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Dixie Chicks Rule



Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c) 2003 Couture


Sharon had officially had enough. She winced as Daisy changed the station on her radio without asking. Her Radio! And changed it to a country station of all things.

It was bad enough that the college had stuck her with a country hick for a roommate. It was novel at first, listening to the yaw's and aint's, but the novelty was starting to wear off. The little bumpkin wore a shirt tied at her waist, showing off her large breasts. She also had the matching cutoff shorts and boots. The girl's blonde hair was big. Strike that, it was huge. Worst of all, was her country bumpkin name. God, what was her parents thinking? Her name was Daisy May Ricks. She of course went by Daisy May.

At first, Sharon thought she could educate the girl on what regular people did - take her on as some sort of pet project. A My Fair Lady, only Daisy was sure as hell was no Audry Hepborn. Sharon couldn't even get the girl to speak proper English, much less learn the difference between her silverware. Sharon's lowered her expectations to a more modest level, like getting Daisy to leave off her middle name . . .

But first things first, *the goddamn country music had to go!*

Sharon sprung out of her twin bed and changed the station.

Daisy May looked over her shoulder. "I know you didn't just turn the Dixie chicks off for whatever that shit is yer' listenin' to."

"I happened to be listening to Justin Timberlake. A REAL singer."

"I don't give a damn who it was. I'm changing it back." Daisy got up, reached around Sharon and changed the station.

Sharon turned it back. "It's my radio."

"Well I live here." Daisy said, and turned it back.

"Don't touch my radio." Sharon turned it back. "Anyway - your station is as stupid as your name."

"What's wrong with my name?" Daisy's eyes flashed in anger.

"It comes from the Duke's of Hazard, that's what."

"I'm named after a beautiful movie star goddamnit."

"You're so stupid sometimes Daisy," Sharon said. "That wasn't even her real name. It was Catherine something or other."

"I'm stupid huh?" Daisy said, poking Sharon in the chest. "Is that right?" The poke turned into a shove.

Sharon could see that things were quickly getting out of hand, and though the north had beaten the south, she didn't think she would have much of a chance in a physical confrontation with Daisy. She had seen enough of the buxom blonde's body to know that the girl was strong. The bumpkin probably worked on a farm or something.

"Look, I'm sorry," Sharon said. Feeling magnanimous she turned the station back to the Dixie Chicks. "There . . . you happy?"

"What's wrong?" Seeing her advantage, Daisy pressed harder, pushing Sharon away from the radio. "Chicken?"

"I'm not going to fight you Daisy." Sharon said, backing away.

"Chicken." Daisy clucked like a chicken further humiliating her roommate.

Sharon slowly edged toward the exit. "Look," she said. "I said I'm not going to fight you."

"And I say you are." And with that Daisy grabbed the Sharon by the front of her T-Shirt and tugged her back in the room.

All and all, Sharon was rather disappointed. She had been in a number of fights with other girls and even a few boys. She had been beaten a few times and won her fair share. However, everyone, even her little sister had enough gumption to put up some sort fight, but Sharon wouldn't do it. And when the little bitch started screaming for help, Daisy did the only thing she could think of to shut the girl up.

She sat on her face.

'My God,' Sharon thought. 'Has this girl no upbringing?' She couldn't believe it. Not in a million years did she ever imagine that she would end up in college with a country bumpkin sitting on her face. How humiliating. She tried to buck the stronger girl off, but Daisy held on. Sharon's lungs burned for oxygen. She turned her head to the side to escape the smothering presence of Daisy's cutoffs and weakly yelled for help, but Daisy merely pressed her bare feet on either side of Sharon's head. She was fully immobilized beneath Daisy's denim clad ass.

Daisy felt the city girl's struggle grow weaker and weaker. 'This feels nice,' she thought as she wondered where she had felt that feeling- that rush before. Yes, it was at her Dad's ranch when she was breaking in a new horse. But this feeling was even better; there was a sense of power at having a real live human being beneath her that wasn't there with a horse. It was . . . turning her on.

'Gotta stop,' Daisy told herself. 'This is wrong.' And most importantly, she could get in big trouble over it. 'But not just yet.' She shifted her hips back and forth, riding the city girl's face. She couldn't help herself. And she didn't do it long. Only a few seconds, and the feeling was divine. She looked down at her roommate, the young girl's legs had splayed open and her t-shirt had ridden up, exposing her panties. An odd urge, but Daisy curiously wondered what lay beneath the panties.

'Stop!' Daisy shook her head to clear the dirty thoughts that seemed to fill it. She couldn't afford to do this. She was the first in her family to ever go to college. She couldn't - wouldn't be kicked out. Reluctantly, she raised her ass off of Sharon's face.

Sharon gasped for breath, as Daisy's denim covered ass was raised off her face. The bitch! The horrible bitch had tried to kill her. Had tried to smother her! Daisy hadn't gotten all the way off Sharon; her ass was still poised in the air. The narrow band off denim was almost swallowed by her pump ass. And the crotch! Sharon's eyes widened in disbelief. Half of Daisy's sex had been exposed during the struggle and must have surely been pressing against her face. Sharon could see the brown curly hairs of her pubes - could make out the tell-tell traces of moisture.

'The country bitch was getting off on my face!' Sharon realized. "You are going to be SO expelled!" she yelled. "Fucking pervert!"

'Goddamnit,' Daisy thought, as she lowered her ass on Sharon's face again to shut her up. What was she going to do? These straight-laced city people were nothing like the people from her hometown. She couldn't get thrown out of college. What would she tell her parents? Why were people so complicated? Why couldn't they be more like . . . horses?

Sharon wasn't aware of it, but she should have kept her mouth shut. She had no clue what was going on in Daisy's mind, but it dawned on her that something had gone very wrong when she felt a tugging on her panties. Sharon couldn't breathe, much less scream. She was helpless as her roommate slowly yet methodically stripped off her panties and T-shirt.

After Daisy stripped her roommate, she grabbed a coil of rope off the wall that Sharon had believed was only for looks. However, just like the ponies and calves on Daisy's father's ranch, Sharon soon found out how competent her roommate was with a rope.

"First of all, you're going to need a bit," Daisy said as she put a coil of rope through Sharon's mouth and tied it off at the back of her head. From there, she made an X with the rope across around each of the young brunette's breasts and tied the girl's wrists up towards her should blades behind her back. It was quite uncomfortable.

"And finally a saddle," Daisy continued, still working with the rope, which she looped around Sharon's waist and for the final bit, pulled the end between her legs and tied it off in the back. The coarse rope parted the lips of Sharon's sex and the cheeks of her ass.

Sharon was finally getting her strength back now that the deranged country bumpkin had finally quit smothering her with her ass. She was in a fix, quite helpless, and the rope between her legs and tying her wrists behind her back was growing increasingly uncomfortable. She wasn't sure when, but Daisy was going to eventually have to let her go, and when she did, expulsion would be the least of the bleach blonde's worries.

'God, I hope this works," Daisy thought to herself. This had gone further than she had imagined, and seeing her roommate so helpless and so thoroughly tied up was a turn on sure, but it was also quite frightening when she thought of the consequences. Well, no hope for it now, but to continue.

Daisy grabbed the end of the rope that was attached to Sharon's waist and pulled up. "Up Pony."

Sharon wagged her head, trying to pull the gag from her mouth. "Fuck you, I'm not a Pony," she shouted, but all that came out was a series of muffled grunts. She was helpless, and goddamn, the rope in her crotch was killing her.

Daisy reached in her drawer and pulled out her crop. She had trained many a hard-headed pony with it and she figured it would work for hard-headed roommates as well. "Up Pony," she said quietly, pulling on the rope and tapping Sharon's flank with the crop. The last tap was hard enough to leave a mark and as planned, to teach the pony that the crop could be painful if it needed to be.

Fuck - ouch! Sharon was smart enough to figure out that if Daisy wanted her up, she was going to get up whether she wanted to or not. She leaned her torso on the bed so she could get her legs underneath her. Then she stood, her green eyes flashing her hatred at her roommate.

"Good Pony," Daisy said, ignoring the belligerent stare. "Now trot." She tugged the rope forward and lightly tapped Sharon's bottom to get the message across. It worked; Sharon grudgingly walked.

"Good Pony," Daisy said in a syrupy sweet voice. She found that ponies were less afraid when you talked softly and sweetly to them. Loud noises tended to startle them and startled ponies were difficult to manage. Daisy started Sharon off at a very slow walk. After Sharon was walking comfortable, Sharon clicked her tongue prodded her on with the crop, until she sped to a brisk trot. "That a girl."

Sharon tried not to think about the humiliation she was enduring. Instead, she tried to picture herself going to see Daisy in jail. Laughing at the little bitch while she cried, describing her ordeals with the older women. A slight smile came to Sharon's lips, while she trotted, her breasts bouncing from one to the other.

Sharon's concentration was broke as something new began to happen below. At first the rope in her crotch had been painful to bear. It wasn't so much painful, as it was overloading her with sensation. It reminded her of the feeling she had when she was younger and she tried to shinny up a pole. However, now the feeling was more subtle. With every step she could feel the lips of her sex slide back and forth on the coarse rope. And her clit, she could feel it engorging and contacting the rope more and more. 'Oh God, I'm going to cum soon!' she realized. 'Dear Lord, how humiliating!'

Daisy smiled to herself as she watched her roommate obey her commands. The belligerent stare was gone and replaced by a much more subdued look of anguish. The city girl-turned pony trotted for her clockwise and counterclockwise. Daisy even got her to her pick her up her knees while she walked, which was something she would have had to work for weeks to get a pony to do. It was when she was encouraging her to pick up her knees that Daisy noticed something out of the ordinary. At first she thought it was exhaustion or disobedience, but there was a looseness in Sharon's step and a trembling urgency in her body that wasn't there before. Could it be?

"Whoa Pony." Daisy stopped Sharon mid-stride, by tapping the crop against her trembling thigh.

Sharon stopped obediently. Sweat ran in little rivers down her body. She caught the look in Daisy's eyes, the knowing smirk. Did she know? Sharon tried to look away, her gaze failing under Daisy's penetrating stare.

Daisy caught her with the crop underneath her chin. "Head up Pony. Nice and proud." she said, bringing Sharon's chin up. Yet the look on the poor girl's face was anything but proud. Tears ran from her eyes and saliva dripped from her chin. "Such a beautiful pony," Sharon continued as she explored her pony's body with the crop.

'Please don't let her find out. Please don't let her find out,' Sharon repeated to herself again and again. She felt the end of the crop trace a way down her chin and then along each breast, before flicking each nipple, drawing a grunt with each flick. The crop moved down her belly and Sharon kept her thighs pressed tightly together. 'No, don't let her find out. Don't let her find out. No matter what.'

The crop slapped against the inside of Sharon's thigh. "Leg up."

'No-no-no' Sharon repeated.

"Pony," Daisy said more forcefully. "Leg up." The lick from the crop was harder. "I said, leg up."

'God no.' Sharon's hard nipples ached for attention. Liquid pleasure leaked from her sex, soaking her thighs. She had dreamt of something like this before. Only in her dreams, it was a handsome man. A rich and powerful stranger who was forceful, yet never hurt her as he made her do those forbidden things . . . dirty things. Now she was really being made to do other forbidden things. Yet, it wasn't a man making her do them, but a woman - a mere country hick. It was mortifying and she could do nothing to stop it. Sharon blushed and raised her knee up as commanded.

"Good Pony," Daisy cooed. She traced her crop on her roommate's tremulous thigh. Watched delightfully, as the girls hips began to respond to the touch. "Pony," she said, tapping the crop at the very top of Sharon's thigh. "Leg out."

Sharon's breath quickened. Her chest heaved. 'Can't-can't-can't. . .' she repeated, but the crop on her thigh felt so good. She wanted more. She wanted it to touch her intimately. She moved her leg out to the side. 'God, yes-yes-so good.' The crop moved to her sex and slid over her mound.

"I don't think I have a pony after all," Daisy said with a smug grin and causing Sharon's hopes to rise. "What I have is a *pony slut*."

Sharon closed her eyes and hung her head in defeat. Her big plan to get Daisy thrown out of school or even put in jail had been torn asunder. No one could ever know about this. No, she wouldn't tell on her roommate. She would just go - back home if she needed to. No, she would never tell this to anyone.

"Keep those eyes closed pony-slut." Daisy flicked the crop against Sharon's breasts, causing her leg to fall, and her eyes to dart open. "I mean it," Daisy warned. "Eyes closed and leg up and out."

While Sharon struggled to hold her precarious position, Daisy opened the bottom drawer of her dresser where she had packed her leathers. Her mother wanted her to leave them at home, but it just didn't feel right. They were hers, and just like her rope they were a part of her. She only reluctantly left her saddle. God, she wished she had that saddle right now.

The leather chaps would do for now. Daisy stripped off her shorts and panties, followed by her shirt. She laced on her leathers and put her boots on. Finally she donned her well worn gloves.

Sharon started when she felt Daisy press against her, spooning her from the rear. She tried to pull away, but Daisy merely grabbed the rope around her crotch, holding her fast.

"Ugh," Sharon grunted from around the makeshift bit. She could feel Daisy's pubes tickling her ass, feel the soft breasts pressing against her back, and feel the silky soft gloved fingers exploring her body. She despised her body for responding to this depraved hayseed here at school on scholarship.

"Shhh. . ." Daisy stroked her Pony's sex. Yes, the girl was responding to her and pressing back against her. "Good Pony-slut. Such a pretty pony. Such an obedient pony," Daisy cooed. "Do you wanna be my pretty pony?"

Sharon felt the leather glove gently stroking her cheek. She inhaled its dark musky scent of animals. She nodded her head.

"My obedient pony-slut?" Daisy slid both her hands down her roommate's taunt stomach and spread the girl's nether lips against the rope splitting her crotch, drawing a sharp intake of air from dark-haired girl.

Sharon hesitated. What did Daisy have in mind? What would she do to her? God, those gloves felt so good, even though she knew she should be trying to get away from the filthy things. They had touched dirty beasts after all. But, God, what they were doing to her. She nodded her head; yes, she would obey.

"Good pony-slut." Daisy helped her roommate lie down on the bed, and then joined the prone girl, straddling her hips. "I'm going to ride you now Pony."

Daisy rode slowly, back and forth; she slid her crotch up and down her helpless roommate. She bit her lip, staring hungrily at the prone brunette. "Feels so good pony," she breathed. Her hands traveled up and caressed the rope that was serving to gag her roommate and toyed with the knot.

"You gonna be a good pony? You ain't gonna say anything if I take this off, are you?"

Sharon's eyes widened as she shook her head.

"Shhh. . ." Daisy whispered as she undid the makeshift gag and stroked the girl's dark hair. "Such a good pony. Such a pretty pony. Such a pretty and obedient pony." She kept stroking her hair, even as the gag was removed. "I don't need a bit for a good nice pony like you, do I?"

Sharon shook her head no.

"Good girl. I don't even need a bridle. Not when I have your pretty pony hair." Daisy sat back up and continued to ride the girl once more. All the while, she twirled long dark locks of hair on either side of Sharon's head.

Sharon pressed her thighs together as a thrill of pleasure shot through her sex. This wasn't like her fantasies, but she found herself succumbing to this girl - this country hick. Slowly and surely Daisy's blossoming and wet sex moved closer and still closer to her face. And while she might not have been a man, the chaps, the leather gloves, and the boots Daisy wore in contrast to the ropes that bound Sharon clearly showed who the master was.

Sharon's heart beat faster as Daisy's sex drew closer. Could she do it? Did she dare?

Daisy pulled on Sharon's hair, grabbing the improvised reins, and pulling the girl's head up and into her sex. The dark-haired girl closed her eyes . . .and kissed. Kissed a girl's sex for the first time.

"Good pony-slut - ah - that's a *very* good pony."

It wasn't so bad, Sharon thought. Even when Daisy grew more demanding, pulled her hair so hard it hurt, ordering her to lick here or suck there. The sense of surrender gave Sharon a rush and she actually loved sticking her tongue inside her roommate and tasting her sweet honey. But, it didn't last long, soon Daisy was pulling her hair again.

"Up-up-up pony. Come on, ah, work my clit. Oh that's a pony-slut. Ugh-oh-flutter it now. Flutter that sweet pony-slut tongue. God, that's so fucking good-so fucking hot. Keep going. Ahh-I'm riding you now. I'm riding my pony. My city girl pony." The sensations in Daisy's sex grew stronger. It was always a turn on to feel a strong animal between her legs, but this- this was a girl- her sophisticated city bred roommate in fact, in between her thighs and so obediently giving her pleasure. It was enough to make her cum. Make her cum like never before. "Oh God, here it comes, oh you sweet pony bitch, ugh - oh I love you, I love riding your fucking face my beautiful pony-slut." Daisy sat up rigid and cried out loudly as she came; riding back and forth, taking her pleasure from her roommate.

Sharon gasped for air when her roommate finally dismounted from her face. She looked up at Daisy imploringly. What a picture she was, face wet, legs spread wide, and sex gushing.

"That was a wonderful ride you gave me pony," Daisy said with a smile.

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