tagLoving WivesDivorce Hurts

Divorce Hurts


My wife Jan called my office and told me she wanted to go have drinks and dinner to celebrate our 10th anniversary. I readily agreed, and told her I would meet her at our favorite bar after work. I also told her I would make dinner reservations at one of the upscale restaurants.

After work, I drove to the bar, noticing that Jan’s car was parked in the lot as I walked in.

She was seated at the bar with an old friend whom we hadn’t seen in a while. I walked up to the bar and shook hands with Jim, then kissed Jan hello. She returned the kiss by holding me tight, and whispering “Happy Anniversary!”

I asked Jim how he and Carla were doing, and knew right away that something was wrong. Jim proceeded to tell Jan and I that Carla had been acting funny for the past few months, and he had decided to find out what was wrong.

He then told us that he had followed Carla one night when she went out, and had caught her with some guy in the back seat of their SUV doing the “Big Nasty!”

Jim said that he didn’t confront them at the time, but decided that he would keep it to himself until the right occasion. Then he said that a few days later, Carla went out one night and he followed. Sure enough, she went to the same place, met the same guy, and ended up in the back seat again!

He said that he decided to confront them this time, so he walked right up to the SUV, knocked on the window, and watched them scramble to cover up. He then snapped a picture of them naked. When he opened the door, he spoke only to Carla, telling her that her belongings would be in the driveway when she got home. She was crying and shaking, and begged him to not leave her. He responded by saying, “I’m not leaving, you are!”

With that, he drove straight home, packed all her stuff, and put it in the driveway.

My wife Jan is very tender hearted, and I could tell that she was upset by what Jim had told us. We had been friends with Jim and Carla for 8 years, and Jan and Carla had become quite close over the years. Jan said, “I had no idea that she was screwing around! I guess I didn’t know her as well as I thought I did!”

Jim responded,” I guess I didn’t know her either.”

Jan told him that she was very sorry, and if there was anything we could do to ease the pain, all he had to do was call.

We continued drinking, and I could tell that Jan was getting a little tipsy. She kept talking about Carla, and as she talked, she was touching Jim on his arm, and on his thigh.

Now let me tell a little about Jan. She is slim, 5’4”, long blonde hair, great tan, 34c tits, firm ass, and great legs. She has never been one to flaunt her charms, but, I had always envisioned her being a walking sex machine, wearing sexy clothes, and showing off her body. Unfortunately, the only time she ever did this was in the summer when she wore her bikini around the pool at home or at the beach. This is as close to showing her assets as she ever got!

As we continued talking, Jim told us that this had been a tremendous shock to him, and that he had never thought that Carla would do something like this to him or their relationship. He told us how lucky we were to have the relationship that we had.

Jan was getting a little soused, so we decided to go to the house. She asked Jim if he would like to join us and have a nightcap. He declined at first saying that he just wanted to be alone. Jan would have no part of that, and told him to get his shit together and follow us home. He finally agreed and we left the bar.

On the ride home, Jan was feeling a bit frisky, and started rubbing my cock. She unzipped my pants and released my hard cock, rubbing it up and down, then finally going down on me and sucking like it was the last cock on earth.

I started to feel the pressure build, and told Jan to quit until later, as we had Jim following us, and we would have to be presentable when we got home. She whined and said, “I want you to come!” I said that we would finish later.

She sat up and started unbuttoning her dress, exposing her sexy bra. Then she reached around and undid the snap on her bra, slid the straps off her shoulders and pulled the bra off. I wondered where she was going with this, but she just buttoned her dress back up, and got presentable as we pulled in the driveway.

When we got out of the car, Jan had her bra in her hand, and was twirling it around. Jim saw her doing this and said, “Do you need help putting that back on?”

Jan laughed and said, “I may never put it back on!”

We walked in the house, and I said that I would make us a nightcap. Jan said, “Why don’t we drink them in the hot tub?” Jim responded by saying that he didn’t bring a suit and Jan told him to just go in his underwear.

When I finished making the drinks, Jan told us that she was going to the bathroom and for us to go ahead and get in the tub.

We had been in the tub for a couple of minutes when Jan came walking out in her thong bikini. I could tell that Jim liked what he saw, and that Jan was enjoying the attention he was giving her.

She stepped in the hot tub and I handed her the drink. As she slid down into the hot water, she said, “You guys are topless, so I think I will be too!”

Then, I knew, Jan was toasted! She would never do anything like that with anyone else present.

She moved over to me and said, “Untie the straps, I want to feel free!” I obliged, pulling the top above water and tossing it on the deck.

Jim couldn’t really see her tits, because it was dark and she kept them below water level, but he was sure trying.

We talked for a few minutes, always going back to Jim’s problems with Carla. Jan was feeling sorry for Jim, and asked him if she could give him a hug to ease the pain.

Jim readily agreed, and Jan moved over to him, putting both arms around his neck and pulling him close. I knew Jim could feel her tits on his chest, and he looked at me with an embarrassed look on his face. When Jan pulled away from him, he said, “I don’t think I could take another second of that!”

Jan wanted to know why and Jim told her that he hadn’t had a woman that close in a long time, and he wasn’t sure what might happen if she stayed that close much longer.

Jan giggled and said, “How long has it been since you saw some boobs?” Jim responded, “It’s been over three months!”

With that, Jan said, “Wanna see mine?” Jim responded that of course he wanted to if it was ok with me! Jan said, “Aww, he won’t mind!”

Granted, I had always wanted her to be sexy around other guys, but in the 10 years that we had been married, she had never even shown the slightest bit of skin when around others. I didn’t think she would do it. Boy, was I wrong!

Jan slowly and seductively rose above the water line, crossing her arms in front of her tits, and moved right in front of Jim. Then she moved her arms slowly to the side, letting her hands cover her tits. Jim was watching with wide eyes, and Jan was enjoying the attention he was giving her. She asked, “You want to see more?” Jim could hardly talk, but managed to nod his head and mumble “Yes!”

Jan then cupped her breasts and started rubbing her nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

She then asked him if he would like to feel them and he almost jumped at the opportunity. She moved closer and moved her hands so that he could touch. Jan put her hands on Jim’s shoulders, then let them slide down his chest. All the while, Jim is squeezing and rubbing her tits when I noticed that Jan’s hands had slipped below water level and were moving underwater. I assumed that she was rubbing his cock.

After a minute of this, Jan pulled away and moved back over to where I was, asking if I wanted to play with them too! I immediately cupped her breasts and pulled her up to where I could suck the nipples. I let one hand slide down her stomach and under the thong bottoms, rubbing her clit.

Jan was getting turned on, and told us that she had to go to the bathroom. After she got out of the tub, and was walking back to the house, she turned and motioned for me to come in the house. I told Jim that I had to mix another drink, and trying to hide my hard-on, got out of the hot tub and went to the house.

Inside, Jan was waiting, and as soon as I got in the door, she almost attacked me. She told me that she was really turned on, and needed relief. I said, “That will have to wait until our friend leaves because it wouldn’t be fair to him since he hadn’t had any in several months, unless you want to give him some too!”

She said, “I will play with him until he comes, but I won’t fuck him!” I told her that she could do whatever she wanted.

I mixed the drinks and went back to the hot tub. Jim wanted to know what took so long, and I told him that Jan was horny and wanted to fuck. He just laughed and said, “Don’t let me bother you.”

When Jan came back to the hot tub, she stepped down into the tub and immediately moved over to where Jim was, and straddled him, rubbing her tits on his chest, and grinding her pussy into his hard cock. She said, “Jim, why are you so hard?” He just laughed and said, “I wonder!”

She continued rubbing on Jim, letting him feel her tits, then moved over to me and said, “Your turn!”

I immediately freed my hard cock from my shorts, pulled her up, undid the strings on the thong bottom, slipped the thong off and threw it out on the deck. Then I lowered her onto my throbbing cock, feeling the tight walls of her pussy sliding up and down. Jan was letting out soft moans as I went deeper and deeper. When I had it all the way in, I noticed Jan reach over to Jim and pull him closer.

Then she reached for his cock, telling him to take his shorts off. He did and Jan pulled him closer and told him to stand up.

When Jim stood up, Jan grabbed his dick and pulled him to her mouth, slowly licking the head, then sucking in about 3 inches of his hard cock through her beautiful lips.

This was about all I could stand, and I started pumping her faster and faster, knowing that I was going to come pretty soon at this rate!

She was sucking Jim’s cock and fucking me saying, “I have always wanted to do this!”

It didn’t take but a couple of minutes and Jim told her that he was getting ready to come. She breathlessly said, “Come in my mouth!” I knew from the blow jobs she had given me that she liked the taste of cum, and I knew she was going to have an enormous orgasm if he came in her mouth.

She no sooner got that out of her mouth and Jim started to come. Jan started shaking, and was pumping Jim’s cock as fast as she could, while fucking me faster and faster. Then she exploded, letting out a whimper, then a low scream.

I felt my cum welling up, then releasing. God it felt good and I was a very satisfied man.

Jan lifted herself off of me and moved over to Jim, giving him a little kiss and saying, “Thanks, that was fun!”

Then she moved over and kissed me whispering that she appreciated me letting her do that and that she loved me!

It was getting late, and Jan suggested that we get out of the tub and dry off. Jim said that would be a good idea, but, only if she stayed naked.

Jan giggled and said, “O.K., but you have to stay naked too!”

We went into the house and I told Jan that I thought she should dry us off while we dried her off. She jumped at the chance!

As she was drying Jim off, she lingered around his cock and said, “I hope this has taken some of the hurt away from your problems.” Jim said, “I have forgotten my problems, I just wish my wife had been as open as you!”

Jan told Jim that anytime he was hurting over his divorce, to come over and we would see what we could do about relieving him again!

Jim came over a few times after that, and Jan lived up to what she told him, but, she never fucked him. I asked her why and she said, “I save that for you and I!”

Well, needless to say, this was an excellent way to celebrate our anniversary, and I love my wife more and more every day because of this. We have never had a single fight since that night, and our sex life is better than it’s ever been!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/31/18

Needless To Say

They are the stupidest couple! Happy 10th honey ...wait just a minute while I blow this guy and then I'll kiss you! Not to mention them all driving home pissed...madd would love you! But it was the bestmore...

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by Anonymous11/09/17

Another Stupid Husband! (And Wife!)

They're celebrating THEIR 10th anniversary,are told how some nasty cheating just broke up their good friends marriage and the dopey cunt cums onto the guy.What a turd she is! And the husband is just asmore...

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