tagErotic CouplingsDoctor Love's Practice Ch. 05

Doctor Love's Practice Ch. 05


Chapter 5 - The romancing of Trudy

Trudy has endured a series of failed relationships. Feeling she was always taken advantage of and unfulfilled in her love life, she craved intimacy, tenderness and romance from her next partner. She turned to Doctor Love for help to gain control of her own destiny. Her story is one of arrival at her destination of sensual fulfilment.

It had been a busy week at work. I knew it would be. That's why I made my late Friday appointment with Doctor Love. I always look forward to his consultations. Not many women could say that about their doctor. Particularly this evening. It won't be a normal session and I'm excited about what we have planned. We've been working through some issues over the last several weeks that I feel are almost resolved. Doctor Love has helped me realise so many things about myself and what I desire. He's such a gentleman, both in how he treats me and his appearance. I find his most attractive quality was how comfortable I felt with him and how easily we engage in conversation. He's a great listener and most of all I'm confident he understands me, what I've gone through and what I want. He is good-looking for his age and I'm sure some of his patients find him attractive. In his late 50's, even his short greying hair gave Doctor Love a distinguished look. I love everything about Doctor Love's Practice and how much better I was feeling about myself.

The Practice is a double-storey terrace building that is wonderfully restored and converted into consulting rooms. Its period features, classic charm, luxurious furnishings and facilities provides a relaxing and lavish setting for discerning women. I'm a Guest, not a patient attending for treatment. I love the care and attention where the person who mattered most was me. My ex-partners could learn a thing or two from the Practice. It isn't just an exclusive private club for women. I discovered it was much more than that. I craved the nurturing of the body, mind and soul the Practice delivered. My visits have been a journey of sensual self-discover and well-being.

It was a cold and wet winter's night and I was looking forward to the open fire in the Sitting Room and Maddisyn's warm welcome. She manages the Practice and looks after the Guests before seeing Doctor Love.

'Hello Trudy, let me take your bags. Doctor Love's looking forward to seeing you again.'

I always enjoy being greeted by Maddisyn's lovely smile. I'm sure she knows all the Guests well and makes me very welcome. I first met Maddisyn when she gave me a tour of the Practice before I started seeing Doctor Love. She's one of those people you instantly like. Tall and an attractive woman in her mid-20's, Maddisyn is always elegantly dressed. The Practice is that sort of place. She was wearing a beautified burgundy coloured dress with a delicate see-through pattern. I noticed a glorious white leather jacket on the back of the chair at her desk. Her long and toned legs looked amazing in high-heels and her mid-thigh dress. I'd come straight from work but was looking forward to wearing a new evening dress, something special for the consultation.

'Thank you, Maddisyn,' I said noticing the fire glowing brightly through the arched entrance to the Sitting Room.

It's my favourite room. It made me feel special every time I visited the Practice. With such opulence, warm décor and wonderful service, it's easy to forget it was a medical practice. The Sitting Room is beautifully appointed with elegant furnishings and where Guests could relax before meeting with Doctor Love. It's no ordinary waiting room. There's nothing ordinary about the Practice. I'd decided to sit on one of the two couches in front of the white marble fireplace. On other occasions, I would sit at the window seat and enjoy the view of the well-kept garden or the park opposite, enjoying the sunshine that filtered in through the lace curtains in the bay window. My senses were welcomed by the fragrance of the freshly cut flowers and the music softly playing as I entered the room.

'Shale I take the bags through to the Guest Lounge?' Maddisyn offered in her usual helpful manner.

'Yes, thank you. I have a dress in the clothing bag. I think I'll take a spa bath tonight before seeing Doctor Love. I fancy a little pampering,' I added with a soft laugh.

'I'll hang it up for you. Would you like something to drink while I get the spa ready?' She asked, making me feel at home.

'Could I have a coffee by the fire?' I answered taking a seat on the comfortable couch and feeling the warmth radiating from the fireplace.

'Certainly, and a glass of champagne in the spa later?' Was Maddisyn's pampering suggestion.

I smiled in appreciation, 'Sounds wonderful Maddisyn, you think of everything.'

Maddisyn has a soft and caring nature and a gift for putting Guests at ease, turning a consultation into a visit. When she spoke, her voice is soft and gentle with a spiritual quality. I didn't find her attention smothering or intrusive, so natural and genuine is her interest in her Guests.

I removed my high-heels and curled up on the couch. I began reflecting on what had brought me to the Practice and Doctor Love's care. Stan was my first serious boyfriend and we were partners for almost 10 years before we parted several years ago. I'd wished we'd done it sooner. Our initial attraction didn't last. I wanted more from the relationship and Stan was content with the arrangement and that's what it was in the end. I thought love would replace lust over time but it didn't. Sex kept Stan in the relationship and it was ending it for me. Stan's idea of a romantic evening was drinks at a bar where he spent more time with his mates than me and then 'bedding' me when we got home. Sex was neither intimate or gentle and rarely enjoyable. I felt more like his plaything than his loving partner. I decided I wanted more from life, but haven't found it yet.

'I thought you might like some cheesecake with your coffee,' Maddisyn kindly suggested as she placed a silver tray with my drink and cake on the coffee table.

'Thank you. It looks lovely!' I exclaimed.

The cheesecake was topped with strawberries, drizzled with dark chocolate and dusted with icing sugar. How could I resist? Maddisyn went to the lounge to prepare the spa while I enjoyed the treat and returned to my thoughts.

There have been a couple of other men in my life since. None of the relationships lasted more than a few months. We wanted different things and I didn't want another Stan. I realised I was being taken advantage of and not appreciated for the person I was. The relationships seemed so shallow and unfulfilling. I haven't been with another man for almost 12 months now, so disillusioned I had become about finding true love.

The consultations with Doctor Love have been amazing and helped me understand my sexual issues I didn't fully understand until now. He listened to me and appreciated how I felt. He helped me discover what I wanted in my love life as we worked through the issues together. I found his observations and thoughts enlightening and helped me to decide what I wanted to do. In my mid-30's, I'm still hopeful. This evening is another step on that journey.

'Your spa is ready,' Maddisyn announced standing near the doorway to the Guest Lounge.

I collected my high-heels and walked barefoot to the lounge. The lounge is another delightful room with restroom facilities for Guests to freshen up and their final preparation before seeing Doctor Love. I'd often thought of having a spa and decided that tonight was the night. Maddisyn had worked her magic again. Scented candles lined the edge of the tub and their delicate perfume and flickering flames created an alluring atmosphere.

'Ooh . . . that's beautiful,' I sighed turning to glance at Maddisyn who looked pleased with my reaction.

'You get settled in the spa and I'll bring you the champagne, said Maddisyn adding, there's a selection of foaming bath salts on the table and you'll find the spa settings over there, indicating the controls. My favourite is Bubble Fun but I suggest the low setting or you'll fill the tub - enjoy!'

I selected Maddisyn's favourite and set the spa in motion. I slipped out of my clothing and stepped into the spa as it filled with sweet-smelling bubbles. My skin soon felt soft and silky to touch as I lay in the warm water covered in bubbles. I took in their delightful fragrance as the candle flames danced around me. The spa is set in a window with a view of a private courtyard garden. Illuminated, it revealed a gorgeous display of ferns in various colours and sizes and delicate trailing plants abounded. It's an enchanting setting to enjoy a spa. There was a knock at the door and Maddisyn entered with the champagne, placing it next to me on the edge of the spa tub.

'That's a beautiful dress, she commented. It felt lovely as I was hanging it up.'

Pleased with her comment, 'I'm wearing it for the first time this evening.'

'Would you like help with your hair and makeup when you're dressed?' Maddisyn offered.

'Yes please, I mumbled taking a sip of champagne. In about 20 minutes, I don't want Doctor Love to be kept waiting.'

'You'll be worth waiting for, Maddisyn replied as she started to leave. Turning and pausing at the door with a lovely smile, she added, Doctor Love will be delighted to see you when you're ready.'

That's what I like about the Practice, being treated like a Guest. I relaxed in the tub thinking about tonight's consultation. With Doctor Love's help, I came to realise I needed to be more assertive in terms of my sexual relationship with men. His consultations were wonderful. Our intimate discussions just naturally flowed without any awkwardness and I don't think I've ever been embarrassed. I enjoy his company as much as our discussions and his help. Doctor Loved made me realise what I desired in a relationship and why I settled for less. I needed to be more in control and not dictated to. What was acceptable and what wasn't needed to be established and it was okay to so no. Sex was for the pleasure of both of us and neither should dominate, demand or take advantage of the other. It sounded so simple lying here in the spa, sipping champagne. Talking and thinking about it was one thing, putting it into practice was another. I didn't want to disappoint Doctor Love.

I got out of the tub and dried myself. The sumptuous cotton towels felt smooth against my skin. I put on matching black lacy panties and bra I also purchased and slipped into my dress. I explored the perfumes and body lotions available and applied the most exquisite scented fragrance I'd ever tried. Standing in front of the mirror, I smiled at how lovely the dress looked. It was worth the hours I'd spent looking for a special dress for this evening. Enticingly draped from my shoulder, my eyes were drawn to my deep full breasts cupped in the lacy bra. I was admiring myself in the mirror when Maddisyn knocked and entered.

'You look stunning! Maddisyn exclaimed with genuine emotion and stood in front of me, scanning my dress. Do you mind a suggestion?'

'No, go ahead,' I eagerly replied, feeling excited about the new dress and Maddisyn's attention.

'I wouldn't wear the bra. It's such a lovely dress and it suits your figure perfectly. I really don't think it's needed,' she added trying to persuade me.

'Okay . . .,' I hesitatingly replied.

Looking in the mirror, I saw her point. Some of the bra was visible. Going bra-less would be a new experience but I was becoming a little excited at the reflection in the mirror.

'Do you have a necklace to wear?' She inquired.

'No, the only jewellery I have is the bracelet I'm already wearing,' I sighed.

'I have one that will look lovely and match the bracelet. You take off the bra and I'll get it,' she added.

I noticed the excitement in Maddisyn's step which accentuated the swing of her hips as she left the lounge. She has a gorgeous youthful body. Her bright eyes complimented her infectious smile and she's blessed with petite rounded breasts and a slender waist. Maddisyn has great dress sense and wore her makeup stylishly. You couldn't help but admire her and I very much appreciated her help.

Maddisyn returned and fitted the necklace around my neck and positioned it in my cleavage. It did look lovely and I was much happier with the way I looked. It was the stunning dress that I imagined it would be. Maddisyn assisted with my hair and makeup. She was much quicker than I would have been given her previous work at beauty and day spars.

We both looked in the mirror and perused what we had created. Maddisyn once again positioned herself in front of me to scan my dress. Her gaze fixed on my cleavage, she adjusted the opening of the dress to expose my breasts a little more and repositioned the necklace. The touch of her long slender fingers between my dress and breasts was tender and stimulating. My nipples began to harden like little nuggets. Maddisyn lifted her face to mine, wetting her parted lips with her tongue and giving a cheeky wink, she signalled her approval. I felt incredibly sexy and desirable. I was in control and I knew what I wanted.

I loved the confident and classy sound my high-heels made striking the polished Baltic Pine floor along the passageway as I made my way to Doctor Love's suite. My breasts swinging loose underneath the soft fabric of the dress, heightening my state of arousal as the material teased my budded peaks. Shivers of excitement ran through my body as I approached the suite.

It wasn't like any other doctor's consulting rooms. The suite has high ornate ceilings with decorative cornices and ceiling rosettes that were throughout the building. A chandelier gave a feeling of elegance and it's furnished with period furniture. I felt relaxed sitting on the plush couch with its soft cushions. The suite certainly doesn't have that doctor's practice feel about it. The décor is just as warm and comforting as the Guest areas. I found the intimate and cosy atmosphere made our discussion about my sexual relationships easier. I cast a last critical eye over my dress covering my feminine curves. My aroused was obvious. The door was open as usual. Doctor Love was at his desk, a necessity for his work in such an otherwise luxuriously appointed room. He noticed me enter the room and I shut the door.

'Hello Trudy, make yourself comfortable, his warm welcome accompanied with his familiar lovely smile. You look absolutely beautify and that dress is stunning.'

They were the words I had wanted to here. I inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. I wasn't surprised. Doctor Love is always charming and thoughtful. I'd come to I appreciate old-fashioned courtesy of an older gentleman during our consultations. He is nothing like Stan or other guys I'd dated. The aged difference was obvious but he's enchanting, charismatic, meticulously groomed and always well-dressed in a suit. They were all the things I'd come to admire in Doctor Love. The evening was off to the start we'd planned.

'Thank you,' I replied as we made our way to the couches.

I waited to see where we were going to sit but he just stood there gazing at me. I could feel the warmth of his eyes on mine, travel down my cleavage and exposed breasts to my flowing dress and settle on my black high-heels. My heart thumped away in my chest so hard I thought Doctor Love may have heard it during the silent pause. I knew Doctor Love was good-looking but the lovely smile that formed on his face and the glint in his eyes was a surprising turn on. I'd never had such a strong attraction to him before.

'Is anything the matter?' I inquired, although sensing there wasn't.

'Ooh . . ., forgive me, he replied appearing stunned. I was going to say something but I forgot it a soon as I looked at you.'

It was the most romantic thing anyone had ever said to me. He was so genuine and physically moved, I could tell. The rush of adrenalin felt wonderful. The evening had hardly begun and Doctor Love was doing amazing things to my mind and body. We sat next to each other on the couch and I could feel a warm moistness forming between my legs.

We knew it wouldn't be a normal consultation but things were turning more exciting than I thought. Doctor Love normally sat opposite on the other couch. The lighting was lower than normal and soft music filled the room. Doctor Love sat close to me and I could feel the warmth of his presence. He leaned forward into the conversation and his gaze focused on me more intensely in a sensual way. I could feel my heart beating wildly as I looked into his eyes, softer than I'd ever noticed before. Doctor Love seemed more relaxed as we talked and his smile was sweet and generous as he listened. He was attentive and his velvet voice even smother than usual. Placing a hand on his arm and crossing my legs in his direction to get even closer not to miss a single word, caused my dress to ride up my thigh. The brief sweep of his gaze of my thigh was arousing, leaving me bereft as his eyes returned to mine. He leant over and gently brushed some strands of hair across my forehead. Others would have leered at the exposed skin and saw it as an opportunity, or even an invitation to pounce. I could feel the sexual tension building between us. Not raw unbridled lust. I wouldn't have believed it, feeling this way just sitting with Doctor Love.

'Your hair looks lovely. Is it a new style?' He gazed into my eyes patiently waiting for a reply.

'Maddisyn kindly did my hair and makeup,' I replied, feeling the need to moisten my dry lips I replicated what Maddisyn had done earlier.

'She's done a wonderful job, he replied. You look lovely.'

His compliment drew a broad smile. I felt excited and increasingly aroused as we talked. There is something about an older man I was finding attractive. Not quite a secret craving, but something intriguing and desirable nevertheless. I just sat there taking in his charming company and gentlemanly manner, qualities I had dreamt of in a younger man. Not only is he a charming gentleman, I discovered there is something undeniable sexy about Doctor Love. Relaxed and enjoying his company, I started to admire the ambience of the suite Doctor Love had created for our consultation. The term 'consultation' suddenly appearing less appropriate.

'I love the selection of music,' I commented suddenly become conscious of it. So engaged had we been I almost overlooked it.

'Do you dance?' Doctor Love surprisingly asked.

'Yes, but not very well,' I laughed.

He stood up and extending his hand, 'Dance with me?'

'What here, now!' I exclaimed with a sensual fuelled blush.

'Nobody will see us and you're dressed for dancing, he replied with a tempting smile. Besides, why wouldn't I like to hold such a beautify woman in my arms.'

It was as if his words were caressing my emotions and I longed for him to caress my body. Doctor Love took me in his arms and we moved as one to the slow beat of the music. A quiet sigh escaped. I felt the smooth and gentle touch of his hand on my lower bare back, sending a shiver along my spine. His breath caressed the side of my face. Another sigh drifted over my lips. I had never known such levels of pleasure in the arms of another man. He paused beside his desk.

'I haven't offered you a drink. Would you like champagne?' He suggested apologetically.

'That would be lovely,' I replied, thinking another wouldn't do any harm.

Doctor Love pressed the intercom on his desk without his other hand leaving my back, 'Maddisyn, could you bring us two glasses of champagne please? Thank you.'

We continued to dance. He pulled me closer and I placed my head on his chest. I took in the scent of his aftershave and I felt the beat of his heart. His touch was soft, strong, and confident. We moved about the room finally passing under an impressive archway leading to an adjoining room I hadn't been in before. I felt my heart beat rapidly and my emotions succumb to the moment. It was an exquisitely appointed bedroom! A fire was burning brightly in the fireplace, and within me. The room felt warm and inviting and my mind filled with the images of what may be happening. A large mirror was above the mantelpiece and the reflection showed a lovely contented couple.

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