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Doctor Doctor


"Dr. Klemins will see you now."

He waited for her to enter the room. Cindy, 26, non-smoker, occasional drinker, appendicitis at 12, unexplained migraines in her teens, cleared up when she switched pill, overall health excellent.

"Hello Cindy," he smiled. Her yellow blonde hair was tied in a high ponytail, accentuating her cheekbones. She smiled and sat down and waited for him to enquire about her problems.

"What can I do for you today," he asked spreading his hands wide. In a breath she told him of how she had missed a period, had fainted at work, had tender breasts and had carried out a home pregnancy test. It said she was pregnant.

A shiver ran through the doctor's body. He knew it was wrong, unethical and absolutely against medical teaching, but he always got a flutter when he knew he would have to intimately examine a beautiful young woman.

"Okay Cindy, let's take a little look shall we?"

He asked her to undo her shirt half way down and he reached inside her bra with his stethoscope. She had round breasts, hugged high in pink agent provocateur and she explained how they had been feeling tender and sore and slightly swelled. After listening to her heartbeat – which was pounding – he asked her to unhook her underwear and lie down on the bed.

He called out questions to her as he washed his hands and put on some gloves. What was the date of her last period? When had she had unprotected sex? Any other symptoms? Any other illnesses?

The doctor turned to see his patient spread on the bed, head turned towards him, shirt half undone, her breasts peeping and beautiful and her knees raised showing toned, tanned legs. He felt a stirring in his pants and he immediately berated himself.

No! Stop it! Get a grip. This is a patient. You are treating her for a medical condition - she is not available to you.

But, as he gently examined her breasts and she nodded at where it hurt, his mental words could do nothing to stop the hard erection that had formed beneath his underwear.

Dr. Klemin's sexual attraction to patients had started in medical school, when as a young and inexperienced student he was asked to carry out examinations on different female patients.

He had grown up a shy boy, and touching females, even in a non-intimate way, at first terrified him. Eventually however, fear gave way to awe and he soon realised that in his line of work he could look at and touch things that were absolutely unavailable to him in his private life.

He remembered the first time he inserted his finger into a woman's vagina. He had watched it slip inside and he concentrated hard on finding the cervix. A senior doctor stood over him, but even still, the examination completely turned him on and instead of throwing away the glove afterwards, he kept it and held it under his nose that night as he stroked himself into a frenzy.

Cindy had dropped her knees revealing a pink pair of panties. He was supposed to ask her to remove her underwear herself, but this girl was so beautiful, he decided to risk it.

"I need to take a look down here Cindy. Would you like me to remove your under garments?"

Having only ever had one other internal, Cindy wasn't sure what the protocol was, but as she was lying down, exposing her breasts already, she didn't really see a problem in the doctor removing her underwear. He was going to see all anyway.

"Ok," she said quietly.

Dr. Klemins regularly had fantasies about certain female patients. Most of them were young, single, with beautiful curves and pretty faces. Occasionally an older, more worn woman would creep in, but they were all related in that at one time or another he had looked at, smelled and touched their cunts.

Cindy was neatly waxed with a little landing strip. Somebody had certainly landed there all right, if her pregnancy proved out to be positive. He hoped she was, because if so, he would get to examine her again and again over the coming months.

He slowly peeled off her panties and she raised her bottom as he pulled them past her legs.

"Just drop your knees please," he said, an edge of tension creeping into his voice.

And there it was, in all its beautiful, feminine, aromatic glory. If he could, he would have knelt between her legs, taken a deep breath and inhaled her scent, before burrowing deep inside her, lashing her with his tongue. He wondered how she tasted. O God, how he wanted to bury into her.

He moved about the bed, so that she was lying directly in front of him. He pushed her knees back up towards her shoulders to get a better view, and her lips parted as he did so.

Placing his index finger at her opening, he gently wiggled it to widen it.

"You may feel a pinch," he warned, but knew that she would not. He could already see her glistening.

He was surprised at the soft moan she made as he slowly pushed his finger inside her. This was unusual. Mostly, patients were silent or blathered their way excitedly through the examination. Some laughed or looked scared, but rarely, if ever, had a patient seemed turned on by his gloved fingers.

As he rooted for her cervix, he felt her tense towards him and raise her pelvis slightly. By the time he inserted a second finger and pushed his other hand down on her landing strip, he knew that he had not been mistaken and Cindy, the 26-year-old, non smoker, migraine suffering, pregnant young patient was enjoying having the doctor's thick fingers inside her.

He pushed harder and deeper into her and she moaned longily, catching his eye.

"Doctor," she breathed. "Don't stop" "But Cindy... I'm not sure if this... "Don't stop!" she ordered.

So he didn't. At least not for long. He removed his fingers, took off his gloves and entered back into her, this time pushing three fingers inside, plunging back and forth. Cindy was groaning and kept raising her head and tensing in pleasure.

As he plunged he bent over her and gave her swollen clitoris a little lick. She let out a cry and he continued to run his wet tongue over it, finally tasting her sweetness. Needing more, he pulled back his fingers and set to work on the inside of her pussy, ramming his head between her legs, gripping on to the back of her knees for leverage.

He knew she was about to come and he wanted to be part of it. He pulled down his pants, exposed a long, hard erection.

"Can I Cindy?" he asked.

She looked at the shaft and balls, a small collection of hair at the bottom. She wanted to feel it inside her.

"Yes Doctor."

It was all Dr. Klemins could do to stop his ejaculation as soon as he entered her, but he thought of a nasty fungal infection he had seen on an 87-year-old woman last week. That did the trick.

After a few thrusts, he couldn't hold out any longer and together, doctor and patient, man and woman, penis and pussy, came, both spurting, both moaning, both panting, both wondering how a simple trip to the clinic had led to this.

"Doctor, sorry to interrupt, I have a Mr. Mi.... oh...."

The nurse stopped dead, gaped at the doctor's buttocks and covered her hand with her mouth.

"Dr. Klemins!" she cried, before turning on her heel and slamming the door through which she entered with only a short knock moments before.

Still out of breath, the doctor looked at his patient in dismay.

"Cindy I have good news and bad news."

She pushed him by the shoulder and he came out of her quickly.

"The good news is that you're not pregnant. Your home pregnancy test was mistaken."

"And the bad?" she asked embarrassed at being caught in such a compromising position.

"The bad news... is that your system has been affected by the drugs you were prescribed last month. You could be ovulating now. Come back to me in month... and I will fully confirm..."

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