tagErotic CouplingsDo You Want To Fuck Me?

Do You Want To Fuck Me?


Due to a lack of options on Mondays I went to The End. The night started slowly and it took me quite a while to get used to the atmosphere. Then I ran into a couple of guys I vaguely knew. One of them, Dr. Yen, walked up to me to tell me I was a monster. My reputation apparently exceeded my actual level of skill. At around 1.30 a.m. most of those guys had formed a circle, presumably discussing pick-up instead of approaching girls.

I saw Sunshine walking by.

She looked luscious, so I grabbed her hand and said, "I don't think we have met before."

We spent some happy moments chatting, caressing and hugging each other. Because I had stopped her on the way to the ladies' room, she had to leave me for a moment but promised to be back. In the meantime I talked to the other guys. Sunshine joined our circle and asked me whether those were friends of mine. I was rather disinclined to introduce her to five guys who were out to pick up women. Therefore I dragged her off to another area of the club before she could finish her sentence. We sat down on the stage.

Earlier that day I had thought about a few amusing stories from my life to tell girls to avoid stalling in conversations. At an appropriate moment I mentioned how much I loved playing with my grandmother's cats when I was a kid. It did the trick, and Sunshine was listening with great interest.

"I have to tell you that I am here with a friend," she warned me all of a sudden.

"Oh, I did not know this."

"You have nothing to worry about. Just keep it in mind."

She walked off to find her friend. One of my acquaintances saw an opportunity and tried his luck. I consider such behaviour bad etiquette. It did not matter because he fell flat on his face. He apologised later on.

Since Sunshine was gone for a while I had to entertain myself. I was dancing and poking the tummies of random girls for giggles. Among them was Kisses. She had already walked away from her friends and was leaning against a pillar. Her face was very pretty but to say the same about her body would have been a bit of a stretch. Because I was bored I walked up to her. This was enough to put her into a trance. Our lips were close, but I was only teasing her. She was enthralled and deeply gazed into my eyes.

"Just kiss me," she begged me.

She literally stood there with her mouth gaping wide open. Because I had nothing better to do we made out for a while. I did not want to push things too far, though, because of Sunshine. After all, it is within reason to chase after a prettier bird in the bush when you've got only a plump one in your hand. Kisses was keen on getting me but I preferred to walk off. She kept staring at me and demonstratively blew off a couple of guys in plain sight of me. Hopefully she met someone else that night. I had more important things to take care off, like scoring with a particularly sexy Swedish girl named Sunshine.

After dancing for a while to get my mind off Kisses, I looked around for Sunshine. She was talking to the friend she previously mentioned. I pulled her in and danced with her. I spun her around. Then I dipped and dry-humped her until she broke a sweat. I was dominant as fuck. She got completely into it and added a cool variation on her own: she put her legs around my waist and quickly bent over backwards so that I had to carry all her weight. Luckily I am in a pretty decent shape. She loved it. But she had other needs as well.

"I need some drugs. Do you have some coke?" she suddenly asked.

I don't do drugs, even though many believe the opposite to be the case. Because I had none, she wandered off, looking for a supplier.

Two random guys sensed an easy prey and cornered her. One tried the infamous back attack and pressed his groin against this unsuspecting female's butt. She pushed him away immediately. I joined her and we picked things up right where we had left off.

"I like this a lot!" she said, and after a short pause she asked me where I lived.

Earlier that week a girl had asked me the same question with the obvious intention of going to my place to get her brains fucked out. I have learnt my lesson and instead of giving Sunshine a lengthy description I told her I was living "just around the corner."

"That was easy," she replied.

Everything was fine. But two seconds later I almost lost my composure.

"Do you want to fuck me?" she asked me.

With arguably too much excitement I said "Yes!"

Such enthusiasm can kill your chances, so I steered back. Some girls are content with simply knowing that they could get the guy. Once he lets out that he wants to have sex with her, it is game over for him.

I quickly added "Maybe I want to."

She smiled gleefully.

We kept dancing. Sunshine turned around and ground her ass against my dick. A little bit later she rubbed and squeezed it. When I guided her other hand up to my head she pulled my hair like crazy, which got me to the brink of screaming. In order to keep the tension I gently pushed her away.

"I want some coke!" she protested.

"You'll do fine without drugs tonight, baby."

This was a cheesy line but she did not bring up the topic again. Later on she even said that she wouldn't need anything tonight. However, I have reason to suspect that she snorted a line somewhere in between.

Eventually she wanted to go back to her place. But when I told her that we could just leave she brought up her friend again. She walked off to fill him in. Since she kept me waiting for longer than I expected I went looking for her. I found her in a deep discussion with her friend. When I showed up the guy immediately walked off. I sat down next to her. Her friend, a gay guy, was annoyed because she wanted to hook up. It did not seem bother her at all.

"I am ready to leave. You can come with me if you want," she said.

So far this might seem like an excessively easy pick-up. At the bus stop, however, the ride became bumpy.

"So, why exactly do you want to come home with me? You don't even know me," she said.

Obviously I would have shot myself in the foot had I told her it was because of her looks, so I said I liked her energy and how we danced together. Those were valid reasons, nonetheless.

On the bus she threw me another nasty curveball and asked me whether I loved someone.

"I love no one. ... I love life," I answered.

Looking sceptically at me she hissed that I should not give her "any of this bullshit." I replied that it was true. Sunshine then fessed up that she was still in love with someone she had broken up years ago. (Probably she got dumped.) This hinted at some troubles ahead. I did not dwell on the topic and she dropped it soon. Letting her talk about how much she was still in love with her ex-boyfriend would hardly have helped me.

After we got off the bus she wanted to buy some chocolate at a nearby gas station. This was when I realised that I only had one condom with me. I wanted to stack up and get a couple of extra large ones but they did not have any. Instead I bought some regular ones, but those usually lead to a rather bad experience. Sunshine got curious.

"What did you buy? I thought you said you had some condoms. Were you lying?"

"I only have one left so I bought some more. But they did not have large ones."

"Oh, wait.... How big are you then?"

"Bigger than average."

She kept needling me about the size of my cock for quite some time but I did not tell her. She would soon see it in all its glory anyway.

At her house she made me some tea, showed me random pictures of herself and even brought me a plate full of delicious food. This girl treated me like a king. Something was wrong here, I thought. Because why be so nice to someone you only want to have a one-night stand with?

I liked this girl. I used to think that women who treat you nicely only do so because they don't want to feel like sluts. However, I have later learnt that they have no scruples about using you only for your penis if this is all they desire. I was too concerned about "being in control" and thus acted aloof. This meant that I blew a chance to get to know someone as a person.

We ended up playing around in her bed. Our clothes went off progressively. Eventually we were in our underwear. I paused to take a look at her body and completely undressed her. She was really beautiful.

The mood was still playful, so she blurted out, "Come on, I wanna see your big cock!"

I told her to get it out of my pants, which she instantly pulled down. Sunshine took it into her hands and eagerly watched it getting bigger. I still played it cool. Instead I should have pinned her down and railed her right there. We took a break to eat some more. Because I felt stuffed I lied down and we cuddled for a bit.

Suddenly Sunshine said she did not want to fuck anymore. This was probably because she started to like me, which made her worry I would think she was a slut if she "gave it up" too quickly. Fucking girls ASAP takes care of that problem but I had missed that boat. It got even more bizarre when she announced that she did not want to kiss me anymore. This was really odd. I had no explanation, but her reasons became clear in an instant. She had a minor nervous breakdown and started to cry. Shit.

While crying she told me much more than I would have wanted to know about her problems of finding a decent guy. I did not dwell on any of the topics she brought up but only said that everything would be all right. After what felt like an eternity she calmed down and said she only wanted to chill. I had not gotten any action so far and I honestly did not care anymore. I even contemplated going home, but public transport in London in the early morning hours was such a mess that I decided to stick it out.

"How come you feel so comfortable lying next to a naked girl?" she suddenly asked me, insinuating that I was picking up girls left, right and centre.

"Come on, it's not such a big deal," I replied. We were lying right next to each other without saying a word and caressing each other's faces.

"I just want to get some sleep," she said.

"That's fine with me. I could use some rest as well."

I wish I had counted the seconds. Almost immediately after I had rolled away, her body was rubbing up against mine.

"Do you want to fuck?" she cooed.

In a completely calm tone of voice I said "Sure, why not?"

I got on top of her and tried to kiss her.

"Don't kiss me. You can fuck me if you want but don't kiss me."

She was hugely turned on, scratched my back and pulled my hair like crazy. I put my middle finger in and realised she was dripping wet. She could not have gotten that horny in such a short amount of time. Then it struck me that she probably found my utter lack of care so arousing. Sunshine grabbed my cock and whacked it while I was shoving my tongue down her throat. I stopped and told her to suck it. She refused. In her hands my cock got bigger and bigger.

"Just fuck me!" she begged.

Sunshine kept staring at my cock and said she would start to scream when I put it in her. I really do love fellatio, though, so I put my cock close to her lips. Reflexively she kissed it all over. I let her do that for a while but eventually I shoved it into her mouth. She sucked it enthusiastically. After a while I took over, grabbed her hair and fucked her head with a few good thrusts. She got immensely turned on by this, moaned louder and louder and arched her back. I reached for her pussy with my other hand.

I kept a firm grip on her blonde mane and yanked her head back and forth while I was administering forceful thrusts with my pelvis. In irregular intervals I shoved my cock completely down her throat. With my other hand I was playing with her clit. This certainly was not a bad position to be in. I wanted to amp her up even more, so I leaned back a bit and slowly slid two fingers in. Instead of letting out a loud moan she completely freaked out and tried to push me off.

"Honey, you are so beautiful, but I can't!" she mumbled.

She rolled over and cried. I told her no matter what the problem was, it was all right because I would not judge her in any way.

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to do," I added.

Again she brought up her ex-boyfriend. She also revealed the number of guys she had slept with. Her count was fifty. It did not bother me at all. After fifteen minutes or so she finally calmed down. It was about 6 a.m. and I was getting really tired. We were once again lying right next to each other.

Suddenly there was a calmness in the air and everything seemed to be perfectly fine. She rolled over to me and put her head on my chest. Her hand wandered down to my groin and she said I had "the most beautiful cock" while touching it with her fingertips. I put her hand on it and she happily jerked me off. I blew a decent load after a few minutes and she cleaned up the mess. After all that drama I did not really give a damn about fucking her properly so I left things at that.

Sunshine cuddled up to me again. She put my hand on her pussy, indicating that I should rub her clit. It did not take her long to get into it. Moments later I felt a certain urge. Because she freaked out earlier, I whispered in her ear that I would love to finger her. She moaned lightly and told me to just do it. Her reward was a thorough A-spot massage, while I was working her clit with the middle finger of my other hand. After a few minutes her pussy began to clamp down on my fingers rhythmically. She was moaning loudly while twisting her body. When it got too much for her she pulled my hair and scratched my back. It was almost violent and I got a huge kick out of it. She was moaning louder and louder. Yet, it seemed as if she had problems climaxing. Despite all my efforts she just did not come. Eventually she said she could not completely relax but that it felt awesome nonetheless. I kept going --- and a little bit later she experienced what looked like a decent orgasm. It came in multiple waves. She may even have squirted a little bit. I am quite sure that a small load splashed against the palm of my hand but I could not verify it because she had only lit some candles.

Afterwards she cuddled up to me again. We were lying there in post-coital bliss for a while. Then she asked me whether I like "going to clubs and picking up fit girls." I said maybe. She laughed.

After a pause she playfully slapped my chest and asked, "How can there be a maybe?"

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