Divorcing My Vibe


"Oh yeah, that's hot," James grunted, and then let his knees slide a little farther apart.

"Ooo," Anna cooed as the changed angle hit new, exciting hot spots inside her.

James maintained his measured pace, letting her feel every inch of his thick cock caressing her with hot friction. He jammed his rod into her hard on one stroke, letting out a long, hissing breath, and then leaned over her.

"Mmm hmm," Anna moaned as he sucked her nipple hard, his hips once again pumping at a different angle. She yelped as he nipped her stiff nipples with his teeth on occasion, switching back and forth between her breasts whenever the urge struck him.

When he released her nipple and sat back up, James grabbed her right leg and swung it in front of his body. A sound somewhere between a yelp and a grunt burst from Anna as he pounded his cock home hard. Though he didn't really increase his pace, the power of his thrusts caused their bodies to smack together with loud reports.

Anna's breasts bounced from the force, and she cried out, "Oh yes, fuck me hard."

James grunted and growled as he pounded his cock home, her saturated pussy causing little squishing sounds with every hard penetration, culminating in their flesh clashing at the bottom of the stroke. Just as her muscles were starting to ache from the twist, he whipped her leg back in front of him.

Anna felt the muscles in the back of her legs burn as he pushed her knees up toward her chest. He hit her harder, deeper, and faster than ever before when his hips slammed forward again. "Give it to me," she spit out between clenched teeth, and reached down with one hand to rub her clit.

Sweat soon beaded on both of their brows as James took her with all the speed and strength he could muster, driving his cock into her with pile driver force. Anna's fingers moved in a blur over her clit, spattering drops of her juices across her thighs and bottom.

Anna's breasts bounced erratically and near painfully from James' assault. A knot of tight, hot pressure built inside her, increasing with each thrust, as if his cock was a piston pushing orgasmic energy into a waiting bubble of release. This time, her orgasm didn't tease her, it snuck up on her.

Anna's scream of ecstasy warbled as James continued to pound his cock home. Though she clenched tight around him, he didn't relent in the slightest. A tingling sensation, both burning hot and icy cold at the same time, welled up in Anna's depths in time with her contracting womb. The pleasure shot through her, causing her limbs and her body to flail and lurch beyond her control.

She was still coming when she felt a sense of emptiness, and a chilling breeze across her soaked folds. She forced her eyes open to see James jerking his cock free of her and taking it in his hand, his expression tight.

Anna knew that he was about to come. Somehow, she forced her lips to form the words as she cried out, "Inside me!"

James' eyes widened, and he stopped stroking his pussy-cream covered cock.

"Do it! Come inside me!" Anna repeated, her eyes squinting shut as another wave of orgasm crashed down on her.

She squealed as he filled her full again, sending her to new heights of bliss. James grunted or growled with every thrust, his face tight, red, and running with sweat. When he pounded his hips home one last time, a loud, inarticulate sound bursting from his lips, Anna cried out, "Yes!"

She could feel him throbbing — pulsing — pumping her full of cum. He jerked as he emptied his balls into her depths, coating her walls with his seed. "Oh yeah. Oh yeah," Anna sighed, feeling a pool of warmth in her belly, as though the pool of cum inside her was heating up.

James' chin dropped to his sweat-dampened chest when the last of his strength fled him along with the last dribble of cum. Both he and Anna panted for breath, occasionally lurching and crying out as aftershocks assaulted them.

Anna squeezed her intimate muscles tight, reveling in the feeling of his big cock, hot cum, and the lingering orgasmic energy deep inside her.


Anna stood up, stretched, and winced a little from a stab of pain. She knew that she'd went a little too far the night before, but it hadn't stopped her from awakening James by sucking his morning erection beneath the sheets. She'd dozed for a short while when he left to pick up some clothes from his house, but his cum dribbling from her had prompted her to rise and wash before he returned.

With the bedding now changed, Anna was ready for a shower. She let out a little purr at the thought of James returning, and slipping into the shower with her. She looked at the night stand next to her bed and let out a little chuckle before sliding the drawer open.

A quick twist of the base allowed Anna to drop the batteries out of her vibrator, so that they wouldn't leak and corrode the contacts. She screwed the base back on after dropping the batteries on top of the night stand, and then said, "Sorry, Fred. I want a divorce." She put the vibe away, and headed to the bathroom for her shower.

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by geek_writer08/05/17

great stuff

definitely a fan of all of your work, this is great. Agreed on the Mrs. Lake being naughty :)

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by Prinzmettle07/13/17

Loved it

Liked the "Ms Lake" touch: kept it sexier. Fave the ending.

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