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Do My Husband


The Christmas party was in full swing at the ad agency where I worked and everyone was feeling nice and loose. I was talking to Carol, who'd become a friend and a confidante, and we were both eyeing Mike, a good-looking guy who'd started to work as a copywriter at the agency six months ago.

"He's cute, Mike is, ain't he?” I said, nodding in his direction.

"Oh yeah, he's cute okay," Carol chuckled. "And that's just the start of it."

"Just the start of it? What do you mean?" I asked, curious.

"I might as well tell you, Peggy, I've been screwing Mike for the last couple of weeks," Carol said, looking at me and lowering her voice. "Screwing him a whole, whole lot. He's a great fuck. Plus he's got this big, hard cock and he sure as hell knows how to use it."

"You're shittin' me!" I said,

Carol and I talked pretty openly about sex.

"I kid you not," Carol said with a nasty leer. "He really knows what he’s doing. Got great moves, plus he’s long lasting. And that dick of his is just perfect. Stiff, thick, nicely proportioned. I mean, he has himself a museum quality penis, trust me. And he's so fuckin' horny too. And he has this thing for my ass. You know how I've told you I love taking it up the ass? Well Mike, he just goes nuts fucking my butt. I mean, the stud is seriously bottom-crazy."

Carol couldn't have known the effect this revelation had on me. Just to hear that she was fucking him and that he was real good and had a big dick was pretty hot news. But that last bit -- about his butt-fucking fetish -- hearing that just about flipped me out. Because it was a fetish I shared, and in a kind of special way too.

After I heard all that from Carol I decided I had to talk to Mike one-on-one, especially since Carol had told me they were just fuck buddies, and didn't really have anything like a relationship going. So a few days later I asked Mike whether he wanted to go down and have a sandwich with me at the corner coffee shop.

I made sure to get us a booth out of earshot of the other diners.

"Carol's been telling me some pretty interesting things about you, Mike," I said after the waitress walked away with our orders.

He looked straight at me.

"Oh yeah, like what's she been saying?"

"Just that she thinks you're a great fuck and that you have a big cock and you know what to do with it."

He chuckled, acting pretty blase, maybe a bit cocky, hearing this from me. I liked that.

"Carol's got a mouth on her," he smirked.

"She also told me how you love to fuck her up the ass, how she can't get you to leave her butthole alone. That afterwards she's sore back there for a couple of hours."

"What can I say? I guess I just have a thing for that old backdoor route," he admitted frankly, looking right at me. "And so does Carol, by the way"

"And so do we," I told him.


That got him interested.

"You met my husband, right?"

I remembered introducing Donny to Mike at a party.


"Heard anything about him?" I asked, figuring Carol must've filled him in. She knew all about Donny and me, and she wasn't one to keep her mouth shut.

"A couple of things, that's he's younger than you and that-- that--

"That he's bi?" I said, completing his thought. "That he was living with a dude when I met him, that I got him away from a pure queer thing?"

"Yeah, something like that," Mike acknowledged.

Donny was younger, by five years. He was just twenty-three. And when I met him I thought he was gay through and through. But he was so cute and so sweet and so talented that I made a move for him anyway. It seemed he was vulnerable and ready to meet someone like me. Donny was bi, not gay, and had been thinking about giving up the boy-boy scene and getting into women. That's just at the time when I hooked up with him, an opportune time, it turned out. Pretty soon we got married.

"That's right, he was making it with men when I met him," I explained. "You'd think that would've put me off, but actually it turned me on about Donny. You see, Mike, for some reason I've always had this fascination with men having sex with each other. I know it sounds twisted, but that's just the way my head spins. I mean guys are always having fantasies about women making it, so why not a woman having the same kind of fantasy about guys? The other thing is, I'd long had this special fantasy of being a guy myself, a guy with a big, hard dick. And not so I could fuck chicks with it either, though that was a part of it too."

"You done that? Strap on one of those things and fuck a chick with it?"

"See? I said, smiling knowingly. "I told you guys get off thinking about that. And yeah, I've done it, I've fucked a chick with a strap-on."

I looking straight into his eye, thrilled that we would be talking so frankly, so openly.

"But what really pressed my button was the thought of fucking a guy with one of those, hard and nasty right up his tight male ass."

"So that was a big attraction of Donny's, right?" Mike said, figuring it out fast. "He knew what that shit was all about."

"You got it," I said with a big smile. "Now you see what I mean, Mike? Turns out we both got this fetish, we both love to fuck ass."

He smiled, looking me straight in the eye, a real sexy look too! "Nice to know we have something in common."

I laughed at his forthrightness.

"The thing is, I've had this other big fantasy that I haven't been able to fulfill. At least not yet. Like I know my husband loved making it with men, and that he craved having a dick buried up his ass. So I've told him how much it would turn me on to watch a stud do him like that, you know, to see a guy with a real cock -- a nice, big one -- bust Donny's asshole wide open. Sounds pretty kinky, huh?"

"Hey, whatever gets you off," he said calmly.

"But he just won't do that. Donny said that once he married me he decided to put all that boy-boy stuff behind him. I mean in his mind I know he still hungers for that kind of action. Donny loves sucking my rubber dick, having me work it all the way up his horny bottom. But he won't mix it up with a guy anymore."

I was watching Mike closely for his reaction. He was obviously fascinated.

"But finally, just last week, I convinced him to try something new. I asked him if he'd mind having a guy there with us, at least seeing me do him the way I do. You know, just watching and beating off. Maybe helping out a little, like together we could do stuff like ream out Donny's ass with a couple of dildos, or something like that. And he said okay to this idea. I mean, what I really want is to watch him actually get fucked by a guy, but a scene with another guy just watching and helping out some would get me off in a big way too."

I took a sip of my coffee.

"So Mike? You love fucking ass so much, have you fucked guys up the ass too?" I asked him, keen to hear the answer.

"Nah, I'm straight.'

"Never? Not even once?"

"Nope," he said. "I guess I've been able to get into all the female bottoms I've wanted, so that did it for me."

"Ever been curious about it though? About fucking a guy?"

"Yeah, sure," he admitted. "If you love butt sex the way I do, you gotta at least think about that."

Hearing this brought a big smile to my face.

"Let me ask you something," I said, leaning close. "What would you think about being the dude? You know, the one that would come over and watch me do my husband? You're the kind of guy I've been imagining joining us there, watching us, a a rugged, horny and straight stud… with a nice, big dick.”

Now he sipped some coffee, thinking about it.

"I don't know--" he said, still noncommital.

I leaned even closer, looking straight at him.

"How about this?" I began. "Me and Donny, we made a video of our scene, of me putting his bottom through the paces. How'd you feel about coming over to our place some time -- when Donny's not there, just you and me -- and I'll show it to you? We can watch it together and you can see what I'm talking about?"

"Now that I think I can get into," he said with a slightly lewd smile, obviously liking the idea of seeing me in this kind of twisted action, at least on video.

"Great, how about this Saturday, Donny'll be away all day."

I wrote down our address, we finished lunch and took off. But I was thrilled as hell that I was getting Mike to at least do this. It was a first step.

That Saturday morning I was so excited I could hardly sit down as I waited for Mike to show up. The tape was already in the VCR, ready to roll. I couldn't wait to show it to Mike, to see his reaction.

A few minutes later there he was, and a few minutes after that we were sitting on the couch next to each other as I pressed the 'play' button.

"Hope you find this interesting," I said. "Hope it doesn't freak you out too much."

"Nothing much freaks me out," he said, leaning back, easy and languid, but with his eyes keenly glued to the TV screen.

Suddenly there we were, me and my husband. Donny was stark naked, down on his elbows and knees, sticking out his bottom for me. I stood behind him, dildo strapped to myself, wearing only a T-shirt. I was fisting the dildo like a horny stud eager to stick it somewhere. It was a very life-like rubber cock supposedly molded from a real one, with a rigid wire running through its core so that it stuck straight up and didn't hang of its own weight, like a lot of dildos did.

"Look at you, you look pretty horny," Mike joked.

"I always am horny when I have Donny's hot ass in front of me, ready for the taking."

"How old is he? He looks real young," Mike asked.

Everyone thought Donny appeared a lot younger than he was. Especially undressed, he looked like a teenaged boy. Which only made him that much more appealing to me. He was a dreamboat, with a gorgeous face, and a smooth, sleek body. And this perfect, boyish ass with narrow and firm, but nicely rounded buttocks.

"He's twenty-three, but he does look young, doesn't he?"

"That he does," Mike said, obviously intrigued by the sight of my slim, youthful, naked husband sticking it out for me. Not that Mike was an old man. He had just turned twenty-nine, I knew.

Now, on the TV screen, I knelt down behind Donny, spread open his cheeks and started licking his ass. I always start if off that way with him. I glanced over at Mike to see his reaction; he sure was paying attention to the TV screen.

"I'll bet you like to have your asshole licked," I said.

"How'd you guess?" he said, glancing over, his big, sexy brown eyes gazing right at me. That gaze gave me goosebumps. I imagined eating out Mike's hot ass, but not with the attitude I ate out my husband's. With Donny's it's a prelude to the main act. It's just the start of the serious assault I like to launch on his helpless, sorry butt. But with Mike I'd imagine myself down on my knees, licking his asshole as an act of sexual devotion. Still wearing my strap-on, though. So I could pretend I was a guy, an eager 'bottom' -- as submissive men like to call themselves -- dying to please a 'top,' worshiping at his anal alter with my slavish tongue. I didn't say any of this to Mike of course, but that's what was running through my twisted, depraved mind! Next, Mike watched the screen as he saw me squeeze some lubricating jelly into Donny's crack, after which I took my time fingering his lubed asshole before working on him back there with a vibrator, then a hand-held dildo.

"See what I mean? I'm a freak for a male ass," I said as Mike watched me excitedly tend to my husband's bottom. The camcorder was moving around shooting the scene from different angles, which made Mike curious.

"Who's videotaping?"

"This chick we know, Denise," I explained. "She's a dyke and a couple of times I got her to come over, strap one on and do Donny along with me. That was cool, but not as cool as it would be to see a dude with a real cock do him."

"Interesting," he said, looking at me, realizing I'd already had a third over to join me and Donny for this scene.

"And how come you're wearing a T-shirt?" he asked, very curious now.

"Oh, for the video I just wanted to look as much like a guy as I could," I explained. "Covering up my tits helped."

I'm a slender woman with narrow hips and rather smallish breasts, plus my hair was cut real short, like a guy's. So all that worked real well towards my fantasy of 'being a guy' with a big cock eager to fuck another guy's ass. The T-shirt covering my tits only added to the effect.

"Too bad, because you've got real nice breasts," Mike said, staring down at my chest.

"You like them?" I said, flattered, of course.

"Oh yeah, I'm always noticing them at the office, especially with you wearing those tight little halter tops all the time," Mike admitted.

I loved it of course, loved that Mike checked out my boobs on the sly.

Now I did some looking myself, dropping my gaze down to his crotch. Mike was wearing tight jeans and there was a big, unmistakable bulge down there. I don't know if it was being with me, watching what was transpiring on the TV screen, or thinking about my breasts, but Mike definitely had himself a hardon.

"How about I show you my titties and you show me what you're hiding down there?" I said, lifting my T-shirt over my breasts quickly as Mike just as quickly unzipped himself.

Suddenly it popped out, fully erect, all nine thick inches of it. Carol had described it to me, how it was thick and long, rigid as a length of steel tubing and beautifully proportioned. And she said he had measured it. Now as I stared down at it I could see she was right in every detail. Man, I couldn't have dreamt up a more impressive cock to bring over and show off to my husband. That is, if Mike agreed. Seeing it like this, exposed right next to me, made me long that much more for my husband's compliance, so far regrettably held back. To be able to watch this big, gorgeous cock bury itself all the way up my husband's tight, young ass would definitely ring all my bells! And then some!

"Oh wow, Carol wasn't kidding," I said, staring at it unabashedly. "Let me see you stroke it."

He began to lazily fist his big, erect penis, showing off.

"How about I take these off," I said, reaching under my skirt and pulling down my panties. Then I lifted my skirt above my waist and spread my legs, exposing my snatch for Mike.

"Let's watch some more TV while we play with ourselves, what do you say to that?" I suggested, as I began to finger my pussy. I love to masturbate. And a horny dude like Mike, I'm sure he beat off all the time, whenever he didn't have a hot mouth, a hot pussy or, best of all, a hot, tight asshole handy.

So there we were, next to each other, me with my fingers busily whipping up a froth between my wide open legs, Mike stroking his rigid shaft. We stared at the TV where now, finally, I got up on the bed, knelt behind my husband, worked the tip of the dildo between his cheeks, and then just pushed forward as I began to fuck him up the ass. I glanced over at Mike to see his eyes riveted to the screen, fisting his own cock frantically as he watched me screw the shit out of my husband. I loved it! I loved that this was exciting him as much as it was.

"So what do you say?" I asked. "How'd you like to see me to do that in the flesh? Maybe join in and help?"

"Sure," he growled, looking over at me with a sexy grin. "Could be fun."

I was thrilled, thrilled to hear him agree to actually join me and Donny. Once I got Mike in a room with the two of us I had a feeling all sorts of things could happen. I imagined my husband actually having a beautiful dick like Mike's in arm's reach. What would he want then? Would he say 'no' to that? And how far would Mike be willing to go? Those thoughts surged through my feverish brain as Mike and me watched and masturbated.

"You're a pretty nasty fucker," he growled as he watched. By this point I was holding on to Donny's hips, thrusting forward savagely as I slammed that rubber cock of mine deep into his bottom. And Donny, as always, was loving it, reaching underneath to fist his own swollen shaft, pushing his butt out against my thrusts, wanting it deep. Now I imagined Mike doing that to him, Donny pushing back greedily to get every one of Mike's thick nine inches inside his horny butt. Donny had been saying no to that possibility. But with Mike actually there, might my husband relent? Only time would tell.

"Yeah, and I heard from Carol what a hot, nasty fucker you were," I purred. "Man, would I love to see you fuck my husband's ass with that big thing of yours. That would be just about the ultimate."

And for me, it would. It was my #1 fetish, to get to see a stud really do my husband's bottom.

He looked over at me, not saying anything, but his eyes told me what I needed to know. Told me that when it came to ass, Mike was game.

He was panting and I knew he was close. So was I. I switched hands now, fingering myself with my left hand now as I reached over with my right to take hold of Mike's shaft.

"You don't mind, do you?" I hissed at him sexily. "You don't mind if I beat it off?"

All he did was smile. And so now, as I got myself off with a few flickers of a finger strumming my clit, I twisted Mike's rigid, hot shaft in my hand. Suddenly there it was, spurting out of him, lots and lots of it! Spraying all over his T-shirt

"Man, what a load!" I said in amazement, the semen still shooting out of him.

Finally we just rested, looking at each other, smiling, then laughing in delight.

"Take that T-shirt off and leave it here," I suggested. "I'll launder it and return it to you when you come over. That is if you want to--"

"Oh, I want to," he said, his mind made up.

Of course I wasn't going to wash it right away. After those gobs of semen dried on his white T-shirt I figured I'd hold on to it in that state, stare at it and think about how Mike had blasted off big time while I beat off and reminisced. Then, just before he got here, I'd finally wash it for him.

Mike arrived again at our place a week later, this time me and my husband waiting for him and

his big cock. I still hadn't gotten Donny to agree to have anything to do with that big cock, but at least he was willing for Mike to come by and watch me put Donny through the paces, and maybe help out some. At the same time I wasn't sure how far Mike would go, other than just standing and watching it, like he did when he watched on TV, and fisting his thick shaft. All I knew was that I would do my best to make it all as scorching as possible.

I almost hit the ceiling when I heard the doorbell ring, so pumped up was I with anticipation.

"Why hello, Mike," I said with a big, sexy smile as I opened the door for him. He was standing there looking keen and cool and handsome. I was wearing the strap-on under a pair of tight, worn jeans and I knew the bulge was very pronounced, just as Mike's had been so pronounced when he got himself a big hardon the time I showed him that tape. Naturally, looking down, he noticed.

"Looks like you're packing some serious equipment down there," he said with a sly smile, reaching down to give that bulge a playful squeeze. I was thrilled when he did that. This was just the way I wanted it to be. In this fantasy I was a stud joining another hung, horny stud so together we could put my husband through some hot, rugged paces. I'd be 'one of the guys' in a sizzling all-guy threeway scene. My fetish for hot male-male sex was about to get seriously revved up.

"And I know you are too," I whispered huskily, giving him a similar squeeze.

Then I walked him into our bedroom where I had Donny waiting. And he wasn't just waiting, he was waiting in place. I figured rather than having the two guys meet and small talk, I'd get into the main act right off. So now, as Mike entered the bedroom, he got to look down at my husband stark naked, lying on his stomach. I didn't have him up on elbows and knees yet. Instead I'd wedged a couple of pillows under his stomach to raise his butt up a bit.

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