Do You Remember Ch. 01


"Nice try shifting the blame. That was more than year ago and after the first time I caught you."

God, she was spitting mad now and when I say that I'm serious because as she spoke little spitlets came out with every curse. "Asshole! Not last year. NOW! This whole thing is a cover so you can hook-up with that little blond CPA. YOU LITTLE DICKED FUCKER! I'm tired of you acting like this is some fucking tea party. This is about you wanting to fuck little Jaylee. What's the matter, you want a virginal little blonde girl to make you feel big? You're just going to replace the whore and throw her out on the street?"

I laughed. "Why would I want to do that to my dear faithful wife." I paused and went to take a drink. My water wasn't halfway to my lips when Viv smacked it out of my hand.

"Tell the fucking truth!"

"Viv, you know I could never replace you," I said, calmly pressing down on my knuckles where the shattered glass had gut a shallow gash in my skin.

Her body shivered, her tiny clutched fists hovering just above waist level. "YOU GOD DAMN PIECE OF SHIT! DON'T JUST FUCKING SIT THERE!" And then she was running out of there crying her eyes out.

No, this was no pre PMS syndrome or a fiendish attempt by a soulless bitch to manipulate reality. This was Viv, the passionate woman with the emotions of a yo-yo. For the last eighteen months I had begged her to get professional help, but any time I had even mentioned it she had exploded at me.

Anyway, that was the whole break-up. When I went back to the apartment the next day, her stuff was gone and my stuff was pretty much destroyed. Well, the things I had left there. I kind of worried she was going to act this way and had planned ahead.

I don't know if it was because Viv was worried that I was going to take her to court about the vandalism or something else, but laid end-to-end the divorce took just under six weeks.

Strangely, I never ended up asking Jaylee out. About four months later she took a job on the east coast. It wasn't something that bothered me much though because shortly after the break-up with Viv my office was overwhelmed by business. After putting in ninety hour work weeks the only relationships I had time for were the ones with my family, my tax guy, my running partner, Don, and the sixteen-year-old barrista who made my mocha lattes in the morning -- actually the relationship with the barrista was not a faithful one because there were a dozen barristas who were servicing me, all seemingly sixteen and without the ability to fit a lid tightly to a cup.

Finally after six months the bullet train of my life came to a halt. I was going to be assigned to a big case, but before my boss would give it to me he made me take a two week vacation.

*** Two Years Later

Last night I was in bed with Taylor, this slinky redhead pilot and she was perfect, medium height, natural, medium-sized breast with out thrust pink nipples, long legged, colt like, okay maybe she was a little spindly for my tastes, but she had a muscular spareness like a rick climber. Taylor's impaled on my cock, pushing me deep inside her and I was humping and grunting and the sweat poured off me; we were kinetic. My cock was a little sore, the sheets were a mess and the smell in the room was pure sex funk.

"Is that the best you can do?" She broke off as my brutal thrust threw off her rhythm.

"Fucking little bitch..." Taking advantage of her unsteadiness, I flipped us over and really began slamming my cock into her hole, laughing as my first thrust inside her forced out a little pussy fart.

"This is nothing, little dick." Her words sounded funny because I was pounding her so hard her teeth crashed together at the end of each thrust. "When... God... when you want to get started could you wake me up?"

I paused to gather myself. "You're going to regret that one, you skinny no tit bitch!" I lean down to capture her lips, but she thrust upward and our lips devoured each other, sloppy, animalistic kisses, all spit and tongues and then Taylor bit into my lower lip.

"BITCH!" My first slamming thrust pushed Taylor back a foot on the bed. With each shouted syllable or two I slammed into her again, pushing her body back a couple inches, straining my body forward, then gathering myself for another huge thrust. "FUCKING BITCH! YOU WANT MY COCK? THEN FUCKING TAKE IT!"

"You hairy fucking caveman!"

I'd forced her body against the end of the bed and now each thrust slammed her against the headboard. "I'M GOING TO FUCK YOU - SHIT! I'M GOING TO FUCK YOUR PUSSY INTO THE WALL."

"Pleassssee... my nipples."

My cock was swelling. I could feel the orgasm busting loose from behind my eye, before it overwhelmed me I twisted her nipples hard.

She screamed and the pressure in my head was so tight it felt like I'd burst a blood vessel in my eye. The cum rocketed out of me, straining to burst the condom tip or escape down the rippled sides for an end around attack. Taylor sank her teeth in me, my sudden bounce triggered an aftershock orgasm that was almost as strong as her first. God, spurt after spurt, my scrotum was as wrinkled up as my face as the orgasm shot through me, the feeling continuing even as the pump ran dry and still I was straining and pulling for nine seconds more, the explosion as intense as a bull ride.

I rolled to the side even as my hard cock kept us connected.

Taylor patted my chest and then looked down and noticed my hard cock was still inside her. "Well, aren't you just the fucking optimist?"

I flexed my cock inside her and watched the smirk on her face disappear. "I'm up for another go. How about it?"

"If I didn't have a flight in the morning, I'd love to take you up on it," she said as she pulled herself off my cock. "But tomorrow's my second go round in the big boy's chair of a 747."

Taylor got up and walked off in the direction of my bathroom. "One of these days I'm going to devote a three day weekend and see if I can't tame that bad little boy of yours," she said just before I heard the sink turn on. "Oh, crap, I didn't mean that. Sorry for breaking this to you like this but it's starting to look serious with this guy I'm seeing, so I don't think we're going to have any more get-togethers for now. But if things don't work out, I'll give you a call." And with that the bathroom door shut.

After stripping the bed and rinsing my face and chest in the guest bathroom, I went into my office and took a look at my notes for tomorrow. I knew that my relationship with Taylor was over. If nothing else the timing said it all. Taylor needed to get to the airport early and I had a client meeting bright and early.

I got lost in my notes for awhile and when I went back to the bedroom Taylor was already asleep and snoring gently. Normally our post sex routine was uncomfortable, but more so than usual I just wanted Taylor gone. Not that I had any place being so broken up over this; our whole relationship was seven get together in the past four months. And from an offhanded remark of hers, it seemed I wasn't her only man in LA anyway.

I had a hard time getting to sleep and when I woke up it only seems fitting that Taylor is already gone.

Why did Michelle have to take the job? Or why didn't I decided to relocate? Sure, love is love, except if you're on the brink of a partnership. Shit, I couldn't even blame Michelle. LA just had too many lawyers now and the firm she had been at was penny ante.

Our relationship had hit the four month mark with everything going well. Or rather it hit the three month mark like gangbusters and then she got a job offer. For the next month we had walked on eggshells, each in our own heads, with me trying to decided if I should ask her to stay and Michelle trying to decided if she would stay if I asked her.

The only thing that would have kept us together was if I had asked her to marry me and it had been too soon. If we'd had four more months it might have been a different conversation.

We'd promised to keep up a bicoastal romance and the first two months we did manage to get together for three weekends. After that ours was a relationship kept on life support by phone and internet. Six months later the romance had become just a deep friendship. Maybe if I could have found a job in New York then I still could have saved it, but I doubt it. Though she hadn't said it, I knew she had met another guy. We continued our weekly phonecalls though more and more I could sense her talking around the new guy in her life. We had promised to be faithful, but getting together with women like Taylor had been my attempt to keep myself sexually satisfied but still open to the possibility of Michelle coming back.

Maybe it was because of the divorce or just my getting annoyed at how I'd screwed things up with Michelle, but somehow I'd just gotten to the point where I didn't care anymore. It just was a matter of satisfying lusts now and since my cock had been serviced by Taylor last night I would probably be able to make it to the weekend. Now it was just a matter of getting my daily dose of caffeine.

The line at Starbucks was huge and I was still tinkering with my PDA when someone pushed into me. I was wearing new shoes and as I stepped back onto a slick of spilled coffee, my feet went out from under me. Whatever the reason it must have looked pretty funny. I guess it looked like what happens in those Road Runner cartoons where Wiley Coyote runs in midair for a couple seconds before falling down a gorge.

Can you hate a woman just for her laugh? I was laying on my ass in a pool of latte froth wet and dusty from a fine coating of cinnamon dust from the shaker that had fallen onto me from the condiment table. Oh it wasn't just that one woman. There were other people laughing too and I was mad because they were smug, sniggling little laughs. But the statuesque blond was standing over me, staring me right in the face and cackling her head off. She didn't even offer me a hand-up.

I looked up and glared at her. "Have you finished yet..." No, I didn't say bitch, but my eyes were saying it.

"Not yet." I noticed she had her cell phone in hand and was panning the little black bead on the back over me while staring at the phone's display. "I just need a couple more angles..."

"Hold up .." I was struggling to my feet, but was slipping around so badly it looked like I had revisited my elementary school days and was playing a game of crab soccer.

The woman's cheery little smirk grew brighter. "Wait a second. I've just got to get this in movie mode."

When I got to my feet, I was scowling. "Okay you've had your stupid laugh now give me the fucking phone..."

The blond drew herself up straight and looked me square in the eyes and now I realized that I was looking up an inch to meet her gaze. She was wearing a business suit, but there was no disguising her big swimmer's shoulders. Also she had a broad, but not unpretty, face and a strong neck. Close up she looked like what I imagine a female defensive lineman looks like. She took a couple steps back and the line shuffled forward taking our place.

I took a big step forward and we were face to face, but only for a second as she pit two fingers in my chest and pushed me back.

Her face was cold. "And suppose I decide not to give you my fucking phone?"

Damn it, if she had been a guy and a couple inches shorter and had a smaller neck I would have hit her. As it was, I was too angry to back down, but didn't feel like ending up in a jail cell especially if it was after receiving end of an ass kicking from a woman.

"What are you going to do? You're going to blackmail me? I'm supposed to be worried my friends and family will find out I fell over in a Starbucks?"

The woman snorted like a bull moose. "It's not great now, but with a little sound editing and some digital compositing, it might get some good play." Then the smirk on her face just blossomed. "After all who wouldn't enjoy seeing a corporate lawyer falling on his ass?"

God, I wanted to her, but just then my PDA beeped reminding me about the client meeting. I pushed down my anger and screwed on my reasonable face. "So what do you want?"

"If you had just asked me instead of being an asshole, it would have cost you nothing." She flipped her long blond hair in an oddly delicate gesture of annoyance. "Now I'm not sure. You can't just put a price on something so quickly."

I didn't have time for this. Despite the possible consequences, punching her lights out just kept getting more and more appealing. Pushing the feeling down, I smiled so hard my gums bled. "I'm sorry, but I've got to get a meeting now, if you..."

The blonde smiled. "Go to your meeting. We have a bargaining session in our future and I'm going to think a lot about what it's worth. And the next time we meet you better come with a different attitude because if Mr. Asshole makes another appearance this goes straight onto the net."

I nodded absently imagining her big head exploding. "Fine, So we meet when?"

"Let's try tomorrow morning, here at 7:15."

I held onto my scowl until I made it outside.

Of course the rest of the day stunk. Caught in the rush of my crazy day, it wasn't until I had eaten a late snack and crawled into bed at 1 AM before I had a chance to think about the stupid run in that morning. Shit, I should have got her name and threatened to sue her.

Waking up I knew I was unprepared. I was in just the same bad mood as always and whoever this woman was, there was no point in trying to piss her off. Except that she pushed my buttons and I was the farthest thing from mellow now. So instead of reading through briefs and taking my morning run, all I did was sit down in front of the tv and watch half of a Bill Murray comedy.

God, it had been so long since I'd laughed. It felt like months though I knew it couldn't have been that long, I'm sure I must have managed a few fake chuckles for some of my firm's partners. Suddenly with that laughter I just didn't give a damn anymore.

On the way to the Starbucks, I left a couple messages and had the morning free until 11 AM. It was strange, here I was getting extorted and for the first time in weeks my life felt... well, not so bad. It took all my will power to climb into my suit and even then I didn't bother with my tie for now. This was all wrong, I was going into a negotiation and I didn't give a damn how it turned out and this after I took half a day off work three weeks ago to argue my way out of a $35 parking ticket.

"Over here." The woman's voice came from one of the back tables.

I wandered over to her. "Just give me a second to get my..."

The woman gestured to the tall cup opposite her. "mocha latte, right?"

I nodded and sat. The moment was uncomfortable for both is was and we both sipped at our drinks for several seconds. This morning, sitting down the woman didn't look the least but belligerent.

She nodded at my chest. "Where did your tie get to?"

"Late day for me, so I figured why put it on until I have to."

She smiled nervously and it surprised me. Was this the same ball breaker that I had run into yesterday? Her cream colored top softened her face and her lipstick had gone from a harsh red to a mild pink. But it was more than that. She couldn't seem to figure out what to do with her hands and went from holding her coffee to tapping the table to fingering her purse strap every couple of seconds.

"Oh, by the way, I'm Ben Terell."

"Allison Chemanski." Again she hesitated this time her fingers hovering over the table and then returning to her coffee.

"Allison." I watched her eyes jump to mine and then drift away. "I'd like to apologize for yesterday... it was just an asshole morning for me. Actually, I probably should apologize for tomorrow in advance because chances are it will be another asshole morning."

"That's an interesting apology. You take being an asshole for granted?"

I smiled. "It is my profession."

She snorted and then quickly covered her mouth and laughed more quietly. Several people from the nearby tables looked up in annoyance.

"You know, Allison, I remember you saying something about me being a corporate lawyer yesterday. How did you know that?"

Allison suddenly became occupied brushing something off her pants, but I could see her momentary flush. "Aren't we getting a little ahead of ourselves, Ben? Or do you really want everyone seeing you doing you mocha latte break dance?"

She had tried to put some bite into her tone, but it sounded all like a put on. "Name your price. How about a month's service as your handyman, your body servant, or your sex slave. Any one or all I'd be more than happy."

Allison went back to rubbing at the invisible crumbs on her clothes and the flush crept in her face.

I cleared my throat. "I can understand you don't want to go into this with blindfolds on so I'm willing to give you a free sample. If you're free now?"

Now the redness in her face looked less like embarrassment than anger. "If you're not going to take this seriously, I can just..."

"I was about to say if you're free now maybe I could fix a slow drain or oil a couple hinges." God, she looked confused, not sure whether to be embarrassed or angry. "Forgive me, that's just me being silly. So just tell me what you want, but I'm warning you, whatever you ask I'm more than likely to agree to it."

She fingered her coffee some more and I just laughed.

"Allison, you know whether you out my breakdancing or not I want to thank you. I haven't felt this good in months."

She smiled at me and then looked away her face steepling in concentration. "Why do you have to act nice now? I was all prepared for you being an asshole."

"If it makes simpler, do that. What do you want me to do? Wear lingerie for a week for underwear, get a temporary tattoo of a clown on my forehead, try out to be a member of a chorus line?"

"You have to take me out."

I must have looked like I was about to laugh because her face darkened and she surged to her feet.

"Allison, stop." She hesitated as I grabbed her hand. "You just surprised me. Why would you hand out as a punishment something that I would be happy to do on my own..."

"You egotistical shit." She pulled her hand out of my grasp and balled it into a fist the rings on her hand looking like a small gold pair of brass knuckles. "Do you think I'm an idiot?"

For a second I was distracted by her body, enjoying the size and strength of her. All the women I had dated up to now were pixies. Allison was an earth mother with muscles.

"Allison, you're not an idiot. And honestly," I could see the growing tension in her fist as I said "honestly."

"Okay, if this had been yesterday and I said that, you're right it would have been complete bullshit. But I'm not acting like I did yesterday, if I was I think those rings of yours would have given my face a couple more dimples by now."

I laid my hand on her fist and she unclenched it. She glanced down at my hand, expecting to let go, but I let my hand rest on hers, enjoying the contact. No matter how angry was her stare, I could feel he nervousness and even gentleness in her hand. I squeezed her fingers and saw her hard look falter.

I captured her other hand, "How did you know I was a lawyer?"

Allison looked away for a second and I felt her fingers tense.

"Isn't it..." She broke off as my hands squeezed hers.

"I don't want to cross-examine you, so why don't we just go with the truth from now on?"

She nodded. "As long as that goes both ways okay. I know you don't remember but Michelle introduced me to you at a party a while back."

"Well, it's good to know you're not a stalker."

Allison's eyes froze.

"So you are a stalker?" At this point I was just enjoying her embarrassment. A woman blushing that hard couldn't be a danger to anyone.

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