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DOA Stories: Sisterly Affection


Kasumi was waiting in the clearing, just three large steps away from the bridge were she had last seen her brother, Hayate. Her eyes searched the skies for any sign of him, her heart beating fast, her stomach bubbling with nervous anticipation. But there was no sign of Hayate. She waited and waited, until the sky grew dark, and the crisp lines of the far off trees faded into shadows. He wasn't coming.

Kasumi's heart would've broken, sweet as she was, but deep inside her a voice had been warning her for days that Hayate would probably not show up. What was really hurting her was that this time she had been sure her conscience was wrong. Had she heeded the nagging voice, she wouldn't be standing in this cold clearing, with only the small river below her to keep her company.

She waited a few moments longer, standing beside the rope bridge, before finally walking away, back into the forest. She walked in the dark until she found the spot were she had left her things. A small bag containing a brush, her favorite hair ribbon, two apples and a change of clothing lay on the ground waiting for her. She removed the apples and the hair brush, then fluffed the bag to make a pillow for her pretty head.

Sleep did not come to Kasumi quickly tonight, her heart still beating painfully. She searched her brain for a more happy thought, something to distract her from thinking about how she missed her brother. Memories of Zack Island moved in, thoughts of the friends she'd made and the days she'd spent dreaming on the beach helped her, and she slowly drifted off.

The lack of cold woke her, sometime in the middle of the night. Light from a small fire at her feet warmed her. Kasumi's heart was pounding as she rose swiftly, her eyes darting out to the dark beyond the fire. She could see nothing.

She stood defensively, her hands poised to strike at whoever might belong to the eyes she could feel watching her. Then, the feet and legs of the intruder appeared in front of her. Kasumi's heart stopped. It was Hayate! She began to smile, exclaiming her glee with a short shout. She was cut off by the stern look in her brother's eyes.

He still hadn't forgiven her, Kasumi knew, for refusing her birthright as leader of their clan. But Hayate knew there was more behind her decision than a desire for freedom, and he knew she still cared for him. His mind was a constant battle between bitterness and growing affection.

At this moment, however, Hayate wasn't thinking about his sister's betrayal. Kasumi waited for him to speak, but he did not. His arm reached out to her, and she moved toward him. His hand pulled at the front of her shirt, and she looked down to see that in her hurry waking up, her right breast had slipped out of its binding. The large orb was glowing tan in the firelight, the nipple erect, until Hayate's hand pulled the fabric over it.

Kasumi wanted to cry. How embarrassing was this moment? Her eyes welled, and for a moment Hayate forgot everything they'd been through. He only wanted to comfort her. He wrapped his strong arms around his sister, bringing her lovely head to his muscled chest. Her warm body pressed into his slightly cooler frame, and he stroked her hair as she sobbed.

"Hayate." She said, sniffling. "I've been waiting." Sniff. "I didn't think you'd come."

He shushed his sister and lowered himself to sit on the ground, still holding her. She nuzzled into him, and soon she was fast asleep, comforted by his soothing presence.

Hayate sat in the dark, wide awake and completely alert, listening to the soft sounds of Kasumi's breathing. He studied her shape, curled into him. Her long, bare legs were perfectly shaped, pulled into her own self for heat. Her waist was trim, and lovely in the way it tapered perfectly into her hips, and up to her breasts. She had breasts most women could only dream of having, unless they had money. Her neck was smooth and well shaped, while her face, framed in her long red hair, was nothing short of beautiful.

Hayate had always thought about how it would be, to take advantage of Kasumi's deep affection for him. To touch her, in ways he was almost certain no man had touched her yet. He'd dreamed of caressing her in places no brother should dream of caressing his sister. He knew, if he just told her it was what he wanted, that Kasumi would give herself to him, willingly, freely.

He'd made up his mind, and as the sun finally peeked into the forest, Hayate laid his hand on Kasumi's hip. He rubbed the smooth fabric that barely covered her, then pushed the black and gold garment to the side. He could see her panties, white with small pink hearts. Her skin was soft, warm and welcoming. Each touch he laid on her hip brought tingles to his hands.

Hayate let his hand wander, down her thigh, over her knee and grazing her calf. As he brought it back up he moved it around, running his fingers over the crevice created by her legs pressed together. Up the smooth line between until she, unexpectedly, lifted her legs apart, letting Hayate run his hand freely up the inside of his sister's thigh. She sighed, but didn't open her eyes.

Hayate paused, his hand in the dip between her leg and the mound of her pussy. He waited for Kasumi's breathing to settle, then pushed his fingers under her soft panties. Her pussy welcomed his roaming fingers, moist and warm, it responded to the pressure with a slow development of wetness. He searched for his sister's button, the source of her pleasure.

He grazed his pointer finger over her clitoris, over and over until it swelled to twice it's size. Kasumi giggled in her sleep, and nuzzled her head into his growing penis. Hayate gasped at the unexpected stimulation, but continued his gentle assault on Kasumi's pussy. Her vagina was soaking now, her natural lubrication making his hand slick.

He slipped one finger, his middle finger, into Kasumi's vagina. The warm walls were pulsing around his finger. His sister moaned, as he removed the finger, only to replace it with three. He was using his thumb now to push into Kasumi's clit, pumping his fingers gently in and out of her wet hole. Hayate's dick was hard now, the pressure that had took it's time building as he felt up his sister was at it's max. He used his other hand to release his penis from it's binding.

Hayate had to move Kasumi's head to the side to bare his cock to the cool morning air. As he did so, her sweet eyes fluttered open and she looked up at him. Hayate left his hands were they were, but a look of guilt soaked his eyes. Groggy with sleep, Kasumi smiled at him, pushing her wet vagina against his hand, silently telling him not to stop. His heart skipped, and he couldn't resist kissing her.

She was so beautiful, and so willing to accept whatever he offered, Hayate began to mentally curse his anger. He lowered his head awkwardly toward hers, to lay a gentle, loving kiss on his sister's lips. He used his tongue to part her soft lips, and as she sighed, accepting, no, returning his kiss, their tongues danced passionately together.

After a long, wonderful kiss, Kasumi sighed with joy. She noticed her brother was turned on by her, felt his bare shaft pressing against her cheek. She smiled, having waited for this moment most her life. Looking into Hayate's eyes for a brief moment, she made up her mind. Happiness seeped through her as she turned, taking her brother's swollen cock into her mouth.

She heard Hayate grunt, and her heart swelled, she knew she was giving him great pleasure. Kasumi worked her mouth up and down over his penis, letting her warm saliva run down his length. He had one hand in her pussy, working wonderfully at her warmth. The other hand rested gently in her long hair, moving up and down with her head as she pleasured him.

Hayate started to tense, Kasumi knew he was close to release. She ran her mouth down to the very bottom of his pulsing member, feeling the tip grazing her throat. He grunted loudly, his body shaking as he came. Kasumi felt her brother's seed seeping down her throat, and she drank the salty cum up, eager to please.

Kasumi raised her head off Hayate's cock and gazed up into his handsome face. His brow was shining with sweat, his eyes closed tightly. When they opened he smiled at her. Her heart was singing, she was so happy.

Hayate lifted his sister off his lap, and laid her out over the ground. She giggled as he began to remove her panties, wiggling her hips against him. Hayate raised his sister's lower half, until her gleaming pussy was level with his lips. He eagerly soaked in the beautiful sight before finally placing a soft kiss on the lips of her vagina. She jumped, then let loose a soft sigh, settling herself into him.

He used his tongue to part her, finally tasting the sweet, musty wetness of his gorgeous sister. Her warm cunt was throbbing, every bit of her swollen from the pleasure he had woken her with. The workings of his fingers had prepared her, but they had been there for his own curiosity. His mouth, now, was there to bring Kasumi to the highest peaks of possible bliss.

As he lapped eagerly at her delicious pussy, Hayate looked forward to his sister's orgasm. Currently she was clutching at his hand, and small, sweet gasps announced her state of pleasure. Hayate brought his tongue to the mouth of her tight hole, and penetrated it with his long tongue. Kasumi gasped at the sensations this created, and Hayate smiled into her, thinking how cute his sister was like this. So sweet and innocent.

Kasumi lay below her brother, joyfully accepting the stroking of his wonderful, skilled tongue. It was a pleasure like nothing she'd ever imagined feeling, and as Hayate worked faster at her wet pussy, her body began to tingle. A slow buzz began where his tongue was. Kasumi opened her eyes at the unexpected sensation, looking to her brother for reassurance.

Hayate noticed his sister's worried face, but only smiled and nodded, continuing his loving assault on her senses. He heard her sigh, and felt her thighs begin to squeeze his head. Kasumi's breath got faster and faster, until the sounds of breathing were replaced by quick, loud, adorable squeals. The final sound before his sister came was a short, low voiced scream. This was followed by tense shaking.

Kasumi's eyes welled with tears as she came down from the peaks of her passionate release. She looked to her brother for reassurance as he lifted his juice soaked face from between her legs. He smiled at her, let her legs down and lowered himself to the ground next to her. Kasumi sighed as Hayate pulled her into his arms. He stroked her hair until her breathing evened out and her tears subsided.

Somehow, without any words, all their troubles had dissolved. The sibling lay peacefully holding each other, each thinking their own thoughts. Kasumi's mind swam with all the word's she'd wanted to say to him, while Hayate's mind had settled on thoughts of the things he still had to show her. Things like how good it would feel for them both with his penis in her sweet virgin hole, or how much she'd love having his tongue pressed against her asshole.

But Kasumi was drifting off again, her mind and body both spent. Hayate gazed at his sister, glowing in the sunlight, and decided to wait to teach her all the pleasures that could be had. Instead, he finally let himself fall into a soothing state of rest.

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