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Doctor Who: Amy, Captured Ch. 05


Author's note: Hey look, I put one at the start of the chapter this time! Anyway, here's the next chapter. Many thanks to those kind fellows who voted or commented on the preceding chapters. I've been getting some nice feedback, which is always good. Any comments, votes or feedback are entirely welcome. Well, anyway, on with the show...

The sun was rising. At this altitude- six-hundred floors above ground- the warm light became petrified and grayish-blue as it spun through the layers of ice-clouds. It cast the room in silver and grey. Mara liked it. It made her feel somehow... peaceful.

She liked that it was an unfamiliar sun; she had grown up on Vesperia and had only been off world once before now. The sun of Theros was smaller in the sky- Theros itself was at the outer edge of the solar system, but the star itself was unusually bright and powerful- and produced a deeper orange light than she was used to. The sunlight coated Theros in an afternoon light at all times. It was the planet whose daylight was locked in a perpetual five o'clock in the afternoon. Consequently, everybody was drinking all the time.

She looked out the window at the swirling mass of thin grey clouds. The tiny particles of ice tinkled against the airtight, durable glass. She longed to open the window and stick her head out into the glinting, crystalline storm. But the windows this high up didn't open. The air up here was notoriously thin.

Sander and Amy were still asleep, curled up at opposite ends of the large bed. Mara had been between them only moments ago, but she found that, once awake, she couldn't just drift off again. That said, she couldn't blame either of them for wanting to sleep in; Sander had been utterly plastered last night, and Amy... Well, Amy had had enough excitement for now.

Sander had been out like a light almost as soon as Mara had guided him back to the suite. Mara had been in need of a stiff drink herself at that point, and Amy had needed anything that could wash that sour taste from her mouth. Since the Shangri-La staff had seen fit to stock only booze in the suite's fridge, they had both sat up for a while, drinking the strange, sweet-smelling liquor that glowed a suspect blue.

It had been the first time that Mara had been properly alone with Amy. Technically, they had been alone before, but that had been different. From Mara's perspective, their last little rendezvous had been little more than fevered lust and desperate, possessive sex. Last night there had been no pressure to do... anything much, let alone anything dirty. The both of them had just been so tired; Amy from being forced to play Sander's sex games, Mara from working non-stop erecting radio relays to convince the Doctor that they had left Theros and taken Amy with them. They had just sort of sat together and got a little tipsy.

For anyone else, sharing a drink with someone you had kidnapped and used as a sex slave would be awkward at best. But not for Mara, who had a complete ignorance of awkward situations. She was able to talk to anyone, in any situation, with remarkable ease and charm. As a result, people warmed up to her very quickly. The liquor helped, but it wasn't long before Amy stopped hunching over defensively and began to relax a little. They still weren't exactly best friends, but it had been interesting to talk candidly with her, if only for a little while.

Obviously, Amy had tried to pry some details out of Mara as to what she and Sander had planned for the next few days. Mara had been entirely honest in outlining what she herself had planned, and had guessed at length about what Sander had in mind. In many ways, this was the most honest relationship Mara had ever had; there was absolutely no reason to hide anything from Amy, since she had no power in this situation. It made a refreshing change from her usual, day-to-day interactions.

She strode across the grey room and perched herself gently on the edge of the bed. Her hand stretched out, almost of its own accord, and stroked Amy's face, causing her eyes to flutter open sleepily.

'Oh good, you're awake!' Mara said brightly. 'I was getting a little bored.'

She stood again, long legs propelling her to the other side of the bed in a few steps. Her bare foot kicked out, hitting the mattress just below where Sander was sleeping, making the whole set-up pitch to one side.

'Hey, boss! It's a big-ass fuckin' new day, Sander. Time to be awake.'

Sander groaned, screwed his eyes shut tighter, and waved a hand dismissively in Mara's face. She kicked out again, her toes prodding him roughly in the chest. He rolled onto his back.

'Fuck off, Mara...'

'Nuh-uh, boss man. Time's a-wasting. Up and at 'em.' Mara skipped out onto the plush carpet, the hem of her white, button-down shirt- the only piece of clothing she had managed to keep on- fluttering around her. She hit out, punching the light panel on the wall, flooding the room with bright, fluorescent light.

Sander sat up, running his hands through tousled black hair, 'Ugh! Fine, I'm up! What do you want?'

'I want to go out, Sander!' Mara exclaimed, exasperated.

Sander opened his mouth to snap back a retort, but paused mid-breath. His brow creased with thought, and he tilted his head to one side.

'That's... actually a pretty good idea,' He said finally. 'I don't know about you, but personally, I need to eat something.'

'As long as we leave this room, I don't really care,' Mara nodded energetically, bouncing on the spot.

'We are on a different planet...' Amy said slowly, rubbing at her eyes. 'I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to check it out.'

'Okay! Let's go, then!' Mara was practically running in circles.

'Right, right. Let's go out. But I want to go somewhere normal. Somewhere that isn't as, y'know, weird as all this,' Sander waved his hands vaguely. 'We've both been here before. Any suggestions?'

'Well, yeah. There is this one place,' Mara said thoughtfully. 'It's kind of hard to find a place that isn't all weird and, y'know, sex-crazed right now. It is the Foundation Festival, after all.'

'So where are you thinking?' Sander stood, stretching.

Mara sighed wistfully, 'Avalon.'


Half an hour later, Sander, Mara and Amy were standing in Avalon, which was, as Mara had explained, a "restaurant with a bad-ass view."

Staring out of a vast window at the expanse beyond, Amy had to agree.

Avalon was set above the cloud layer that had settled over Chroma, scraping the edge of the atmosphere. The marble floor shuddered almost imperceptibly as hundreds of tiny micro-repulsors kept the floating platform aloft. The dining floor was ringed with windows that let in the breathtaking view of the pure, deep blue expanse of sky beyond, the cloud layer forming a silver, undulating plain that seemed to go on forever.

'Wow,' Amy breathed, an amazed smile spreading across her face.

'Alright, well done, Mara,' Sander grinned, tugging at his collar. The view might be special, but it was also all kinds of exclusive. All three of them were dressed to the nines; Sander in a black suit that had inexplicably made its way into his luggage, Mara in a lengthy, flowing blue dress, and Amy wearing, in Mara's words, "something slinky and black. Y'know, with a short skirt."

'How did you even find this place, Mara?' Sander glanced sidelong at his assistant.

'Oh, it's amazing what some men will do if I bat my eyelashes at them,' Mara said in a sultry, breathy voice. 'Their wallets just open up if they think they're going to get any.'

'Just so you know, I wouldn't mind if you put out when I pay for this one,' Sander smiled suggestively. Mara punched him in the arm.

'We'll see,' Mara smiled back, playfully. Sander blinked in disbelief. Did that just happen?

Amy opened her mouth to say something, but her jaw snapped shut. Sander frowned; before they had left he had used the collar to prevent her from trying to escape or tell anyone about what was going on. Ever since, she had been trying to disobey, he could see it in the sudden, mechanical movements that occasionally overtook her. He pondered whether he should refine the commands; there was nobody around who she could talk to, so the collar must be stopping her from talking about her captivity at all. Still, it was better to be safe...

He didn't regret bringing her out into such a public arena. He stared; standing in front of the window, backlit by the brilliant, unfiltered morning sun, Amy was a picture of loveliness. His gaze turned, regarding the statuesque beauty of Mara, and he grinned. Out to an expensive breakfast with a literally world-class view, accompanied by two stunning women? Yeah, that sounds good.

They situated themselves at a table by the window; it seemed like a waste not to take full advantage of the view. Sander hit a panel on the side of the table and the section of glass closest to them tinted, giving them a slight reprieve from the dazzling brightness of the all-too-close sun. Avalon moved throughout the day to keep the sun shining on the roof, and blanking out the windows when that became impossible; if it didn't, the sun would be blinding, burning, unbearable. Below the constantly moving cloud layers, the light was tolerable, but this high in the atmosphere, well, there were prices to be paid for such a spectacular view.

'So... food...' Amy said in a listless, vague way that so acutely conveyed her total uncertainty at the situation she was in. She had traveled to many different time periods in her travels with the Doctor, but always in a short-lived, compartmentalized little episode. Even in those times when she hadn't been fighting for her life against some alien monster or another, Amy had never really absorbed any contextual information about the places she had been to. It had all just passed by, not completely without lasting impact, but just as fleeting glimpses into another time. Now, completely displaced and set adrift and placed in an utterly domestic scene, Amy was at a loss as to how to act.

'Yes, indeed!' Sander said brightly. 'Now, you have to admit, kidnapping or no, this place is pretty damn impressive.'

Amy rolled her eyes, 'Yeah, it's pretty cool.' She admitted grudgingly.

'"Pretty cool?" An entire array of micro-repulsor units making thousands of calculations per second in order to change position just enough to keep a few tons of building aloft thousands of miles in the air, just inside the atmosphere of a planet orbiting a giant red star. That's not "pretty cool," Amy,' Sander grinned toothily. 'That's fucking incredible.'

'And yet entirely par for the course...' Mara said flatly. 'Can we just order?'

'Where is your sense of wonderment, Mara? We are floating, guys! If we rose up even a few feet, we would be in space. We are literally at the curvature of the planet! That's cool!' Sander enthused, drumming his hands on the table.

Despite herself, Amy smiled, 'It's impressive. Nice view.'

'"Nice view?" It's-'

'Alright!' Amy cut in. 'It's miraculous. It's bloody wonderful! Have I used enough superlatives yet? Anyway, can we order? We didn't exactly spend a lot of time eating yesterday.'

'You did,' Mara said quietly. 'Granted, it wasn't exactly food, but...' She trailed off with an evil glare. Amy shot her a venomous look and wound up to say something.

'Now, now, children...' Sander said. 'Let's not fight. Maybe we should get a menu or something.' He pressed another button to summon some service, conscious of Amy watching everything he did. What must all these tiny, minute differences look like to her?

'Well, the future certainly is... convenient,' Amy mused. She propped up her chin on one palm and stared at Sander like she was searching for something. Her gaze was steady and expectant, and Sander found himself looking away without even realizing it. Amy's mouth curved into a tiny, calculating smile; she felt good about being able to make Sander uncomfortable. In her cell he had all the power. Out here, in a normal- well, more normal than the asteroid- situation, the balance of power had been redressed, if only slightly. He was no longer in control of every little thing, and although he still had her in his power, Amy could tell that that lack of total control made him nervous. That's why he was trying to be garrulous and friendly. Well, she could play that game too...

They ordered. Food came. Everybody ate. And all the time, Amy speared Sander with her stare, pushing him further and further into himself, squeezing the conversation out of him. Her steady, intense gaze seemed to make him incredibly uncomfortable, whether through some strange social anxiety or guilt, Amy didn't know. She persisted, though it was a small revenge.

But as Amy watched Sander, Mara watched Amy. Her eyes narrowed as she watched Amy's game; this wasn't how it was supposed to go. Hell, the frustration in Sander's eyes indicated that even he knew he was being fucked with, but he was unable to get over it all the same. Sander was a genius, and when he was in control he could be glorious to behold, but now it looked like something was putting him off his game.

Mara thought she knew; although they were still fairly safe here, Avalon was not as hospitable an environment as the base, or even Shangri-La. There was much that could go wrong here. Come to that, the Doctor still hadn't left the planet yet. If anyone was capable of coming up here and ruining Sander's day, it was the Doctor. Sander didn't like unnecessary risks, even if he was indulging in a walk on the wild side by letting Mara drag him around today. And Amy had been trying to fool the collar, Mara could tell. Her body language changed whenever the collar kicked in to prevent her from doing something. It was time to remind her who was boss.

'Hey, Amy,' Mara leaned across to whisper in Amy's ear. 'Do you feel like playing a game?'

Amy pulled away, going a little pale, 'No, not really. Thanks all the same.'

'Well, that's too bad...' Mara sang. 'Command: Finger yourself under the table, but don't cum.' She gave a triumphant little grin.

Amy whimpered as the balance of power shifted yet again and her hand slipped down under the table. Of course, she knew that something like this had been a distinct possibility from the outset; why else would her captors have insisted that she not wear underwear? But even so, as her fingers slipped along her bare thighs and under the short hem of her skirt, she couldn't believe it was starting up again so soon. Especially not in a public setting. Being stripped and paraded in front of the unseemly individuals at Shangri-La had been bad enough, and certainly not an experience she wished to repeat, but this was far worse. Jaded as they had been, the audience at Shangri-La had at least been an appropriate one.

Her lip trembled as her fingers found her pussy, and she cast her eyes down, now unable to meet anyone's gaze herself.

Sander smiled, spirits buoyed by Mara's inventiveness, 'Well now, this looks like fun... Come along, Pond,' He said, stressing the first word into innuendo.

Two fingers slid stiffly into Amy's slit, commencing with a slow, deliberate motion inside her. Her eyes darted the length of the restaurant, sweeping the room for any signs of interest from the other diners. Thankfully, the only audience Amy had was Sander and Mara, who both smiled with amusement as the effects of her surreptitious masturbation began to show.

Her breathing became quick and ragged and her cheeks flushed red as her fingers slid deeper into her honey pot. She cast her eyes down to the table, unwilling to meet her captor's wicked stares, her hair falling around her like a curtain, providing her a modicum of concealment.

Her fingers were coated in juices and, as her clit popped to the fore, Amy's thumb moved up to begin an insistent pressure on her sensitive button. She bit her lip to stop herself from moaning out loud.

'Come on...' Amy gasped softly. 'Please stop...'

Mara tilted her head to one side, grinned wider. She liked hearing Amy beg, so she was using the wrong tactic if she wanted mercy here, even assuming that Mara would be willing to grant it in any case.

Amy's thighs clenched as her fingers curled inside her. The collar worked by tweaking brainwaves; it couldn't introduce anything new into the actions of its victim. It could only induce Amy to act; the actual technique that was causing the torturous, ecstatic sensation was her own. And that only made it worse. It would have been easy for Amy to separate herself from the acts she was being forced to commit had the movements not been so natural, so familiar. She recognized each individual motion of her finger-fucking, each heated, slow curl of her fingers, from those times in the past when she had been hot and bothered, and all alone. Those times when she had lay in bed and fingered herself to a delicious climax while thinking of any number of ribald scenarios and fantasies.

Her fingers circled her clit, causing her hips to buck, driving her fingers deeper. She gritted her teeth as a shudder wracked her body, every nerve enflamed and burning with desire. Her eyes closed, her muscles taut, her breathing deep and hoarse and her teeth grinding with frustration because the collar seemed to know when she was right on the edge and it refused to tip her over it. The command was unbreakable.

The constant soft, fluttering pressure on her clit, the light, tickling caresses on her soft inner walls, the silent, vaguely mocking attention of the audience of two, all combined to create a singular, growing heat in the pit of Amy's stomach that set her teeth on edge. The humiliation of the public setting intermingled with her growing confusion and lust. It was becoming harder to think. Harder to conceal the effects of her increasingly heated fingering.

Her fingers rubbed, deep inside her, and she moaned, loudly, breathlessly. Many eyes turned. Mara laughed, and applauded as though Amy's humiliation was a private show just for her. In a way, it was.

'Please s-stop,' Amy panted unsteadily, sweat beading on her forehead.

'Oh, no, no,' Mara lowered her voice and drew herself closer to Amy. She inspected the deep crimson blush of her normally pale cheeks, the adorable way she bit down on her lower lip, the hunted, desperate look in her eyes. 'You're not getting off that easily,' She giggled at her attempt at wordplay.

'I think you're going to have to beg for it...' Sander sighed. He sensed that this game had gotten away from him; it was now just for Amy and Mara. And, unsurprisingly, Mara was winning.

Amy knew that this wasn't going to end well for her. She was going to beg, there was no doubt about it; notably, Mara hadn't commanded her. She wanted it to be something Amy did on her own.

'Please... P-please let me cum,' Amy whimpered, her head bent low. Tears dropped wetly to the polished tabletop.

'Hmm...' Mara stroked her chin. 'I don't know... What do you think, Sander?'

'Oh, don't drag me into this...' Sander stared absently out of the window, savoring the spectacular view and, privately, Amy's quiet, pleasured noises.

'Alright, finish yourself off,' Mara said.

Amy's fingers plunged deep within herself, thumb pressing into her engorged clit. It didn't take long. She stiffened, exhaling in an unbroken, shuddering sigh as the orgasm exploded through her. The muscles in her thighs and stomach tightened, the fingers of her free hand gripping the table tightly. Her hand, and her skirt, were drenched in her juices. Her breath tapered off as she came down, and she was unable to contain the languorous moan that followed. She sank lower in her seat, eyes clouded with desire and anger.

'Hmm. Maybe we should bounce, ladies,' Sander surveyed the dining room, seeing numerous eyes turned towards the display. A few of them looked interested, but in general there was irritation. This was an expensive restaurant, after all. It wasn't Shangri-La.

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