tagInterracial LoveDoctor Does Diesel Ch. 08

Doctor Does Diesel Ch. 08


"Clean your plate or you'll be the one to get the spanking," Madison said standing over Diesel, her hand on her hip. Diesel smiled up at her as he dropped the last forkful of grits into his mouth. He sat his empty plate on the tray that held the other dishes from their breakfast and Madison took them all from the bedroom to the kitchen. Her eyes dragged wearily over the mess they'd made in the kitchen, dirty dishes in the sink, batter spilled across the counters, pots and pans still on the burners with food remnants inside of them. Usually she would have wasted no time in cleaning it all up, but today was different. She hurried back into the bedroom and slid beneath the covers, into Diesel's warm embrace.

"I'm so glad you straightened me out," Madison said as she spooned against him. He kissed the back of her head and Madison closed her eyes to memorize the feel of his breath against her neck. "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now."

"Me neither, I'm glad you allowed me to persuade you."

"It didn't take much did it? All you have to do is touch me and my mind goes to gravy."

"A talent I seem to have when it comes to you," Diesel sighed and rolled over onto his back. Madison laid her head on his chest, stretched a leg across him. "You mind if I smoke?" He asked already reaching for his pack of cigarettes which were sitting on the nightstand beside her bed.

"No I don't mind. You still never let me have one of those," Madison said looking up at him.

"Oh, I didn't? How considerate of me." He chuckled as he sparked a match to life and placed the flame to his cigarette. "Madison, don't smoke. You don't have to, you don't have the urge or the addiction so there's no need for you to start one up."

"Well if they're so bad why don't you stop?"

"I don't stop because I don't want to. They relax me. I'm a smoker through and through. Been doin' it since grade school. A horrible habit but a habit I don't got the urge to get rid of." Madison watched him smoke for a while, watched him blow the smoke away from her and wave away any wisps that came near.

"Can we talk, Diesel? Man to woman, lover to lover?"

"Oh geez--" Diesel began shifting uncomfortably beneath her. He lit another cigarette and put it between his lips, not meeting her gaze. "Talking, telling you things, doing all the things a therapist dreams about."

"Listen, hear me out, okay? I don't know what types of relationships you've been in in the past, but people who--care about one another--they talk. They tell each other about their feelings, their past, the things that made them who they are today. I'm not trying to be your therapist--I'm trying to be your--"

"Trying to be my what? My girlfriend? Is that what you're doing? Asking the questions a girlfriend would ask? Because if that's what you're doing, if that's the title you're going for, I'll tell you anything you want to know." Diesel smiled around his cigarette.

"Your girlfriend? Diesel we barely know each other. I just got out of a serious relationship and--"

"A serious relationship in which there was no sexual contact and no real connection."

"Diesel, I think you misinterpret the depth of me and Pete's relationship, or, at least the depth that I perceived it to have had. I loved him. A lot. I thought he was the one. I was about to start planning our wedding. My mother and I had started picking out dresses and invitation styles and--and then I found him in bed with a man. It ripped me apart Diesel. I thought he loved me."

"I'm sorry--I didn't mean to downplay it."

"It's okay, I know how it must appear. Don't worry though, it might sound strange, but the moment I saw him in bed with that guy anything I ever felt for him or ever could feel drained right out of me. I didn't love him anymore, shit I didn't even really care about him anymore. I was so angry. You have no idea." Madison took a bold reach for Diesel's cigarette but he ducked his head away and caught her wrist, kissed her palm, and told her to continue.

"But yeah, there was no longer any attraction or anything. There was just nothing. That absence of feeling though, where there had once been so much--it left a hole in me. I felt like someone punched my heart out of my chest. And then I met you, and it all seemed to get just a little better."

"Only a little?"

"Well, it takes time. But I think you're helping me get over it much faster than I would've if you weren't around."

"Thanks, I'm glad I could distract you for a few days."

"Diesel, why must you always misconstrue everything I say to you? What do you want me to say? That I want to go steady, that I want us to walk into the sunset? Why the hell would I say that when it's impossible?"


"You're about to leave, Diesel, and when you leave I'm going to have to deal with the fact that you shouldn't be there in your state, and that I was too busy fucking you to fix you."

"Goddamit Madison I can't be fixed, don't you get that shit by now? I'm fucked. My head is fucked forever and whining about it to you isn't going to help anything."

"It'll help me."


"I need to know about you. I need to know where you come from. I want to know what you're thinking. I care a lot about you, and, if I'd known you longer I would be using a more stronger word than care because--I feel like I love you--in my gut I know it. I can't speak those words though because I'm too rational to believe they could be true this early on."

"Why can't you believe it? I love you. I have no doubts."

"How can you have no doubts? How could you possibly be so sure? You've known me, what, a week, a week and a half? Whenever I want to do something other than fuck you somehow lead me back to fucking because I can't resist you. Well dammit I want more than that. How can I agree to be with you as your girl, how can I admit to loving you if I don't even know you?"

"Madison, fine, you win, I'll talk to you, I'll tell you anything you want to know. Ask me anything, but the moment you sound more like a shrink than a potential girlfriend getting to know her potential man I'm done with it all." Diesel was on his third cigarette now and Madison stared absent minded at the water glass he was using as his ashtray. She didn't have an ashtray in the house so she'd told him to use whatever was suitable.

"You'll really talk to me? About anything and everything?" Madison asked. She pulled herself on top of him so that she was straddling him. She could feel his soft dick against her naked pussy and she reached between them to urge it into a more useful state.

"Yes, I said I would and I will. Wait, what are you doing?" Diesel asked. Madison didn't answer him. She caressed his cock, watched excitement and expectance flicker across his face. She slid down his body until she could take him into her mouth, and she sucked and licked him slowly, she watched him, his manliness making her wet, the way he laid there with one arm folded behind his head and the other holding the cigarette he continued to smoke between the sharp intakes of breath she caused with her deft tongue strokes.

"I want to make you come, I don't want to come after, I don't want to fuck, well, I do but you know what I mean...I want to pleasure you right now. It's all about you." She took him into her mouth again and sucked him as hard as she could, fast, then slow, and soon he'd dropped the cigarette butt into the glass and put his hands on her head. "Am I doing good?" She asked, looking up at him.

"Baby you're doing perfect," Diesel said taking one of her nipples between his thumb and index finger. "Do one thing for me though."

"Anything," Madison replied.

"I want to see your ass while you do this, arch your back and put that ass in the air," he said in a husky voice.

"Okay," she said. She felt warm all over as she arched her back to achieve the position. The new position also put her breasts in better reach of his hands and he wasted no time in touching them both, massaging them and tweaking her nipples.

"Are you sure I can't, return the favor?" he asked as he licked his lips. "I know you're wet, I know you want me inside of you, or at least, I know you want my lips on that sweet pussy of yours."

"But baby I want to make you come! I don't think you've ever let me get you off with head before and I want to. I want you to come in my mouth." Madison said.

"I will, but there's no reason why you can't get some too while I get mine. Let's sixty nine."

"Sixty nine?"

"You know what that is right?"

"Yes but I've never done it before."

"Okay well no worries, I'm no expert but it's simple, first, sit on my face."

"What?" Madison asked, a smile on her lips and butterflies in her stomach. The way he was speaking to her had wetness dripping down her leg--the way his eyes bore into hers when he spoke, the confident lilt of his thickly accented voice. "Sit on your face?"

"Yes, do just what I said, sit on my face."

"Alright," Madison said. She backed into his waiting mouth, and her arms nearly gave out when he started in with his tongue which started its assault by taking one long lick from her clit to her sopping wet pussy. She moved to bend over to start her end of the bargain but his strong arms reached up and stopped her.

"Stay just like that." He said against her pussy. The next moments went really fast--or really slowly she wasn't exactly sure because she'd quickly lost all concept of time. His tongue was like a piston, pressing against her clit and then slipping inside of her before it returned to her clit once again to send her mind into a pleasant blankness that had all but obliterated all thoughts of her initial mission. His dick lay against his stomach, still erect but forgotten as she came again and again from his ministrations only to have him hold her fixed to his mouth when she tried to escape his hold. By the time she finally garnered the strength to slacken his hold on her enough so that she could bend over to try to take him into her mouth again, he did something she'd never ever even anticipated.

"Babe you're making it really hard for me to eat your ass with your butt cheeks clenched like that," Diesel said with a quick laugh. "Just relax, trust me."

"Diesel!" Madison said tensing against the pleasurable sensation that rose in her chest. She clenched her eyes shut and held on to the bed, fighting against the overwhelming need to cry out as the pleasure shot up her back like waves of fire. His hands spread her cheeks wide as he intensified his exploration and Madison took a deep breath and relaxed her legs--and other areas.

"Good girl," Diesel said. Madison tried to focus, tried to work through the pleasure that was making her shake all over. She took him in her hand and flicked her tongue over the tip of his cock.

"Let's see who comes first," Madison said around his dick. She tried to build up as much spit in her mouth as she could, and she massaged his balls, even managed to take his sac in her mouth as his hands left her ass and his fingers dove deep inside of her. "You're about to cheat," Madison said breathlessly as his fingers managed to find her G-Spot in a matter of seconds.

"All's fair in love and war," Diesel said. Every capable part of Diesel was occupied; one hand worked on her clit while the other tortured her G-Spot, his tongue remained in her ass, firm and urging, intoxicating. When Madison came she fell heavily atop him, her face on his cock, her arms folded awkwardly beneath her. Stars slid around her vision and heat prickled every inch of her skin.

"So," Madison began after she'd managed to pick herself up. "Let's say we have that talk now?"

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