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Divorcing My Vibe


My pen name should be a clue, but be prepared to stretch your suspension of disbelief if you want to enjoy my stories. It may not be anything that could actually happen in the real world, but isn't that what fantasy is about?

Hope you enjoy it, and please do vote/comment when you finish.


Anna walked in the door, shutting it with force just short what could be considered a slam. She absently tossed her purse on the coffee table, and headed straight for the shower. She felt as if she had a cloud of stale cigarette smoke hovering around her auburn hair from the bar, and she reeked of beer because some drunk had spilled it all over her while delivering the worst pick-up lines she'd ever heard.

One more night of the world proving to her that all the men were married, gay, impotent, or fuckheads.

As the water cascaded down her still fit body, Anna wondered if the effort was even worth it. At thirty-four years old, she was ten years divorced, single, and hadn't even found a man worth a one night stand in months. May as well just let myself go and marry my vibrator, Fred. That's all the action I'm getting anyway.

Anna shut off the water and toweled dry, deciding that she didn't even feel like blow-drying her hair. She wrapped a knee-length, white cotton robe around her, the cloth hugging her ample curves, and walked into the living room to see if any of the reruns on the DVR were episodes that she had missed.

A knock on the door interrupted Anna's deletion spree, causing her to raise an eyebrow. She glanced at the clock, and wondered who might be knocking at half past eleven. She stood up with a shrug, and walked over to the door to check the peephole. When she recognized one of her son's friends, James, she opened the door.

"Hey, Ms. Lake. Is Pete around?"

"Oh, you don't know? He's at his father's, checking out colleges."

James' shoulders dropped and he muttered, "Damn." He made a nodding gesture toward the inside of the house and asked, "Can I use your phone?"

"Sure, come on in," Anna replied, opening the door a little wider to admit him. "I think the one in the front room has been off the charger for too long, but the one in the kitchen is good."

"Thanks, Ms. Lake."

Anna watched him walk toward the kitchen with just a hint of a crooked smile. The chain connecting his wallet to his tight jeans jingled beneath his black leather jacket. He completely looked the part of his reputation, which was only partially founded. He was a bit of a rebel, but she'd discovered from her son that he actually provided somewhat of a calming influence upon the group of friends. James knew where the line was, and kept the group from ending up on the wrong side of the law for anything more than petty annoyance — most of the time.

He also had a reputation as a ladies' man, though she had the impression that he'd withdrawn a lot over the last year or so. Anna could certainly tell where this element of his reputation came from. He was the man that your mother warned you about — a bit dangerous, ruggedly handsome, and a free spirit that wouldn't settle down without a fight.

She only felt a little guilty about admiring his tight butt until he passed out of sight in the kitchen.

Anna returned to the couch, and finished deleting the recordings from the DVR, having found nothing that she hadn't seen yet. Her ear perked toward the kitchen when she caught some of James' conversation.

"What's up? Hey, the old man is shit-faced again and screaming. Mind if I crash?"

From what she could catch of the conversation, she assumed that the first call hadn't gone well. A second and third seemed to fare no better. She knew James' parents, and could fully understand why he wanted to be out of the house when they were drunk.

James walked out of the kitchen a short while later, obviously disappointed. "Thanks," he said with a nod, and then headed toward the door.

"James, do you need somewhere to sleep for the night? You can use Peter's bed, if you want."

He shrugged and said, "Guess you heard, huh?"

"Yes, and I won't send you out on the street, or back to your house right now."

"Cool. Thanks, Ms. Lake."

"Not a problem," Anna said with a smile, and then noticed that he'd focused on the television. "Do you want to watch this?"

"If you're not watching something. That's an episode I missed."

Anna smiled and said, "Pull up a chair. I've never seen this before, but I'll give it a try. I'm not tired enough to sleep yet."

James pulled off his leather jacket and draped it over the back of the recliner next to the couch where Anna was sitting. He was wearing a white wife-beater that showed off his muscular arms and chest to good effect.

The image was hardly lost on Anna, who had to fight to keep her eyes off of him from the moment that the jacket came off.

Half your age. Your son's friend, one part of her warned. The other half of her, the part that had dragged her out of the house to the bar this evening, had another opinion. Young. Virile. Look at that bulge.

Anna's nipples stiffened against her cotton robe, and a demanding tingle arose between her legs. Maintain, Anna. You're positively ancient to him. No chance.

Her body didn't seem convinced.

Anna stood up and said, "This isn't bad. Back in a minute."

James glanced up and nodded. As she passed by, Anna could have sworn that she saw him admiring her legs, for just a second. Her breathing quickened as she walked to the bathroom, the tingle of wetness between her legs growing even stronger.

Anna closed the door and took several deep breaths while staring into the mirror. She splashed a little water on her face, but that didn't help either. She was positively aflame with arousal, and couldn't manage to put it out of her mind.

The transition between her inhibitions clinging to life and fantasizing about James taking her hard and fast didn't even register on Anna until it was far too late. By the time she realized what she was doing, she had one hand beneath her robe teasing her aching need while the other squeezed and caressed her breasts through the cloth.

God, what am I doing, she scolded herself. A quick glance at the bathroom door revealed that it had indeed done what it almost always did — drifted open about six inches because the latch didn't work right. She was standing in front of the sink masturbating, and anyone who walked by the door could have seen her.

Part of her — a large part now — wished that exactly that had happened.

Just go to bed. Get Fred wet... She brought her moist fingers to her lips and sucked them clean. Very wet. Then go to sleep before you get yourself in serious trouble.

With that perfect plan in mind, she returned to the living room and lounged on the couch, which caused her robe to ride up to about mid thigh, revealing even more of her shapely legs. No matter how many times she told herself, You're supposed to be going to bed, she still remained on the couch, pretending to watch the television but actually watching James in her peripheral vision.

She knew he'd noticed, because he frequently glanced toward her. He certainly didn't seem disgusted by an old lady's legs — quite the opposite, in fact.

A commercial came on, and James stood up. "Gotta hit the bathroom."

Anna nodded and ran her fingers through her hair before pretending to turn back to the television. That ruse lasted just long enough for him to start toward the bathroom, at which point she nearly drooled over the sight of his muscles rippling beneath the wife-beater and his tight jeans.

James tried three times to get the bathroom door to close before he succeeded — or so he thought. Anna knew better, but she also knew better than to do what she was doing.

She did it anyway.

Anna crossed the room and reached the wall of the bathroom just as the faint click that signaled the latch failing sounded out. As expected, the door drifted open, and Anna looked into the mirror on the wall, which gave her a perfect view of him shaking the last few drops off of his more than considerable cock.

Anna backed away from the doorway and returned to couch before he could see her, her hand pressed over her aching sex all the way. She had little doubt that James would be at least as big as the biggest man she'd ever been with, once he got hard.

Not if he got hard — when. Anna's arousal was beyond the point of any reprieve, now.

A quick loosening of the belt of her robe allowed it to gap, just a little. She knew it would give just the slightest enticing glances of her cleavage, her tummy, her thighs — and maybe more. She saw the bathroom door open at the edge of her vision, and bent to pick up her purse from the coffee table.

She could see the interest in his eyes as she stood back up. He'd been looking at her ass, and he liked what he saw. She offered a smile as she passed him, feeling the breeze that let her know that she was flashing him glimpses of skin, and put her purse on the counter, where she usually left it.

When she turned, she saw his eyes on her again. He didn't make as much effort to avert his gaze this time. Fit to burst, she reclined on the couch again and bent her knee to rub her left foot, which resulted in the robe completely revealing her thigh, leaving only the bunched up cloth hiding her sex. "Oh, I hate my job," she sighed. "My feet ache all the time."

James offered a smile that looked just a touch knowing. "I give a pretty good foot rub."

"Oh god, would you?"

James levered up out of the recliner and moved to the couch, taking her foot when she offered it.

Anna let a purposely sexy moan escape her as he massaged her feet. Not only was his touch exciting, but he wasn't lying about his skills, either. His strong hands felt absolutely heavenly as he rubbed and caressed her feet.

Anna bent her right knee and parted her legs a little wider under the guise of seeking a more comfortable position, giving James a shadowy window between her legs.

"How's that?" He asked.

"Wonderful," Anna breathed in a deep, sensual tone.

James' hands moved from her foot to her calf. Anna moaned again and clenched her intimate muscles when she saw him glance between her legs. He spent a little while on her calf, and then moved higher.

With his hands steadily moving up toward her thigh, Anna said, "Oh, that's so good that it's almost orgasmic."

James pushed up her robe as he moved his hands to her thigh, fully revealing her sex to his hungry eyes. "I can do a lot better than this."

Anna sat up with a gasp, pressing her lips to his with every ounce of her desperate need. She moaned into the kiss as she felt him tug on the belt of her robe.

James' lips moved to her neck, hungry love bites that let her know that he was just as turned on as she was. She tugged up his shirt, and he leaned back just long enough for her to pull it off, revealing his perfect chest. Even as she tossed his shirt aside, he leaned back in and engulfed one of her light brown, stiff nipples between his lips.

"Oh god, yes," Anna said as he suckled her nipple. She reached between his legs to feel his hardness through his jeans. Her fingers soon went to work on the button, fumbling to open it.

He released her nipple with a wet pop and tore open his jeans. Anna let out a gasp as he stood, dropping both jeans and underwear to the floor to let his cock spring free. She scooted over on the couch to take it in her hand as he stepped on the heels of his shoes to remove them so he could kick away the denim bunched up at his ankles.

Anna's fingers didn't even remotely touch around his girth, and fully half of his cock stuck up above her hand as she gripped the base and pulled back his foreskin. Her tongue snaked out to wet the purple, swollen head of his cock, and then the thick, veined shaft.

"Fuck, that feels good, Ms. Lake."

She started to tell him, Anna, but changed her mind. She knew it was wrong, but hearing him call her Ms. Lake was turning her on even more. With a final curl of her tongue over the helmet of his cock, she wrapped her lips around him.

"Hell yeah," James groaned as she sucked him, his hand moving to the back of her head.

Even though she had to keep her mouth open almost painfully wide to accommodate him, Anna loved every minute of worshiping his cock. She eagerly sucked him hard, fast, and deep, triggering her gag reflex more than once. James groaned and panted, his fingers fisting into her auburn tresses. Anna rolled his tight balls in her hand, desperate to feel him explode in her mouth.

James' deep vocalizations of pleasure grew louder, and he started tugging her toward him while his hips bucked forward. Anna moved her hand up his shaft just a little to keep him out of her throat, but loved the feeling of him taking control, trying to force her down on his cock. She could feel him throbbing against her tongue, and she could taste the tangy evidence of pre-cum leaking from him. She knew he was getting close.

When his other hand curled into her hair, she knew he was there. She coughed as he hit her throat for a pair of strokes, and then closed her lips around him just in time. He let out a loud, growling scream and exploded into her mouth.

Anna squealed around him as his cum flooded her mouth. She swallowed, drinking his hot cream as a second, and then a third hard spurt shot over her tongue and against her throat. She slowed down as he started to twitch and growl from the feeling of her draining him dry.

When she released him with a final, long, wet slurp, she looked up into his eyes to see him smiling down at her. "Holy... Holy shit. Fuck, you know how to suck cock, Ms. Lake."

Anna licked her lips and finally let her arms slip out of her robe, fully revealing her body to him. She rubbed her fingers along the part of her wet nether lips and asked, "How are you at eating pussy?"

A surprised yelp escaped Anna as James bent and scooped her up in his arms, one behind her knees and the other supporting her back. She wrapped her arms around him as he effortlessly carried her to the bedroom, where he dropped her on the bed.

Anna scooted to the head of the bed and parted her legs. James reached her only a second later and grabbed her knees to snap her legs wide open. Anna squealed as he dived into her pussy, devouring her from the moment his lips touched her folds.

Yelps and squeals bubbled unbidden from Anna's lips as James lapped her with eager skill. Young he might be, but far from inexperienced. As her head lashed on the pillow from the pleasure he was giving her, Anna was sure that no man had ever licked her pussy so well. His lips and tongue seemed to be everywhere at the same time — sucking, licking, and probing. He held her knees wide apart, and pushed backwards, pinning them and her whole lower body to the bed.

Anna screamed louder as her pleasure mounted. She pinched her nipples hard between her fingers, her head snapping up off the pillow as he sucked her clit between his lips and nipped it with his teeth. The tiny flash of pain only pushed her closer to the edge.

"Oh god yes! Don't stop!" Anna screamed, her voice loud and high-pitched. "I'm going to come so hard!"

Anna felt him suck her folds, hood, and clit into his lips, and she lost all ability to think. He sucked her gathered flesh hard, wriggling his tongue all over her, and shook his head at the same time. Anna reached her peak, but hung suspended on the precipice of orgasm. For what felt like torturous hours to her, her climax remained just out of reach, teasing her, growing almost painfully intense. Her back arched up from the bed and her mouth hung wide open in a silent scream. Every muscle in her body was stretched as taut as a bowstring, threatening to snap.

With an ear-piercing screech, Anna came. She lurched uncontrollably, still held down by James' powerful arms, rocked by the lightning bolts of ecstasy relentlessly shooting through her. She screamed again, and again. Her voice grew hoarse, and she could only croak between gasps for breath by the time James let her folds slip from between her lips to tease her with the tip of his tongue.

The aftershocks lasted just as long as her seemingly unending orgasm, spurred on by James' torturously tenacious tongue. When he finally emerged from between her thighs, she could see that his face and her mound were coated in a shimmering sheathe of her wetness.

Anna sucked in deep, stuttering breaths, blackness hovering at the edge of her vision and threatening to overwhelm her. Her body went limp as she desperately fought to bring enough air into her lungs.

"Damn, that was fucking hot. You okay?" Anna barely heard James ask.

"Oh g-god. Oh god. Oh g-g-god," Anna stammered between gulps of air. "Thought... Thought I was going t-to pass out. S-so good." After a few more deep breaths, she begged, "Water. P-please."

"Right back," James said, and then climbed out of the bed.

Anna weakly inched her hand between her legs, and almost instantly wished she hadn't. A leftover jolt of orgasmic energy tore through her body, drawing another croaking squeal from her. She hyperventilated until the spasm passed, and then her hand fell to her side again.

James was already sitting on the bed next to her by the time Anna registered his presence. She let him help her sit up, and then sipped the water when he brought the glass to her lips. After a few sips, she was able to take the glass and drink on her own, draining every drop in only a minute or so.

"You okay?" James asked again.

A weak laugh bubbled from Anna's lips. "Oh yeah. I have never — ever — come that hard."

"I loved it. You fucking came unglued, Ms. Lake."

"Uh huh," she agreed, and then laughed again. "So, I guess I'm not old and ugly to you, huh?"

"Hell no," James replied while stroking his finger over the swell of her breast. "Didn't you notice how none of us ever wanted to go anywhere when you were laying out in the back yard? You're fucking hot, Ms. Lake. Whoever thought up the word MILF was thinking about you."

Anna's voice dropped an octave, taking on an even more seductive tone, "So, you'd like to fuck me?" She traced her finger along his soft cock, feeling it twitch with life.

"You know it."

Anna let a coquettish grin creep across her face, and turned to lean down into his lap. He groaned and leaned back as she lapped him from tip to root, and then tongued his balls.

James steadily stiffened as she kissed and licked his cock. In no time, he was rock hard beneath her tongue once more.

"I want that cock inside me," Anna seductively whispered into his ear when she sat back up.

James popped up with a throaty chuckle and grabbed her legs, pulling her down onto her back and parting her thighs at the same time. Anna watched with almost fearful fascination as he slapped the bulbous tip of his cock against her nether lips. After a few smacks, he wriggled the tip between her lips and pushed.

Anna groaned as he sank into her slippery canal in one smooth stroke. He filled her so full, stretching her walls and almost knocking at the entrance of her womb. She only had a second to revel in the feeling of fullness before he pulled back to thrust again.

He started out slow, watching his pussy-slick cock vanish and emerge from her clinging depths. He let the rim of his cock just pop free on every stroke before shoving it back inside her. "Fuck, that pussy is nice and tight."

Anna closed her eyes, gasping with every withdrawal and moaning with every thrust for a few strokes. "Oh, that big cock feels so good. Fuck me."

James picked up the pace a little, causing Anna's breasts to jiggle and attract his eyes. She let out a moan in response, and lifted one of the heavy globes to her lips so that she could tickle the tip with her tongue.

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