Do it...For Me

byParis Waterman©

"Do it... for me," I said, "I like to watch."

I watched her blush; saw the nervous twitch of her left eye, and decided she needed to hear the precise words. "Masturbate... for me, Vickie, please."

I know she's wet; we've been leading up to this since we happened to meet at the bar. Vicki admitted her penchant for watching porn; I admitted to being a voyeur, among other things. We knew where the evening was going, and now we were in Vicki's apartment. Hers, not mine. Vicki chose the destination, not me.

I believed I knew what she wanted to happen and toward that end I took control.

"Masturbate for me," I said, rephrasing my request. I spoke quietly, keeping my voice calm, but firm, and with a knowing smile on my face.

We are sitting on her bed, amid a pristine, ultra feminine pastiche of pink and white; amid oodles of Teddy's and Raggedy Ann dolls. Twenty minutes of hot and even hotter kisses, with each one a sign of eventual surrender have come and gone. I put my simple request to her one more time.

"Do it... for me."

I know she wants me, and she knows that I know. Yet she sits there, unmoving, formulating a reply that I have yet to hear. Already our clothes are half scattered around the pink and white room; a blight on the perfect blend of her choice in color.

"Vicki, I would like to watch you masturbate. You've already felt my cock. You know how hard it is for you. You need to be fucked. You want me inside you.

"What you want," she says and pauses. "It's embarrassing...Please, let's not do that. Wouldn't you rather fuck?? She's started to pant. "I'm really so fucking wet already...."

"I want to watch you first... C'mon Vicki, do it for me."

"But why?" she whines.

"I want to see you cum, that's why."

"But... but that's so private..."

"And fucking isn't?"

She giggles at my comment, and when I give her a questioning glance, she provides an interesting reply. "It takes two to fuck."

"No it doesn't," I say, surprising her.

"What? I don't understand?"

"Do you own a vibrator?"

"Yes, but what...."

"Do you have a dildo?"

"Yes, of course, but..."

"Then I assume you fuck yourself with one or both of them. Therefore one can fuck oneself. Two is undeniably better, but one can manage on one's own. Am I right?"

"You... you're making this difficult. Why don't we just fuck, all right? You pick the position."

"I want you to do it for me, Vicki. Please honor my request."

"I've never... not in front of someone else..."

Of course I know this. In fact, it's my whole point in asking. Should Vicki comply with the request, she'll undoubtedly do anything I ask from that point on.

I don't answer her; instead I smile, and with our eyes locked I let my fingers slowly unfasten the buttons on my pants. I watch her eyes flick to my slowly moving fingers. She licks her lips with a deep pink tongue.

I expose myself to her ever widening eyes; I'm fiercely erect as my hand glides up and down my throbbing cock.

"Do you want... me to suck it?"

"Yes, I do," I say, knowing her every fiber wants to place my dick in her mouth.

"But touch yourself first, Vicki. Do it... for me."

It's my turn to watch her fingers fly down her chest as she unhooks her bra and presents her breasts to me.

"Touch me..." she croaks beseechingly.

"Ladies first," I reply. "Do it..." "Touch yourself for me."


"Yes, please come for me..." I reply as a series of soft wet sounds rise up from my cock as I stroke it.

"Show me what a darling slut you are Vicki; touch it, come for me."

Vicki moaned, and avoiding any eye contact whatsoever, made a present of her panties to the pink and white carpeted floor. She's naked now, for my viewing pleasure, naked and oh so wet, although I've barely touched her.

"Please..." she panted, but her fingers have fallen between her thighs. I know her clit is aching for attention. I steadfastly refuse to grant it.

"Do it... for me."

I want to watch her body bucking and writhing on the bed; I want to see the way she touches herself; I want to watch her cum... for me.

Vicki knows what she's about to do and shudders. "For... you," she moans, and then her fingers are moving, rubbing, stroking, faster, harder, her thighs wide apart, displaying herself to me.

Her cunt is on display for me as her fingers skid here and there teasing her clit, and plunge deep within her vagina.

I see her cunt start to drip her gooey wetness onto the sheet as she moans, "Slut... I'm a total slut."

"Yes, you're my slut, Vicki," I can't help but yell. "You're my slut, my whore!"

A moment later Vicki's thighs are convulsing, her hips bucking furiously; and with her face etched with anguished pleasure, she released a long, sustained moan.

"I am! I am!" and came...

For me.

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