Doctor Flasher

byMy Erotic Tail©

I was sitting in the waiting room at a local Doctor's office. Waiting for my niece to get her arm re-x-rayed. From a break she had gotten months ago.

I was reading a magazine when this lady walked through the waiting room in a white doctor's smock. She had long silver hair, doe like eyes and a smile from heaven. She briskly walked past me. As any man would do I watched her cute frame and sexy legs from my chair. When she got to the door and opened it, she turned and caught me in my hypnotized stare. Yeah, she knew I was undressing her with my eyes. She gave me a sexy smile and disappeared into the back halls of this office.

I went back to reading when the door came open and there she was again. With a smile I looked up at her legs and worked my sight upwards to her ass then her chest and head. Finally getting to her smile that was plastered on her face. I was sure she could read my mind or something. She laid her folder on the receptionist desk, no telling where she was. She headed back towards the door again. My eyes met hers so I gave her a wink of the devious type and she smiled and left the waiting area.

I resumed my reading, when the door opened again. Hoping it was my niece but it was this beautiful lady. I looked down at her sexy white stocking covered legs again with no shame or fear of her comments. But what I wasn't Prepared for was when she got by me, she pulled her smock apart and revealed her under garments. Flashing me with her sexy white-legged stockings, garter belt and white silk like panties and a matching bra. The smock flushed shut as soon as it had opened and I was dazed to say the least. I bet I didn't breath for at least 10 seconds.

And before I could calculate in my mind what had just happened, she was gone. Well I put the magazine down and replayed the image in my mind over and over till it was burned in my memory bank.

Sitting there sure that I would never see her again, due to the events that had just taken place, she came out again. I sat up and stared of course, waiting for another exhibition. But she walked by and smiled, as she knew I was happy with the show. It must have been written all over my face.

She winked back at me as she got some documents off the desk and returned to the door that she so frequently was going through.

"Hey," I started, "How about another peek?" I asked.

She quickly flashed her sexy little lingerie, which was nestled under her white smock and vanished with a devilish grin.

Now I was intrigued and pleased. I quickly took up the magazine and took out my pen and jotted down some words, fixed my self and waited for Her return.

When the door opened I raised the magazine up with the words I had written. "Like mine?" I raised the little magazine to show my dick hanging out of my zipper and top button on my jeans undone, that I had fixed just right, as the receptionist came in and her jaw dropped open. Her eyes popped out as I scrambled to put my cock back in my pants and I must have been as red as a tomato.

I got up and was leaving to wait out side as the sexy doctor lady came back in the waiting room and I darted for the door as the receptionist was telling her what had just happened. I could hear her laugh from outside. I couldn't make it to the car fast enough.

I was sitting in the driver's seat of my car, beet red, and saw that the receptionist could still see me. I tried to sink down, but my tall frame wouldn't allow it. I was waiting for my niece, as that same doctor lady came out again and looked right at me. The receptionist finaly left and I breathed easy again.

I was about 2 inches tall I'm sure. But she smiled and giggled at me through the glass. I was watching her as she walked up to the window of the office waiting room, looked around and opened her smock again. Her bra was pulled down, it open for a full 3 seconds I know, as drool was probably coming down my chin from my fixed stare. Her breasts were firm and full, her nipples hard and erect. Her panties shined in the sun and her smile was wider than the Mississippi.

She had just sent a wave of pleasure through my body, and made my embarrassment a worth while endeavor. She closed her white doctors coat and whipped around in a fashion model style of stance. Flipped her hair sensually and wiggled her little ass as she walked off and looked back at me with that giggled grin, and winked.

As she went into the door again my niece was coming out, this doctor lady pointed to me in the car as my niece spoke to her a moment and then came a running to the car.

When she got in the car, she said, "That nice Doctor said you were cute. She thought you were my dad, but I told her you were my uncle. You know what she said Uncle Frank?"

"No telling," I replied.

"She said you look sick and should schedule an appointment for her to examine you."

"Well there's an idea," I said, "You know, I have been feeling a little down."

After dropping off my niece and consideration. I called and made me an appointment with this alluring Doctor. For a general check up, and explained to the receptionist that my problems were rising and needed prompt attention. They told me to come on in. My philosophy was to catch this Doctor lady while she was...interested.

I thought of about a dozen disguises to avoid the receptionist, and my embarrassment, on the drive back to the doctors' office. I decided the direct approach would be best, as I pulled back up to this medical strip center.

I walked in proudly as I could with the thoughts all streaming back mentally of showing this lady behind the desk the family jewels. I think her eyes were the size of quarters when I walked up and told her I had an appointment. She handed me the necessary paper work and I took a seat and filled them out. This receptionist was eyeing me like a warden in a prison. She finally went to the back and I breathed again.

Quickly filling out the papers and setting them on her desk I went back and sat down. About that time the door to the back opened and in walked the lovely Doctor Flasher. She smiled from ear to ear when she saw I had returned.

"Oh back so soon?" She asked.

"Yes ma'am. Been feeling a little down, thought you might be able to perk me back up." I stated.

Her smile grew even wider as she walked to the reception desk and picked up my forms. The door opened again and the receptionist emerged, with a quirky smile and narrowed eyes. I could only imagine what she was thinking. My thoughts were of how I must have gone crazy, I have never exposed my self like this before and here I was back to try and pick up a Doctor. Get real they probably have the van out back ready to ship me to an institution.

"Mr. Ramble, follow me." Said the sexy Doctor.

I got to my feet and I felt the burning eyes of Ms. Receptionist all over me. I follow the doc, through the door that led to the back. She seems to have a little more swing in her hips, I notice. We walked down a long hall of many rooms and she turned into one of them. I followed her in and looked around. There was the usual short examination bed and a counter with a sink and cabinets. A swivel chair and charts on the walls.

"Have a seat Mr. Ramble." The doctor pointed to the examination table. "What seems to be bothering you?" She asked.

"Well Doc. I got this sudden hardening of a muscle." I replied.

She turned and tilted her head down slightly and pulled her glasses lower on her nose with one finger and looking over the rim of them said. "Oh."

I felt that the serious side of this encounter was going to make me look like a fool. My sense's kicked in about then and the thoughts of running as fast as I could out of here might be my best bet. My heart started beating 4 times faster and anxiety set in. "Now why didn't I tell her Anxiety?" I thought. That would have been the truth about now. Finally the big brain thinks after the little brain has gotten me into this.

"What muscle is that?" She asked seriously.

She was looking at my crotch knowing full well what muscle I was talking about. I squirmed on the table uncomfortable to say the least. I pointed to my right lower side of my cock, and her eyes widened as if perhaps I was serious.

"I'll be back in a moment." She said as she reached in a lower cabinet and pulled out a hospital gown. Turned and laid it beside me, "Put this on I'll be right back." She walked out the door and shut it never looking back. I felt I had made a grave error.

I removed my clothes and put the gown on and tied it up the front. Stacked my clothes nicely on the small swivel chair. Looking around at the charts while my mind raced to come up with a way out of this.

The door opened back up as the Doctor came back in and she shut the door. Leaning back into the door with her hands behind her. Her head tilted down and looking over her glasses again a smile grew across her face. I was thinking she was fixing to eat me up. Her Doctors smock was open in the front just a bit revealing her large breasts that pushed against her bra to get out.

She almost started laughing, so I did, but not sure why. "That gown is on backwards Mr. Ramble." She said snickering. I looked at it and it was exposing parts of my anatomy. So I took it off and her eyes got truly wide at my boldness. I figured she's a doctor and seen lots of men naked before. Hopefully live ones. She didn't take her eyes off of me as I turned the gown around and tried to tie it in the back.

"I really loved your little show out there Doc." I said as I tied the last one. She never said a word and I heard a "Slapping," as she was behind me and I spun to see what it was and she was putting rubber gloves on. Then the other was pulled up to the wrist and, "Slap."

"Take a seat on the table please." She said motioning me.

I hoped up on the examining table and she came to the front of me. Her perfume was wonderfully strong and perhaps freshly dashed. Her coat was open quite a bit and her bra visible as well as her well rounded mounds. Creating a very nice cleavage. My eyes of course were glued to this as she pushed lightly on my lower Abb.

"Lie back for me please." She said. Lying back on the table she put her hand on my stomach. "Now tell me if you feel any pains." She pressed on my lower stomach and moved her hand around in different areas applying pressure here and there. She got so close to my cock that it swelled just a little.

She stepped back a couple steps. "Could you stand for me please Mr. Ramble."

"Sure, but you can call me Frank." I said with a huge smile.

"Ok Frank, Just stand right here for me." She reached down and pressed right next to my nut sack, I thought she was going to grab my balls. "Ok Frank cough for me."

"Cough, cough." I tried to make them as masculine as a cough could be. Her hand moved to the other side of my balls that dangled quite well and she applied pressure.

"Ok, and again please." She was as close to the family gems as you could get with out touching them.

"Cough, cough." I let out another hardy round of imitation coughs. I was wondering when the flashing Doctor was going to ravage me or yank her clothes off. Assuming I may have put her on the spot I thought about another approach, and if that didn't work I was grabbing my clothes and running like hell.

"So Doc. you married?"

"No." She said short and with a quirk in her voice. I took a long hard swallow and began my next question.

"Huh, you ..."

"Could you turn around for me please, Frank." She spun me around by grasping my shoulders and gently turning me. Pushed on my upper shoulders as a gesture to bend over. I heeded her motions.

"So Doc, You want to go for a cup of coffee or something...Ah." I felt the finger go right up my ass hole. Without a warning or a clue as to what she was up to. Her other hand on my mid-back as her finger explored my inner anal area.

"Just relax Mr. Ramble." She said.

"Relax? Easy for you to say." I blurted. All that did was have her drive her finger in deeper. I was feeling a little aroused from her probing and she run her finger along deep inside me.

"Is there any discomfort, Frank?" She asked in a sensual tone. I was actually beginning to get a hard on from this. She rubbed in a certain area and it actually made my cock swell. She gave a pressured push and cum oozed out of my cock as I felt the coolness of the air hitting it. My back got stiff as a board as I came right then and there.

"How's that Mr. Ramble?" She asked. I detected the tones in her voice and noted we were back to being called mister. She removed her finger and my body collapsed on the examination table. I heard the same, "Slap," sound that I had heard earlier. Then again, "Slap."

I just laid there in bewilderment. I heard her rustling around with the paper work but I didn't want to move. I turned my head and looked at her making some notes on my chart. She turned around and walked over to me. She even leaned forward putting her face very close to mine. Her breasts were pushing in to me.

"Yes." She said.

I was dazed and coming down mentally from a rocketed ecstasy surge. I had no idea what, "Yes," meant. I was still bent over the examination table and didn't want to move. My cock hadn't shrunk any yet as I just lay there. She walked away from me as I watched her head to the door; I did raise up then.

"Doc? What do you mean, Yes?" I asked puzzled.

"Yes, I'd love to have a cup of coffee with you or something." She said. A smile grew across my face and hers. I stood up still poking immensely. Her eyes looked down at my mound under the gown. "And Frank?"

"Yeah." I said still in a daze.

"How do you like my new garter belt?" She asked as she opened her smock and bared it all once more. My sleepy narrowed eyes woke up and popped out like marbles. Her soft skin tone and bulging breasts held by her lacey bra and slim tummy to her nest that was sexy. With garter belt strapped on the sides to her stockings. I was mesmerized. "You can tell me how much tonight," and pointed at a piece of paper that lie on the counter.

I looked at the paper that was obviously for prescriptions and she had written on the backside. I looked up just in time to see the door shut. The paper said. "Meet me at Cheig'e lounge at 7, and Frank. Don't be late for I'm not very good with patience. Laughing. 34 Simpleton Rd." A huge smile crawled across my lips.

I got dressed and made my way out of the room. For as far as I knew I was done. I really wasn't sick so I really didn't need a diagnosis. I made it to the glaring eyed receptionist and paid for my exam. Thoughts of how it was probably cheaper than a cathouse made it easier to pay for.

I got to my car and sat at the wheel a moment and looked at the note again reading. I looked back through the large class window of the Doctors office. The receptionist was gone again. The door to the back came open and Doctor Flash came out. I smiled and waved. She gave a quick look around and opened her smock quickly giving me another eye full. Then a sexy little smile with a wiggling finger wave bye as she disappeared again.

I just sat there a few moments collecting my thoughts. Looking at the note that she had given me. My mind was soaring, my body still quivered, and the smile on my face was all due to, Doctor Flasher.

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