tagRomanceDo We Really Need Words?

Do We Really Need Words?


All characters engaged in sexual activities are over the age of eighteen.


Jill wiped the counter and looked at the clock.

Ten fifteen.

She smiled, Jack should be coming in any minute.

She looked up excited at the sound of doorbell.

Her excitement dampened at the sight of the large and rowdy bar hopping group squeezing themselves through the glass door into the diner.

Sadly, thoughts of Jack left her head as she put a smile on her face to wait on the raucous bunch.


Jack looked through the glass at the brightly lit diner. The smiling red head was waiting on a large group filling the counter area.

Jack could see the slight dimple on Jill's left cheek. She always got that when she put on her happy face, when in all reality she was frustrated.

It was a big group, and they were pretty loud.

Jack shook his head. As much as he would love to see Jill, he really didn't want to add to her frustration.

He turned and walked back the way he came toward his apartment.


An hour later, Jill took the last dirty plate off the counter and watched as the bar hoppers collected themselves to continue their night of drunken merriment.

Thankfully, they really weren't that bad. She had had much worse.

As the last of the party stumbled through the door Jill looked up at the clock.

Eleven fifteen.

No Jack.

Her smile left her face.

She took the remaining detritus off the counter and used her hip to swing the door to the kitchen open.

Chet looked up from scrubbing the large copper skillet.

"No Jack tonight, huh?"

Jill turned to look at the chef after she had loaded the various cutlery and dishes into the plastic rack and pushed it onto the belt which led it on its path towards cleanliness.

"And what makes you say that?"

"Am I right?"

She gave a soft, sad smile and nodded.

"See. I've seen that pretty face of yours five nights a week for the last two years. You don't have to say anything for me to see volumes."

Jill chuckled.

"Remind me never to play poker with you."

Chet laughed, "I've lost enough in my life that my darling wife reminds me daily not to play poker with anybody."

Jill laughed.

Chet smiled, "See, that's the pretty, happy face I know. Jill, why don't you just ask the boy out?"

Jill blushed.

"I tried once, remember. He broke a plate, bowl and glass, and I never got an answer before he fled the diner."

"At least he didn't say 'no.' Besides we have enough china for some collateral damage if it means you do something besides sleep and work in this joint."

Jill just shook her head and returned to the dining area to give the counter a good cleaning.


Jack sat in his apartment and pet his purring orange fuzz ball that was attempting to rub her head through the side of his thigh.

He always loved his quality time with Tiggerrette but tonight he just couldn't get his head from that certain smiling red haired waitress.

Without thinking, he clenched his fist on his petting free hand. Why? Why? Why did he have to be such a blithering idiot when it came to dealing with people?

If anyone, anyone, male or female, would so much as say 'boo' to him his mind went blank and the panic attack started.

He turned red just thinking about the other day when the girl at the checkout in the local market had asked him if he was going to that big party down at the beach next week. He had knocked over an entire display of gum.

He wondered if Jill was going to the party.

"What do you think Tiggerrette? Should I ask Jill to that party?"

Tiggerrette looked up at the sound of her name to roll over on her belly and kept the steady stream of purrs filling the room. As far as she was concerned he could do whatever he wanted.

As long as he didn't stop petting her.


Jill looked around her living room. She didn't think anyone had ever seen the inside of her apartment. She had a bookcase of books with a very comfy chair next to it with a strong lamp behind the chair. That was her favorite spot in the entire place. It really did look like a place for one, and it had always served her well but now suddenly it just made her feel lonely.

Jill walked over and scanned over the titles on the bookcase until she settled on a romance she knew she could lose herself in for the rest of the day before she was off to work again.


Jack looked around the bookcases looking for his next escape from reality.

From around the corner Quentin, the store owner, watched as one of his favorite customers browsed through the stacks. He had a book he definitely wanted to recommend, but he had to approach with caution as Jack had the worst case of people phobia he had ever seen. Startle him and bookcases could go flying.

Quentin made a motion with his hand holding a trade sized paperback book.

Jack caught the motion and turned his head to watch the store owner place the book on the edge of the counter nearest him.

Curious, Jack walked over and looked from the book to the smiling owner.

"Hi Jack; take a look at this book. I think you will really like it."

Jack picked up the book entitled Station Eleven and read over the back. It intrigued him a lot.

He gave a shy smile at Quentin, "This looks really good."

Quentin nodded, "I've heard many great things about it. I really think you'll like it."

"Th..th..thanks," Jack stuttered, already he was maxing out his limited people handling skills.

Quentin gave Jack a big smile, "You're very welcome. Enjoy."

He then busied himself around the paperwork on his nearby desk as Jack noticeably relaxed.

Jack grabbed the book and walked back over to the science fiction section and browsed some more.

Soon enough he was back at the counter with Station Eleven and three other books.

Quentin noticed Jack glance at the sign held in the acrylic easel stand.

"Are you going to that big party next week? Should be quite the hoot."

Jack just smiled and shook his head and paid the store owner for his new books.

As he walked out and headed down the sidewalk towards his apartment, he wondered again if Jill was going to the party that everyone was talking about.


Quentin smiled as one of his other favorite customers came into the store shortly before he was closing. Jill often stopped in before she headed off to work at the diner, so she often was one of his final customers of the day.

"Hi Jill, how are you tonight?"

"Hi Quentin, in desperate need of new books to keep me company," Jill responded.

Quentin smiled and reached over to grab a copy of the dark blue book. "I think you would escape for hours with this one."

Jill looked over the book.

"Station Eleven? I've heard of this. It's supposed to be very good."

Quentin nodded, "That's what I've heard."

"Okay. I'll give it a shot. Thanks."

And with that Jill headed back to look throughout the store for more time occupiers to fill her lonely days.

It wasn't long before Jill was back at the counter with a small stack of books.

"Well you did well, I see," Quentin laughed.

As he was ringing up Jill's purchases he saw her looking at the sign.

"Are you going to that big party next week? Should be quite the hoot."

Jill laughed, "'Hoot' isn't the word. Nope, that is definitely not my kind of party. I get self-conscious wearing a bikini in public let alone that."

Quentin just laughed and gave Jill her books.


Chet laughed at the sight of Jill's face as she brought the new order to him.

"So, what does Jack want for dinner tonight?"

Jill blushed, "That's it. I'm wearing a mask when I work with you from now on."

"So, why don't you just ask him out? There's that big party next week."

Jill laughed, "I really don't think that is Jack's kind of party."

Chet shook his head, "You'll never know until you ask. Besides what better way to really get to know all about someone then at that party."

Jill laughed, "Too much information if you ask me."

Jill returned to give Jack his dinner rolls and butter while Chet cooked his Salisbury steak.

She went back over to the counter and sat on the stool in the far corner. There were no other customers but Jack, so Jill fished through her bag and pulled out her new book.

Jack sat in the booth munching on the dinner roll and flipped open Station Eleven. Already he was several chapters into the really good book. He would have to thank Quentin for the suggestion. He hoped he wouldn't destroy any displays in the process.

As was his usual, he snuck a peak at Jill. He started and looked carefully at the back of the book she was reading.

He quickly closed his book and compared the back cover.

He gasped. She was reading Station Eleven too. They were reading the same book. He shook his head, it was a big seller so it wasn't all that surprising, but still it gave him a warm, cozy feeling to know he was reading the same words she was reading. They were sharing something.

He couldn't think of a time when he had ever shared something with someone even from a distance.

He watched as she closed her book and went around behind the counter.

She came back through the two way door carrying the plate with his piping hot food on it.

As she approached Jack set his book down.

Jill set the plate down mindful of his book so she didn't spill anything on it or bend it. She looked carefully at the familiar back before returning to look at Jack who was staring intently at his food as he always did.

"Can I get you anything else?"

Jack just smiled and shook his head as he did glance up at her.

He was so cute. Jill had to stay out of the kitchen for a while as she definitely didn't want to hear what Chet would have to say about her face now.

She quickly walked back over to her stool and reached out for her book.

It was the same back cover.

Jack was reading Station Eleven.

A very warm feeling grew inside Jill's chest as she picked up the same book that Jack was reading.

Suddenly, the words seemed all that much more precious and meaningful as she returned to reading, smiling at the pleasant feeling swirling inside of her.

Jack saw the beaming smile on Jill's face as she started reading again.

She liked the book as much as he did.

He felt tingles cascading up and down his chest and stomach.

As he opened his mouth to put in a forkful of the delicious meat he reached for his book, excited to be sharing something with Jill.

Even if it was from a distance.

Jack had a sense of intimacy with another person which was a very new feeling for him. He felt his breaths beating back his panicky feelings.

Jill returned to his booth, "Any dessert, Jack?"

Jack shook his head but stared straight into the smiling girl's eyes.

After a deep, calming breath he rushed out his words, "No thank you Jill. I have to get home to my kitty or I'll never hear the end of it from her."

Jack and Jill stared at each other slightly surprised.

He had never said so many words to a girl before, any girl, but especially not this girl.

Jill snapped back and smiled a tremendous smile, "You have a kitten? How adorable. What's her name?"

Jack glanced at his book, their book, for strength which came bursting into him.

"Tiggerrette, her name is Tiggerrette."

Jill laughed, the sound dancing around like gloriously beautiful butterflies in Jack's head.

"Tiggerrette? Like Tigger with a '-rette' ending.

Jack smiled and Jill's heart melted.

"I waited to name him Tigger, my favorite Pooh character, but he was a she so Tiggerrette she was."

"Is she orange with black stripes?"

Jack gave a chuckle which caused Jill to momentarily lose touch with reality.

"And the bouncy effects when she is so inclined." Jack added.

"What a sweet baby. I love cats but I can't have them in my apartment. No animals." Jill sighed.

"Maybe sometime you can come to meet her."

Jack's mind suddenly collapsed in on itself. He couldn't even process the thought that he had just asked a girl to his apartment. Not just any girl either but THE girl.

He couldn't breathe or build up the nerves to panic. He just blankly sat and stared at the smiling face of the woman standing next to him.

"I'd like that."

The spell was broken and Jack was able to breathe again as the door swung open, the doorbell heralding a new patron in the diner.

Jill held Jack's money and cheque in her hand, "I'll get you your change Jack."

As he was walking by the burly patron stopped and snorted, "Jack? Jack and Jill? You out to run up the hill together."

He laughed as the look of panic washed over Jack's face, and he bolted from the booth and sped toward the door.

"Jack? JACK!" Jill called as he pushed the door open in a run.

She saw his book forgotten on the table. She grabbed it and ran toward the door.

She ran out of the diner.

"Jack! JACK! Your book."

Jack stumbled to a stop and looked down at his empty hands then turned to the sight of Jill waving the book while holding the diner door open.

He gulped and turned to walk back.

Jill looked like the world was coming to an end.

"Jack, I'm so, so sorry. Bert is an idiot. He didn't mean anything."

Jack looking just at the book took it from Jill.

"So 'kay. Th...th...thanks."

He smiled a soft, shy smile and turned back toward home.

Jill shook her head sadly and watched him rapidly walk down the empty sidewalk.

She took a deep breath before returning to Bert and the diner. It was going to take all her will power not to smush the plate of food in Bert's face that night.


Jack rubbed the full belly of his purring kitten as she laid next to him all four paws hanging relaxed in the air.

"Tiggerrette. That was the best meal of my life. I talked to her, Tigg. I actually talked to her. I even invited her to meet you."

Jack could invite the local street gang into the apartment if it meant the belly rubs continued for all Tiggerrette cared.

One thing Jack knew. He liked the feeling he had that night in the diner a lot. He wanted more of it. He remembered her laugh and the happy explosions in his brain from the sound. He wanted to hear that laugh again.

Many times.

He wanted Jill.

He looked at the book next to him on the other side from Tigg on the couch and felt the panic ebb and quiet in his chest.

He could do this. He could do this.


Jill's face lit up in a megawatt smile at the sight of Jack walking into the diner several nights later.

"Jack! Are you okay?"

Jack gave his usual soft smile and nodded.

He skipped his usual booth near the front door and went up to the counter where she was standing instead.

Jill smiled at the sight of the familiar book in his hand.

Jack noticed her eyes and their direction to the book.

He took a deep breath.

"It's a great book."

Jill's smile grew impossibly bigger. She had trouble hearing over the throbbing of her heart in her chest.

"It really is. The Preacher is so freaky, scary."

"I know! That scene with the kid reading the Bible in front of the empty Korean Jet liner."

Jill gasped, "I can't get that scene out of my head."

"Me neither." Deep breath. Look at the book in his hand. He could do this. "Jill, ah....can cc...ccc...can I take you to that big party at the beach everyone is talking about tomorrow?"

Jill just stood in stunned silence and automatically nodded her head without a single cognizant thought available in her brain as it had crashed and burned and needed to reset.

"Two...tttt...two o'clock here?"

Jill's head still was nodding, the reset hadn't taken effect yet.

Jack smiled and started to pant his breaths.

"Great. See...ssss..ssee you then."

He turned automatically and stiff-walked out the door and down the street.

As he was turning the key in his door he realized he had no idea how he had gotten there.


Jill looked at herself in the mirror, then the clock on the wall next to the bath sink.


She had an hour before she had to be at the diner.

There was no way she wasn't going to be there, but this party. This event? Of all things. She looked down at her trembling breasts and further down her nude body as pretty much every part of her trembled.

She could do this. She could do this.

She couldn't believe he was willing to go to this party.

If he could do it so could she.

She could do this. She could do this.

Another deep breath and Jill put on some make up and shifted her legs to pull panties up before letting the sundress slide over her head and frame.

She looked at the bureau drawer that held her bras.

No, she could do this. She didn't need it. She could so this.


Jack beamed a smile at the sight of Jill standing in front of the diner wearing a beautiful yellow sundress. The actual sun paled in comparison.

When he got to her, he silently thrust out the purple cellophane wrapped bouquet. Half the blossoms had fallen off from his constant shaking the rest looked like they had been through a hurricane.

Jill took them and smiled; she had never seen a more beautiful bunch of flowers.

"Thank you."

Jack blushed and gasped as she leaned forward to kiss his cheek.

Deep breath, deep breath, deep breath. Don't panic. Don't panic.

Jack glanced up at her smiling face and shining eyes.

His heart melted, and he forgot all about panicking.

And breathing.

He held out his hand.

Jill took it and let him lead her down the street toward the beach several blocks away.

Neither spoke, but words weren't necessary or actually even possible from either of them at that moment. All they could feel or think about was the feel of each other's hand in the other's.

Soon the couple approached the large temporarily erected plywood wall separating the beach and the milling crowd around the guarded entrance.

Wow, this party was huge. So many people Jack thought. He gulped as the familiar tendrils of panic flowed through his blood.

He looked down at the hand in his and suddenly he forgot all about his blood and panic feelings and even everybody else on the planet.

The two approached the entrance when Jack saw the large sign.

He lost his breath as the words sunk in his brain.

"Happy National Nude Day, July 14th. Leave your clothes in the lockers provided right after the opening. You can leave footwear on but no other clothing beyond the second door allowed. Have fun and enjoy National Nude Day."

"NUDE??? There's such a thing as National Nude Day? This is a nude day party?"

Jack looked at Jill with his mouth dropped open.

Jill looked at Jack in surprise, "You didn't know?"

Jack felt dizzy as he shook his head and sat down hard on the curb.

Jill looked at him in stunned silence.

Jack had a million thoughts running through his head but all of them were running at such high speeds that he couldn't catch a single one of them.

The sound of angels suddenly burst through the thoughts chasing them away to leave such a sense of peace and serenity.

Jack heard Jill laughing so hard she was holding her sides.

She collapsed on the curb next to him.

He loved the warmth of her shoulder pressing hard into his. It reminded him of Tiggerrette.

He turned his head to look into her smiling face. He looked into her shining eyes. She had tears from laughing so hard.

He lost himself and couldn't even tell if the world was even still turning.

Mindlessly he did the one thing he could never have done thinking.

He leaned over and kissed Jill.

Jill gasped in his mouth, her eyes bulging as wide as saucers in the diner at the feel of his soft lips against hers. Her hands reached up to grasp his hair on the side of his face and pulled him deeper into the kiss.

She moaned.

His lips and tongue tickled at the vibrations of the moan.

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