tagBDSMDo it! Ch. 06

Do it! Ch. 06

byMany Feathers©

I had to admit, I was fascinated. Bella had led me once again into another part of the estate I hadn't seen before, also...underground. I'd begun to think that all these tunnels and wings that were underground, were even more extensive than the property above ground! What was even more interesting to me however, was how lavishly furnished everything was. You didn't even get a sense really of being underground, save for there being no windows. But there wasn't that "cement" feel to it whatsoever. Everything was built in hard oak or mahogany, colors vivid, bright...yet earthy that had a very warm soothing appeal to them. Leading me into one of the training areas, I was again surprised at the décor, even more so as we entered, one of the Attendings I'd met weeks ago was there. Obviously "Sonia", as I recalled hearing her name, was one of the Pets in training, and soon eligible for adoption. What was unusual and far different about her as opposed to Angel, was her appearance. She'd actually been painted, her body appearing much more like an animal in fact, like a Leopard.

"Ok, admittedly I'm confused here. How come she's painted? Angel certainly wasn't."

Bella laughed. "For some, many in fact...they really do take on the persona of whatever "Pet" they want to become, treated like. In Sonia's case, she had determined early on she felt like she was a Leopard. As such, whenever she's in training...or when she'll later become adopted and someone's Pet, this is how she'll see herself. And how she expects to be treated. Now true...she may, or may not always wear the spots once she is. But to her owner, whoever it is that adopts her, this is how they will see her, and remember her. But again...it's also how Sonia sees herself!"

"Oh, ok...I see. I guess," I said still a bit leery, especially as Sonia sat atop some sort of circular platform, collared, with a chain attached to an upper beam. Fastened in this way looked somewhat precarious to me. If she were to fall off...

"Her prospective owner should be here any moment now in fact, and then you can see the two of them interacting...training together."

"Her owner? You mean they actually go through training too?"

"Yes...of course! You wouldn't buy a fancy sports car without first learning how to drive one would you?"

"No...I suppose not. Still..."

"Let me try and explain further," Bella told me as we wandered over to the opposite side of the room, Sonia still perched on her stand, holding relatively still, though I noticed she did reach over and lick herself on the arm when she could, much like a cat might. It was strange. "When someone decides they are serious about becoming a Pet, they do so for several reasons, and it's not always about the money, even though a good Pet can make a lot of it. For most...it's a way to escape to some extent, to become something other than who they are...for a time."

"Ok," I said trying to understand.

"Now...in Sonia's case, she's a Leopard. And as such...she lets whoever it is that's interested in adopting her know...that means she's wild, hard to control...and in some ways, hard to train. But that's what the new owner knows and accepts going in. They learn how to control a wilder, less docile Pet as in Sonia's case. So, over time, they both come to respect one another more, learn one another's limits, expectations, so when it does come time for final contracts and adoptions to take place, they're totally familiar with one another in that regard. The new owner knows how far they can push things, and still get the results they expect, and the Pet...well they quickly learn just how far they can take it without going too far over the edge themselves. So it's a mutual learning experience for each. Ah...here she is now," Bella said as a tall good-looking redheaded woman came into the room, led in by Deidra. Surprisingly she was dressed almost comically to me in a way...in what almost looked like a Lion-taming outfit, khaki shirt and shorts, complete with pith helmet and some sort of a cane she held in her hand. The moment she entered, Sonia grew tense, her eyes locked on the woman who stood there staring back at her.

"Down Sonia...down!" The woman stated the moment she looked at her future pet. It took a moment, but the mere threat of the cane as the woman smacked it against the side of her own thigh seemed enough to cower the woman...or the Leopard rather, though I was still semi-struggling with that. Almost at once, Sonia seemed to crouch rather than sit, the chain just then at the end of its tether not allowing her to sit any lower.

"That's one of the code words," Bella said whispering to me. "Down is a simple way of saying you're now my Pet, and it's time to play. Up, is the code word to end it, in which case Sonia would indeed very much become her true normal self once again. Oh...and one other thing you need to know, those code words can only be used once per day. That's in the contract. Once used, Sonia would remain as a Leopard, until such time as her owner, her master were to use the other code word releasing her from that. The reason for doing it, is not to abuse it on either side. Pets are not yo-yos, and not to be treated as such either. It's a very simple...but very effective rule really."

Once again I remembered the simple command being given to Angel, ending our bizarre little session with one another. "Yes...yes, I can see how it would be. But what happens if her owner doesn't use the code word to release her?"

"That's another one of the rules in the contract, she is only required to be a Pet for a minimum of four hours. Any time after that, IF she wishes to, she can release herself. So once again, unless she's enjoying the moment as a Pet, she's not abused by being made to maintain it for any time longer than that."

"Oh," I responded, even then wondering if I could myself endure an extended period of time like that. I'd been a "Pet" myself for just over an hour and that for me had been long enough.

"Let's sit down and watch for a few moments, then I'll take you into the cage room. That's where we'll be seeing a brand new Novice taking her very first introductory course here tonight.

Deidra soon came over to join us, sitting on the other side of me on the couch we had taken, facing the makeshift "arena" if one could call it that. A circular section of the room, Sonia sitting atop her three foot platform. Her prospective owner then walking over, fastening a length of free chain she held in her hand to Sonia's collar, before removing the second chain still attached to the support beam well up over her head.

"Come Sonia, come!" The redhead commanded, once again tapping the cane against her own thigh, Sonia hesitating only for a moment, and then finally jumping down onto the carpeted floor, immediately positioned in a four point stance as it was called. The woman then held out her hand towards Sonia's face making a fist though with no obvious intention of hitting her with it. I watched as Sonia tentatively sniffed the woman's hand, looking as though she might now bite it instead, though a quick strike of the cane against her thigh reminded Sonia that might not be such a good idea. Picking up the chained leash, she now led Sonia around in a small circle, keeping her head taut, lifted as she did.

"Now comes the fun part," Bella said once again leaning over to whisper to me. "The first time she tried this though, Sonia left her with a pretty nice set of teeth marks. Didn't break the skin or draw blood...but she could have. It was much too soon for Carol to be doing what's she's about to do, back then."

It was then that Carol unzipped her khaki shorts, allowing them to drop down around her ankles as she stepped out of them. She wore no panties as she did that, only then stepping back. Sonia immediately picking up the woman's scent, her face immediately tearing into the woman's crotch there on the floor, almost looking as though she'd chew a hole through them as she picked them up with her teeth tossing her head back and forth for a moment before suddenly discarding them.

"Get a nice whiff Sonia?" Carol asked. "See how aroused and anxious I am? You ready to come over here and please me now baby?" She cooed at her possible Pet, and then gave a little slack to the chain she held, allowing Sonia to cautiously approach her, close enough that in moments she'd nuzzled her face in the woman's crotch, sniffing her as she stood there. "No biting!" She warned, not quite striking herself with the cane, though she did trail it cautiously over Sonia's back as though a warning, still allowing Sonia to nuzzle her there between the legs, still sniffing, still familiarizing her with her personal scent.

Carol then stepped over towards a comfortable looking, but low-legged table. Gingerly lying down on top of it, she then spread her legs, I could see it was the perfect height for what Carol was now wanting...expecting from her Pet. "That's right baby...that's right. Mommy gave herself a little milk-bath before coming over here...your favorite taste right?" She asked urging the woman-cat on. Sonia almost seemed to be purring now contentedly as she moved over, and sure enough, her tongue coming out with a great lapping fan-fair at the woman's openly displayed pussy.

"Well...you get the jest of the more advanced training, what's say we go into the Novice caged room and you can see for yourself how it all begins."


Unfortunately Deidra didn't come with us, having to stay and oversee the training exercise, though she certainly didn't appear too sad in having to do that, smiling at the two of us as we departed, and then quickly returning her attention back towards the small table. I noticed her hand slipping down between her legs just before we left as we began walking a short distance down the still long hallway.

"And this...is the Novice caged room," Bella said stopping opening the door. Once again I was surprised, taken aback just a little at what I saw. It looked much like an animal shelter in fact. There were rows of several neat and tidy cages on the floor, three stainless steel examination tables, each one with apparatus for binding, controlling...along with various muzzles should one be needed. Along with obvious washing and grooming stations.

All of the cages except for one, were empty.

"We only have one Novice here tonight," she continued showing me around, though I kept glancing over towards the far cage, though it was hard to see who was actually in there. A small blanket had obviously been pushed up against the bars, baring me from actually seeing much, though I could tell someone was actually in there.

"Is that...is that her?" I whispered curiously.

"Yes, and get this...her names Kat too, though she spells it with a K. She's the new Novice that expressed an interest to go through the training, this is her first night of doing so. All new Pet Novices must first spend an hour or so...depending on what type of animal they're trying to be, inside one of the cages. It helps them get a feel for it...to begin to identify what it's actually like. In Kat's case...she had three choices, and decided to first go with being a feral cat. Tomorrow, she might be, or trying being something else. But for now...that's what she's trying to see herself as, and how she's being treated. In an hour or so...someone else will come in, take her out of the cage, give her a thorough and complete examination, clean her up a bit, and then see how she responds to certain types of stimulation, or commands. We get a much better feel early on as to what their temperament might be later on when we actually do that."

Bella then led me over towards the cage, leaning over a bit. "Here kitty, kitty, kitty," she said poking her fingers through the bars, moving the blanket away just a bit. I was surprised at what I saw. "Kat", though I hadn't known her name, I had seen before during one of the other classes in the phallic room, though not quite like this. She actually looked quite disheveled, dirty even. Her beautiful blonde hair as I remembered seeing it, looked filthy, unkempt, almost matted and twisted in a way. There were also dirt streaks across her face, body...which I of course noticed at once, as her being entirely nude as well. To my surprise, she actually hissed at us.

"Yes well, it's to be expected," Bella said pulling her hand back. "She is new, and no doubt slightly afraid and intimidated being here. Might be a while yet before she's comfortable enough to let anyone try and handle her...examine her." Bella looked at her watch. "For at least another forty...forty-five minutes anyway." Once again she looked inside the cage. "Very good Kat, very good...just keep thinking like the feral cat that you are, someone will be in shortly to have a look at you, clean you up some. Try not to scratch anyone, or they might decide to declaw you if you do." Bella smiled at that, though I saw a nervous concerned look come into Kat's eyes as she hunkered back even deeper into the corner of her cage. Bella pulled the blanket up a bit more, giving her some privacy from prying eyes before leading me away.

"Not bad for a first time in the cage," Bella said. "She actually might make it through the course in a year or so."

"That long?"

"Oh honey...yes, that long at least! And that's just for the more docile, trainable Pets we have here. Sonia's been doing this for almost four now, but it also looks like she's found a good match and is ready to be adopted."

"Good Lord!" I allowed myself to expel thinking, "No fucking way would I ever put myself through something like this. Playing at...pretending for one night like I had, ok...maybe. But actually living, thinking like an animal? Playing the part for going on four years now? No fucking way!"

Bella once again laughed at that. "You're probably right, I can't see you as anyone's Pet either," she told me, forming the words as though to say something else, but then suddenly deciding against it. "Now...how'd you like to see the play room?" She asked me. "It's reserved specifically for Pets who've shown the most promise this past week, those who've obeyed instructions and commands well. We allow them some time to get used to one another, play as it were...and enjoy themselves. We very often give them some sort of a pretend scenario to see how they respond to that, all part of their training. Would you care to see?"

"I wouldn't miss this for the world," I told her, and then followed her down towards the far end of the hall, and yet another room with another pair of fairly wide double doors. And I was still wondering how much of this place I still hadn't seen. As it turned out, there was a hell of a lot that I hadn't.


By now I was pretty much ready for just about anything, though I was still a bit surprised to discover that it was Marla, one of the other Attendings and one of the oldest women here who happened to be down in the "Play Pit" as it was called. The room itself was again very large, nicely and richly furnished with very expensive looking plush carpeting. In the very center of it was a likewise circular pit, some three feet deep sunken down into the middle of the room. A ring of chairs and small tables ran half way around the pit where people could sit, relax...enjoy a drink. And of course watch their Pet's play down inside the circular area. Bella told me that besides this being used as a training, play area. It was sometimes used on very special occasions for sparring matches for other peoples, other owners Pets. They would bring them here whenever one of those special evenings had been set up, and then a very special clientele, mostly other owners, but also a few perspective owners, or just influential people interested in the sport, would then be invited to attend.

Bella and I took a seat, a nearby Attending on duty immediately coming over to take a drink order from us. Looking down into the Pit, I was again surprised to find Marla, simply laying on her side down there, three other's crawling all over one another trying desperately to get at her boobs...or so it seemed anyway.

"Ah yes...one of my favorites to watch. Marla's being the Lioness, and these are her three hungry cubs. Obviously, she only has two tits in order to feed them with, so they have to take turns sucking on her, fighting one another for the privilege of doing so. Sometimes it can get pretty rough, especially if one of them keeps getting pushed out of the way all the time and doesn't get their fair share. After a bit though...we'll see one of Master's other special hires come in, he'll play the role of the dominant Male Lion. And that's when it gets really interesting, watching him service the entire pride."

Admittedly, I was actually looking forward to that, though it was oddly interesting in a way, seeing the three younger Novices, all trying to vie for one of Marla's two available tits. They indeed scrambled, pulled, yanked, and tried to nudge one another out of the way in order to do so, while Marla simply layed back, her eyes closed, content to let the three of them somehow work it all out.


We sat sipping our drinks, one of the Attending standing nearby, though moments later she walked over towards a door opening it and looking in.

Bella glanced at her watch. "Must be time," she said smiling to herself. "I think you'll enjoy this," she added.

I looked back over my shoulder, the Attending walking back over to stand near us, the door opening once more as a man suddenly appeared...naked, looking more like an Adonis than man. Bella heard the catch in my throat, turning to look herself now, once again leaning over to whisper.

"That's Lionel," she told me.

I laughed, I couldn't help myself.

"No, seriously...that's his name," she stated somewhat seriously. I rolled my eyes still trying hard to stifle another laugh.

"You're kidding me," I then added, but as I glanced at him even more closely, all humor just seemed to evaporate.

He almost looked like a male lion as he slowly made his way over towards us. His deep bronzed skin, long blonde hair cascading down around his shoulders as though sporting a mane. I followed his lines down his strong chest, Abs more defined, cut, than I had ever seen on a man before. But the most prominent, obvious feature immediately garnered my attention. He was as hard as a rock. His long stiff penis standing up like a spear pointing towards me. Balls likewise bigger than any I had ever seen dangling beneath his proud manhood. Nearing us, he stopped briefly as Bella made introductions. Only then did I raise my eyes away from his massive prick looking into this face, once again catching my breath as I did so. He had slits for eyes instead of pupils. Taking my hand, I likewise expected him to kiss it as he held it, surprising me as he licked it instead, running his tongue from my wrist all the way up my palm to the tips of my fingers before releasing it. He had spoken not a word, a low deep throaty growl coming from him instead as he released my hand stepping over towards the pit. It was then that I noticed the women had gathered together, all cowering, save for Marla who now knelt expectantly looking up. It was then that he dropped down onto all fours and slowly began to move down the carpeted ramp into the area below.

"Contacts," she had said as Lionel began making his way down the carpeted ramp. "Interesting though isn't it?"

"More like...unnerving," I told her having seen that, contacts or no.

"Now it gets interesting," Bella said untying the sash on her robe parting it, revealing to me as I'd already suspected that she was naked beneath it. Almost immediately her hand dropped down between her legs. "Sometimes...I actually wish I was in training," she sighed pleasurably.


The three younger looking Novices remained huddled together, Lionel moving between them separating them further away from Marla, though he did so, cuffing one harshly on her ass, hitting her hard enough at least to cause her to scamper away even further as he slowly circled Marla, still growling. He then moved up behind her, obviously intending to mount her, but not before falling over her, his mouth coming down onto the backside of her neck, biting, holding her there as he completed the maneuver. In moments, he was inside her as she held perfectly still. The man-lion, continued to hold her like that for several long moments, his thrusts though slow at first...continuous. Finally releasing her neck, he increased the tempo, now rutting with her wildly, thrusting deeply forcefully inside as Marla collapsed down onto her forearms giving him even better, deeper access to her cunt. The three Novices still huddled, taking note, watching with curious interest, and perhaps wondering if they too would soon be serviced as well.

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