push his rod all the way into her rectum. She was panting and groaning still. I raised my face and resumed licking her sensitive clit. As I did that, she let out a long moan. "Oh ya baby. Do that. Lick my clit Holly. Oh yes, I need that," Roxanne muttered.

I really dug into her snatch, licking her pink bud and getting her wet as Christian's balls dragged along my forehead while he fucked my wife's ass. Roxanne was soon into the game again and put my neglected penis back into her soft, wet mouth. She sucked me like candy and I licked her swollen clit. The two big Swedish boys smashed our assholes like jack hammers at the same time. My wife and I had sixty-nined before but never while getting both of our asses fucked. It was quite a scene.

We went at it in that position for a long while. I was the first to come in all the excitement. I grunted as I shot a jet of my hot sperm into my wife's throat. She moaned and gulped as she swallowed it all down. Her pussy was so juicy on my face and I sucked harder on her stiff clit. She shook and shuddered as her pussy walls contracted and she squirt a gusher of her juice all over my face. It ran like a river down my cheeks. "Holy fuck Liam, they both came," Christian announced.

"Ya, I'm coming too brother," Liam announced as he fucked my ass harder. He buried himself balls deep and spilled his seed inside my sore rectum. Christian witnessed his twin bother's orgasm and was soon having his own. He plunged his meat stick as deep into Roxanne's ass as it would go and unloaded his cum. The two Swedes grunted and moaned as they emptied their balls into my wife and me.

As they caught their breath, the twins slowly removed their deflating pricks from our worn out tushies. Christian's dirty cock flopped down onto my face. I opened my mouth and started sucking on the nasty organ. I licked off the gooey sperm and Roxanne's ass juices. I spit polished his cock until it was pink again. From what I could hear, Roxanne was sucking Liam's cock clean too that was fresh from my ass.

Eventually, the two Swedes pulled their shiny clean cocks away from us. My wife and I were still in a sixty-nine position. I looked up and saw Roxanne's asshole, red and gaping open. It twitched and she farted out a big wad of Christian's cum which was from her dirty ass. It landed right in my open mouth. I swallowed it down in one gulp. Roxanne sat up and put her butt right on my face. She squeezed out some more sperm from her anus which I licked up. I sucked out all the creamy goo I could get and licked her hole clean. It slowly began to close up again.

"There's one more ass to clean," Liam shouted. His brother giggled. The two of them were drinking champagne. My wife climbed off of me and got on the floor in front of me. She spread my ass cheeks and plunged her pink tongue up into my stretched out asshole. She ate Liam's cum from my anus. I could hear her loudly slurping out all the dirty, sticky sauce. She rimmed me nice and clean.

"Now let's see the sluts kiss each other to show us how much they love one another," Christian ordered. His brother cheered the idea. "Kiss, kiss, kiss!" they chanted.

Roxanne had that devilish look in her eye again as she crawled on top of me like a cat. Once she was over me, she lowered her face to mine. I parted my lips and she placed her open mouth on mine. We kissed as the twins cheered. We both had dirty mouths that tasted of sperm and ass and a little pussy. We made out like school kids for a long time. We kissed like it was our honeymoon again. It was exactly three years to the date in fact. "Happy anniversary baby," my wife whispered.


We stayed in Vegas two more days. I stayed in female attire the entire time. We took in more Diva events and we even partied with Mary-Margret, Janie and Anne in their suite one more time which was much like the previous night we had with them on our second night in town. We told them all about the Helmstrom twins which got everybody excited. I was quite comfortable going everywhere and doing everything dressed as a woman. It was going to be weird for me to go back into male mode. Unfortunately, the day came and I wore my male clothes to fly back home to Kansas as Hal.

We exchanged personal information with our new friends who left us an open invitation to visit them up in Toronto. We promised to keep in touch with them. We were already thinking of a weekend in Niagara Falls in the summer.

The tough part was going back to our old grey and dull lives in Kansas. Our trip away really opened our eyes to just how backward and behind the times our home state was. Rona was determined to find some like minded couples somewhere close to us that we could share our newfound lifestyle with. Neither of us wanted to keep Holly locked up inside the house. After all, Holly was the key to get Roxanne to come out and play.

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by Anonymous10/18/17

You made the list!

This series put you on my "Must read all stories" list, at least the TS/CD ones. Keep up the good work, Mary!

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Very nice series. Hot yet romantic.

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Really great!

Was a great sexy story. Loved the sharing and caring you showed the characters. Give us some more when you can.

A new fan,


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