tagGay MaleDJ Pt. 09

DJ Pt. 09


I frequently refer to the boys in this story, the boys I refer to are DJ, Jamie, or Matt, they are all age 19 or more. At my age (76) anyone under 25 is a boy!

DJ Part IX

Sunday morning it was raining when I woke up about 8:30, not at all surprised that the boys were still sleeping. I made coffee, and was on my second cup when my phone rang, it was Jamie's Mom.

"Good Morning Karen, how are you this rainy Sunday?"

"I'm fine Doug, unless I need to go outside. Are the boys up yet?"

"Naw, they're dead to the world, not surprising as they had a pretty rough and long day yesterday."

"Doug, the reason I called, do you have plans for Thanksgiving?"

"Not exactly, not really for Thanksgiving, per se, but do you know that is also DJ's 20th birthday? I know I want to do something for him, like some kind of party. That boy has never had a birthday celebration, it's so sad."

"I know, that came to surface the night of his Adoption Party, but I didn't know his birthday was on Thanksgiving this year. I suspect, knowing you, that you want to surprise him?"

"Heh, heh, I didn't think you knew me THAT well, but you are right."

"I know Anthony is closed, and Carl is off work that day, is the drug store closed?"

"Yeah, we're closed too, so DJ and I will be off work also. In case you hadn't heard, DJ passed his driver's test, and received his license yesterday."

"Great! I knew he was to take the exam Tuesday morning, knowing DJ I'll bet he's still on cloud Nine. Carl and I want to invite you and DJ, and Joe if he's available, to have Thanksgiving Dinner with us. If Joe has to work, we might be able to alter the time to accommodate his schedule. What do you say?"

"I think I can answer an affirmative, for DJ and I, I need to check with Joe, but I'm sure he will come, if he can. I'm trying to connive a way to combine it with my son's birthday. I don't want to ever not celebrate his birthday again, he's missed way to many in his young life!"

"Doug, I can hear the love, and the pride, that you have for that young man in your voice. Sending tissues your way. He's captured our hearts too. Carl told him the other day that, heaven forbid, anything should happen to you, he has a home here with us."

"Thanks a lot for the invitation, I'll get with Joe sometime today, and let you know where we stand for Thanksgiving. Karen, it's great chatting with you, and I hope you have a great Sunday."

"Okay Doug, and I'll be awaiting your answer."

I need to call Joe, I hope he's not sleeping. I pushed the speed dial number, 2, which I had programmed in my phone a long time ago for Joe. The phone rang 5 times and went to voicemail. I left a message, asking him to call me as soon as convenient. About 3 minutes later, my phone rang, it was Joe.

"Sorry baby, I was in the bathroom and couldn't get to the phone. What's up?"

"Joe, have you had breakfast yet?"

"No Doug. I just got off work at 7:00 and hadn't gone to bed yet. I need to see you, I got that information on the cruise. Oh, and, do you have any decent photos of DJ?"

"All pictures of DJ are decent, he never takes a bad photo."

"What I mean, Doug, is—well my Mom want's a photo of DJ. I've seen some of the ones you have taken, but they aren't appropriate to send to his Grandma!"

"I have one, the one I shot of him dressed up, the morning we went to court. He is stunning in that photo, but it's still in the camera."

"OK, Doug, I've got a plan, I'd bet you're not even dressed yet."

"You're right," chuckling, "you know how we do here in the mornings."

"Get dressed, grab that camera, and meet me at Walgreen's, in half an hour. We'll get those prints, and then go to Denny's for breakfast and to chat."

"OK Joe, see you at Walgreen's about 10:00?"

Joe and I met at Walgreen's, and had four 5 X 7 prints made of DJ's beautiful photo. One to send to Joe's Mom, one for my desk, one for my dresser, and one to give to Jamie. I know I'm a hog, keeping two, I just can't have too much of my awesome son!

Joe, looking at the prints, "He is one handsome boy, and so loveable. Doug, I can't wait to make him my stepson. I can't help but wonder how many other 'DJ's' are out there, needing to meet their 'Doug Kendall's', I think I love him just as much as you do."

We went to Denny's, from Walgreen's, I ordered breakfast, and Joe ordered something more like lunch, this was toward the end of his day, as he had worked all night.

"Joe," I said, "what's the chance of you being off on Thanksgiving?"

"Fairly good, as I am normally off on Wednesdays and Thursdays, why?"

"I received a call from Karen Seldon, Jamie's Mom, this morning and she asked us, you, me, and DJ, to share Thanksgiving Dinner with them. I accepted for DJ and myself, and told her I needed to check with you. There's a glitch though, did you realize, that is also DJ's 20th birthday?"

"Doug," Joe commented, frowning, "There is no ifs or maybes, we HAVE to celebrate DJ's birthday, it sucks that it's on Thanksgiving Day, and I know we want to surprise him. Do you know what time Karen wanted to have dinner?"

"No, but I can find out. I have her number in my phone, did you have an idea?"

"Yes, I do, let me check on something, when our server comes back. Why don't you call her and find out what time she plans dinner for. Who all would you want to invite for DJ birthday?"

"Anthony and Maria, Justin and Sherry, Matt and Annie, and Jamie's parents, and, of course the four of us. Let me call her," I said, as I placed the call, putting it on speaker, and Karen answered.

"Hi, Karen, Joe says he is usually off on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so he should be off, and will tentatively accept the invite. What time do you plan dinner for?"

"No definite time, but probably between 4:00 and 6:00 PM. Will that work for you guys?" Joe nodded.

"That'll be fine Karen, Thanks."

The server came by and gave us refills on the coffee, and Joe asked if we could see the manager. She said yes, and asked if there was a problem. Joe told her everything was fine, we just needed some info. I'm not quite sure what Joe is thinking.

A man came to our booth, "Hi, I'm Russell, the GM here, I was told you wanted to see me?"

"Yes sir," Joe responded, "I believe you're open on Thanksgiving?"

"Yes sir, all 24 hours of it."

"Could you handle a birthday breakfast for a party of 12, probably around 10:00 AM?"

"We sure can, if you give us a day's advance notice, we'll be able to set the tables up, the night before. And we can supply a cake, if you want us to."

"Thank you, I think we might do that, we're still in the planning stages."

"Joe," I asked, "Exactly what are you cooking up?"

"If the other guests plan their turkey dinners for later in the day, they could all arrive here about 9:30 to 9:45 and secure their seats at the table. I should be off Wednesday night and I'll stay over with you. We gather up DJ, and probably Jamie, for a 'Thanksgiving Breakfast" at Denny's, and arrive about 10:00 AM and SURPRISE!! The shit out of DJ." Joe has an evil grin.

Laughing and grinning, "Joe, you're a genius, I love it! And that shouldn't interfere very much with anybody's Thanksgiving plans. Let's do it, I'll invite Anthony and Justin today, and get hold of Annie, maybe tomorrow. I hope Jamie can keep it a secret from DJ."

"Why even tell Jamie?"

"I don't think Jamie is even aware that DJ's birthday is on Thanksgiving, but he's going to be really pissed if we do this and he doesn't have a chance to get his boyfriend a birthday gift."

"I understand, Doug, on another topic. I've been doing some research. There is a gay cruise leaving out of Miami on Tuesday, January 16th, and going to the Bahamas, returning on the 21st. (Joe is tearing up) We'll be back home by the night of the 22nd. If we get married on Sunday, January 14th, we can fly to Miami on Monday, and do that cruise. It's something we've both dreamed of doing, and we can live that dream, as husbands."

"Baby," I said, tears slipping out of my eyes, "I think we just set our wedding date! But we're going to be living together sooner. When are you moving in?"

"I have to vacate my apartment by the 30th of November, about a week after Thanksgiving. The next two months are going to drag. I think I have adequate seniority to request and get a shift change, probably to second shift, and get off this graveyard duty. It'll be great for both of us to be able to sleep together at night."

"Does anyone at the department know we're getting married, and know you're marrying a man?"

"Almost everyone. I told my chief, right after we got engaged, and within a couple of days, everyone knew. These guys were asking to see the engagement ring, and offering congratulations. My patrol partner for 5 years, Jeff Strubel, offered to be my best man, and I accepted. My chief threatened to kick me off the force if I didn't invite him to the ceremony. I have a feeling that half of the department is going to show up for our wedding."

"Things have sure changed over the last 20 or 30 years. Most of us have been able to destroy those closets we used to hide in."

"I know it seems a long way off, but I think we need to make the reservations for that cruise ASAP. It likely will fill up quickly. With your approval, I'll make them tomorrow."

"Sure, Joe, we don't want to lose that opportunity."

It was about 12:45 PM when we left Denny's and headed home, wondering if the boys were up yet. When we walked in, they were both siting at the kitchen table dressed in nothing, with the dirty breakfast plates in front of them. It looked pretty normal for a Sunday. They both stood up, and Joe and I took turns hugging both of them, then we all sat down. I opened the bag from Walgreen's, and pulled one of the prints out of it. They were all mounted in one of those cardboard mounts that has a pop-out leg that supports the photo, so they can stand up by themselves.

Handing one of them to Jamie, I asked, "Would you like one of these for your house?"

Jamie looked at it and held it close to his heart, like he would never let it go, "Oh, thank you Dad, yes, I'll put it on my desk—no I won't, I'll put it in the Living room, where we can all enjoy it. Mom and Dad have gotten pretty attached to DJ too."

"Boys," Joe spoke, "if it will make you feel any better, your Dad and I have chosen a date, January 14th, it's a Sunday, but we're not sure where we will have the ceremony." DJ and Jamie looked at each other and grinned.

"Oh, I forgot," Jamie exclaimed, "Anthony asked me to tell you that he would be happy to host your wedding, and the reception, in the party room."

DJ, gathering up the dishes from the table, "Jamie and I need to shower, it's almost 2:00 Dad, you and I are scheduled in at 3:00 to work." I nodded.

Joe, taking my hand, "So maybe we have a date and a place. I gotta run, I need to get some sleep, before I have to go to work myself."

Joe and I shared a passionate kiss, and then he left, and I headed to my room to get dressed for work.

* * * * * *

At about 2:55 PM I dropped DJ off at the store, and asked him to tell Justin that I might be a few minutes late, as I needed to see Anthony.

It didn't take long at all to see Anthony and Maria, as they had no customers in the pizzeria at the time. I told them about the surprise birthday party for DJ and they said they would be very happy to attend, and they really had no plans for the day, otherwise. I also told them that Joe and I had selected a wedding date, which they were happy to hear, and that Joe and I would get in touch to see about renting the party room for the ceremony.

"Doug," Anthony said, "You're a really special man, and you've done so much for DJ. Maria and I have enjoyed watching the love growing between DJ and Jamie, as they develop into terrific and responsible adults. There is no way that we would miss DJ's birthday party, he is such a precious young man. Tell me the date you guys have set, and I will reserve the room, rent free."

"Thanks, Anthony, Maria," I said, "the date we've decided to marry is January 14th, but Joe's apartment lease is expiring the end of November, so he will be moving into our home on the 30th. Once we're married, our family will be complete!"

I went to the store, and clocked in, only about 5 minutes late, and Justin didn't even scowl. I want to talk to Justin, without DJ being within earshot, but it seems slow, at least right now, and DJ seems to be hanging too close around us. Maybe I will get a chance a little later. There were a couple of deliveries, so I left with them.

After I made the second delivery, I took a few minutes to call Karen, and explained our birthday party plans. She said that should still allow plenty of time for the turkey to roast, and she wanted to be home by noon. I got back to the store, DJ was occupied by 3 customers at the register, giving me a chance to invite Justin to the party.

Justin told me he and Sherry were invited to Sherry's brother's home for Thanksgiving, but that was going to be mid-afternoon, and he and Sherry could do with a light breakfast at 10:00 AM. Justin asked me what size jeans DJ wore, and I didn't know, but I told him I would check, find out, and let him know. We all know how DJ likes his skinny jeans, and he always looks so sharp and sexy in them. It's hard to imagine DJ in any other kind of pants. He was wearing skinny jeans the very first time I saw him, before I even knew his name.

Anthony closes earlier on Sunday nights, 9:00 PM, which makes it nice for DJ and Jamie to hook up together to go to Jamie's house for the night. I also got off at 9:00 and went home to my quiet house. I wished Joe were there. I fixed a light snack, got on Facebook for a while and retired for the night.

Lying in bed, I'm thinking on what I should get, to give DJ for a Birthday gift. Now that DJ has his license, I would love to give him a car. I know that a new car is out of the question, financially, but maybe I could swing a used vehicle. If I were to do that, I'd like to know what DJ would like to drive. Maybe Jamie knows, or at least can find out for me.

* * * * * *

Monday morning was like most any other Monday morning at the Seldon household. Karen and Carl were at the kitchen table having coffee, and heard the boys starting their shower. It seemed a little strange, at first, but they've now gotten used to the fact that the boys share the shower, and are so comfortable showering together.

Carl got up and walked into the living room, retrieving the photo of DJ and brought it to the kitchen, setting it down where they both could look at it.

"That young man is so—handsome," Carl remarked, "I can't believe how he has captured my heart. Doug Kendall needs to keep him locked up, or I might just try to steal him!"

Karen, chuckling, "I think you would have a fight on your hands, Doug would not give him up easily, DJ is Doug's pride and joy! Oh, I didn't ask you, but I made a commitment, for us. I told Doug yesterday, that we would definitely attend a surprise Birthday Party for DJ. We need to be at Denny's about 9:30 Thanksgiving morning for a surprise breakfast party."

"Karen," Carl asked, "What should we get him, for a birthday gift?"

"I don't know, but I'll bet Jamie could give us some ideas, if anybody knows what he might want, it would be Jamie. Maybe you could get him aside, and probe him a little. I need to start some breakfast cooking."

Carl picked up the photo and took it back to the living room, kissing it before setting it back down. Yes, Carl loves DJ.

The boys finished their shower and headed back into the bedroom, pulled on clean boxers and headed to the kitchen, joining Karen and Carl. The smell of the sausage links cooking was tantalizing. Karen was making pancakes, piling them on a plate, while DJ and Jamie sipped on their coffee and juice. Jamie mentioned that the Rainbow club meeting today should be big, as they had signed up 34 new members at the membership drive Saturday.

"Do you boys want eggs to go with the pancakes?" Karen asked.

Both boys told her just the sausage and pancakes would be fine. After eating, the boys stood up, ready to head back to their room to dress for school. When Jamie stood up, the head of his penis slipped out through the fly of his boxers, and he didn't notice it, but Carl did.

"Jamie," Carl said, grinning and pointing, "if you wore briefs or boxer briefs, that wouldn't happen."

Jamie's face immediately turned red, as he adjusted his boxers, and DJ couldn't help but grin. Karen noticed too, and turned her head to look out the window. She had seen it before, plenty of times, when Jamie was a baby and a toddler, and just once since Jamie had gone through puberty, the day she walked in when he was playing with it. She smiled, thinking back. Her little boy would soon be 20 years old, my how the years have flown!

"Do you realize that tomorrow is Halloween? Do you boys have any special plans?

"Not really, Mom," Jamie answered, "I think DJ and I are a bit too old to go out trick or treating. I know we'll be mighty busy at the pizzeria though, likely a lot of carryout orders. Anthony says Halloween is always super busy, almost as busy as Super Bowl Sunday, and he asked me to come in at 2:00 instead of 4:00.

DJ, while he and Jamie were putting on their school clothes, "Jamie, I'm a little confused. When we first met, you told Dad and me you turned 18 right after you graduated, then, a few weeks ago you said you were a Christmas Baby. So when is your birthday?"

"Sorry, baby," Jamie apologized, "I just shot from the hip that day we first met. I just said that to let you and your Dad know that I was old enough to date you, I wasn't even thinking, I just knew I wanted you! My actual birthday is December 25th, let me show you."

Jamie pulled out his driver's license from his wallet and handed it to DJ. His license clearly stated his DOB as December 25th.

"I showed you mine," Jamie said, smiling, "Now show me yours."

DJ pulled his shiny new license out and handed it to Jamie. It clearly showed DJ's DOB as November 23rd. Jamie is calculating, in his mind.

"DJ," Jamie commented, "we're both 19 right now, and you're just a month and 2 days older than me! I didn't mean to lie, and when I say I love you, I've never been more truthful, I started to love you before I even knew your name! Something about you just made my heart melt."

"We just clicked, Jamie." DJ said, eyes getting wet, "I just didn't think a nigger like me would stand a chance with a clean bred white boy like you."

"DJ!" Jamie exclaimed, hugging his boyfriend, "I don't even think of you as black, I just think of you as the boy I am very deeply in love with. Skin color is immaterial! We do need to get out of here though, or we'll be late for class."

When they pulled into the parking lot at campus, and started to walk toward the main entrance, DJ paused, walking around a cherry red Toyota RAV4.

"What are you looking at?" Jamie inquired.

"I know I can't afford something like that, but I can picture me driving something like that. It's beautiful."

"Save your money, baby, and you can maybe buy something similar. Most of those kinds of vehicles are manual transmissions, would you be comfortable with a stick?"

DJ, smiling, "Did I not pass my road test driving your 5-speed? I actually kind of like a stick, now."

* * * * * *

It seems a little lonely around here this Monday morning. I woke up about 8:00 AM, and fixed a half a pot of coffee. While it was brewing I went into the boy's room and gathered all of their soiled clothes, some were DJ's and some were Jamie's. They often wore each other's boxers, socks and shirts and it would likely be futile to try and figure out whose was who's. The only thing I could identify, for certain, was DJ's skinny jeans, as Jamie didn't wear skinny jeans. I checked the label in two pairs, and both were W26 I32, and I wrote that down so I could tell Justin. I then gathered my own soiled clothing and added them to the pile. It looked like about three washer loads.

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