tagGroup SexDo You want to Fuck the Boss's Wife

Do You want to Fuck the Boss's Wife


John and I, my name is Pat, met because we both work at the same small company here in Houston. We are both in our mid-twenties, both single and both enjoy getting laid as often as we can. Because of this we often prowl the local bars at night together trying to score women for each of us or for one to share for the night. We're both attractive and are often successful.

It was ten on a Friday night when we entered Jaco's. Jaco's was a well-known pick-up bar for twenty somethings and there were not many nights that we went there and left alone. We walked in and looked around. It looked like a pretty slow night for some reason, not many women there by themselves. Looking down the line sitting at the bar we spotted Joyce Mitchel. Joyce was the wife of the owner of our company but she was not with Frank, her husband. She was sharing a drink with a young guy sitting next to her. Pretty soon it was obvious that she had shot him down. He got up and left the bar.

We had met Joyce several times at picnics and other get-togethers that she and Frank put on for the employees. We walked up to the bar, "Hey Joyce, what are you doing here at Jaco's and where is Frank?"

There was an empty stood on one side of her and she turned and asked the single woman on the other side if she would mind if she would move to one of the other empty stools. The woman gave her a little bit of a dirty look but moved. "Frank and I had another one of our little fights. Nothing big but he stomped out of the house. I decided that rather than sit in the kitchen with a glass of gin, I would go out to someplace more fun to listen to the music and watch the people for a little while."

We made small talk for a while and John and I each bought a round of drinks. Joyce had now had three and each of us guys was on our second. I was just about to suggest to John that we should leave and resume our quest for the night when he surprised me by asking, "Joyce, would you like to go somewhere more private with Pat and me to relax and forget about your troubles for a little while?" That was one of our standard pick-up lines.

I was shocked and had not given any thought to trying to hit on the boss's wife. She thought about it for a minute and then answered, "That sounds like it might be fun. Yeah, let's do it. Where will we go?" John suggested his place and Joyce agreed.

As we walked to his car, I gave him a surprised look and then a smile. Frank was in his early forties and Joyce was about five years younger than our boss. She was short, about 5'3" and a little on the top heavy side. She had a small waist and small hips but her breasts had to be a real tight fit in a C-cup bra. She was wearing a bra and blouse that showed a lot of cleavage. She had bright red hair but I don't think it was the natural shade. She walked with a definite sex wiggle that was designed to get guys attention. It might have been natural for her or it might be accentuated on purpose. As she got into the car I was holding the door for her, her legs parted and showed that she was wearing a bright blue pair of bikini panties.

We entered John's apartment and went to the living room. Joyce sat on the couch and I sat in one of the chairs. John went to the kitchen and came back with drinks. Joyce looked at them, "I don't know if I should have another one. I've already had three and I don't drink that much usually."

John handed one to her, "One more won't hurt. You're not driving." She took it.

John sat next to her on the couch. "Let's watch a movie. What kind of movies do you like, Joyce?"

She looked at us, "Whatever you guys like, I like all kinds of movies." John put in a movie that we often used. It started out as a pretty normal romantic comedy but after about ten minutes it worked its way into being hard core porn. He sat back down next to Joyce and pushed the play button.

The first ten minutes or so was strictly GP rated and very funny. John and I laughed at the right places even though we had seen the movie many times and Joyce was really enjoying it. Finally we got to the scene where the movie started to change. The two primary stars were kissing. He moved his kisses down to her neck. She tilted her head back to give him better access and let out a gentle moan. Soon he reached up and firmly cupped one of her breasts in his hand. You could see her push it into his hand. He pulled her blouse aside so one of her braless tits came out and he started sucking on her hardened nipple. "Oh my", said Joyce. "This is getting pretty nasty." Then a second man came into the scene. He was naked and sporting a large erection. He pulled the other tit out and started sucking it while the girl reached out and took his prick in her hand and started stroking it. It only took a minute for the first guy to get out of his clothes too. "Oh my", Joyce said again.

I went over and sat on the couch on the other side of Joyce. John put his hand above her knee and below her skirt. I leaned in and gave her a strong kiss which she returned including shoving her tongue deep into my mouth. Soon Joyce took a look at the TV screen. The girl was now naked too. She had one guys cock in her mouth and the other guy was sucking on her smoothly shaved pussy. Joyce started telling us that before she married Frank, she used to really enjoy having her body shared by two guys, a couple times even more than two guys, but after they married, she had not been with another man. She knew that he had had a few affairs but she had only been with him. While she was saying this, John slid his hand up under her skirt and under her panties. Joyce was very wet. John suggested that we go into the other room. Joyce knew exactly that he meant the bedroom and she was the first one to get up.

When we entered John's bedroom, Joyce stood in front of me and started unbuttoning my shirt. Her blouse buttoned down the back and her short tight skirt zipped in the back. John moved behind her. First off came her blouse. Next came her bra, exposing her large pair of surprisingly still pretty firm jugs. He reached around her and bounced them up and down with his hands. My shirt came off and Joyce undid my belt and pulled down my zipper. I let my slacks fall and stepped out of them. I put my fingers in the sides of the waist band of my jockeys and dropped them to the floor also, releasing my manhood to the world. Joyce reached down and took my seven inch erection in her hand and then dropped to her knees.

While Joyce started blowing me, John took the chance to strip out of his clothes. After he was nude, he gently pulled on her shoulder. She turned to see his eight inch prick staring her right in the face. Then it was in her mouth. After a couple minutes of very talented cock sucking we backed away. Joyce stood up. Except for her tits, her body was very petite. Her massive breasts actually looked too big for the rest of her. She looked top heavy but nobody was complaining.

We helped Joyce onto the bed and I got on face first between her legs and attacked her soaked cunt. Her clit was big and each time I touched it she jumped and moaned. I did not know why but John left the room. Actually he went to make some phone calls.

Four other guys worked at our company. Three of them were married and one was divorced. They went in age from twenty to fifty. John called each of them. The conversation each time went like this, "Do you want to fuck the boss's wife. Joyce is here and she is in the mood for a gangbang." The three married guys all said yes and that they would be here in just a few minutes. John told them that he would leave the door unlocked and that they should come straight to his bedroom. The one single guy said that he was already making it with two bi girls and that he would pass, at least this time.

John came back to the room just as Joyce started having a hard orgasm from my eating her out. I got up and he jumped between her legs and stabbed her with his prick, making her orgasm even harder and longer. I went to the head of the bed and presented my cock to her mouth. It quickly made its way to her throat. We started banging her at both ends and she matched each of our thrusts with ones of her own.

I was the first to come and without giving her any warning I blew a big load into her sucking mouth. She didn't miss a beat. She kept sucking and swallowing. She never spilled a drop. When I pulled out, David had already arrived and gotten his clothes off. He quickly climbed on the bed and took my place. Joyce saw him and smiled before allowing his boner into her mouth.

Hank and Bob came in just as John was spraying the first load of cum into her cunt. She yelled out around David's shaft just as he shoved it fully into her throat, shutting off her ability so scream. She shook and thrust her hips wildly but David had her head pinned down and he was throat fucking her with a vengeance. John pulled out and Bob quickly took his place. John went to her head and told David to let him have her mouth for a minute. David pulled out and John got his cum covered prick sucked clean. Then he gave her mouth back to David. One of her favorite things was tit fucking, pushing her big tits together while a cock was sliding back and forth between them till it sprayed its load of jizz on her chest and face. The only thing Joyce was not OK with was anal. Her ass hole was out only.

Whoever was not fucking one part of Joyce's body or the other took the cell phone and used the camera to take pictures. There was going to be a lot of photos of Joyce's gangbang. It lasted over two hours and each of the five men gave her three big loads of cum. When it was over, Joyce was a mess, covered with cum and sweat and totally worn out. Her hair was tangled and had masses of cum in it. She had to rest on the cum soaked bed for more than a half an hour before she had the energy to get up, take a quick shower, get dressed and be taken home. But she was totally satisfied sexually, more so than she had been for years.

The guys took her home. She was too drunk and too fucked to drive. She could go pick up her car the next day. When she did she found a DVD in it with all the pictures from her gangbang and a note saying, "Do you have the balls to show this to Frank. It's OK with all of us."

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