tagBDSMDoctor or Master Ch. 3

Doctor or Master Ch. 3


"How do you like my toy, SEX?"

"I need to explain that SEX means Submissive Educator X."

"It likes you, Shawney." My pussy has a tentacle, which feels like a large dick. My ass has a tentacle, which feels a butt plug. They are both vibrating in and out. Two tentacles feel like hands and are having fun with my body. The suction cups with tongues are back on my nipples again. This machine knows how far to take you and then it stops. SEX is pulling me to the edge and then it starts all over. Am I a test for this thing and the shots? I am losing control and the doctor is gaining it. Body, I have no body. It is answering his call. The drug is not helping.

My Master, Louis, is giving another shot. I am feel higher than a kite. Between the machine, Louis, and the drug, I will not be able to think. I must keep my mind. That is the only thing that is keeping going. Think about the Story of O, you can not end up as that one did. You must keep go and stay alive.

You must obey and wait. You may get a chance to leave. SEX is making my body its. I must think. Oh, oh, oh, please let me cum. It is letting me cum, I passing out again. I wake up. I am free. I am still wearing my collar, wrist cuffs, and ankle cuffs; the gag is out of my mouth. My jaw is sore. The blindfold is gone. The earphones are gone. The room is made to look a castle bedroom. My costume is nightgown of that time. The house must have many playrooms. Am I in a whorehouse? No window, I wish I knew if it was night or day. A table is set with food; I am afraid to go near it. Louis enters. "Shawney, my child, you may eat if eat like a lady". Walking to the table, we both sit and start to eat with manners. My eyes never look at Louis. Fresh fruit, eggs, bacon, sausage, ham and biscuits are on the menu. Milk, juice and coffee are drinks. This is the first thing I have had in what feel like days.

I eat slowly, Come bwitch; I crawl to him. I receive a piece of bacon. I am his pet but I will find a way to leave. Juice is poured into a bowl by his chair. " Drink." Sipping it with my tongue pleases him. "You will come with me, today". "This is the day I will take to a store to get you new clothes."

"Your cuffs will be removed but you collar will stay."

"Your collar has a bug in it and if you run I will know where to find you."

"I am trusting you, today only."

"Master Louis, I will do as told. I wish to serve you and be of help in your work."

"May ask some questions?"


"May I ask what is in the shot because I am afraid of needles?"

"I will explain the shots."

"The drug is called YARE."

"YARE means Youth Aphrodisiac Rapture Extract."

"It is to make anyone you give it to fuck without stopping."

"I am making this drug for a company."

"You had not received the amount I need in your body."

"I will test your blood later today."

"I have a friend for you to met when we are out."

"She has received the drug for a year."

"She will be at the store and she will serve both of us."

"Thank you, Master Louis for explaining the training."

"I will not ask how long the training will take?"

"I will tell you, Shawney."

"Training will take six months for some and a year for others."

"I hope you are not playing me for a fool."

"Your blood will tell me if you need to be trained longer."

"Please Master Louis's their another way to take the drug?"

"Yes,but get in the car."

"We will talk about this later."

I can not see out of the car; the windows are black. I sit very still and obey anything I am told. We arrive at the store. The outside looks like a castle. Inside is a bar and door saying "Members only." The bartender pushes a button and the door opens. Torches light our way into the "Dungeon." The clothing part is in the corner and Master Louis takes me to it. Slave Mystic is smiling at me and has my outfits waiting on me. "You two, go try these on for me." I will be at the table." Slave Mystic led me to the back room.

Outfit is like the costume Jane wore in Tarzan movies. Mystic dresses like Tarzan and we go on stage. Mystic pushes me down. She is licking my pussy and I am to lick her. I do it; Master Louis smiles. We both start to cum, "NO." Mystic and I stop. We go to the other costumes. Mystic is dress as a pirate and I as her prisoner. Again we start the show; Master Louis stops. We come to the table after take all of the clothing off. "It is time for my bath, ladies". Master Louis leads us back to a private room. This room has a large hot tub. "Master, do wish Mystic to care for dick?"

"No not this time wish to have you help, Shawney to sit on dick."

"I wish fuck her tight ass."

"Mystic, this is her first time."

"She will need some lube." Mystic takes me and rolls me over. My ass is where she can do the job. She has a bottle of warm oil and pours it on my ass. She pushes in my tight virgin. "The only thing that has been in there is the machine."

The oil is growing warmer. I am put his dick with much pain. I bite my lip and tears pour out. Louis starts playing with my nipples. Mystic has rammed two fingers into my hot pussy. I fuck him hard and fast. He tells her to make me come fast. I cum and do not pass out this time. "Good Girl." Louis has an another shot waiting on me when I get out. The slave puts it in my ass. Oh, God. This strange feeling is making me want jump them both. Must fight it!

"Come to me bwitch!" I crawl I can not stand."

"Master Louis, what is your wish?"

"Suck my cock and make hard again."

"Mystic suck, lick and fuck her pussy while she is doing me." Taking his cock in my hand, I try to take the whole thing in my mouth. I gag. I start licking it and then I slowly suck it. This is my first blowjob. He is get hard and takes my head in his hands and pushes up on it. Precum is in my mouth. His cum is in mouth and I sallow as fast as I can. I sallow all of his cum. "Good Girl"

"She may have hers now, Mystic. Oh Oh Oh Oh My body is quaking and vibrating. This is the hardest one yet.

"Please Master, May I do it again?"


"We must go now, Shawney."


"Dress in the clothes on the bed." I crawl to the bed and see a beautiful Chinese dress. It is blue with a red dragon on it. The dragon has green eyes. I put the dress on and went to model it for MasterLouis. I knock on his door. "Yes, Shawney."

"Thank you, Master Louis."

"Mystic pick it out for you and pick out this new collar." The collar likes cats` collar. Pushing my neck into his hand I said, Please put it on me, Master." He placed tight on my neck. Clipping the lease to it, "You are my pussy cat, now."

"You will be well treat when you are good but do not be bad."

"That is something you do not wish to know."

"Now, you are ready for the next step in your training."

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