Doctor of Desire Ch. 04


The Goth had returned with the liquids. Angelina's was pink. Casey's was clear in a very tall glass.

"This isn't a beer, Gina period. I asked for a beer, for us both."

"I don't drink beer, and this is what you want, even if you don't know it. Drink up."

"How do I know the chemist here hasn't spiked this with some date drug that will allow you to rape me."

"You wish. But here, I'll drink some. Satisfy you."

"I'm sure he keeps an antidote handy, but sure. So what is this?"

"Try it."

Casey took a long swallow to show he could hold his gin, or vodka, or tequila. It was selzer.

"What's this pisswater?"

"Just water. I want you sober so you can tell Daddy exactly what I do tonight. Are you ready to go?"

Casey realized immediately that his ruse was blown, but there was no point in bailing out. Better to regroup and escalate the plan.

"Your place or mine?"

"Original, but neither."

"Where then, Greenie's?"

"Somewhere Daddy don't go, nor none of his goons."

"Hmm, I like that, but that's got to be almost nowhere."

"You got that right."

"How do we go? Chopper or yellow shark?"

"Nah, daddy owns every hack in this part of town and I don't like bikes. Too hard on my tender pussy."

"Tender, huh? I figured..."

"Don't figure, just come."

They left the building by a back door.

"This won't fool any of my daddy's spies, but it is a quicker route to the water and I like to jerk their... chains."

"I bet you do."

"This way."

They headed down a very narrow alley. Casey glanced back to make sure his guys saw him go. They didn't.

"No way. I had a couple of my gals take them out. At this moment the one with the good buns should be working them on Shevaun. She will not let him come for another... " She glanced at the diamond crusted watch on her wrist. "... twenty minutes, anyway. She knows how to do that. Your other ... friend is falling asleep in the lap of a woman who he doesn't know is really a man. He'll know when he wakes up with a cock in his ass."

"You are good. Maybe almost ready to take over the family business."

"Don't talk about things you know nothing about. Well, here we are."

They had reached the docks in that part of the North End. A warm wind came off the harbor.

"Not exactly what I had in mind."

"Wait. Go down there."

She pointed at the water.

"You want to go swimming? Or you got some skanky mattress under the pier."

"Go. Climb down the ladder."

He hadn't even seen the ladder. He climbed knowing she could be sending him into a cold oily bath. But at the bottom of the ladder was a small dock and next to the small dock was a shiny black speedboat.

"Get in."

He got in. She didn't bother to put on the riding lights. Nimbly, she climbed up on the front deck and threw off the bow line.

"Throw off the stern line."

"ay, ay, captain."

She took the wheel. He didn't hear the engine start but in a second they were slowly heading out into the harbor. A few minutes later she cut in what must have been the main engines and Casey sat down suddenly as the boat charged forward. Except for the white wake they were invisible, a black boat on a black night on black water. Gina stood boldly, her legs spread, her hair blowing back behind her, her mouth and nose open to take in the wet sea air.

"Pull my blouse over my head!" She yelled back at him.

He did.

"Throw it away.'

He let the wind tug it from his fingers out onto the dark water.

A thick cord with a large black key hung between her breasts.

"Now the damn bra!"

It flew after the blouse.

"Skirt! Rip it off!"

The boat only swerved a little as the fabric escaped her hips.

He removed the thong without asking. But when he started to remove his own clothes she shook her head.

"This isn't about that. Go sit down."

He remained standing and didn't fall even when she cut the boat into a hard circle. He stood and looked at her in profile, staying loose and reacting with his legs as the boat bounced off each wave. She drove, pretty nipples pebble hard in the chilly spray, bouncing lightly with each wave, her tight thighs taking the shock, her fine, high young ass quivering. Casey discovered he had a serious hard on.

"Get ready to jump overboard. Pick up that anchor."

"Excuse me? You're not serious?"

"Absolutely. But I'm not making you walk the plank. It's just that we are almost there and I need you to pull the boat up on the sand and dig that anchor in as high as you can get it. There isn't a proper dock...except you."

"What? Oh, pun. How did you know who...?

"Oh I have my spies. I don't want daddy ever to surprise me. A lot of his surprises aren't so nice."

"Yeah, I'm wonder what kind he'll have for me after this little...adventure. I could be wearing concrete boots the next time I go overboard."

"Not if I have anything to say about it, and I have a lot to say about it. Get ready! Jump!"

The outline of the tiny island had just loomed up in front of them. Casey landed in the cold water up to his waist and all heat below the belt disappeared in a flash. He charged hard out of the water as the boat went slipping by him and skidded a short way up the sand. He dug the anchor deep into the sand and gave it an extra push with his foot.

"No, that's no good. Help me pull it up higher. The tide's coming in and it will just wash it right out."

"Hey! You just jumped right onto the beach. Why did I have to..."

'I needed an excuse to get your pants off.'

"You did? You didn't."

"But you are supposed to be convincing me to be a good girl, aren't you?"

"So, you even know my 'mission.'"

"Well, you're not the first. But the others were ugly old sticks, priests or nuns. Daddy even had one of his 'enforcers' give me a little talk."

"Like that guy could lay a finger on you."

"Wasn't a guy and she was pretty scary. Trouble was I could tell she really wanted me, so I had the upper hand. Literally. And she liked it. I have a very small fist, but my arms are strong. Feel."

She offered her bicep.

"I'll bet you could bench press..."

"You. Come, you are starting to shiver and I have a nice little cottage just up the beach."

The moon was rising, huge and liquid gold over the distant horizon. It afforded just enough light to see what looked like a pile of old driftwood washed up in some short, twisted pines on the far side of the dunes. But Gina took her key and unlocked a huge old padlock that hung from a chain across an old hatch cover. The hatch swung inward.

Casey could see nothing.

Gina, fiddled with something and a flame flared. She applied it to the wick of a simple kerosene lantern with a glass chimney and a warm glow revealed piles of large pillows, a tiny potbellied stove, and a small wooden cupboard.

"Quickly, close the door. I don't want to draw attention...

"It's about here that I say, 'I really shouldn't be doing this.' If, or should I say, when we are found, I am a dead man. My job is to convince you not to do this sort of thing."

She pushed him backward and he tripped and fell on the pillows. They were soft and deep.

"You're right. But I don't want you killed, if you can believe that. I just want my daddy off my neck, to cut me loose. That's why I have a plan, that's why I convinced him to hire you to straighten me out."

"You convinced him?"

"Well, not exactly directly. But certain people, my aunt, the Mother Superior put a little bird in his head. They came up with you...which is perfect for what I need to do."

"And what do you need to do?"

Gina was starting a fire in the stove and pouring something from a thermos into a kettle on top of it. The little room warmed rapidly and she addressed herself to removing his wet boots and socks and pulling his drenched pants off to hang on a hook by the stove.

"I need to convince my father I am a virgin. That is why I am going to fuck you. It's a kind of payment. Then I need you to do two things, in opposite order, I need you to convince my father that you have "scared me straight" and that I want to get married and live a sweet life on the straight and narrow. And the guy I want to marry is this sweet, rich Harvard law student who will pay for my college education and take me away from all this."

"Which is a gigantic crock of shit, I suppose. I don't know if I'm that good a salesman."

Gina had produced a fragrant oil that smelled of sandalwood and she was rubbing it into his feet. The room was beginning to cook like a sauna and beads of sweat dotted her upper lip and temples and a sheen glowed between her breasts, bobbling gently as she moved.

"Gospel. Absolute gospel. That's the problem. He is very real and comes from a very nice family and we have argued about mine and he really wants us both to get away from this. And really, I do too...I'm nuts about the guy."

"You're serious?"


She was straddling him now, her tight thighs clenching his legs as she rubbed oil into his belly and chest muscles and kneaded them with her small, powerful hands. The skin on the edges of her palms was just a bit rough.

"Your hands... Karate?"

"Twelve years."

"Hmm. So you could kill me right now if you wanted to and say I tried something."


His cock, which had been growing steadily as it bumped on her belly, wilted a bit.

"So what is the rest of your plan, if I may ask while I am still alive? If you are so crazy for this guy..."

"Two reasons..."

She was massaging his face now and he felt as though he were drifting away.

"...I really am sort of a virgin. No guy has ever really dared do anything, ever since I was fifteen and Sandy LaPorte got his pinky cracked for having his hand under my skirt at a party. All the rest is keep up my bad rep. So my guy and me, we did it just once and it was too quick, in his limo. So before I lock it up for him, and I'm going to, I want one wild night, on my terms. Thus the set up."

She positioned herself beside him with one leg over him and her breast right next to his face.

"Suck my tit please, now. You are supposed to be the expert. I need you to do all the things all those other guys I am never going to fuck might have done...use your imagination. And one other thing. After we're done, I need you to make me a virgin again. I know you can do it. Stitch me up so pretty no one can tell."

Casey almost choked on the thick strawberry of a nipple that he had been doing his best to swallow.

"Where? How?"

"Here. I brought a suture kit and a couple of bright lights. But let's not think about that now. I need for you to get me really wet."

Casey knew he would not have to work hard at it. Gina's body was slick with oil and sweat but the spot where her legs were clamped around his was hot and slippery with juice and she was rubbing hard against his hip bone as she pulled one breast from his mouth and replaced it with another.

" good, oh please take your time. Your tongue..."

Suddenly she ground her sex hard into his hip and clamped her heel around his legs. His hand on her wet back felt a quiver go down her spine and then shake her all over.

"Damn! I didn't expect to get one already... and such a good one. You are good. You may spoil me, I won't say his name. Oh that was excellent, but I need more, several more, but, what...?"

Casey pulled her hard on top of him and grabbing the tight onions of her ass, slid her up until her damp fur was right against his chin.

"Put your hands on the wall."

He reached up and took a breast in each palm and lifted her just above his mouth. Knowing she was still sensitive, he ignored the swollen pink bud and nibbled, sucked, and licked everywhere else. Her scent was so natural that he grew intoxicated. Then lightly he began to give some attention to the big, puffy outer lips, sneaking a tickle toward the lower rim of the scarlet opening that glistened in the warm glow. With his tongue tip he probed the cavity very gently, stroking the blushing tissues, feeling Gina quiver as he did. He pinched the delicate inner lips between his own, heard her squeal as he applied a bit of pressure and at the same time squeezed the tight nipples in his hands above.

At first very lightly and then with more enthusiasm with his tongue he began to write the alphabet on the hood of her clit. By 'm' she was beginning to push down onto his mouth murmuring little growls of excitement and frustration. He continued to the end of the alphabet and started again, this time in script. An older woman would be gushing into his mouth by then but Gina was young. Young women, even the bad ones hold back.

"Breathe, breathe deep into your belly. Let your hips do what they need to do."

The growls became moans and her hips loosened and began to flex.

"That's good. Let it go."

Casey dropped a hand under her ass and as he slid his fingers between her legs he tickled the little pink dimple now slick with her juices.


"Easy. I was just saying hello. I won't touch that again, until you ask me to."

"Not going to happen."


Casey pursed his lips around the shaft of her clit and as he did he slid a finger into the hot opening below it, probed forward a bit until he found the little sponge under the bone. He massaged it and at the same time sucked hard. The tiny pillow swelled against his finger and Gina lost control. A huge, cry came from deep in her belly and her hips popped again and again as salty liquid poured into Casey's mouth. He covered her whole vulva with his open lips and swathed every drop from her.

With a sigh Gina toppled backward onto his belly. The back of her head rolled on his half hard cock, encouraging it to come to full attention.

For several minutes they just lay there breathing. Casey admired the tantalizing view of that little pink dimple winking below the ruddy wet lips. It became more visible as Gina rolled over and began to suck enthusiastically at the knob of his cock. She knew what she was doing. Clearly this was a game she had played a bit. But she lacked a certain finesse and her young mouth did not have the strength or depth of someone with a bit more maturity. He would let her mystery man teach her how best to play the skin flute.

Casey slid Gina forward and himself backward until she was sitting in his lap. She had brought his cock into a fine firm state and it was time to do the deed. Casey ran his hands over Gina's back. This was the definition of perfect skin, absolutely smooth everywhere, hardly a mole to dot the surface, only a very fine down to catch the light and provide goosebumps when he gently dragged his nails down her sides.

Sliding his hands under her ass, he lifted her up until her swollen lips were just above his cock.

"Let's go slow now." He coached her. "Take hold of it and put the head just where you want it. That's good. Now I am going to lower you little by little. You tell me if it hurts or is too much and I will lift you back up again."

Casey felt the head enter into the moist heat of her body and almost came. He clenched his balls and lowered her a little further. The thick knob met a little resistance but he let her weight push on. A little pop and the head was inside.

Gina gave a quiet little scream.

"Too much?"

"No, not enough."

"Relax, it'll be easier."

"I don't want it easy."

"Suit yourself, but you are very tight."

"Don't you like that?"

"Love it, but not if it hurts you."

"Don't you want to hurt me?"

"No, it's not about that."

"Hurt me."

"Don't worry, I will."

He lowered her on down and she wiggled her ass to get it around the thick cock. She was sitting on his lap again, cock buried deep in her. She started to lift up.

"Don't move. Just stay like that."

He could feel her thighs flexing, needing to move.

"Just wait. Stay."

"I can't. I'm so full."


He breathed on the back of her neck, took her left earlobe in his tight lips. Nibbled on her neck.

"Which hand do you use to play with yourself?"

Gina put on a little girls voice.

"Why Doctor Darden, I don't..."

"Right. Which hand?"

"Can't I move? How are you staying hard?"

"Not yet. Which hand?"

Casey clamped a hand on her thigh and pushed in deeper.

Gina groaned.

"Let's see."

She fiddled with herself with the right and then the left.

"The left. You want me to...?"

"You can help me."

Casey took her right nipple in his right hand and dropped his left to her clit.

"OK, now you control the action. Slide your feet under you unless you work better from your knees."

Gina started to lift off only to slide back down.

She did it again. Casey just relaxed and let his tool be her play toy.

At first she was slow, squeaking as she lifted up, groaning as she came down. Soon the whole business was quite wet but Casey was fighting for control. She was so tight and he could feel the contractions as each thrust shook her. Soon she was bouncing like a madwoman.

Suddenly she stopped.

"OK, discovery. This position is not so wonderful. Feels too mechanical. Can I turn around?"

"Of course. It's your party."

"It is, isn't it?"

Acrobatically, she spun around and lifted a leg over his head without ever letting his cock leave her body. Now she pressed her face into his chest, even taking a bit of skin in her teeth. Kneeling, she began to rock. Wordless sounds poured out of her in a primitive rhythm, building, growing louder. She was working it hard now, owning it. Casey just let his hands rest gently on her hips as she dug in.

When she came she was almost screaming, her teeth gnawing his shoulder, her body helplessly shaking all over. She fell backwards at last, face bright red, nose running, hair sopping wet. Lying on his legs, her horny left hand found the magic button, above the cock still tucked hard up against her spot, flicking, stroking, shuddering and crying until she lay silent and panting. Casey lay back, still locked with her and panted himself.

She woke him with a cup of hot grog. He had no idea what was in it, but it was alcoholic enough and it quenched his thirst and seemed to boost his strength. He was sure that if Gina put her mind to it she could completely wear him out.

"So. Are we done? Do we get out of here before your Daddy bursts in and turns me to fish food?"

"Boy, all my dates poop out on me. We can't leave yet. A couple of things to be done. Remember our deal? You need to do a little operation and you need to fuck me."

"Well, the operation has me a bit weirded out, but I guess that's the contract. About the other thing, though...didn't I...didn't we?"

"I did. You didn't."

"Is that so important?"



"I keep my contracts. You need to get the whole deal."

"And leave some DNA just in case..."

"The man is smart."

"I don't come through?"

"I make a phone call. The goons show up and I say you dragged me here."

"You drive a hard bargain."

"Right. So shut up and show me what you can drive hard. I need you to be that guy you were pretending to be with the henchmen and the bikes. That was hot."

Casey threw her down on the cushions and covered her, eating her breasts until the nipples were hard and the dark moons around them puckered like...the surface of the moon. He flipped her and drove into the sweet sore spot until she was screaming for the short strokes. He piled pillows up high and plopped her down on top of them and yanking her legs in the air drove in deep. He filled her mouth with his tongue. He bit her nipples. And when his balls ached with the pressure, squeezed a firm young buttock in each hand and let his pinky find that sweet asshole that now was slick with girl-honey. No longer tight, it gaped a little each time he thrust in. She was ready.


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