tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDoctor Doctor More

Doctor Doctor More


For over nine months Liz, now 41 had been having sex adventures with the now 19 year old Jason, a builder. Her husband Paul was apparently still unaware. Also involved from time to time was Jason's mate Sniffer, and odd strangers that Jason arranged.

Liz had gained control of things eventually by drugging her lover and taking embarrassing pictures, like him and an inflatable sheep. Jason had bided his time.

Liz was receiving a good fucking from an Asian man in the back of Jason's van. On her hands and knees on a small mattress. Built like a short sumo, the guy was rough and making the blonde doctor cum nicely. It was a prearranged hook up which Liz was happy with, even if it was in a library car park for extra buzz.

On the way home Jason asked if Liz had thought about a glory hole since he failed to get her into one some time ago.

"No, and no way, I am not that fond of oral as you well know, and you still have me do it."

"Just a thought!"

Nine days later Liz had agreed to meet Jason for sex in a park, well away from home and travelling by train to where he could pick her up. Jason let her get her seat belt on when she sat on the bench seat , behind Sniffer who was driving. The gangly 20 year old had changed to very short hair but otherwise was still scruffy.

Liz did not notice the route they took as Jason said she may want to check her e-mail on her phone. Intrigued, Liz did just that. Her reaction to the first mail was a stony silence, her admission that she was beaten.

Jason had put a few of Liz's embarrassing pictures of him on the web, saying they were from a stag night, and had been wound up by his mates. He also had put out three pictures of Liz's body, minus her head, saying he had pulled her at the stag do and that mitigated any harm done by the others. He was back in charge.

The second e-mail was a number of photos of Liz, showing her full face, engaged in assorted sex acts, each pic with a different male. If these got out, she was ruined.

"Well?" Liz asked eventually.

"We are off to a glory hole my lovely slut, and no arguments." responded Jason smugly as they entered town.

A very angry and distraught Liz followed Jason through the sex shop and into the rear area, where several doors of plywood made her shudder. Various unattractive noises could be heard.

Two men had seen the slim blonde in the tight light blue, short dress with a very low cut top front and back, and decided to have some.

"O,k, so you may want to take your frock off, so it isn't splashed. In fact, everything really." said Jason.

Hanging her dress and pants on the nail provided, Liz knelt on a sticky mat in front of the erect five inch cock that appeared through the hole. Reluctantly, she licked it for a minute before sucking it in and pumping her head.

Two unannounced mouthfuls later, with cum trailing down her right breast, a voice through the hole said, "Stand up, turn round and give me your pussy, I want to fuck you!"

Liz looked at Jason feeling unsure of herself. He nodded, firmly.

Liz felt like the worst slut ever, bent over so someone she would never see could fuck her married hole. As the long thin member entered her labia she shook with unexpected excitement. Jason began rubbing the cum into her breast, not helping her state of mind.

Jason was really enjoying himself, he loved to see his breathing sex doll off centre, and discomforted. He played hard with her breast.

The cock inside the doctor sped up and pushed harder, Jason stood by her head and put a hand on each shoulder to hold her firmly against the glory hole so she could be deeply penetrated by a perfect stranger. He held her until, with a deep grunt, her assailant shot a huge load inside her, and stayed until his cock softened and fell out.

Two more blows and swallows and one that ended with a wank onto her chest and Jason called enough. He had text Sniffer to stop showing people a photo of Liz around to drum up trade.

Cleaned up a bit, a sullen blonde wife was led out to the van.

"She don't look too happy mate." Sniffer observed

"She's annoyed with herself for enjoying it, she came twice." Jason grinned

"Dirty little cow!" Said Sniffer. Liz was quiet as they pulled out into traffic.

"We're heading for a club, I think Liz could use a drink!" Jason announced.

The club was busy and loud. Not what Liz was keen on, but a few vodka and cokes had her more perky. Sniffer was driving so kept to coke, Jason had a slow few lagers. Liz was given plenty to drink.

It was Jason that noticed two very black guys, around his own age, eyeing up Liz. When Liz went to the ladies room, Jason walked over and spoke with them.

Liz had a few more vodkas, more than she should have but she was feeling so defeated she figured she may as well, and when Jason sat her on his knee and put his hand high on her thigh, she was more compliant than when they entered the club. His suggestion of a room for the night at the travel inn next door seemed her best offer for a half decent night, and anyway, what the hell...

Jason fondled Liz's rear as they walked to the inn, the air adding to the effects of the alcohol and making her more aroused than angry. She still enjoyed her lovers cock very much in spite of her professional self.

They were near the door the the room before the addled brain of the blonde thought about the fact that they had not been to reception to book a room. She was still working on that when Sniffer knocked on a door and went in.

"Hi guys," said Sniffer to the two black guys inside. "This is Liz, she is a doctor and a slapper, and ripe for a shagging. Liz, meet Kyle and Des, they are also ready to shag. You that is!"

And even as they said 'hello Liz, Kyle pinned Liz to the wall and kissed her on the mouth while shoving his hand in her pants and two fingers up her married pussy. Liz moaned and Jason grinned.

Kyle soon had Liz's pants off and Des worked the dress off her shoulders and down to the floor. He had never had a milf before and was really keen to have this one.

Well fingered, Liz was lifted up and penetrated as she was squashed between Kyle and the wall, just letting it happen due to her present low esteem seemed to make it better. She was close to cumming very quickly.

Kyle was fit, big built and strong, but when the woman on his cock went dead weight he decided to finish her on the bed. Once the light headed blonde was on her back Kyle began to pound her like a jack hammer making her cum again in short order, just as he fired his load inside her.

Des was in heaven, that is, balls deep in Elizabeth. Although she was only half with it Des was enjoying his first milf, a white milf at that, only the second white female he had fucked. He loved her small perky breasts and making them shake as he fucked her like a doll. Liz came again.

A gentle knock on the door and Kyle let in Nev and Carl, two mates he had called to come over. Nev was thin and Indian, Carl was a shifty looking white twenty something with bad teeth and a rat like face. They were of course going to fuck Liz too, with Jason's blessing. He was in the mood to give his tame Doctor a good workout.

There was a small chest of drawers by the window, when Des had filled Liz's pussy with his own sperm, Nev pulled Liz up and sat her on the edge of the drawers and slid his very long but thin dick into her dripping hole.

Once he had his rhythm Nev began to kiss Liz's long white neck, making her turn her head toward the window, then moved down briefly to her breast before standing straight and pushing Liz to lay back. He then gave her another good pounding, making her cry out as she came again.

Nev let fly a huge amount of cum before pulling out. Even as he moved away Carl moved in, standing Liz up and having her bend over to suck his thick rod while he groped her breasts. Minutes later he turned her round to lean on the drawers and fucked her from behind.

With more spunk inside her, Liz was on her hands and knees on the bed, so Jason and Sniffer could fuck her face while the other four all fucked her a second time. By the time it was all over, Liz was almost totally spaced out, on a floating cloud of sexual satisfaction and booze. She barely realized that at 03.23 hours, she staggered naked to the van, to fall asleep on the mattress in the back.

Liz had no recall at all of the two lorry drivers that Jason let (Sniffer took £20 each unknown to Jason) fuck her in a lay by. Her next clear thought was of the cab driver leering at her as she left his cab at 05.51, few doors from her own, having been pored into it by Jason and Sniffer earlier.

About two and a half hours before Paul, her poor husband, was due home Liz stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her. She noticed a missed call and text on her phone, and sat on the bed to look into them. In near panic she opened her lap top and went to the link Jason had sent her. "Not us, looks like a dash cam from the car park at the hotel. Not us!" The text had said. The link was a milf site and Liz expected the worst. And found it.

With the curtains open and the light on, the view into the travel inn room through the net curtains was only slightly blurred. If one looked close enough and knew the woman, there was a very good chance of recognising her as she looked out of the window while the dark skinned man fucked her and kissed her neck. It was obviously still her when a white guy had her suck his dick and then fuck her bent over from behind.

Her face was only in view the one time, but a part of her body was on screen the whole time making it clear it was the same woman with both men. Under the clip were the words, "Any body know who this milf is? She is a terrific fuck." Liz was stunned.

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by Anonymous

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by storyte11er02/14/19

Or maybe...

Or maybe there is more to come.
So easy to knock the work of others anonymously, and not put out any work of your own. If you don't like it, show something better by your own hand.

Thank you for yourmore...

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by Anonymous02/14/19

Just too far fetched

Another of a hundred poor writers who portray all husbands as stupid and naive. He would have caught her way before we got half way through this dribble. Guess this writer hopes to sell stupidity.

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by Anonymous02/14/19

If it’s public then there is no way to blackmail her.

So she has no reason to continue being their fuck toy...and could legitimately call the police. It’s not like she can undo what’s been done so she may as well profit off of it.

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