Divine Depravity Ch. 05


"Are you...You mean you never...Oh God, Rick." Nola's eyes lit up as the sudden realization hit her, and any remaining resistance suddenly evaporated. "Are you saying that you're...I mean, you're a virgin?" she asked incredulously.

"Yeah, I guess that's what I'm saying," he responded somewhat sheepishly. "I know it's kind of embarrassing at my age, and it's certainly not by choice. It's just...Well, all the girls I've been out with say I have a great cock to look at. But there's no way they'd ever try to get it inside. They tell me that it would be rape, since the only way it's going to get inside anyone's pussy is with brute force. It kind of sucks. I mean, it's fun to be admired for my size, but then, when the girls go from saying, 'Wow!!' to 'forget it,' I really get bummed out."

"Oh honey. I'm so sorry. I wished I had known. Why didn't you tell me?" Nola was tearing up, as she gently stroked his thigh.

"Geez, Mom; it's embarrassing, and...Well, what could you really do? I mean sometimes I feel like some kind of freak," Rick continued. "But in a way, I'm glad it came out, 'cause I've been nervous about discussing this with you, Lisa. I don't want to ever hurt you."

"That's ridiculous, honey," Nola reassured him, while I suddenly wondered for the first time how I'd ever get that thing inside me. "When the time comes, she won't have any problem. Don't worry, Lisa; after playing with some bigger toys, I'm sure you'll be able to handle him."

"I hope you're right." Rick didn't sound very confident.

"God, Rick; most guys would love to have your equipment," I chimed in. "I can't believe you have a complex about it."

"Well, guys might love it; but not the girls," he countered. "One time I found out a girl dated me just to get a look and settle a bet about my size. They say that if I ever fuck someone, I'll rip them in two. They even called it names like Ramrod, Splitter, Billy club, Jack-the-ripper...I get so embarrassed, sometimes I wish..."

"Ok, that's enough," Nola spoke softly. But there was also a tremor of excitement in her voice and her eyes were glued to his tool that seemed to be growing once again as she stroked higher on this thigh. "You should never be embarrassed by such a magnificent instrument. You just haven't been with real a woman who can appreciate you. Someday all those girls that turned you down are going to be dreaming about that tool when they want to feel totally full and stretched. You asked what I could have done if you had told me. Well, I think you might find out sooner than you think. Oh God, Rick! Look how it's growing. Is it...I mean...Oh God, you're making me so hot. I...Well, is it ok...I mean, can I touch it?"

"I'm dying for you to touch it. I mean, are you sure? I just don't want you to feel pressured." Rick was still hesitant after her previous objections. "I don't want you doing this just because you feel sorry for me. I'm not about to be some pity trip."

"Pity, like Hell!" Nola had both her hands around it and began gently stroking him. "I've been dreaming of having this in my hands all evening. You're going to experience and give some great sex. And thinking about it...Well, I mean, I think that if you'd like...I mean, I'm not sure. I thought with me being your mom—well, you know—it shouldn't be me, 'cause I think—I mean I worry—I might be taking advantage. But now that I know what you've been missing and needing, and hearing that this is your first..." Nola trailed off, breathing hard now, staring at his pole as it slid through her hands.

"I know what I said before. But you know it's always a woman's prerogative to change her mind." She smiled and winked as she leaned over and kissed him, all the while continuing to stroke him. "Would it be ok if I changed my mind now? I mean could I...Oh God, I don't think I've ever felt so awkward and excited at the same time."

"What?" Rick asked impatiently. "What are you trying to say?"

"Oh God! I'm not sure. I just know that...Well, I have to ask you, but how does a mother ask her son if she can...Oh hell, I might as well just say it. If you want, I'd love to be your first fuck, honey—only if you're sure this is what you really want."

"Oh my God!" Rick exclaimed. "Y-You mean th-that, ah, well...I mean, you really want to fu-fuck me—now?" Rick sounded incredulous and excited, hardly daring to hope, as he observed Nola shyly nodding up at him. "Remember what you said. I mean, this is a big step and maybe you want to think about it more."

"I'm fucking tired of thinking about all this," Nola responded with confidence now. "I've been so hot for you all night and you guys have me so worked up. Knowing that you're a virgin...Oh my God, it really has me going! I mean, I can't stop myself now. I'm all yours, or should I say you're all mine! Knowing that I'm going to be the one to—this is so unbelievable—take your virginity! I've got to have this gorgeous thing driving in me—NOW!!" She exclaimed, as she firmly pumped his pole with one hand while caressing his balls with the other.

"This is fucking unbelievable!" Rick exclaimed. "I don't think I ever wanted anything more. I mean you really are serious, Mom?" The reality was still sinking in and I'm sure he was wondering if she might back down. "I mean, I don't want you feeling forced to do this, and I don't want this to be some pity thing because I haven't found someone willing to fuck me."

Nola was now totally hot for him and could hardly contain herself. "No honey, believe it or not, I realize now I want this even more than you, if that's possible." She got up, and Rick lay down as she stood over him.

"Oh my God I've got to have that," Nola exclaimed, "to be the first cunt you feel stretched tight around that beautiful cock! Looking at you now, I can't believe I got that all the way down my throat. But if I did that, I certainly should be able to get it in my cunt. After all, twenty years ago I got your head through and that was even bigger than this head. Of course that took eight hours and hopefully this won't take that long," she laughed excitedly.

I was elated and couldn't resist rubbing in my victory. "Well Nola, it looks like this time I won as far as who's in control."

"Yes you did," she agreed. "Hearing that Rick's a virgin has me totally gone now. Come to think of it, you can have control anytime. I never thought losing would make me feel like such a winner! You ready, honey?"

Rick's hand encircled the girth as he pushed the thick phallus to point skyward, inviting her to impale herself on his giant spear. Nola was mesmerized, and I helped guide her body as she knelt in position over him, looking down, never taking her eyes off the weapon that was about to assault her maternal virginity. As I tweaked her tits in encouragement, she moaned and seemed to snap out of it.

"Oh God, I really need this. I have this empty ache. But God, it's so big! It's been a long time since I've had anything this size. I'm going to have to take it slow and easy guys."

"Easy Mom." Rick sounded worried. "I don't want to hurt you. Maybe we should just rub around a little and you can give me a hand job."

"Are you fucking nuts!!" Nola sounded indignant. "You guys have been getting me worked up all night and every time I'm about to cum somehow things get stopped. Well it sure as hell isn't going to happen now. I'm going take that fucking pole inside me if it's the last thing I do. Now lay back and enjoy the fuck of your life!"

She was kneeing but realized there was no way he could reach her entrance in this position. She could have taken him if he had let his cock lay flat. But as he held it up, even with kneeling straight, it extended well past her groin and up her belly. She quickly sized up the situation and stood, asking me to steady her as she bent at the knees, allowing her pussy to gradually descend toward its prize. She was half bent by the time her cunt was close, and I could see strings of her secretion literally dripping onto his shaft.

"Ok, honey, here goes a whole new relationship," she said as she lowered herself further. He let out a sigh, and she shuddered as she held her lips open, allowing the bulbous head to make contact. She rubbed it back and forth on her lips, gasping as she pushed it against her own clitoral shaft. Then she began her gradual descent from which there would be no turning back.

I lay my head on his stomach to watch their progress. It was quite a view. Her legs buckled and shook, as the thick column rose above my face. It seemed to defy gravity, with her entire body appearing to be supported by his shaft while the head pivoted tightly against her cunt. My own anticipation and excitement was building as I looked up to see the gaping gash in her groin being slowly invaded. She stopped momentarily, gasping as the crown reached her entrance and then with determination pushed further. The shaft bent slightly under the pressure as the intrusion seemed about to be denied.

Rick saw her wince in pain and reached to push her off saying, "Oh Mom, I'm sorry. I...Oh God...feels so good. Bu-but I—I don't want to hurt..."

Still insistent on being taken, she interrupted, "Don't worry. It's a good hurt. It's been so long since I've felt this full!! I'm not stopping, not this time! I'll have your cock buried in me all the way, just like I took it down my throat."

She winced in pain again and began to rock back and forth as his shaft bent to and fro, like a mast in the wind. "Uuuug...NOOWW!!" she screamed as her efforts were finally rewarded with the opening gradually stretching to accommodate the widest portion. His shaft straightened again as the crown slipped through. "Aaahh...Yeesss!" Nola let out a triumphant sigh, knowing she would have him.

After this initial resistance she sank down quickly, his tool gradually sliding deeper into her slippery channel. She paused momentarily, shifting her feet, and then shuddered in relief as she sank to her knees. She continued her descent as she sought to completely impale herself on her own flesh and blood—the son that had last touched her most intimate parts twenty years ago.

"Oh God!" she gasped as she paused. "You're bumping my cervix. I-it's s-sooo d-d-deeeep." And then with a final push she was grinding against his pubic bone.

There was a long pause as they sat staring at each other in love and passion. Rick finally broke the silence. "I love you so much, Mom."

"Oh, my darling son" she sighed as her eyes welled up with tears. Then she suddenly began trembling and shaking uncontrollably making her pendulous breasts swing tantalizingly with each move. I could see her feelings well up as she stared down at him lovingly through her tears. Her voice trembled as she repeated, "My precious baby, my son, my precious baby, my son," over and over as tears streamed down her face.

"Oh God, Mom!" Rick looked confused and worried. "What's wrong? Why are you crying? Does it hurt?"

"No honey." She wiped her face, regaining her composure. "These are tears of joy. Feeling you stretching me like this...well it reminds me of how you stretched me wide when you were born. I couldn't wait for you to come out. I felt so excited and fulfilled holding you that first time. You were such a beautiful baby. I never dreamed that my precious baby would grow a tool that would reach into the depths from where it came, bringing me unimaginable pleasure. And when I first held you against my breast, I never thought I'd ever feel so close to you or so complete—until now. Feeling you back inside me, so deep...Well it's like we're one with each other again. I've never felt so loved and so aroused at the same time. Lisa, I can't thank you enough for helping us experience this together," she said as she stroked my face.

I leaned in and kissed the tears from her face. "No, thank you," I told her. "Seeing you two united like this is a treasure I will always remember. You've done so much for me, you deserve something special. Now enjoy!"

Rick sounded awkward as he cleared his throat. "I know all this closeness and sharing is special, and I guess it's one of the beautiful moments—suspended in time—that you don't want to end, but..."

"You're wonder when it will end?" Nola chuckled

"Well, yeah; I mean I..."

Nola laughed as she interrupted. "It's ok, honey. You want to know when we're going to stop talking and start fucking. Right?"

"No kidding!" Rick breathed a sigh of relief. "I know you like the walk down memory lane but I kind of...I mean, you feel so soft and warm and tight. I really need you!" He was panting as he stared up at her heaving breasts and then back down at her cunt that enveloped him.

"I need you too, honey. Let's make sure things are nice and wet," she said as she pulled out some; then grimaced as she sank back down.

Rick saw it too and was concerned. "I'm sorry, Mom. I wish it was a little smaller 'cause I don't want to cause you any pain."

"No, honey, the pain is well worth feeling you so tight, and deep. I think getting you back in was almost as hard as getting you out twenty years ago. But this time was faster—and a lot more fun," she laughed. "Now son, get ready for the fucking of your life!"

She began laying on him, brushing her tits against him. He reached up and grabbed one in each hand before she mashed them into his chest. Soon they were locked in a passionate kiss as she started slowly humping him. The strokes were short at first but as she began to accommodate the large girth, she pulled out revealing the entire shaft before impaling herself once again. It was a scene that topped any porno movie I had seen.

They were both moaning and panting in ecstasy as she began slamming down hard with each stroke, bone against bone. Rick reached down and grabbed each of her ass cheeks, pulling her into him for deeper penetration. By now I had moved back and I could see her rear wide open. Her pussy lips were pulled out and protruding with each upward stroke and then disappeared as she descended with his thickness pulling the tissue back inside.

This was too much to resist. I moved my hands inside and opened her even more. Once again I could see her quivering hole. The ringed muscles were contracting rhythmically. I grazed the dark bud with a finger and she cried out, driving down onto him deeper and faster. Finally, I buried my tongue in her quivering hole; that was it! She went into total spasm as she clamped shut on the tip my tongue, slamming down on him, grinding and screaming, "AAAAHHHHH GAAAAWD!! HUH! HUH! YEEEESSS...UUHNNNGG!!

Rick pulled her up and then thrust up against her in several hard rapid strokes as her spasming cunt sent him over the edge. "Ah...aaahh...wh-wh-what a mo-mother F-F-FUCK!!" he panted.

"Oh God, honey, I can feel you, cumming in me!"

As she lay on top of him in exhaustion he sighed, "Holy shit, Mom. That was unbelievable!!!

Nola smiled in pleasure. "You are really something, son. For a minute I wasn't sure you'd fit." Then in a playful tone she added, "So you think you might want to do this again sometime, sweetie?"

"Hell anytime...all the time!!"

"While then how about now," I ventured, suddenly aware of some pangs of jealously; hoping to join in.

"What do you think, honey," Nola responded. "Are you up for it—pun intended." She laughed.

"Anytime!" Rick was smiling down at his mother, making me feel like I was intruding

"Well, guys, it's late and time for me to get home," I said, trying to hide my hurt and anger. "I'll leave you guys to it and hope you...."

"Hold on, Lisa," Rick interrupted. "What's the rush? You can't leave now."

"I'm kind of tired, and seems like you guys are managing fine without me," I observed.

"Come on, Lisa," Nola chimed in. "This isn't just about being tired."

"Wh-What do y-you mean?" I asked, knowing I was on the spot.

"Please, Lisa," Nola pushed. "It's pretty obvious you have some feelings about this. Now how about being honesty?"

"Alright; I'm not proud of it, but I was feeling kind of jealous and left out I guess."

"Jealous?" Rick shook his head. "Why in the world would you...."

"You certainly have no reason to be jealous," Nola interrupted, "not with a body like that. You have to know how hot Rick is for you."

"And I can't wait to be with you," he added. "I have a special love for Mom, but obviously it's different with you. I'm head over heels in love with you. You know that, don't you?"

"I-I....Of course," I sighed. "I know you love me, and I don't know what got into me."

"Certainly not what's gotten into me here," Nola laughed, winking at me and the staring down at Rick who was still lodged in her cunt. "But your time will cum; in the mean time, I'd love to return some of the pleasure you've given me."

"I'd like that; watching you guys go at it really got me going, and I need some relief."

"Hey, I'm sorry Lisa," Rick added. "We certainly didn't mean to leave you out."

"Don't worry, honey. She hasn't been left out. I was planning on lasting longer with you. But while we were fucking, it was her tongue buried in my ass that put me over the edge. Now, Lisa, how about laying down and letting me return the favor?"

I was dripping with anticipation and lay down, pulling my knees up to my chest to allow full access. Nola pulled off of Rick, leaving his shiny pole to flop down on his belly. Cum was dripping from her pussy and down her thigh as she knelt down and started kissing up my thighs. I felt her part my lips, and I thrust upward with a moan as her tongue made contact. As she was gently licking, Rick got up, and I could see that he was becoming erect again. He knelt behind his mom and began massaging and parting her ass. She moaned but continued teasing my lips and clit with her tongue. Suddenly she cried out as her whole body lunged forward and her tongue drove in deep. I looked up to see Rick driving into her once again. With each of his thrusts she tongued me more. I was bucking up against her and about to come when she suddenly stopped and was panting. I looked up to see him pull back.

"No, don't stop motherfucking meeeaahh-ah-ahh," she suddenly was gasping. "Oh God! What...Oh your tongue in my ass...Sooo good," she signed as she went back to her own oral work on me.

At the same time I could see Nola was wiggling her ass and moaning, seeking further penetration as he tongued her ass. Then I felt her suddenly stiffen and she pulled up from tonguing me. "Ah...aah...aaah," I heard her panting as I saw Rick kneeling, starting to drive in her once again. But this was different as I she winced in pain. "Oh...ooh...n-n-not my aaasshole!!! I-I c-can't. W-wo-won't fiiiit!! You're g-going to rrrrip me in...Oh God, you're in!!! Oh...oh...ahhh deeper...oh God, where does it stop?" She was panting and whimpering uncontrollably, almost incoherent; with this look of total pain and ecstasy at the same time. "Oh God, stop before...Ooh..aahh...No, don't stop!! Oh fffuck. Yes, Fuck Mommy's ass. Oh so good!! That's it!!"

Knowing that Rick was fucking her in the ass was driving me wild as she went back to tonguing me with each thrust. I reached down and opened my lips wide as she tongued from my bud to my clit. Then she grabbed my ass, holding me against her as she continued the action; we were both bumping back and forth to the rhythm of his ramroding up her ass.

"Aahhh...Yeesss!...FUUUCK!" I screamed as I was the first to cum. Nola pulled up arching her back and pushing to take him deeper. Then she reached back and fingered herself to an explosive climax. As she continued moaning and coming in wave after wave, Rick grabbed her hips and slammed into her mercilessly with long rapid strokes until he made a mighty lunge forward. She cried out as he held her tight against him groaning while he deposited another load.

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