Doctor Who: Amy, Captured Ch. 03


'Are you close, Amy?' Mara said in a singsong voice, fondling Amy's breasts absently. 'Will you cum for me?'

Amy's eyes opened slowly, revealing a dazed look, and she regarded Mara with addled brown eyes, as if she was trying to figure out the correct answer, 'Yes!' She panted, finally.

'Well, if you want to cum, you're going to have to do me first...' Mara gave that same predatory smile, and raised an eyebrow suggestively.

'Oh... No, please just... Uh!' Amy pleaded, her face twisting with desperation, her begging interrupted when Mara curled her fingers over a particularly sensitive place inside her, causing the walls of her vagina to spasm around her hand.

'That's the deal, Amy,' Mara said, withdrawing her wet fingers from the frustrated Amy and applied them to her Arclight wristband, hitting Amy with a level one pleasure blast. The girl would come around to Mara's way of thinking, given enough frustration.

'Mara, please!' Amy whined raggedly, desperately. 'Please... finish the job... make me cum...'

'No, Amy, you're going to work for this one. You get me off, and... well...' Mara's tongue circled Amy's clit one last time

Frustrated tears fell from Amy's eyes as she searched Mara's for any sense that she would let this one go. Mara stared back as the naked girl tried to hide her growing, pent-up lust and all consuming desperate need to cum. Eventually, she closed her eyes and gave a despairing whimper, 'Fine, I'll... I'll do it.' She said in a tiny voice.

Mara gave her a thumbs up, 'Alright!' She crowed and, leaping to her feet, she began to disrobe. She had a dancer's figure, but only under the assumption that this particular dancer had spent an inordinate amount of time perfecting their craft, or just plain working out. Divested of her clothes Mara was all sweeping curves and feminine grace wrapped in the kind of pristine marble skin that caused artists to gain new inspiration and took the breath away from those less artistically talented. When she stood still, she looked statuesque. And not in a creepy, Weeping Angel kind of way, but in a "completely idealized thing of beauty," way.

Even with everything that had been going on, even with what she was expected to do, Amy couldn't help but feel self-conscious being naked around the similarly bare Mara. After all, the two of them were almost certainly being watched- she thought she heard the whirr of a camera lens zooming in- and Amy didn't like the idea of being compared to Mara.

'Ooh...' Mara crooned when she noticed Amy staring at her. 'You like what you see?'

'What? No!' Amy shook her head, partly as denial, partly to dislodge the building heat that was spreading through her as the Arclight continued its incessant work.

'Well, that doesn't really matter,' Mara sniffed, not really believing her anyway. 'Either way, you got a job to do.'

'Please don't make me do this, Mara!' Amy begged.

'Hey, it's totally fair play, Amy! You can't expect something for nothing, especially in your situation. You should feel lucky that you're not doing ALL of the giving, without receiving anything, slave,' Mara reminded her.

'But why ME? I don't have any experience in... this kind of thing! Besides, I'm a little distracted!' Amy bit her lip and shook a little as she finished speaking, leaving no doubt as to what, exactly, was distracting her.

'If you want to STOP being distracted,' Mara said softly, drawing her fingers along Amy's sodden pussy, 'then you'll have to work for it. As I believe I've said before. Now, no more arguing. Get on your knees.'

Amy gave a little whine, but stood up anyway. Slowly, she sank to her knees as Mara skipped to the bed and, giggling girlishly, presented her bare, petalling cunt, 'Be gentle,' Mara mocked, causing Amy to lower her head momentarily, a bitter, drawn-out sigh escaping her lips.

Amy eyed Mara's vagina with distaste, but the steadily building pressure between her own legs and the slow dripping of her juices onto the carpet made her ensuing course of action painfully obvious. She lowered her head between Mara's legs, her tongue slipping from her mouth to tentatively, gently lick Mara's pussy.

She felt Mara's hand stroking her hair encouragingly as she sped up, determined to get this over with so she could cum herself.

Amy's tongue licked up and down, making Mara grow hotter. She may have only been imitating what Mara had done earlier, but Amy had some natural talent at pussy licking. Her eyes might be brimming with a deep revulsion at the acts she was being forced to commit, but her cute little mouth was sending an entirely different message. Mara closed her eyes and tilted her head back.

This was the stuff that Mara loved; her sex life was long and colorful, and littered with moments like this. She had a history of being aggressively sexual, taking nominally straight girls and introducing them to the finer points of girl-on-girl love. Mara thought of it as education; she taught them what felt good, and all she asked in return was that they take a practical exam. A wet, heated, loud practical exam...

Mara wiggled her hips against Amy's face with a happy moan, wrapping her legs around the captive's neck and drawing her mouth in closer until her nose was pressed into Mara's light brush of pubic hair. Amy gave a plaintive little noise and looked up at Mara with big, sad eyes.

'Oh! Right there!' Mara cried as Amy's tongue hit upon something that worked very well. She repeated the motion a few more times, hoping that Mara would just finish up and be done with it.

As her tongue slid yet again into Mara's slit, Amy was surprised at the sheer heat the blonde was generating. Her juices spilled out onto Amy's face, sticky and wet, as both girls struggled to catch a breath, though for different reasons. Mara gasped and shuddered heavily as Amy's inexperienced mouth brought her closer and closer to the edge.

Then Amy's tongue flicked up in a new way, and every muscle in Mara's body tensed. Her fingers curled tightly into Amy's hair, her thighs tightening viselike around her neck, holding her mouth against her spasming cunt as she came, hard. Amy tried to pull away as Mara juiced copiously on her face. She found herself unable to as the stronger woman's well-muscled legs pulled together tightly in the grip of orgasm.

'Whoo!' Mara panted. She had had enough orgasms in her life to be able to recover from them pretty easily. She sat up, petting Amy's head with sardonic affection. 'You did well, Amy.'

Amy pulled away from Mara, breathing heavily. Her face was coated in a sticky sheen of pussy juice and her lips trembled nervously, but her eyes were wide and desperate.

'Alright, alright! Anything!' She gasped, 'Just, please...' Her eyes lowered, gazing despondently at her own nether-regions, disgusted at everything that was happening to her, 'Let me cum...' She whimpered.

'Ah, of course,' Mara smiled gently. 'How could I forget my own unfinished business?'

Both girls stood, Amy on unsteady, shaking legs, and traded places. Amy spread herself as wide as possible, her desperate need enflamed by Mara's cruel delaying. She wished that Mara would hurry and get her off, partially to relieve herself, and partly so that she would be left alone. Mara was only too happy to oblige.

She dove right back into Amy's pussy, her tongue probing deeply into the steaming heat and wetness. The added frustration of having to place Mara's need above her own had turned Amy's cunt from wet to positively volcanic, and Mara wondered just how much of that had to do with the Arclight. Her hand went to the switch, disabling the teasing device and easing Amy from artificial pleasure to a more natural kind of ecstasy.

Amy shivered in disgust. In truth, she hated the way Mara was making her feel, the way her skilled teasing made her enjoy being raped by another woman. She hated the blonde woman groaning between her legs, even as her mouth begged for more. Even as she tried in vain to suppress her own moans of pleasure.

Mara's mouth was insistent in its teasing, torturing motions, dragging ever louder moans from Amy, keeping up the terrible building pleasure. In many ways it was the same as the mean little teasing routine that Sander loved to play with her, only far worse: Sander's cock would tire of her, be unable to perform given enough time. Mara's mouth could be endless, relentless. The thought of Mara working her over even now was revolting to the resolutely straight Amy, and that didn't even take into account the other girl that Sander had in his employ.

The two captors that had used her so far seemed to love teasing Amy until she pleaded for an end to it. Mara's mouth moved to Amy's engorged clit, her lips rubbing and teasing the sensitive nub until Amy screamed. She didn't stop, dragging out Amy's desperate shrieks until her voice was hoarse and her breath ran out. She wanted Amy to beg for release. Time lost all meaning to Amy as Mara continued her cruel work, and after what seemed like an eternity, her pride was broken. She was only too happy to beg.

'M-Mara!' She wept. 'Please, I need to c-come!'

Mara raised her head, making Amy cry out in frustration and disappointment. Mara grinned, 'You may cum, slut,' She gave a low laugh, plunging her tongue back into Amy's streaming mound even as Amy sobbed at being called a slut. Then again, after today the name might be accurate. She sobbed once more, wondering how she could ever face the Doctor or Rory again, her eyes drifting to the camera on the wall. They were watching, she knew. They were watching as Mara's tongue speared into her and she tumbled over the edge into orgasm, the knowledge painful to her.

Amy's orgasm tore through her, erasing thought, erasing the humiliation of being made to cum by a woman, erasing everything but the pure, unadulterated feeling. She screamed, her throat releasing an endless series of babbling, hoarse cries as the orgasm made her skin feel as though it was on fire, and her nerves stream together into a mindless mass of writhing pleasure.

But Mara wasn't done. Her tongue continued licking, sucking and probing at Amy's cunt even as the walls of it clamped down on her tongue. Amy broke out into a series of multiple orgasms, chaining together without respite. Her body thrashed as waves of pleasure crashed against the edges of her mind, fraying her thoughts until all that was left was a drooling puddle of pleasure. She screamed out in hypersensitivity, her loud, strident voice echoing around the tiny room. Cumming repeatedly like this was becoming almost painful...

Then Mara's tongue was off her, and Amy's muscles were slowly allowed to unwind as she was released from her endless orgasms. She panted and gasped, drawing in desperate mouthfuls of air as her mind descended from the clouds and back into the cold steel walls of her cell. Every part of her shook as though in the grip of the most terrible cold, and humiliated tears streamed heavily down her burning red face.

Mara was suddenly beside her, their sweating naked flesh pressing together. The blonde took Amy's face in her hands and planted a deep, long kiss on her mouth, forcing her tongue against Amy's. She could taste her own orgasms on Mara's tongue, and it repulsed her. She pulled away, wiping a shaking hand across her mouth to remove the juices from her lips.

'You did well, pet. Did you like what I did to you?' Mara purred softly.

'No,' Amy sobbed. 'Why are you doing this to me?' She turned away from Mara, curling up on the bed as more sobs wracked her body. Mara stroked her hand languorously down Amy's side.

'Your mouth says one thing, but your body says quite another, my slutty little toy. And you know why we're doing this: It's so much fun.'

'I am NOT a slut,' Amy hissed through clenched teeth.

'Maybe not by traditional definitions. But you say we're raping you, then moan like a whore when we do.'

'That's because...' Amy stopped. Why WAS it? Sure, the Arclight could make her feel things she didn't want to, but she came for them, practically on cue. That wasn't the reaction of a woman being raped, surely. 'You make me do that...' She finished, but the excuse sounded weak even to her. Her cheeks burned with shame.

'Well, whatever,' Mara gave a contented sigh. 'I'm done with you, for now. I'll see you later, pet.'

Mara stood and, waving to Amy, went to the door. She gathered up her clothes and left the room, still naked, leaving the similarly bare Amy weeping in shame on the bed, her juices dripping down her thigh onto the floor.

Sander was waiting in the surveillance room alone when Mara walked in. He couldn't help himself; he ogled her naked form as she swept gracefully into the room. She might have been comfortable being naked in front of him, but there was no possible way she could have been more comfortable with it than he was. Sander had never considered a dress code for his workplace, but he was considering it now, just as she was. Of course, he wondered whether nudity could even be considered a dress code at all. Anti-dress code maybe...

'Wow!' He cheered, applauding his unbearably sexy assistant. He didn't need to say anything else, "wow" pretty much encapsulated it.

Mara's eyes surveyed the images of Amy on the screens. Even on a security camera, they could see Amy shaking quite noticeably. 'I bet YOU couldn't do that to her, Sander...' Mara grinned, taking her naked self across the room to the other door, the one to her room. She could feel Sander's gaze on her ass, and didn't mind it at all.

'I'm going to try like fuck the next chance I get!' Sander exclaimed. Mara laughed loudly as the door closed on her. She had sort of hoped she could inspire a little competition between them. It made things so much more interesting for everyone, especially Amy...

When Amy awoke, she found herself in a familiar location, suspended on the cross-like table she had been on when she had first come here. She was naked, her skin gleaming under a bright white light. The rest of the room was relatively dark, and with the spotlight shining in her eyes Amy could see very little of her surroundings. From what she could tell, she was suspended off the ground, although looking down revealed very little beyond the soles of her feet. She gave a lamenting little whine when she realized that, stripped though she was, she still had the Command Collar wrapped around her neck.

There was the tapping of shoes on cold metal. The other woman, Shimizu, resolved from the dimness beyond. She was dressed in loose fitting white clothes, and an Arclight wristband showed prominently on her arm.

Shimizu eyed Amy coldly, 'Sander and Mara have lost their focus, you know.' She said, her voice oddly stilted and quiet. She stalked closer to Amy, staring out at her from under a thick black fringe, 'They're content to use you as their little sex toy, then leave you alone until the mood strikes them again.'

'Believe me, I know,' Amy said, struggling against her restraints. The whole routine was beginning to dissolve her previous helplessness and make her angry again. She thought that she had gotten past it, but here she was, tied up again and ready to be fucked by another one of these freaks. It was bad enough when they were just sexually torturing her.

'Well, that's not exactly right, is it?' Shimizu said. Amy was finding that she had to strain in order to hear the almost imperceptible words of her new jailer. 'I mean, that isn't why you're here, is it?'


'You're here for our revenge against the Doctor, Amy. Nothing personal, but I can't handle the idea of that man getting away with killing my Mira. We do terrible things for love, don't we? Unfortunately, Sander and Mara have forgotten that. They always were easily distractible. But I'm not.' Shimizu's hand went to her wristband, and started the Arclight burning into Amy's flesh with a combined pleasure/pain blast of five.

Amy screamed as the machine tore through her, the two distinct sensations again settling in different areas: the pleasure between her legs, the pain in her chest. Both feelings spread and fought to meet in her belly. Her muscles grew taut against her shackles, her bare skin sliding against the cold metal. She felt as though she would split in two. Every nerve sang with the two disparate sensations, and the terrible result of the two combined. She could feel her pussy begin to dampen even as tears of pain fell from her clenched shut eyes.

But Shimizu had only started at level five because she had never used the Arclight system before. She ramped it up all the way to eleven, watching impassively, even coldly, as Amy began contorting against the table with renewed vigor.

If level five had been extremely unpleasant, level eleven was pure hell. Every cell in Amy's body convulsed with desperate, animal pleasure. Every cell in her body seemed to be tearing itself apart. The twin dragons of agony and ecstasy consumed every part of her, all burning fire and mind-shattering pleasure. Her vision blurred, dwindling away into points of light in the darkness. Her hearing faded out, the sounds of her own screaming retracting away from her. She began to lose the feeling in her hands and feet, a tide of numbness spreading up to her center. It was becoming hard even to keep enough air in her lungs to scream.

Amy felt herself losing consciousness. In the center of her vision, Shimizu's face was just barely visible, chilled dark eyes staring at her with an anticipatory glint. She was never going to turn off the Arclight, Amy realized. She wants to keep going. Amy could feel her mind slipping away, and she knew that when it did, that would be the end. She would die, here, alone, with her friends unable to lift a finger to save her. This time, the Doctor would not come to her rescue.

The door slammed open. Someone roared. Amy saw Sander, just before she saw the void.

Sander and Mara stormed the lab, feet echoing stridently off the steel floor. Mara rushed to Amy's side, just in time to see her faint. Sander grabbed Shimizu roughly by the arm, tore the Arclight band from her wrist hard enough to cut her arm and draw blood.

His panicked fingers worked the console, shutting down the system entire and collapsing the wireless field that powered it. Amy's body, tensed by the system even in unconsciousness, went suddenly, horribly limp. Sander had seen dead bodies before, and Amy looked somehow worse.

He found another button, pressed it. The shackles restraining Amy went liquid and she fell out of them straight into Mara's arms.

'Still alive?' Sander barked, voice rising into unfamiliar, shrill registers. He watched on tenterhooks as Mara checked for a pulse. She nodded, her face grave and serious for the first time in Sander's memory. He slumped, exhaling explosively. If he hadn't been watching the surveillance cameras, if this had been allowed to continue for a few seconds more...

This was NOT part of the plan.

Sander wheeled around, all fire and fury. Shimizu stood impassively, almost bored, in one corner, nursing her bleeding arm. She shrugged as Sander glared at her, causing him to rush forward with a furious growl.

'What the fuck do you think you're doing?' He snarled, grabbing her by the shoulders and shaking her roughly.

'Sander!' Mara called out. 'We need to move her, I think.'

'Take her to the med bay,' Sander said in a dull, heavy voice. 'Stabilize her, whatever she needs. I'll deal with things here.'

'This charade you're running is grotesque, Sander.' Shimizu said as Mara left the room, carrying Amy in her surprisingly strong arms. 'You've forgotten the real reason that she's here. The Doctor, Sander.'

'You could have killed her, Shimizu!'

Shimizu nodded, 'That is what I was aiming for, yes.'

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