tagBDSMDo You Want To Play? Ch. 01

Do You Want To Play? Ch. 01


Chapter 1

"Are you ready to do as I say or are you ready for more punishment?"

Tegan Reid shook her head, struggling to get curses pass the gag in her mouth. God, how did she end up in this hooded man's bed, bound, naked and gagged? The last thing she could remember was going into her Boss's office, drinking a strong cup of coffee and then...nothing. Did he...drug her? No. Austin McClain would never do such a thing. He was too nice and gentle than this gorgeous prick who craved submission. Never has Austin been demanding or commanding towards her in anyway. This guy and Austin are polar opposites.

"Ow," she cried out as the hooded man pinched her nipple with an intense and pleasurable grip that sent a jolt to her already weeping cunt.

"Pay attention slave!"He growled trailing a finger down her neck, through the valley of her breast, past her navel only to be rammed hard into her cunt. Tegan moaned, thrusting her hips as far as the ropes binding her ankles to the bed would allow. Her hips met his finger thrust for thrust, silently begging for more.

What was she doing? As if cold water was splashed onto her face, she froze sinking back onto the bed. This was a game to him, she thought as she watched him pull his finger out of her, her juices glistening in the dim light. This game was about control and she was not giving that up without a fight, but whimpering when he put his cream coated finger in his mouth, probably contradicted her mission.

God, she needed to get out of this. She was helpless. Legs tied tightly to the bedpost as were her hands. The exposing spread eagle form was met to make her feel vulnerable to his calculating gaze and it did, but not in the humility way he wanted it too.

He chuckled deeply. "I can't wait until you submit to me willingly. It's going to be fun to spank that defiance out of you, you know that right?" he asked returning his finger back into her heated depths, adding another one as his other hand pinched her clit. She wanted to hate him desperately as she fought too will herself not to lift her hips and beg for more, but she couldn't. He felt too familiar, but he was also a stranger.

He smiled."I can go harder baby. Stop holding back your sounds of pleasure because they're mine." she shook her head, gasping, tears springing to her eyes as he pinched her clit harder. He added another finger. Three fingers thrusting into her cunt while his other had a miniature death grip on her clit. How was she going to survive?

She fought back moans of pleasure, tears of pain. "Just surrender to me and I will give you want you want. Submit to your Master Slave." Never, she wanted to scream out, but she hoped her eyes did just that. His gaze was hard, dangerous and filled with lust and she had no clue why that made her wetter.

His fingers moved harder, his grip became stronger. She cried out, tears sliding down her the sides of her face. She closed her eyes, briefly absorbing the pleasure, trying to hide the fact she was enjoying this.

She was reaching that magical peak, but as quickly as it came it left as he pulled his hands away from her quickly, slapping her breast sharply.

"You will not come without permission Slave!"He shouted, slapping her breast with each word. Before she knew it, the hooded man dropped to his knees, his head leaned forward and his lips latching, hungrily at her aching clit and sucked.

Tegan couldn't hold back anymore, as she let loose her screams against the gag. She felt the edge of his teeth slightly nibble her inner lips between her thighs. She arched as far as her restraints would allow and moaned. Two of his fingers found their way inside her for a brief moment before his tongue drove deep inside her dripping cunt.

Her eyes closed, her muffled sounds filling the room as she began to build back to that luscious peak. She cried out at the sensation of his fingers sliding firmly into her ass. It was a sensation she only felt when she was really in the mood and it's been over a year since that mood had occurred.

It was the perfect mixture of pleasure and pain as his fingers and mouth roughly assaulted her. She felt on fire, the burning pleasure licking throughout her body causing her to tremble.

"What do you want Tegan? Do you want to orgasm?" His eyes met hers. Dominance shone is his eyes and something else that Tegan couldn't understand.

She shook her head refusing to give in only to have his fingers and mouth pull away with a sigh. She groaned in protest as her pending orgasm began to fade once more. She watched him stand and lean over her body, his jean covered cock grinding into her as he released the gag. She moaned softly in relief as he gently massaged her cheeks.

"You have no idea who I am, baby? You don't remember my voice, my body or tattoo on my shoulder?" Tegan's eyes shot to his shoulder blades and nothing could have prepared her for this utter surprise.

"Austin?" she breathed searching the hooded man's eyes and there it was. Austin had eyes that were so rare she still couldn't believe they were natural. Deep violet mixed with sea blue green. She's never seen those eyes on anyone else, but Austin.

"Oh my God it is you. Untie me right now!" He shook his head slapping her cunt.

"No. You belong to me."

"I don't belong to no one." She said through gritted teeth. Austin grunted slapping her cunt with more force.

"Stop that."

"You like this." He murmured against her skin. Slap, slap, slap.

"No," she moaned, her hips grinding against his cock.

"Tegan," he warned, his eyes narrowing on her breast. They were swollen, craving for attention. Her eyes hooded, she watched as Austin's mouth covered one of the hard tips. She moaned harshly as she felt the edges of his teeth, a sharp nip, and the rough lick of his tongue.

"Yes." Why bother denying it anymore? As if waiting for that answer, the sounds of his jeans hitting the floor echoed around the room. Austin slapped her cunt again, pleasure/pain running through her body.

"You belong to me? Say it Tegan?" he commanded untying her ankles only to raise them straight up, hooking her ankles behind his neck, leaving her in the best position for penetration. His swollen cock thrust deep, hard, the sounds of slurping flesh only driving her need. Her pussy gripped his swollen flesh, her body bucking underneath him as his thrust sank deeper, harder. Her head tossed back and forth, the pleasure becoming too much.

She begged for him to go faster, her body shook as her need for orgasm dangled between the borderline of pain.

"Please, please please." She begged,chanted as her body tighten.

"Come," he whispered as his lips met her. His tongue possessively swept inside, tasting her, as her orgasm took over her body. He sallowed down her cries, but it wasn't long before his seed started filling her. He tore his mouth away with a growl.

"Fuck!" she shuddered against him, pulse after pulse. Her cries mingled with his and his hips finally slowed. Collapsing on top of her, his cock was slowly settling as her cunt trembled around him. He withdrew, at the same time untying her wrist massaging them gently as he pulled her against him, letting her head rest on his chest as they both drifted to unconsciousness.

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