tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDoctor Master Ch. 4 (2)

Doctor Master Ch. 4 (2)


I am at his party and all are kind. One is looking at me very strange; I need some air."Count Divad, may I go out out in the garden?"

"Yes" I go out into the beautiful garden; I jump, he is behind me."You will be my toy, now, the Count can fuck himself." I push him away; I will not be this one prey start to run; he is to fast. Hitting the ground knock the wind from me, he is tearing my beautiful dress to nothing. The white of his fangs makes my body cold as ice.

He tears into me with his dick. He is fucking me hard and wild. Part wants it stops and the other half is enjoying being raped. He fills me with his seed; he leaves. I can not walk; I crawl back to the house in shame. What will the Count say? I did not ask for it or did I? The Count is waiting for me on the porch."Help me, Master!" Count Divad runs to me; Oh God his eyes. Master lifts me carefully and carries me to his room. Doctor Louis is call from his card game."Divad, what happen to her?"

"She was in the garden and someone hurt her."

"He hurt her; poor Shawney!"

"He will die and I will make it slow and painful." Master Louis examines carefully and says I will have a black eye and broken arm. Oh God Count look like his mad. I do not wish to be his next victim.

I wake the next night with my arm in a cast. Every part of my body hurts. My two masters are sitting by the bed. "Shawney, how are you, my child?"

"I am alright, it is my fault."

"I went outside; I only wished to see the flowers in the garden."

"Did I do wrong?"

"No" both say. The next thing that happen is a man is pushed into the room. "Oh, God " I jump and they know he is the one. Count Divad takes by his arm and I hear it break. Count Divad hits him hard the face."Master Louis, Please stop him; I do not want a life for my shame."

"Divad, Stop, we will do something else." Shawney needs sleep. "And when you are well; the training will start again."

For six months, I am treated like a Queen. I am feeling better each day. Master Louis and Count Divad come into my room. "Your cast will come of tomorrow."

"I will serve you tonight if you wish."

"I am your slave and will obey any commands."

"Shawney, I have one question; how many masters do you have?"

"You are my Master but you told me to obey Count Divad also. "

"Am I wrong?"

"I will stay where I am told to stay and do what I am order."

"But if I go with Master Louis may I come back and see Count Divad."

"But if I stay with Master Divad may I go to see Master Louis."

"You will leave with me, Shawney and you will return to see Count Divad after your training is finished."

"This is the only promise; I will make to you."

"You are learning to obey and I am proud of you," said Master Louis."Shawney, you are the first one, I have learned to love in years," said Count Divad. We leave in the car and the count kisses me good-bye.

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