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Doctor Who & The Sex Ray


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Chapter 1 - science friction

The time machine known as The Tardis spun silently across the space-time vortex, its time rotor humming happily to itself as it traversed the multi-layered continuum. The Doctor stood at the console, frowning slightly as he manipulated a dial. One of the readings did not seem right. He moved another dial.

In his shabby checked trousers and dusty knee-length coat, he hardly looked like the Time Lord he had once been. After the strains of his last adventure, he thought he should do some fine-tuning of the Tardis before they landed again. He had sent his two travelling companions Jamie and Zoe to their rooms to rest. The last planet they had visited had been... not hospitable. The three of them had narrowly escaped with their lives.

He sighed. What with Daleks, Mechanoids and Macra, the universe seemed to be a dangerous place of late.

In one of the cabins, Zoe was brushing her hair in front of the mirror. The glass reflected a young face with twinkling eyes, a wide mouth and short black hair. After a moment, her brushing slowed and she moistened her lips. She felt – peculiar.

As though acting on its own, the hand holding the hairbrush slid downwards. It paused at the level of her chest and began to make circular rubbing motions over one breast. She licked her lips again. A burning sensation was slowly spreading outwards from her thighs. Her whole body seemed to be humming. She opened her mouth but only a feeble groan came out.

There was a tap-tap and her door swung open. "Zoe..?" said a voice with a strong accent. "Are y'all right?" It was Jamie, the burly young Highlander in a faded kilt and a sleeveless vest. He stood in the doorway, swaying slightly. "I felt a bit poorly and I... I thought I heard.." He stepped forward unsteadily and the door swung to behind him.

"Oh Jamie," gasped Zoe. "I feel so peculiar."

"Aye, me and all" said the young Scot.

She swivelled around in her chair and buried her face against his chest, taking a deep gasping breath. Her face was flushed and her breath was coming quickly. "Jamie.." One corner of her mind was surprised to see one of her hands grip Jamie's firm nether cheeks as she rubbed her head against his midriff. "I feel... I don't know."

"Aye, lass, I feel the same thing." One of his calloused hands dropped to her shoulder and squeezed reassuringly. His touch made Zoe tremble. She became acutely aware of movement beneath the shabby kilt. Beneath the loose Highland garment, Jamie was carrying a massive, throbbing erection.

His hand dropped lower and cupped one of Zoe's breasts. She was a tiny thing, almost boyish, but the swelling under his hand was warm and soft, with a hard nipple thrusting into his palm. She groaned and with her free hand unzipped the front of her spangled jumpsuit. Jamie's hand moved further inside, teasing her bosom.

She rose to her feet and placed her hands on his chest; for a moment Jamie thought she wanted him to leave. Instead she shoved him against the bed. His legs hit the edge of the mattress and he sat down abruptly. The next thing, she had launched herself at him like a wild beast at its prey.

Looking up, Jamie hardly recognized the diminutive scientist as she stared down at him. Her eyes were half-closed and her voice was low as she breathed, "Stay there. Just ... stay there." She unzipped her jumpsuit all the way and wriggled out of it. She was all pink and naked, with swollen brown nipples and a little dark triangle that was already running damply with desire. Her lithe little body straddled him as she slowly pushed the kilt up to his waist.

A throbbing column reared up, pulsing in the sudden coolness it felt. Jamie felt if it got any harder it might burst. More than anything else in the world he needed somebody to touch it, to do something to relieve the terrible swollen feeling that made him incapable of concentrating on anything else in the universe.

One of Zoe's little hands closed around it and he gasped, his hips lifting upwards involuntarily to drive the swollen organ further into her grasp.

"Jamie..." Her voice was so guttural he could hardly hear her, but the message was unmistakable. He tried to speak but could only make an affirmative grunt.

Slowly and deliberately, obviously controlling herself with difficulty, she raised herself up on her knees and moved closer. With the hand holding Jamie she tried to aim him at his target. Her other hand had to spread the lips of her pussy to allow him entry.

He was almost too large for her gaminesque frame, but when she felt the head of his prick touch her, she knew that she had to have him even if split her in two. There was a deep hunger inside her that nothing else could quell. Ever so slowly she began to lower herself.

Jamie thought his eyes must be bulging. He was being subjected to the most exquisite torture known to the male species. With deliberate slowness he was being enveloped in soft, warm, yielding woman-flesh. A gasp escaped his lips and he threw his head from side to side, the sensation almost too much to bear.

Her eyes almost closed, Zoe could feel nothing but the sense of being filled to completion. Of being made wonderfully whole, like two pieces of a puzzle locked together at last in perfect harmony. A high-pitched sigh of pleasure issued from her lips as the robust young Scot penetrated her to the fullest extent of his pulsating manhood.

Nearby, the doctor stepped away from the console. No longer bathed in the unique radiation of the time rotor, he felt suddenly dizzy. His mouth dropped open and he fell to his knees as his brain reeled. Some outside force was attacking his endocrine system, flooding his body with hormones and adrenaline. The doctor wondered for a moment if he was beginning to regenerate again.

He battled for control, slowly rising to his feet while his senses reeled. Finally he took a deep breath, produced a gaudy handkerchief and wiped his brow. What in the name of Gallifrey had happened? Then he heard something in the distance...

Back in Zoe's room, she lay prone on the bed, covered only in a layer of perspiration. "Oh Jamie, I want to but I just can't... I'm too sore to do it again." She felt as though a gatepost had been shoved up inside her vagina, stretching her to the limit.

But Jamie was in no mood to take no for an answer. Now completely naked, his muscles rippled as he moved over her, his erection standing up hard and red and needy. "Well, lassie, if you can't take it one way, ye'll have to take it the other." He took her by the hips and spread the cheeks of her pert little backside, staring down at the tiny bottom hole revealed.

The Doctor had caught his breath and was trying to collect his thoughts when he heard a cry of pain from beyond the control room. The youngsters! He had not considered what could be happening to Jamie and Zoe. Were they all right?

What he saw made the Doctor stop in mid stride as he opened the door of Zoe's room. He stared in disbelief. Jamie was on top of Zoe, thrusting into her prone form like a rutting animal, trying to force even more of his hefty penis into her tiny asshole; he gasped with the exertion of sodomising the pixie-like astrophysicist, sweat pouring from him.

Zoe's eyes were crossed as another orgasm shook her tiny body, causing a shudder that was the final straw for her partner. His balls contracted and a mighty stream of sperm poured from his overstimulated phallus, bathing Zoe's internal organs in creamy white seed. She felt every pulse as he shot into her and gurgled in nameless delight. A deep flush spread over her body as thrill followed thrill through her overworked and abused flesh.

The Doctor was appalled. They were going to kill themselves if they kept this up. Their metabolism would never take the strain. There was one remedy... a very old one, but worth trying.

Jamie was still groaning out his lust as Zoe bathed in the afterglow of her climax, ignoring for the moment the painful intruder in her innards. The shock when the bucket of cold water hit them was like nothing they had ever felt before. It drove everything from their minds including sex.

They rolled off the sodden bed in opposite directions, Jamie's member shrunken almost immediately. "What in Hades...." he spluttered.

"Doctor!" cried Zoe. "Are you completely ...."

They both stopped abruptly. Their eyes widened. Zoe grabbed at a damp sheet in a belated attempt to preserve her modesty, while Jamie snatched up his kilt to cover his tender masculinity (it felt as though he'd been rubbing it against the scales of the Loch Ness monster).

"What happened?" Zoe wailed, curling up into a tight ball under the wet sheet. "WHAT HAPPENED??"

The Doctor made placating motions, forgetting that one hand still held a galvanized iron bucket. "Calm yourselves, get dressed and meet me in the control room. We shall try and understand the situation."

Chapter 2 - Planet in peril

It was a shame-faced and wordless pair of time-travelers that entered the control room a few minutes later. Jamie and Zoe seemed unable to look each other in the face, concentrating with unusual single-mindedness on the Time Lord. The Doctor was pleased to see they were both paying attention for once.

"You two have been under the influence of some kind of mental control. The Tardis passed through a field of radiation while in transit and by a cruel twist of fate the frequency of the field happened to penetrate the defense shield for a moment. The result was ... as you saw."

Zoe stared at him. "You can't mean this .. thing .. could be happening to others? To entire worlds? This is an abomination."

"Ye'll not be telling me this was some kind of weapon?" said a shocked Jamie. "That would be inhuman!"

"Exactly," said the Doctor thoughtfully. "Anybody capable of devising such a merciless way of exploiting sexuality may indeed be inhuman. I cannot imagine any normal human mind conceiving such a scheme." His brow furrowed. "I shall consult the console and see where this field emanated from. Perhaps we may be in time to prevent a disaster such as the galaxy has never seen."

Zoe stared unseeingly. She was trying to imagine a whole world of women thrown into a mating frenzy the way she had been. She shuddered. Awful enough to be forced into this with a friend; the vision of this happening in a crowded city filled with strangers was too awful to think about.

Jamie sneaked a sidelong glance at the other two. This was one of the strangest experiences he'd had since he began traveling with the Doctor. It was one thing to make free with a the body of a fetching young lass, quite another to be treated like the puppets in a Punch & Judy show. His prick still felt raw and touchy. Come to think of it, Zoe seemed to be walking very carefully herself.

After some calculations the Doctor announced he had pinpointed the target of the radiation beam. "While we calibrate the origin point, we might as well drop in on the other end and see if we can gather any information." His hands played over the controls and the Time Rotor responded with a series of chirruping beeps as the Tardis began to materialize.

The main spaceport of the planet Nastaria was a busy place and nobody noticed an extra vehicle, even if it was shaped like a blue box. The Doctor carefully led Jamie and Zoe through a terminal thronged with travelers from several different planets. The Nastarians were in the majority and appeared quite human aside from having too many joints in their fingers, so the Doctor and his companions went unremarked.

The clerk behind the counter was unphased by the Doctor's query as to any unusual radiation hazards in the star system. His nimble fingers played over the keyboard and he replied in the negative. Could they be more specific?

The Doctor shook his head. "I think you would remember if this had been encountered." He nodded politely and rejoined his companions. Zoe was fairly used to alien life forms but Jamie was still fascinated by some of the bizarre commuters around them. In front of him at that moment were a blue-skinned humanoid from the Epsilon Trinity shuffling past, a methane-breather in a pressure suit and a salesman from Omaha.

The Doctor looked worried. "I've just had a disturbing thought."

"About what?" said Zoe in a wary tone of voice.

"Well, that beam was traveling at the speed of light. But after our encounter with it, we came directly here through the space-time vortex...."

Zoe turned pale. "You mean the beam may still be on its way?" Her eyes glazed over in disbelief. "On its way HERE?"

Even Jamie understood this. "We've got to get out of here, Doctor."

"It wouldn't necessarily be as strong as in the Tardis. We would have been much closer to the origin point, and of course there's the ozone layer of the planet...."

"Doctor, shut up!" Zoe's voice was low and brittle. "I think it's too late."

Jamie nodded. He could feel the blood beginning to pound in his temples in an all-too-familiar way. "We've got to go," he groaned. "Now!"

Around them, the crowd was stirring restlessly. Couples were looking at each other and total strangers began eyeing each other speculatively. Some of the aliens looked distressed at the absence of other members of their species.

It was one of the shipping clerks who cracked first. He suddenly groaned and buried his face in the cleavage of a woman who was shipping cargo to Regulus 9. The next moment, the terminal turned into chaos as people (and things) began grabbing at each other and pulling at their clothes.

A row of chairs went over as two bulky Elephantoids embraced, and one of the exits was completely blocked by half a dozen Marines and a group of stewardesses from one of the Star Clipper ships. There was a roar of wordless lust as staff and visitors grappled mindlessly.

"This way!" shouted Zoe and plunged for the nearest clear doorway. The throbbing feelings were not as strong as her earlier madness. Her nipples were hard but she concentrated on reaching the exit. Behind her, Jamie shuffled along awkwardly; he'd never had to break into a run in this condition before. Even the Doctor was mopping his brow as they got through the door and slammed it shut behind them.

"Are you two all right?" he asked anxiously.

"I can handle it," said Zoe shortly, biting her lip. "Aye," nodded Jamie, trying to ignore the impulse to run out and violate every piece of soft yielding female flesh he could find. "Stop it," he though to himself. "Stop it, stop it."

The Doctor cautiously led them through a cargo dock. Pallets of good lay unattended while the freight handlers were inside gratifying their lust. Without warning, a wild-eyed man in a torn uniform came running around a freight container and into the middle of them.

He pushed Zoe against a crate, and Jamie responded by whipping out his knife from its traditional hiding place in his long socks. The Doctor cried out "No!" and Jamie remembered to reverse it and crack the blunt handle against the man's skull. He lost interest in things and slumped to the ground.

Zoe burst into tears and Jamie patted her on the shoulder and made soothing sounds. "Ye'll be right, lass."

"No," said Zoe through her tears, "you don't understand. Part of me didn't want you to stop him. Wanted to just let go and do everything with anyone. It was so ghastly."

The Doctor pursed his lips. This was an abominable weapon. Any civilized world could be reduced to anarchy in minutes. Not only did one lose control of one's body but the mental and emotional conditioning of a lifetime was trampled underfoot. He led them through the spaceport to the safety of the Tardis.

They all felt better when the doors of the time machine closed. The Doctor hurried to the controls, while Jamie poured himself a glass of water with trembling hands. Zoe leaned wearily against a chair, waiting for her nipples to stop standing up; they were so erect they were painful.

"Zoe, compute this," said the Doctor and she tottered over to the instruments. Her marvelous brain extrapolated the data, ignoring the twitches and tics of her body. A diagram lit up on one of the screens. The Doctor peered at it with interest.

"The seventh planet of the system." The Doctor clapped his hands together like a conjuror after a successful trick. " Quite uninhabited it says here, but I fancy we'll find it inhabited by somebody."

"Aye, or something," said Jamie in a subdued voice as the Tardis dematerialized. They were on their way again - and for once he was not looking forward to arriving.

The seventh planet was a bleak planet. The air was breathable but there seemed to be few forms of life more complex than moss and lichen. The Nastarian astronauts had visited it soon after mastering spaceflight, but after planting a flag had seen no reason to return to this uninviting sphere.

Which made it all the stranger that the Tardis scanners showed a small city nearby. It looked very spartan and utilitarian but seemed to be in use. The Doctor cautiously led them on a reconnaissance expedition, exercising the utmost caution not to be seen by anybody (or anything).

Jamie looked about uneasily, wishing he were back in Scotland with nothing more dangerous than Redcoats to worry about. Zoe, swathed in a neutral colored cape over her jumpsuit, was more concerned with the relief she felt that her juices had stopped flowing at last and she felt almost normal again.

Stepping forward the young scientist pointed at one of the structures. "A transmitter of some sort, Doctor. The origin of the beam perhaps."

The Doctor was wringing his hands, grappling with the problem. "Somebody seems to have discovered a way of manipulating certain nerves of the human body at will, stimulating appetites. It would seem to do no good to arouse feelings of hunger or thirst, but I must admit sexual arousal does have a disabling effect on groups of human beings. Whoever is behind this, they have an excellent knowledge of how the human body works."

There was no chance for the Doctor to expound his theory further. There was a scuffle of boots on gravel and a moss-covered boulder was thrust aside with inhuman strength, revealing the guardians of the city.

The three travelers were easily overpowered. Resistance would have been futile and they were bundled away towards the city. They had planned to go there, but not this way.

Not as prisoners of the Cybermen.

Chapter 3 - The City of Lust

Seen close up, the city was as depressingly stark as one would expect from a race who had forsaken flesh for steel. It was little more than a collection of barracks, warehouses, domes and the enormous transmitter mast. The Cybermen hustled their captives into one of the domes and left without a word.

The trio picked themselves up and dusted themselves off. The Cyberman patrol had simply thrown them in and left, as though returning a straying pet bird to its cage. They could dimly see there were people in the other domes. The Doctor speculated "They must have assumed we'd escaped from one of these domes. I wonder how long it will be before they realize nobody is missing?"

Jamie was staring quizzically at a nearby dome. "What d'ye reckon about that? They're going at it like wild things over there." The Doctor looked over his shoulder and blushed a little.

"We've come to the right place," said Zoe in a resigned voice. "These domes must be where they test their weapon to make sure of its effect on human beings. We're nothing but guinea pigs to them!" Her voice went up a notch. She had a grim vision of her future as an experimental animal, being thrown into uncontrollable spasms of passion at the whim of some monstrous puppet-master. It was all so beastly.

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