tagLesbian SexDoctor Gets Taken Care Of Ch. 02

Doctor Gets Taken Care Of Ch. 02


It was already the middle of the week. It seemed like the days were escaping me. I cleaned up some files from my desk and finished up a few things on my computer before I turned it off and closed my blinds.

My encounter with Bailey last week popped into my mind once again as I closed my blinds. It reminded me of when she closed them herself and took me into her embrace, kissing and touching me. The moment replayed before me and I closed my eyes and leaned up against my window pane as the rush hour passed underneath. Bailey was all I could think of.

'Have a good night Gil- you okay?' Susan called out from my door.

I abruptly pulled away from my thoughts. Fuck, I thought my door was closed. How did I not realize that?

'Oh - yeah. Just resting before I drive in all that traffic. Looks kinda out of hand down there,' I said, grabbing my bag and keys.

'Alright, well have a good night. See you tomorrow,'

'You too,'

She gave a glance and rather a smirk as she left my doorway. Hope she's not onto me or something. Her and Kevin haven't been asking me about my sex life lately. I'm sure I just jinxed it though.

The traffic was heavy and stop and go on the way home. Depending on the time I leave which varies, sometimes there will be no or just full blown traffic. I don't mind finishing up some work later on in the night in my office, but the traffic does get frustrating. I was stopped at another red light and Bailey appeared in my mind once again. My brain immediately thought of the moment she undressed me and tasted me with her gentle tongue. I didn't know a tongue could feel so good, and despite the fact I do have quite a few years on her, I've never felt so good in that way before. She's so young but does it so well. Where did she learn to do that?

The green light flashed and I proceeded on my way home. How will my next appointment with her go? I can't just look at her and focus on her health situation anymore. Thankfully it's been taken care of but it's my job to serve her, not to think of her, let alone sexually. What has this become?

I finally arrived home and felt the need to have a small glass of wine. Maybe that will help take my mind from Bailey. I can't just be thinking of her and what we did. I needed to -

There was a sudden knock on my door.

I placed the glass down, feeling puzzled. I made my way through the hall and to the door, opening the door a crack.

It was Bailey.

I opened the door all the way. She greeted me with a smile and stepped closer.

'May I come in?'

I nodded, my lips quickly becoming dry. She had a backpack and she placed it down. She was taller than me and looked me in the eyes, tilting her chin down.

'Are you just off work?' she asked, placing her hand on my cheek.

At a loss for words, unsure of how she figured out where I lived, I nodded again. My expression was obvious and she grabbed for her bag again.

'I'm sorry. I don't even know if you live alone, or if you want to be alone right now. I didn't think this through,' she said, turning towards the door. I reached out to her.

'No, Bailey, stay. Me living alone? Of course I do. Just... how did you find me?'

'Well I went to your floor tonight to see if you were still there, but I had just missed you. I ended up talking to this other doctor across from you and I just told him I was a friend who needed to talk to you immediately. He said I looked familiar so he ended up helping me out,'

That she looked familiar? Oh God, he probably recognizes her as one of my patients. I hope he doesn't -

'But anyways I'm sorry for popping up here. It was uncalled for... I'll just lea-'

'Bailey, please stay. I'm... happy to see you again. You're all I've been thinking about. Now that's uncalled for, me to say that, but it's true. Stay,' I pleaded her, holding onto her shoulders and pulling her in for a hug.

She wrapped her arms around my waist and nuzzled her face in my neck. Soon we began to kiss each other's neck area and her hands moved down to my ass and touched it gently. The action aroused me and I moaned softly in her neck.

We found each other's lips and I pressed mine upon hers. Her lips tasted the same as before, of some type of mint chapstick. The kiss depended as the seconds passed and I let my fingers run through her hair. I hope I can feel her tongue again, possibly even taste her... but who was I kidding? I could never do such a thing to her.

I let out a laugh of surprise as she lifted me up once again and led us to the coach in the living room. It was dark by now but the kitchen stove was still on and gave us the perfect shade of light. My heart and blood was pounding for her. I just really wanted her. Who wouldn't want her? She was sweet, very attractive and simply amazing with her actions.

She hovered over me on the couch as she kissed my neck. I was mewing and breathing heavily as she kissed both sides of my neck and trailed her fingers down to my waist, wasting no time and slipping her fingers past my pants and placing her hand in my panties, rubbing me gently on my clit with the tip of her fingers. I cried out, realizing this time I didn't have to be quiet.

'Yes, I want to hear you Gillian. Tell me how it feels,' she whispered seductively in my ear, sucking it gently.

'It feels so good Bailey- I like that,' I spoke to her as her fingers did miracles on my clit and I could already feel my orgasm approaching. Probably because I was so turned on from her and secondly, because her fingers felt like the God's. Just her fingers did! She's so good- I don't get it.

'Shit, you'll make me cum by doing that,' I spoke to her through my teeth. She proceeded and within seconds had my pants down my legs and my panties flying across the room. The familiar action of her descending down my body became a reality again and I grew even more excited to the thought of feeling her miraculous tongue again. I really don't understand how she -

'Oh God!' I cried out as the feeling of her tongue took over my entire being. She swirled and twisted her tongue within me and on my clit and I felt like I was sinking in the couch as I turned my head from side to side, my arms above my head, completely lost in her touch.

I heard a small giggle sound from her. She reached up and slid her hand under my shirt and bra, touching my breast as she licked me. I looked down, out of breath as I looked into the young girls eyes.

'You like when I taste you?' she asked, giggling again, shooting me a cute smile. I suppose my actions gave away that I love it. And I'm sure it was amusing to her to see the way I react when she licks me. But she had to know that she was great at it. I'm sure I'm proving that to her.

'Yes- you have no idea,' I told her, wrapping my hand around her neck.

She was persistent with licking my clit and she knew she was hitting all the right spots because each time I signalled I was close, she teasingly would trace her tongue away from my clit then right back to it once I looked down at her, telling her through my eyes to please return to the previous spot. She gave in each time, giving me everything I was asking for.

'You're so pretty,' I told her as she did her work on me. She smiled and curled her tongue upon my clit, causing my head to jerk back as the blood started rushing through my ears.

'I'm cumming Bailey!' I shouted, fisting her hair, my stomach twitching and my legs trembling. I was consumed into another world as the orgasm washed through me with power, coursing through my veins. I shook and practically crumbled beneath her.

My breathing rate was normal after a few minutes and she hovered over me once again. I reached up and kissed her neck, pulling her down to me. I wanted to touch her, give her the same favour. Not like I could ever touch her in the way she does to me. That doesn't compare to anything. But I wanted to try.

To my surprise I allowed my hand to start travelling down to her pants. I heard her breath hitch in her throat as I placed my hand in between her legs, over top of her pants. I rubbed her softly with some pressure.

'Is that okay?' I asked her.

'Yeah... it's nice,' she smiled down to me, her breath accelerating.

'Lay back,' I told her, hoping I didn't sound as nervous as I felt. She smiled and lay down on the opposite side of the couch. I reached for her pants and dragged them down, clearly trying to mirror what she did to me. If I could even make her feel half as amazing as she made me feel, I'd be happy about that.

'You're so hot Gillian,' she told me, reaching down and holding my face gently. I blushed immensely. I was met with her panties as I slid them down her legs too and took in a deep breath, hoping I could mirror her tongue actions. I laughed mentally at myself.

I sunk my mouth into her, taking in her sweet juices as they flooded my mouth. I ran my mouth up and down her lips to get used to the performance. Through my racing thoughts I could hear her above me whimpering and shifting her body.

'Feels okay?' I asked her, looking up.

'More than okay,' she looked down, winking and smirking. She let her head sink down to the cushions as I introduced my tongue and I pushed it up against her clit, opening her folds with my hands to taste more of her. Of course I had no knowledge of what I was doing but she tasted amazing and I was enjoying it a lot.

'Yeah- right on my clit, just like that,' she moaned, throwing her head back and gaining a hip rhythm against my mouth. Her reaction was fascinating to me and I was loving it watching her in this state. I could feel her legs tightening up on my back and she spoke to me.

'I'm going to cum right in your pretty little mouth,' she inhaled sharply as she crashed down to the couch and moved around, squirming and moaning.

I kissed the inside of her thighs and made my way up to her face. She pulled me in for a deep kiss and we stayed in that position for a few moments. We ended up completely naked after the kiss. She stood up at some point and I stood with her. Her eyes were still burning fire. My heart beat faster just looking into them.

'I'll be right back. Go stand against that wall,' she said to me.

I immediately wondered what was next. I stood over by the wall and awaited her. I heard unzipping and zipping back up again. She appeared seconds later. She approached me.

'I have a little something for you,' she said as she placed the strap on to her body. My eyes widened as I pieced it together. She was going to fuck me? Fuck me!

'Would you be up for this?' she asked, kissing my neck and leaning us up against the wall. Without hesitation, I nodded.

'Yes, oh yes Bailey,' I said with sincerity. She smiled and placed my back against the wall as she stood in front of me. She placed one of her arms under my hamstring and held my leg up against her as she placed the tip to me, approaching slowly and with care.

'How's that so far?' she asked, placing her hand above my head to the wall.

'It's good,' I breathed out, feeling my walls already beginning to clench around the dildo. She entered more, and slowly began to thrust. I started to cry out and moan as she picked up a steady pace of fucking me against the wall, my one leg up against her body. I was holding onto her tightly, our bodies colliding and separating by inches then back together.

'You're so fucking hot, so sexy-' she said as she breathed heavily, pounding into me repeatedly. My mind was becoming nothing as she reached deeply inside of me with the toy. She's even extraordinary at doing this. Just how is this even -

'Come here,' she said, panting and making her way over to the couch. She lay down and guided me to sit on top of her. I leaned down on her, allowing the toy to enter inside me once again. She gripped my hips as I rode and bounced up and down.

'Oh my God- Bailey,' I spoke as I straddled and created a rhythm on her. She reached up and rubbed my breasts gently as she moaned and watched me. She pulled me down and held onto my back as she rose her hips and pounded into me, fucking me in all the right spots.

'I could fuck you all night Gillian. You are so sexy,' she breathed in my ear. I was moaning as she fucked me. I could feel my stomach beginning to tighten and I knew I was going to cum again.

'Bailey, I'm going to cum, please don't stop... oh shit...!' I cussed and rolled my head back as another orgasm washed through me. I think I nearly blacked out from the feeling.

Moments later, we were tangled up in each other's limbs on the couch, touching each other's skin and hair, breathing calmly as the night escaped us. She smiled and rose from the couch, dressing herself all together again.

'What- where are you going?' I asked her, standing up, still naked.

'I should get going. I had a great night Gillian. Maybe I could leave this with you for the next time, if you like,' she winked, placing the strap on in my hands. I instantly smiled and already wanted it to be the next time we'd see each other.

We kissed deeply in my living room for a few moments. The fact that I was still naked as she was fully dressed aroused me in some way. Through the kissing, she made paths with her fingertips on my back up and down my spine. The sensation was arousing me all over again. We pulled back.

'I still need to make that appointment for blood work,' she said, smirking as she turned away and headed for the door, grabbing her backpack and leaving, closing the door gently.

I stood there, with my clothes scattered on the floor and with the strap on still in my hands. Who would have thought that a situation like this, would come out of one of my patients?

I needed to see her again, regardless.


Thank you for the feedback on part 1! Hope you enjoyed part 2!:)

'You're beautiful in every way,' - Kate

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Bailey & Gillian

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