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Do As You're Told


Julian Vaughan was not an easygoing man under normal circumstances. It was therefore hardly a surprise that he would make full use of the strange power given to him over other people. Of course, it didn't hurt his cause that the Procreative Force of the Universe had chosen HIM as its avatar, its personal instrument.

Despite what people (including Vaughan himself) thought of Hinduism, it was not a religion simply devoted to vegetarianism, reverence for cows, reincarnat-ion, and seemingly unrelated books about sexuality. It was a national religion with both ascetic and materialistic elements, depending upon the sect and the outlook of the devotee in question. Young Julian was about to be confronted with the older, more primal, and more useful side of that faith. He was going to be empowered by Shiva, the so-called "Destroyer". The mortal would receive some of the powers of the God.

This DID not mean that he was becoming Shiva itself in a personal sense. What it meant was that he was to be its agent and device for carrying out the next phase of humanity's growth. Mankind had to expand beyond the cautious, conservative part of the cycle. Sexuality needed to be unleashed.

Given the moralistic brainwashing that affected people's decision-making, a seemingly "supernatural" intervention was necessary to override those tyrannical mores and customs. The truth, of course, was that this was VERY natural. It had happened before in humanity's past and would happen again. The Gods were impersonal forces that acted through Nature. In this case, they would act through a man.

There was no warning to Julian that his life would was about to be so drastically and irrevocably altered for the benefit of the Cosmos. He started his workday the same way it had always began: he got up, shaved, brushed his teeth, showered, ate a hearty breakfast, and headed out to work at the local rag. Yes, Vaughan was a journalist; there was no other profession that EVER interested him like investigative reporting.

He had been assigned to the consumer watchdog section of the paper for the past year and had proven his willingness to expose corrupt corporate practices to the public. However, there were several at the office who still regarded him as less than "columnist material". He knew that he would have to fight to get to the front page before even thinking of that. Political issues were the key to syndicated columns and op-ed pieces.

The problem with several of his colleagues was that his politics were not clearly defined or understood by anyone on the staff. They regarded him as too much of a "maverick" or "independent". He was seen as radical, but not partisan. Most of his co-workers assumed that he was a liberal, but they weren't sure.

Being a bachelor didn't help him with the editor and fellow reporters. He was frankly too "eccentric" to be trustworthy. When he once told a female colleague that he preferred to be single because he was not inclined to make the promises of exclusivity that many modern women expected, she laughed and told him that he should just take a mistress. That a skirt-chaser might have principles was unthinkable to the jaded bitch. He could be a single or swinger, but NEVER a cheater.

Vaughan was something of a disgruntled Catholic with an attitude about God that reflected his independent nature. If there was a Supreme Being, well then he would have to make a good case for himself. Simply being God was not reason enough for him to run Julian's life for him. If the Universe was anything to go by, Vaughan was unimpressed with this supposed personal deity's management style.

Arriving at work that day, Julian was jolted out of his normal routine abruptly by a simple remark and its consequences. He almost dropped his cup of coffee when Sandy, a loudmouth at the "lifestyle" part of the newspaper, did her usual groping ritual. One or more of the men always got fondled by the wannabe journalist, but this time it was at an inconvenient moment. It was acts like this which had cost the woman her 2 year marriage recently.

"Sandy, if you want to sleep with me, just say so! If not, stop this goddamned teasing and leave me alone!" he furiously declared.

"Julian, I want to sleep with you," she shocked everyone by saying in front of everyone in the kitchen.

"See, what was that SO hard? Well, answer me!" Vaughan demanded.

"Yes, it was intimidating. Julian, I am horny and just want some guy to pound the shit out of me! I don't care about love. In fact, I don't expect to find love again for a long time. I just have needs, thank you. I want your attention. It always worked with other men," Sandy suddenly admitted to him as the whole office listened.

"Very well. Meet me after work at exactly 6 pm. Don't be a second late. Prove that you're interested by going home with me and letting me fuck you out of your mind. Until you show me that you mean business, don't bother me at all during work for anything not job-related," Julian instructed her.

Oddly, Sandy did EXACTLY as Vaughan ordered her. She still teased other guys, but NOT him. However, she had a look on her face that showed her fear and admiration of Julian. Clearly, she knew that with him she would have to "put up or shut up". He wasn't the kind of man who liked having blue balls.

When he left work that evening, Sandy was waiting at his car. She evidently intended to obey his wishes. She also seemed resigned to servicing him. For some bizarre reason, she was unable to defy him at all.

After they got to his place, Julian commanded her to sit on the sofa until further notice. He HAD to figure out just how he had mysteriously mesmerized her into absolute obedience to him. They were COLLEAGUES, but she was automatically doing whatever he told her, without even thinking about it.

Vaughan also wanted to decide what to do with her. He could leave her alone and instruct her to do the same, but that lacked the satisfaction that he would get from dominating her life. After all of the frustration she had caused him, he deserved some fun at her expense. What better pleasure than to make her focus on HIS needs for a change, ahead of her own desires and feelings? Slavery seemed the right penalty for her treatment of him and the other men at the office.

The great thing was that she would NOT make any sexual harassment claims if he forbade her to file them. (Of course, her actions made "sexual harassment" seem a silly charge anyway.) He was all for freedom and equal rights, but something or SOMEONE had other plans for him. He had the power to overrule the decisions of others. Only an imbecile would fail to use that power.

"Stand up and bend over, Sandy," Julian finally told her.

She promptly did as he said, but she privately feared what he might do to her. All day long, she kicked herself for not being able to resist him. She was only having some fun and making sure that the men at the paper knew that she was available. She never intended to irritate any of them. Flirting had always been her way of getting the men to appreciate her.

"Drop your pants and spread your cheeks," Vaughan ordered the woman.

This really terrified the lady, who had never engaged in anal sex before. THAT sort of thing wasn't to be done by any woman with self-respect. That was for gay men; women had something better, so why would they need to take it up the ass? Even so, she had no choice but to submit to his will.

Not hesitating, Julian simply unzipped his pants and rammed his cock into Sandy's virgin butt. She gasped and grunted as he plundered her tush, ravaging her sphincter. He felt a little guilty about hurting her cute ass, but she had provoked him to use his new ability for this purpose. It was one thing to show interest in a man, but she never did anything lately but SHOW it. There was no action to back her suggestions up.

Vaughan had no mercy on Sandy, sodomizing the tease for several minutes, which definitely excited him. Her ass was certainly tight enough to affect his cock and the rush of being in charge didn't exactly take away from his pleasure. She whimpered a lot at first, but she gradually adjusted to the invasion and felt a certain degree of arousal. She also felt like her bottom was being TAKEN, as if it were now the property of her colleague. He gave the impression that this would be the beginning of his domination of the rest of her life. He intended to make her practically his slave.

Julian felt his balls twitch, followed by his cock, as he shot his cum into her butt. He then eased his dick out of her stretched tush. Sandy started to head to the bathroom to clean up, but he told her to stay put. He inspected the damage and was pleased that it was not too bad. She was a bit sore, but that was all.

"Get on your knees, Sandy," Vaughan commanded her.

His colleague willingly obeyed him. His cum leaked out of her asshole as she knelt, but she ignored that when he non-verbally discouraged her.

"Suck my cock clean, tease. Prove to me that you can graduate from tease to slut," he grinned at her.

Julian's cock felt like it was being massaged by her sweet tongue. Evidently, what she lacked in anal experience she more than made up orally. Tasting a cock straight from her own ass was an odd situation, but not totally unpleasant for her. All she had to do was tell herself that she had no choice, that she was obeying him, and that her butt was regularly cleaned by colonics and enemas (she had a serious fear of colon cancer).

Vaughan grunted as he fucked Sandy's face, getting stiff again. He was thinking of fucking her shaved pussy next. For now, however, he wanted to cum on her FACE. He had always thought that facials were EXTREMELY sexy. Anything THAT "slutty" was sexy to him. He loved sluts, but HATED a tease.

"Let go of my cock, tease," he instructed her.

She automatically did as he said, and then he released the rest of his seed onto her face. She looked toward the bathroom with longing, as if to say that she wanted to wash off her face.

"Not yet, tease. I want it to dry on your face. THEN you can wash it," he informed her.

She pouted a bit while awaiting his next order.

"Remove the rest of your clothes and make me some dinner. That will be part of your training. I've decided that you will be my slut and cook. If I have needs, you will either service me yourself or find me another girl to do so. I have no intention of being monogamous with you or anyone else, nor do I intend to allow YOU to be monogamous. The future is NOT monogamy," Vaughan told her.

"When will I cook for you, Julian?" she asked him.

"Every night," he replied.

"But, how well will I function if I have to drive home every night after cooking for you?" Sandy inquired.

"You won't. You'll sell your house and move in with me. You will use a sleeping bag in my bedroom until I decide otherwise. You'll also sell your car and give me the money from it, along with the money from your house. Let me make this clear. You are my SLAVE. You are NOT my girlfriend. There is a difference, although sometimes women are both. You will address me as 'Master Julian'. Is that clear?" Julian demanded.

"Yes, Master Julian," she agreed.

"Of course, I won't have you call me that at work. Instead, you'll call me Mr. Vaughan. There won't be the familiarity of just using my given name anymore. You will show me proper respect. I'll decide what, if any, TV you get to watch, as well. Believe me, your life will revolve around me henceforth, my slut. Anytime you disobey me, and I don't know about it, you will tell me anyway and accept your punishment. I will determine what punishment that will be. Your life is mine now. You will serve me until or unless I tire of you, in which case I will simply give or sell you to someone else," Vaughan announced.

"Yes, Master Julian," she consented, and then headed to the kitchen to make her new Master some dinner. She wondered what he liked...

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