tagInterracial LoveDoctor Bitch Ch. 2

Doctor Bitch Ch. 2


"Oh god, thank you," she said after the orgasm had passed, then "Oh god," again when she realized that Horse wasn't stopping.

"Turn her over on her knees," said Dunnell kneeling before her.

Horse stopped eating her pussy and rolled her over onto her stomach. Katherine lifted herself up so that she was on all fours. Horse immediately attacked her pussy again, his tongue licking along the sensitive area between her pussy and her rectum. She looked up and found herself staring at Dunnell's beautiful cut cock.

It was perfectly shaped. The head was fat and hard. It seemed to throb with each beat of his heart. From the tip to the area just under the ridge, it was light brown in color, growing darker towards the base. "I've never done this before," she said staring in awe at his cock, though this base act had haunted her dreams since first seeing their cocks last week. "Please don't..."

"Shut up bitch," interrupted Dunnell. "We're taking care of you, now you gotta take care of us. Besides you'll enjoy it."

Katherine didn't know how she could possibly enjoy performing such a degrading act, but she had agreed to it and Dunnell had promised her it wasn't actually cheating. Horse was teasing the area around her clit with his tongue and she felt another orgasm coming. Impossible, she thought, she had never had one in her life and now a homeless black man was about to give her two within a span of minutes.

Dunnell saw she was getting close again. "Katherine lean forward and show me that you love my cock. Just give it a little kiss."

Katherine was sweating and panting from the approaching orgasm. Why wasn't he licking her clit, instead of teasing around it? She bent down a little feeling dirty like an animal begging for a meal.

"Just a little kiss Katherine," said Dunnell again, "and you'll give us both a lot of pleasure."

She was moaning as she approached the head of his cock. This orgasm had built up longer and was going to be even bigger then the first. She puckered her lips and kissed the head of Dunnell's cock just above the pee slit. As she touched his cock with her lips, Horse's tongue flicked roughly over her clit until the orgasm exploded from her body. Katherine moaned in pleasure feeling Big D's cock pushing at her parted lips. She couldn't handle it at this moment and moved her head forward feeling his cock slide up her cheek as she caught her breath.

"Hey D, you gonna love this pussy," said Horse stopping for a moment. His face was covered in her juices. "She's a real creamer." He happily went back to munching on her pussy.

Katherine recovered and moved her face towards the front of the giant ten inch cock again. A strand of pre-cum hung from it's tip to her cheek. She had tasted Horse's pre-cum last week and her tongue flicked out lapping up Dunnell's. She liked the taste, but still felt that having him cum in her mouth would be disgusting. "Just promise me you'll take it out before you orgasm," she said looking up at him. He had an arrogant smirk on his face but nodded yes. She shivered at some deep desire in her to please this man. There was something right and natural about kneeling before him about to take his cock in her mouth. "Where do I start?" she asked, thinking it would all be over in a few minutes. Her husband never lasted more then three.

"Lick around the head," he instructed.

She touched her tongue to the head and began sliding it over the top. She couldn't believe she was putting another man's cock into her mouth. Up until last week she hadn't even touched a penis, with the exception of grabbing her husband's little worm to guide the limp little thing into her vagina.

Katherine licked completely around the head and moaned as she felt Horse's tongue lick a similar circle around her labia. Her hips were making little circular motions around Horse's long tongue and her own tongue was rapidly licking Dunnell's cock head.

Katherine pushed down feeling her lips part as his cock head entered her mouth. She teased his pee slit with her tongue, feeling him shake with pleasure.

"Yeah bitch," he said, "Lick my slit."

Katherine jumped when Horse's tongue began running the length of her slit.

"Now lick down the sides and kiss my balls," ordered Dunnell.

Katherine eagerly obeyed, plopping the head out of her mouth as she licked down the underside towards his balls.

Horse licked upwards, reaching the bottom of her slit when she reached Dunnell's balls. He licked along between her her pussy and her ass hole. She jumped when his tongue touched her rectum, but she kept kissing Dunnell's balls as Horse licked around the cute little rosebud of her ass.

He pushed his tongue in a little, hearing her moan. He looked at Dunnell over the curve of her beautiful ass and briefly wished that he could have this white pussy all to himself, but he needed Dunnell to loosen her up for him.

She was licking back up towards the tip of D's cock, so Horse licked down back towards her pussy. She came again when he reached her clit.

Katherine had a dazed look in her eyes as she recovered from her third orgasm. It felt like her entire body was on fire. She understood now that giving them pleasure was pleasurable for her also.

"Now bitch," said Dunnell, "I want you to take my cock in your mouth."

She felt Horse's tongue on the opening of her pussy as she took Dunnell's cock head into her mouth again.

"More bitch," ordered Dunnell.

Katherine loosened up her jaw and pushed a couple inches into her mouth, feeling Horse's tongue enter her pussy. She sucked up grasping for air, feeling Horse's tongue remove itself also. Horrified, she quickly sucked the cock back into her mouth, sighing as she felt Horse's tongue push into her again. The more she took the deeper went Horse's tongue and she desperately tried to take more of Dunnell's incredible cock. She sucked up and down feeling the giant black cock throb in her mouth as she sucked Dunnell off. She tried to take a little more with each deep throat, wanting Horse's tongue in deeper.

"Just a couple inches more, bitch," said Dunnell.

His cock was in her throat now as she forced the last two inches in her mouth. Horse removed his tongue and her cries of displeasure were muffled by the ten inch monster in her mouth, but his tongue was immediately replace by two of his fingers. His fingers were longer and thicker then her husband's penis and she moaned around D's cock as Horse began finger fucking her.

Katherine happily sucked Big D's cock while Horse rammed his fingers into her pussy. He was nibbling along her labia as he fingered her and she could swear nothing had ever felt so good.

Dunnell's cock was behaving oddly. It was jumping in her mouth every now and then and she could swear it was swelling up even bigger. She looked up at him. His eyes were half closed and sweat was pouring off his brow. She was about to ask him if he was getting close, when Horse changed his tactics. His fingers were buried in her pussy and he was running the tips around a little knob deep inside her. Her body was jerking uncontrollably around his fingers and she felt another orgasm approaching.

Katherine sucked faster, feeling Horse tease the little knob even faster. Katherine felt Dunnell's cock head swell in her throat then it jerked and she felt what seemed like a gallon of his semen slide into her belly. Disgusted, she yanked it out of her mouth, but Horse's fingers gave her the biggest orgasm yet and she screamed in awe at the feelings of pleasure she felt throughout her body. A second blast of semen flew into her open mouth and she couldn't help but swallow most of it.

Dunnell grabbed his cock and aimed a third blast at her face, leaving a big strand of sperm from her forehead to her chin. He grabbed her head, pulling it forwards and shoved his cock into her mouth.

She felt more sperm fill her mouth, realizing for the first time how hot it was. She swallowed, liking the taste and as she recovered from her orgasm, she laid there contentedly sucking on D's cock.

Horse licked up her juices around his lips then dunked himself into the water to clean his face off. He moved his jaw around to loosen it up and climbed out of the water. "My turn," he said.

Katherine realized that her knees were hurting on the cement and said, "Wait I have a better idea." She stood and waved for them to follow her.

Katherine and her husband had a small apartment above their garage and Katherine led them up the side steps into the apartment. She ran to the bathroom to check on herself and was shocked at what she saw in the mirror. She had seen herself nude plenty of times, but now her body seemed to exude sex. She felt alive and her body seemed ultra-sensitive to her touch. The only thing that upset her was Dunnell's sperm covering her face. The big strand across her face was liquefying and trickling down her cheeks. There was also sperm on the edges of her mouth and some had dribbled down her chin. The sight was disgusting, but as she cleaned it off she shook with desire at the memory of Dunnell's big cock exploding in her face and mouth. Her belly growled like it wanted even more sperm.

She returned to the living room. Dunnell had made himself comfortable on the couch and Horse was standing in the middle of the room breathing heavily like he was about to explode. Her feet padded across the carpet and she stood before Horse. She looked up into his face and she could feel his thirteen inch cock poking her in the belly button. He looked down at her, nostrils flaring on his big nose. She shivered at the look he was giving her. She could see desire in his eyes and something else. His stare seemed to be telling her that she belonged to him now and he would do what ever he wanted to her.

She looked into his eyes and her knees began to wobble. They shook uncontrollably until she dropped down before his cock and stroked it lovingly with her hand. This man had given her more pleasure in an hour then her husband had in twelve years of marriage, he deserved the best blow job she could give him.

She looked at his cock. Where Dunnell's had been cut and beautiful, Horse's was ugly and frightening. It was dark black from the tip to the end. The wide spot under his foreskin was as big around as her wrist and his cock head was the size of a plum. Just like when she had given him the exam, pre-cum oozed from the urethra in unbelievable amounts.

Katherine leaned forward and kissed the tip of his cock while pulling back with her hand so that the fat head emerged from the foreskin. Something came over her then and she attacked his black monster. Everything Dunnell had taught her and then some went into her worshipping of this god-like cock in her hand. She sucked and licked around the head, then she nibbled up and down the sides. She pushed it up and kissed his equally gigantic balls. She briefly wondered how much sperm those monstrosities produced and she heard her stomach growl again.

Horse withdrew his cock from her mouth and she wondered what was going on, but saw that he was just lying down on the carpet. Katherine looked over and saw that Big D was staring at them intently and she was shocked to see that his cock was rock hard again.

She turned her attention back to Horse and she crawled between his legs like she was begging for more. His massive black cock was lying on his stomach, the tip pushing up past his navel and she grabbed it pulling it upwards. Katherine bent down and took the head into her mouth. She started sucking the monstrosity taking a little more into her mouth with each suck. Thank god Dunnell's cock had already loosened up her jaws or she didn't think she could swallow something this big. She heard him moan when his cock started sliding into her throat. She tried as hard as she could, but she could only get about ten inches into her mouth. Luckily, he seemed content with that and she began to rapidly suck his cock.

Katherine found that she loved sucking cock especially Horse's king cock. Dunnell moved around behind her and began eating her pussy again. She was angry at the interuption, though she immediately felt another orgasm building. It distracted her from giving Horse his blow job and at that moment she wanted nothing more from the world then to please the possessor of that magnificent cock in her mouth. She hoped he would understand why her rhythm might be off.

She wanted to cry with joy when Horse started grunting and bucking his hips. He was enjoying the blow job despite her being distracted from the several orgasms Dunnell had given her. Big D was as talented a pussy licker as Horse, though Horse's tongue seemed a lot longer. Horse's cock started shaking in her hands and she knew he wasn't to far off. Katherine was relieved when Dunnell quit eating her pussy so that she could turn her full attention to sucking Horse's thirteen inch black cock, but Dunnell wasn't done, he had kneeled behind her and was rubbing her slit with his long dick. "Watch it," she said, disturbed that she had to take her lips off Horse's cock, "my pussy is off limits to anyones penis but my husband's. You can put your tongue or your finger in there, but not your dick." Katherine felt Dunnell remove his cock and returned her attentions to sucking Horse off. She felt the head of Dunnell's cock back on her pussy lips a second later.

"You know Kat," said Dunnell moving the head of his dick around her slit to lubricate it, "it's not really cheating unless I cum in your pussy. Why don't you let me put just the head in?"

Katherine had ten inches of Horse's cock deep in her throat and was moving her head up to say, "no way", when the volcano in her mouth erupted, spewing hot sperm into her throat and mouth. She couldn't believe how big his cock had gotten before exploding. She couldn't believe the size of his load. It was more sperm then she imagined possible. It was more sperm then her husband's penis had put out in twelve years of marriage all in one load and it just kept coming.

She felt her pussy lips stretch out around the head of D's cock, wrapping around it and trying to suck it in deeper. It felt incredible, but she tried to protest, taking her mouth off Horse's cock, and getting her face soaked as it continued to squirt out sperm. She tried to speak, but her mouth was filled with more sperm then she could swallow.

"This feels good Kat," said Big D. Your pussy's nice and tight. How about if I put just a little more in." He was already pushing his cock in deeper as he spoke.

More sperm flew from Horse's cock all over her face and into her hair. Katherine clamped her mouth over it to stop the flow, vaguely aware that her hips were pushing back wanting more of D's cock in it.

Dunnell was always surprised by the amount of sperm Horse's cock could put out even after having sex several times a day, but even he was surprised at the size of the load it was cumming now. It had been nearly two weeks since they had banged their foreman's wife in his office at the construction site, addicting her to black cock and getting fired in the process. Two weeks without sex and he was practically drowning the poor women in a sea of sperm.

Dunnell decided to concentrate on fucking her. Her pussy was hot, wet, and snug. It seemed like it was designed for his ten inch cock. He was halfway in and decided to push the rest in without asking her permission. Katherine looked over her shoulder at him, a look of awe written on her face. Not that he could see much of her face as it was covered by a layer of Horse's sperm. She opened her mouth as if to say something and he saw long strands of sperm stretching between her lips. A moan escaped her lips and she turned her head back around to plant little kisses on Horse's still large cock. He could feel her pussy muscles squeezing his big dick and he grunted in pleasure at fucking such a nice pussy. She took all ten inches easily and he knew this was the most perfect pussy he had ever fucked. Dunnell wished he could have it all to himself, but he had to settle for being the first man to ever penetrate her this deep.

Katherine and her husband had never had sex in this position before and she found she liked being fucked from behind like this. It made her feel used and dirty, like they were animals rutting on the floor. Horse got up off the carpet and went over to sit on the couch to watch. Katherine wondered if any woman had ever been able to take his cock. She felt sorry for him because she didn't think they could, she knew she couldn't. She screamed in a giant orgasm as Dunnell's cock hit the ten inch mark.

"Do you like being fucked by my cock?" asked Dunnell after she recovered from her orgasm. He was slowly withdrawing his penis until the head popped out of her pussy and then slamming it back in up to his balls.

"G-god," she moaned, "I love it."

"Am I bigger then your husband?"

"Y-yes," she cried. "Your twice as b-big."

Dunnell stopped withdrawing his cock until only five inches was buried in her pussy. Her pussy muscles were trying to suck more in and she was pushing her hips back wanting more, but he held her still. "Is this all you husband has to give you?"

"No, your still bigger" she was crying now in frustration. "The bastard isn't as thick or as hard."

"That's cause only black cock can satisfy you," he said slamming the rest back in. Dunnell began fucking her hard and fast.

"Yes it's true," she moaned feeling another orgasm building.

"That's because you're a slut Kat," he informed her.

"Nooo," she moaned trying to deny it.

"You're a slut Kat," he said again. "You're Katherine when your with your husband, but with us you're Kat, Kat the slut."

God, he's right, Kat thought as another orgasm exploded from her womb. She was a slut. She wanted to be a slut. The feelings she got from servicing these two men far outweighed any rewards she got from helping sick people at the hospital. "Yes, I'm your slut," she said crying.

Dunnell quit making her degrade herself and concentrated on fucking her. His balls slammed repeatedly into her thighs and his thrusts were so powerful that her thighs were stinging a little. Kat had never imagined sex could be this good and she felt sick thinking of all the years of her life she had wasted with her husband. The endless pounding of his big cock had given her many little orgasms and now she felt another big one building. He was also starting to grunt and his rhythm was off. She could feel his cock swelling and she knew he was close. "Just don't cum in my pussy," she begged.

She was trembling around his cock and Dunnell knew she was close to cumming again. "Alright, I'll take it out," he said, teasing her with his cock as he slowly withdrew it.

"No," she begged, "Not yet. I'm real close."

"You know a real slut would want her pussy filled with my sperm," he said shoving all ten inches back in.

She wanted to say no, but it was too late. He quit pumping and she felt his cock jerk. His semen hit places so deep in her pussy, that she didn't even know she had. He's right, she thought as his orgasm triggered her own. Kat's pussy belonged to Dunnell now, her husband had ceased to matter an hour ago. "Yes, cum in my pussy," she screamed as the orgasm racked her body, "Fill it up with your sperm." Then the throes of her biggest orgasm yet overwhelmed her and she screamed in pleasure. Kat collapsed forward feeling Dunnell's incredible cock plop out of her pussy.

Kat caught her breath and rolled over onto her back on the carpet. She looked up at Dunnell lovingly and thanked him profusely. She was surprised to see a sad expression on his face. "Don't feel bad," she said. "I'm glad you did it. You can fuck me anytime."

"It won't be the same," he said once again wishing she belonged to him alone.

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