Do My Husband


"How about I fuck your ass now, Peggy?" Mike whispered in my ear. "That way I get to sodomize both husband and wife today."

"Oh man, you are nasty," I said, turning back to look at him. "Sure, go ahead and do it. Grease it up and fuck it! Fuck it like you mean it!"

Since my whole trip with my husband is that I'm the top, I do his ass, I rarely get mine fucked. Once in a while I give Donny a treat and let him do me that way, but not often. But suddenly there was nothing on this planet that I wanted more than to feel what my husband had felt, to feel Mike's big, stiff cock buried in the hot depths of my bottom.

So now Mike reached for the lube, and pulling the dildo strap aside, worked a big dab in with his fingers, prepping me, as I never let up fucking my husband.

"Ready for some cock!" he growled, pulling the dildo strap aside.

"Yeah, give it to me!" I insisted, then addressed my husband. "Mike's gonna fuck my ass now, baby, he's gonna shove his big cock all the way up my asshole while I keep on fucking yours."

And then I felt it, that big knob of his cock pressing in between my cheeks, entering me, slowly filling my ass with its insistent stiffness.

"Yeah! Fuck my ass! Fuck it!" I howled as he now took hold of my hips and slid it inside me with that nice, smooth rhythm I had been watching him use on my husband, taking his time, getting it in deep! I turned my head, wanting to look right at Mike while I took it and gave it both.

"God, you feel so fuckin' good in there!" I said, looking into his eyes, burning with lust. The full length was buried in the torrid depths of my rectum now, his balls slapping against my cheeks as he drove it as deep as he could. "Your ass is even tighter than your husband's," he said with a smirk.

"I don't take it up there on a regular basis the way he does," I purred.

I had another idea now, I wanted it a different way.

"Pull out a second, will you?" I asked him.

After he pulled his cock out of me, I withdrew mine from Donny's butt. Then I unstrapped the dildo and flung it aside. Now I was going to be a woman, a wife, as I got up on the bed on elbows and knees right next to my husband, looking back over my shoulder at Mike.

"Do us both. Back and forth. Do both of our asses!" I pleaded as that foxy, shit-eating grin lit up his face again.

First he got behind Donny and slammed it up his ass again.

We were adjacent now, my husband and I, faces turned to each other, bottoms raised high for Mike's big cock.

"Oh sweetheart!" I said to Donny. "It was just inside my ass, now it's up yours again."

He didn't say anything, just looked right at me, grimacing as he happily endured yet more of Mike's relentless rectal assault. I loved it, being right next to my husband, both of us sticking it out next to each other like two sluts in heat, Donny taking it now, me knowing any moment I was going to get my own dose.

And then that moment came as Mike pulled it out of Donny's asshole and buried it back up mine.

"It's great, isn't it honey," I said, looking straight at my husband. "taking a big hard cock up the ass. You love it, don't you?"

"Uh huh, I do," he whispered, admitting it freely.

"Tell me, let me hear you say what you love."

"I love having a cock in my ass, a guy's cock. Mike's cock."

"So do I! So do I!" I gasped, reaching over with my lips and giving my husband a tender kiss as Mike switched again, pulling it out of me and sticking it back up my husband's bottom as we kept kissing.

I love my husband and he was really taking it like champ, just like I had wanted to see him take it. But now I wanted to give him something and to try another variation I'd fantasized about a lot.

"I got still another idea," I said, nudging Mike to pull out of Donny's ass.

Now I got down flat on my back and spread my legs wide, having Donny come between them.

"Oh yeah, baby, do it! Fuck me!" I gasped, looking into my husband's eyes as he slid his prick inside me. Mike sat on the edge of the bed, stroking his well-exercised cock, watching. And I knew exactly what I wanted him to watch, reaching around and holding open my husband's buttocks, revealing his asshole for Mike again, nice and vulnerable. I knew the lewdly exposed hole was all slick and dilated. Mike sure seemed to enjoy taking in an eyeful of the depraved sight as I ran my fingers into Donny's crack to see how busted open his hole was, sliding three fingers easily inside as I stared straight at Mike.

"You really fucked the shit out of Donny's asshole," I said as Mike grinned sexily, loving it all. "That's what you both wanted, ain't it?" he said.

"Sure is," I said, then looked at my husband. "Isn't that right, Donny? Isn't that what you wanted? To have a big dick buried up your hot queer ass?"

I somehow got a charge reminding my husband of his gay side.

"Uh huh," Donny panted as he fucked me.

"Turn around and tell Mike."

"That's just what I wanted, dude," Donny said, craning his neck to look back at Mike. "I wanted you to fuck me with your big hard dick."

I loved it, loved hearing my husband say this to Mike.

"Now stick it in again!" I hissed, looking up at Mike over Donny's shoulder. "Stick it back inside his asshole!"

Through all my fantasizing, this was an image that always recurred. My husband was on top, fucking me, while a stud knelt behind him and buried his cock up Donny's ass as I reached around to hold Donny wide open, husband and wife getting fucked at the same time, one in the cunt, one in the ass.

Mike smiled that cute, horny smile of his again as he got in position behind Donny. And then as Donny sighed and a grimace animated his face I knew Mike was burying it inside him again. Working my hand around, into his crack, I ran my fingers around the rim where Mike's thick and rigid girth was saying another hot hello to my husband's stretched-open asshole. It all made me feel delirious with lust. I love having my husband fuck me, but to know that now as he was screwing me there was a thick, nine inch cock buried inside him drove me insanely crazy!

Donny's face was buried against my neck as he took it while giving it to me. And now Mike and I found ourselves face to face as he leaned over.

"This is so fuckin' hot," I said. "Doing it this way."

Donny wasn't moving at all, his body pressed tightly against mine and his cock deep in my pussy as Mike pummeled the shit out of him. I could feel every nuance of Mike's hard hammering into Donny's bottom.

"Jam it in there! Hard! Deep! Fuck his fuckin' slut ass!" I hissed at Mike as I kept reaching around and holding my husband's buttocks wide open. Mike loved the prodding, pumping away furiously, so furiously that his thrusts felt like an electric surge that ran through my husband's body into my own. It was like Mike was fucking me and Donny together at once. We gazed into one another’s eyes, Mike and I. Then he brought his lips close to mine. We kissed, lips parting, tongues meeting, hot breath fusing. I closed my eyes taking in every vivid sensation. The kiss, wet, warm, passionate, tender. My husband fucking me. And knowing that as he was fucking me, as I was kissing Mike, Mike had every inch of his cock buried up my husband’s ass. That recognition made every never fiber in my body feel alive, made me shiver with pure, raw lust.

"Your husband is a pretty lucky guy, I'd say, getting his butt fucked nice and hard while he plows it up that tight, wet pussy of yours," Mike smirked, pulling away from my lips..

"Did you hear that, Donny?" I cackled. "Mike thinks you're one lucky dude."

"Now I got an idea," Mike said, pulling out and helping me and Donny roll over so that I was on top of my husband now, riding his prick. Immediately I had a sense of just what that idea was, and it sent a shiver running through me again.

"Are you gonna do what I think you're gonna do?" I said, looking back over my shoulder at Mike, breathless with excitement.

"Yup," he growled, kneeling behind me, wedging his cock between my cheeks and working it back up my ass, this time with Donny's cock already buried in my cunt. I knew all about this variation. Everyone's heard about it, seen it in porn films, but I'd never done it, never been 'sandwiched' like this. I almost fainted from the raw sensation. What could be more amazing for a woman than to have a big cock buried in her ass while another one plows her pussy? I knew that one day I'd get to try this, and now that day had come.

I looked back at Mike.

"Oh man, you can't believe how good this feels!" I groaned. "Having all this hard dick in my fuckin' body."

Mike had himself a thick nine inches; Donny a solid seven at least. That meant I had sixteen inches of rigid, aching cock buried up my two fuck holes. Just the thought of that gave me the shivers.

And I tried to imagined what it felt like for the guys, their cocks grinding against each other, separated only by the thin sheath of muscle that divided my rectum from my vagina.

Obviously it felt a little too good for Donny, because before I could really get to enjoy a full dose of this dual assault of my hot, willing orifices, I saw beads of sweat break out on Donny's forehead as he grunted, and that told me he was climaxing. Pretty soon I could feel his cock go soft inside me.

Mike could probably feel Donny go soft too, so he pulled his out of my ass.

"Bring your faces up together, cheek to cheek," Mike told us.

"Good. Now open your mouths wide."

Donny's cheek was pressed against mine, my mouth and his mouth both open wide as Mike had instructed. I knew what was coming and I could hardly wait as Mike brought his stiff, aching cock up to our faces, fisting it slowly.

"Here, eat it up," Mike sneered, jamming his cock into Donny's mouth. "It's just been all the way up your wife's tight ass."

I fingered my pussy to a volcanic climax as Mike went back and forth fucking Donny's mouth, then mine. Finally he pulled it back a couple of inches and twisted it slowly in his hand. I remembered how heavily he had unloaded that time I showed him the video and jerked him off. Now here it came again, torrents of semen shooting out of him all over my face and Donny's, into our open mouths.

"Look Donny, cum, you get to taste cum again!" I said as I watched Donny's face being splattered with Mike's semen as, at the same time, the hot spunk splashed against my own face. There we were down on our knees together, husband and wife, cheeks and lips covered with the pearly gobs of Mike's awesome ejaculation, Mike slapping our faces with his still big and meaty, but no longer quite rigid cock.

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by Anonymous

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by cdCindy103/29/18

loved this story

This is exactly what I want my wife to do with me. I would love for her to bring a hot well-hung man to our house and feed me his cock in both my holes. She could suck his cock in front of me and I willmore...

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by zazrix909/16/17


On my bucket list in the Donny mode for certain!!!! Cocks!!!!

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by Anonymous08/07/17


Donny is one lucky guy, having a wife who brings home a well-hung stud to plow his ass! That is my fantasy, to have my wife watch me getting my ass seriously reamed.
Unfortunately, my wife is not as domineering,more...

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by Anonymous08/05/17

I loved....very hot and sexy story!

The author did a very good job on this story.
This story is sexy and hot, full of creativity, great context, well written and it is very enjoyable reading all the way through.
Congrats to the author.....andmore...

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