tagMind ControlDo You Prefer Doctor...or Mistress? Ch. 03

Do You Prefer Doctor...or Mistress? Ch. 03


John found the rest of his day at work difficult after his visit to Mistress Vanessa's office. Even in his thoughts he had trouble of thinking of her name unless it was preceded by Mistress. He had to break free of this woman's hold. He kept telling himself there had to be a way around it. Perhaps he could concentrate on pleasing himself and not thinking of her. If he could get through a couple of times maybe he could break the spell. The other option was no jerking off for a while which seemed a daunting task. "Besides, "he thought to himself, "how can I break her hold without some repetitions."

So that would be the plan he would exercise. He would start tonight and after a week Mistress Vanessa would be a memory.

He got home that night and found some eye pleasing pictures on the internet to get some good fodder for the spank bank. He decided on one of a nice looking woman in some black silk stockings whose skirt was pulled up just enough to reveal her garter belts. He was a leg man after all and why not use a strong fetish to draw his attention elsewhere.

He started to get himself in the mood slowly rubbing himself and in no time had a nice erection. He began to stroke himself up and down and focused as hard as he could on the lovely picture in front of him. Up and down his hand went and he found his mind drifting away from the photo. Each time he shook himself back to alertness he would find the next time his attention span grew shorter, and shorter.

Before John realized what he was doing he had his cell phone in hand and dialed, "Yes johhnyslave, "the feminine voice on the other side answered.

"Uhh...I...don't really..., "John found himself at a loss for words.

"Oh johnnyslave, did you need to rub your cock for me again?"

"I...um...was Mistress, "he replied.

"You know you must ask me first, "her voice sent gentle tingles through his body as she spoke to him, "I know how frightening it is to give up control like this johnnyslave. It's okay to resist me. When you give in the next time it will make you surrender even stronger."

John's conscious mind worked ferociously to block out Vanessa's words. He had to stop this. What might she use this control for?

"Yes baby resist the urges bubbling up in you, "she continued after a couple moments of silence, "struggle to keep my words from pulling you down into peaceful relaxation. Hold onto your thoughts soooo tightly just before, "the sound of fingers snapping came through the earpiece, "you fall, "with Vanessa's words John's mind went blank, "ready to be filled with commands from your Mistress..."

John awoke the next morning to the sound of his alram and found himself having trouble remembering the night before. He knew he was going to break hold of his Mistress by disobeying her repeatedly and found himself feeling somewhat disappointed in himself. After all she was an attractive woman and all she had done was help him be more relaxed. Things just seemed to be so confusing for him lately. He quickly shook the thoughts from his mind and got ready for work.

John's day was humming along as he worked and suddenly his cell phone rang, "hello?"

"Mr. Smith?" the woman's voice on the other end of line asked.

"This is he."

"I was calling to confirm your appointment tomorrow with Dr. Willbond at noon."

"Oh...I ummm..." John hesistated.

"There's always a follow up three days after your initial to make sure you are following up with the guidelines the doctor first set with you."

John's mind raced at the thought of seeing her again so soon but heard himself say, "Yes I'll be there at noon."

"Very good Mr. Smith, just bring anything with you the doctor gave you last time and any additional items you feel are needed. See you tomorrow, " she finished and then hung up the phone.

Well he told himself he needed to speak with her anyway so no better time than tomorrow to take care of it.

Noon on the following day came quickly and John arrived at Vanessa's office a few minutes to noon bringing the red silk scarf she had given him last time and some flowers he had gotten for her. He was not always the flower type but he thought she might like them.

He walked in and was greeted by Nadine again who showed a knowing smile when she took in the flowers he had in his hand, "hello Mr. Smith it is good to see you again, "her eyes moved up and down, "you look presentable today."

"Thank you...Nadine was it? "John asked.

"Yes so nice of you to remember, "she smiled, "I will let Dr. Willbond know you are here."

Nadine picked up her phone and dialed briefly announcing his arrival, "very good doctor, "she said looking up, "you can go in now Mr. Smith."

John walked into the office to see Vanessa standing in front of her desk in a black skirt suit similar to the one she wore the first night they met, "welcome back johnnyslave, "she said.

"Um about that Mistress..., "John began.

"Please, "she motioned in front of her and he proceeded to walk over to her and get on his knees at her feet, "are those for me? "she asked indicating the flowers.

"Well...uh yes Mistress, "he replied handing them up to her. "I feel uncomfortable with the "johnnyslave' title Mistress."

"Oh sweetie that's only a term of affection I use when we are alone like this. In a sense you are a slave to me and my kindness towards you. See how good you felt giving me the flowers on your knees?" John nodded his head in assent. "Well that was you serving the kindness and love I give you. Do you enjoy the feeling of serving me?"

"Well yes Mistress I just..."

"Shhhh don't think so much about it you'll just get yourself all worked up like the other night. You know it gets easier for you the less you think. There's no stress when you just act on your thoughts, "Vanessa smiled down at him and John nodded his head knowing she was right.

"Now let's get you on the divan so when can help you to rid yourself of that nasty stress and help you let go completely." Vanessa reached down and gently pulled John up by the arm and walked him over to a black divan chair and laid him down on it. She pulled a chair up next to him so as he was lying down her legs were parallel to his shoulders next to the divan chair. Before sitting down she pulled off her jacket revealing a white shirt that was almost completely unbuttoned giving him a good view of her breasts held in place by a silk laced bra.

She smiled as he gazed up at her chest, "yes baby feeling so relaxed again aren't we? "she lowly took a seat in the chair crossing her nylon encased legs, "feel how much my breasts relax you. You feel so sleepy and helpless as you gaze at them. Helplessly relaxed as your sex grows harder in your pants and your mind opens up to my voice and you are soooo receptive to my commands."

Vanessa took a few moments to deepen his trance that he had been in for the last couple of days. Using an alarm clock as a trigger was always a good trick to make sure the first thing the subject heard that day would keep his mind blissfully quiet. He had functioned the last two days in a half trance state and she thought he made need to stay that way for a while. His mind was a bit more resistant than most and keeping the alarm clock trigger in place would keep him unaware and his mind malleable enough for her to cement in the behavior patterns she wanted him to have.

"Now where is your silk scarf, "John's hand went into his pocket as he lay on the divan and pulled out the red silk scarf from his last encounter, "oh soooo good you remembered it my little johnnyslave."

Vanessa took the scarf from John's hand and moved the other down to unzip his pants. She reached in his boxers and freed his already hard member and wrapped it up in the silk scarf, "feel the silk encase you and bring you pleasure. This is the kind of pleasure you can only get by obeying my commands, "Vanessa smile at his glazed over expression. His lips had parted and the soft moans started to come out of his mouth. She had to work harder than usual on this one and it made the thought of her soon to be sealed victory all the sweeter. No one resisted after a return visit.

"Let your eyes close as you enjoy the pleasure you get from hearing my voice. You see me in your mind holding you suspended over a dark abyss. My hand holds your body encased in silk. It strokes you up, your will disappearing now, and down, my will is the only will, up, your will disappearing, down, my will is the only will, "her hand slowly stroked John's cock. His body writhed under her hand as he began to whimper. "You're so weak and helpless to me johnnyslave. You love this feeling of being so weak and helpless to me. You love to do nice things for me because it makes me happy and that brings you great pleasure. Up, your will disappearing now, down, my will is the only will...yesssss feel that wonderful pleasure building and building. When you finally release your will is going to vanish forever leaving my will in its place."

Vanessa thought she should have him now. She knew he was on the edge and just a little harder push should do the trick. The whimpers coming from his mouth were the best indicator. His tone of voice was no longer of one in command of their sexual pleasure and once she had that she had everything. "Here we go sleepy baby, it's time to release that will and make room for mine my sweet little slave." Her hand moved faster, "weak and helpless...feel the pleasure build and build as I take you into ecstasy, "John cried out as wave after wave of pleasure whipped through him. Vanessa felt his release through her hand and smiled as she saw a tear streaming from the corner of his eye, "yes baby let it all go...all you know is Mistress Vanessa's will."

She felt a slight tremor between her legs at the sight of the tear. She had gone deep enough to uncover an emotional block and knew with it there was no turning back for John. She had opened him up far enough to put in place whatever she desired. "That's it sleepy baby, all mine now. You feel so safe and happy belonging to me don't you johnnyslave?"

"Yes Mistress, "he whispered.

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