tagNon-EroticDo I Know You?

Do I Know You?


A Short-Short Story

Every time I look around, I see faces that look familiar to me. You know feeling where you’ve met that person before, or you've seen them around, but you just can’t place where you’ve met or seen them.

Not to long ago I met someone. She was standing at the costumer service station at my work. She smiled at me, like she knew who I was. The more I watched her, the more familiar she looked.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to help her. But I did catch her at the register area. We said our hello’s and I started to ring her up. I stared at her, smiled, and started small talk. I asked her how she was, and all that happy stuff. Then it just came out from nowhere, as if I wasn’t in control of myself. “I know that this may sound weird, but I just have to ask. Do I know you from somewhere?” I said as I surprised myself. “Yes, you do. Don’t you remember? You asked me to dance one night when you were at the bar.” She said with a big smile on her face. She talked more about that night, the more I remembered her.

I was drunk that night when asked her to dance. I remembered how she felt against my body. Her body pressed up against mine. The way her she moved her hips back and forth.

“Hello? Come back to earth!” She said with a chuckle and waving her hand in front of my face. I looked at her and suddenly realized where I was. We chitchatted a little more about that night, and I asked her “Would you like to go out sometime?”

She looked into my eyes and I could feel my whole world start to shatter, and she, were putting all pieces back together when she said, “Yes! I would like to go. How about tonight?” I looked at her and I felt the happiness rise from my heart. “That would be fine by me.” I said, trying not to show too much emotion.

We exchanged numbers and I helped her out to her car. And right when got to it, she kissed me. I could feel her tongue slip between my lips to touch my own tongue and together it danced. It wasn’t a long kiss though. She smiled sweetly and got into her car and drove off.

The whole day after that, I felt as if I was on cloud nine. Every one wanted to know what was up with me. An only because I saw this person whom I thought I knew!

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