tagMind ControlDo You Prefer Doctor...or Mistress? Ch. 02

Do You Prefer Doctor...or Mistress? Ch. 02


John's final day at the conference went by in a haze as his mind lingered on what had happened the previous night. The events that took place seemed almost dream like yet every thought he had about Vanessa or rather Mistress as he found caused a stir in his groin and his lust just seemed to build and build. He could not focus on anything but the need for release. There was a thirty minute break between functions and he found himself sneaking into one of the hotel bathrooms as he had already checked out of his room in order to quietly masturbate. His orgasm was explosive as he envisioned himself lying on a tan loveseat while an attractive forty something woman rubbed his cock through his underwear whispering to him about his helplessness to her and her will. It was all he could do to keep from crying out as semen erupted from his cock.

The conference could not end soon enough and before he knew it he was on a plane flying back to Jacksonville. He found himself badly in need of a drink and reached into his pocket for his wallet. He started to count the cash he had and was surprised to find a business card in the middle of the billfold. He lifted up the card and read: Dr. Vanessa Willbond, MD. What really made his eyes pop was the address; Jacksonville. He flipped the card over and found "Call me when the need gets too great" written on the back in feminine handwriting. He suddenly envisioned himself calling her in his mind which caused a stirring in his groin again. He rang for the flight attendant to order his drink and shoved the card into the pocket on the back of the seat in front of him doing his best to think of anything but her.

Over the next few days John fell back into his normal work routine but every night he would masturbate with visions of that night at the conference in his mind. After each time he tried to let it go but found him thinking of her more and more. On the third night back as he came he found himself crying out "oh Mistress" with his body shaking. It was all too much for him. The constant thoughts of her and desires he could not control were driving him crazy. He knew it had to stop.

On the day after his third night back John looked up her office address online and decided to go see her during his lunch hour to get her to undone whatever it was she had done to him. The drive took about twenty minutes and he rehearsed in his mind what he was going to say to her on the way. He arrived at her office which was really an old house that had been rezoned as a commercial building. It was one story with stone steps leading up to a front porch that stretched across the front of the house.

He went inside and was greeted by a receptionist who looked to be in her early to mid-twenties. She had dark hair, olive skin and John found her to be quite pleasing to the eye. If he had to guess her background he might say Greek or even middle eastern.

"Hi, " she greeted him with a smile, "how can I help you?"

"I'd like to see Dr. Willbond," John replied trying to keep his voice steady. He could not seem to get control of his nerves at the moment as he thought about confronting Mist...Vanessa.

"She is almost done with a patient and does not have one scheduled for another hour. I can see if she has time for you. What was your name?"

"Tell her it's John, from the conference."

"Okay, if you'll please have a seat," her hand gestured towards one of the two leather chairs bracketing a table against the far wall. John moved over and sat down and a moment later a man in a navy with gray hair walked out. He immediately went to the receptionist and John listened as he scheduled his next appointment.

Once the man exited out the front door the receptionist got up and walked into the door the man had just exited. A moment later she came out, "Dr. Willbond will see you now."

John got up and walked through the door. The office was fairly large with books lining most of the walls. The carpet was plush and John felt his feet sinking into it with each step. Vanessa sat behind a large wooden desk wearing a blue suit jacket with a red silk shawl hanging across her chest and one shoulder.

"Thank you Nadine," she said looking at the receptionist, "you can take lunch now."

"Thank you Dr. Willbond, "she said with a smile and quick look at John before closing the door.

At the closing of the door John immediately turned back around, "Mist...I mean Vanessa what have you done to me?" his voice carrying what measure of outrage he could muster at the moment.

"John let's discuss this, please sit down, " her hand pointing in the direction of a chair sitting opposite her.

John went over and sat down in the chair and felt his body lightly tingling all over as he did. Vanessa's bright red lips turned up in a smile as she looked at him, "John see how easy that was? I asked you to sit and you naturally wanted to do as I asked. All I have done John is reward your existing desires to follow the lead of a strong, confident woman. Is that such a bad thing?"

"Mistress I can't concentrate on anything...my mind is a mess..."

"John you just need to focus your energies better. I can help give you better direction," Vanessa's hand moved up and pulled at her silk shawl. "You have all this sexual energy John. I knew you were attracted to me when we met and I harnessed that attraction to give you release like you have never felt. I stripped away all your thoughts and ego to let you simply act as you truly wish to deep in your soul." The shawl fell away and John's eyes locked onto the cleavage that was lurking underneath. It did not even appear as if she was wearing a shirt or a bra.

"Here we are again little johnnyslave, " her eyes smiling at him as she continued, "so easy for you to relax with me and just be yourself."

John found himself sinking into the chair as Vanessa spoke to him, "that's right johnnyslave. So easy to fall deep for me isn't it?"

"Yes Mistress, " his mind railed against him but his voice responded without hesitation.

"That's right. It's natural to relax for me. It's so easy to obey my commands because you feel pleasure every time you do." Vanessa got up from her chair and walked around the other side of her desk. She sat up on her desk and crossed her legs which were incased in patterned black stockings that showed off her legs just past her knees where her skirt began. She dangled one of her black heels on the end of her toes as she continued, " johnnyslave this is what you have always wanted to be. You go under so easy for me because you want to please me. Pleasing me makes you soooo happy and it also makes you feel sooo much pleasure."

John's body was falling under wave after wave of pleasure. His mind absorbed every word she said. She was his Mistress. He obeys all her commands, " and obeying my commands make you feel wonderful. Little johnnyslave's cock is getting so hard for Mistress. Those nights without me to stroke it you had to do it yourself baby didn't you?"

"Yes Mistress, "his voice came out barely audible in response to her question.

"Kneel on the floor for Mistress, " John found his body moving out of the chair and kneeling on the plush carpet in front of Vanessa, "oh good baby, "John's body shook with pleasure again, "now take out your cock for me baby."

John immediately complied as found his body rocked again with more waves of pleasure, "oh see how good it is when you do as I tell you, "she dropped the red silk shawl onto John's lap covering his rock hard cock, "now warp your cock in the silk scarf johnnyslave...yessss you obey and it feels so good, "as she spoke whimpers escaped John's lips.

"Grab hold and feel your cock encased in silk...alllll wrapped up just like I have you all wrapped up and helpless, "the last comment caused the whimpers to change to soft moans, "yes you have been stroking for me johnnyslave and as you stroke up your will gets weaker...down and my will gets stronger, "John's hand began to move up and down on his cock in response to Vanessa's words.

"Everyday you were trying to put me out of your mind but every night baby you were stroking away your will leaving you helpless to mine, " Vanessa let out a throaty laugh, "now stroke away johnnyslave...that's right...rub that cock and feel that helplessness you love so much...so weak, "John's hand moved faster as her words continued to assault his mind, "so helpless...up your will gets weaker...down my will gets stronger...weaker and weaker...yesssss baby weaker and weaker...helpless...no control...just weak and helpless as you release and give yourself even more to your Mistress, " cum erupted from John's cock as his body reached ecstasy unlike anything he had ever known. His cries came out in more like screams. His voice lost some of its deepness as they traveled from his chest to his throat.

"Yes all that cum for Mistress Vanessa, " Vanessa felt a wetness in her panties as she always did on conquering a man and bending him to her will. "Now sleep deeply for me, " she said snapping her fingers causing John's eyes to crash closed, "from now on you will ask me before you masturbate. You may on ly do it at my command. Your cock belongs to Mistress Vanessa doesn't it johnnyslave?"

"Yes Mistress Vanessa."

"This is starting out so well johnnyslave...now go deeper for me..."

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