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Doctor Who: Panic Moon Ch. 02


Author's Note: This is a sequel series to Amy, Captured. To get the full experience, please read that one first.

Hi, everyone! This is the second chapter, and I promise that the plot will begin next chapter, now that the three main characters have been reintroduced. You can see smatterings of it towards the end of this one, so hey.

Now, I won't be submitting a chapter next week: I'm getting married on Monday; I'll be a bit busy for a while.

I'd like to thank my soon-to-be wife Isabel for being completely amazing and wonderful, and more appropriately for her editing and creative input on this chapter. I couldn't ask for a better writing partner (and yes, she does read these things when they go up!) Praise be also to Allyourbase, a talented writer and badass editor who's real good at improving these things. Thanks, guys!

Votes, feedback and comments, no matter the content, are hugely appreciated. Enjoy!


The rain stopped as quickly as it had started, leaving the two figures comfortably drenched and standing at the edge of a rapidly disappearing beach. The added water weight clung to them, dripping slowly to the sand below.

Sander grinned and took Amy's hand, the sudden contact making her flinch, and gently guided her to walk alongside him. Ruefully, she glanced over her shoulder, recognizing that this was as good a chance as any to escape, but... Where would she go?

They walked for a while in silence, as the water sloshed higher about their ankles and their clothes slowly dried in the afternoon sunlight. Sander ran his free hand through his damp hair and grinned wider; this place was a miracle. Leaving aside that the water, with the exception of the diamond dust, was almost absurdly pure, everything else here was... Well, idyllic. And it had stood up well to his insistent colonization attempts, despite all the changes he had made to the place. Sometimes he could almost feel the machinery humming below the surface. When he had arrived, the moon had been practically hollow, only seven feet of crust, and then the yawning blackness at the core. Not anymore...

He stopped at a set of stairs attached to the cliff face, elevating it above the encroaching ocean. They ascended the few feet, and Sander stood expectantly before the stony wall.

'Good evening, Jericho,' He called, to no one in particular.

'Hello, Sander Hackett,' A chilled male voice drifted through the air, seemingly from the cliff itself. 'Did you enjoy your... encounter?'

Sander grinned, nodded, 'I did, my friend. And before Amy says anything otherwise, she came. Oh yes, she did.' He gave her a stare like liquid mercury that made her heart skip a beat, before turning back, 'Open the door, Jericho, and prepare the sequencer for my arrival.'

'Yes, sir,' And with that, a large section of rocky wall slid up, revealing a deep, darkly colored passage behind it. Track lighting set at either side of the corridor provided just enough illumination to see that it descended into the heart of the cliff, capped by another heavy steel door at the opposite end. Sander pulled Amy inside, taking the lead since there wasn't enough room to walk abreast.

'Who was that?' Amy ventured, as they made it halfway down the corridor and the door in the cliff slid closed.

'A.I,' Sander shrugged, one hand trailing along the wall. 'This is a big place. Certain things need to be automated. We're here.'

He palmed a small scanner pad inset in the wall, watching as blue light played up and down the contact pad before a friendly tone chirped in recognition and the door slid open. Sander hopped down a sudden drop of about three feet, reaching up to help Amy down after him.

They were in some sort of two-lane underground highway that stretched on forever in one direction, but curved away in the other. Larger lights carved away at the darkness, and Sander spread his arms wide below a looming figure.

'Your ride, milady,' He winked at her. Behind him, the robot loomed, clad in orange metal, helmed head jutting proudly over the rest of its spindly body. Two mechanical, three-pronged claws tipped arms so thin Amy could hardly believe they weren't snapping under the weight. It was humanoid, until one got to the waist, where it split apart into four rigid struts, each ending in a large, orb-like wheel positioned in a groove on the road below. Above it, a complex looking rig extended from its back up to a series of cables running along the roof in either direction.

'What the hell is that?' Amy asked, staring up at the impressive figure. 'It's not going to malfunction and attack us like the last one, is it?'

'No!' Sander snapped, as though the very idea was ridiculous. 'This is a Paladin. A transport robot. I built it.'

'Yeah, why doesn't that fill me with confidence?' Amy rolled her eyes. 'And hey, most people use cars...'

'Most people are chumps,' Sander stared up at the giant Mech. His left eye glowed as segmented lines of light ran across the iris. The robot's chest plate opened up, revealing the interior of the cockpit. He clambered up a small ladder set into the front of the robot and jumped down into the pilot's seat, extending a hand to Amy, 'They can't afford badass robots. I have the key for this one implanted in my Mech eye, in case you had any cute ideas about that. You get to ride up front, by the way.'

She rolled her eyes again, but began her ascent anyway. Being uncooperative would land her nowhere, right now, 'What are the wires for?' Amy gestured at the ceiling.

'Pantograph lines,' Sander grunted, pulling her up next to him. 'These things are kind of hard to control without them.'

'Seriously, confidence just skyrocketing here...'

'That's enough out of you!' Sander clapped her on the back before sliding his hands into a pair of grips at either side of the cockpit. Both grips were set into rails that extended down the length of the cockpit to the limit of Sander's reach. He grinned and leaned himself further forward. There was just something about sitting in the driver's seat of a giant robot...

'So then... Onward.'

A shower of sparks cascaded down from the cables above, and the robot shot forward, wheels chewing up distance at a startling pace. The tunnel stretched out ahead of them as Sander piloted the Paladin around the tight curve and out into the long stretch of straight highway.

'I don't get it,' Amy said suddenly as Sander reached over her head to get to a bank of switches. 'Where are we going? If you could teleport me out of the TARDIS, why put me anywhere but right into a cell?' She wondered, briefly, whether this counted as helping him or not.

'The short answer is temporal drift,' Sander said. 'It takes a while for the D-scalpel to build the requisite charge. Meanwhile, Trismestigius is still rotating... I mean, if we hadn't managed to lock the coordinates to the ground, you might have been 'ported into space, since we're in orbit here. The ocean was just a happy accident, but we're working on it.'

'None of that made any sense to me,' Amy said blankly. 'Was it supposed to? Because if it was, you need to try harder.'

'It's easier to just show you,' Sander sighed. 'Wait 'til we're there.'

'And you said baby, Sander,' Amy said.

'Did I? Really?' Sander grinned. 'Just wait, I said.'

They rode the rest of the way in silence, as miles of featureless transport corridor sped past them. Amy's mind wheeled for the whole trip, weighing up her options before coming to the rather unsatisfying conclusion that there was very little she could do, trapped on a strange planet and easily outclassed by her captors. She knew there was probably a Command Collar in her future, just like last time, and the only thing she could reasonably hope for is that Sander and Mara liked her enough to dial back a little this time. It didn't seem likely, based on historical evidence and... All of this.

By the time the robot stopped, Amy had worked herself up into quite a state, imagining what was in her future if the Doctor and Rory didn't hurry the hell up. By the time Sander had opened the hatch and lead her out onto the landing platform, her guts had turned to water. By the time they had gotten to a much more normal-looking door, and Sander turned to her with a wriggled eyebrow, she was imagining every terrible thing that he could have built in three years for the sole purpose of torturing her. He never gives up, she knew. Like a dog with a piece of meat.

As the piece of meat, Amy found that a distinctly unhappy outcome.

'Here we are! Jericho, is the sequencer ready?' Sander tapped one foot on the cool, polished floor.

'Yes, sir. Sequencer application loaded and ready for use,' This time, Jericho's voice issued from a clearly visible pair of speakers on the wall. Wordlessly, Sander grabbed Amy's wrist and pressed her hand against another contact pad on the wall.

'Okay, now you're going to feel a little-'


'Prick, yes,' Sander said sheepishly. 'And now you're in the system! Jericho, give her restricted access.'

'Executing,' Jericho affirmed.

'So now our security systems won't peg you as hostile the moment you enter the place,' Sander said. 'Just don't do anything to provoke them. I've programmed them to use nonlethal means on logged entrants like yourself, but I doubt it's entirely enjoyable anyway.'

'Somehow I doubt any of this is going to be particularly enjoyable, thanks all the same,' She quipped.

'Well, yeah,' Sander chuckled for some unfathomable reason. 'Anyway, we're expected inside.'

The door opened, and Amy blinked. She had been expecting... Well, something else. She had been expecting something like the old asteroid base, even though everything around her said otherwise. Another nightmarish maze of cast iron corridors spinning through the infinite blackness of space. Another windowless cell where even the walls could hurt her, if Sander wanted them to.

What she hadn't expected was... Well, everything.

The door opened almost immediately onto a large, circular room filled with light. It seemed to have been set up as a kind of living room; impossibly soft-looking seats, an imposing bar opposite the door, and a large window that spanned much of the opposing wall affording them a view of an immense, idyllic grass plain, wavering slowly in the afternoon sun. Sander stepped inside and turned back, staring expectantly.

'Well? You gotta admit, this is a step up from-'

'Sander!' A blur of motion swept across the room and slammed into Sander.

He buckled sideways at Mara's full-contact glomp, taking a few unsteady steps to one side in time with her attendant cry of "Love!" Something crackled electrically in his false leg, and he winced.

'Ow! Mara, you can't keep tackling me like this,' He turned in her arms as she peppered his face with kisses. 'My leg can't take the weight of two people, as fun as it is. I keep getting shocked...' He returned her energetic kisses with aplomb. They laughed.

'What the hell happened to the two of you?' Amy interrupted quizzically.

'Oh, hello beautiful!' Mara grinned, face lighting up as she spotted Amy. 'We're together now. Sander's my lover boy,' She added lasciviously. Sander looked sheepish.

'When did that happen?' Amy asked, growing increasingly horrified.

'Um... Remember Nirvana?' Sander said speculatively.

Amy's expression grew dark, 'How could I forget?'

'Remember when I dragged Mara out of the room when she was fucking you?'

'When you left me completely alone, chained up and naked in an alien brothel? Yes,' Amy spat.


'Fantastic,' Amy deadpanned. 'Really. I'm so glad that the two of you were able to find each other. So, so, glad. Especially since you've kidnapped me again!'

'We're no strangers to sarcasm, Amy,' Mara replied flatly.

'Are you strangers to normal social conventions?' Amy's head tilted to one side. 'Because Sander did just rape me on the beach.'

Mara knocked the back of her hand against Sander's chest, 'Way to go, stud. Was the diamond dust up?'

'Oh, yeah. Way up.'

'How fun for you!' Mara grinned at Amy. 'I remember my first time in the dust... Whew!'

'That was a fun day,' Sander nodded. He gestured down at his still damp clothes, 'Well, anyway, can you take Amy down to the cells, my dear? I needs me a shower. Be sure she gets some new clothes herself.'

'Sure thing, Hackett,' Mara nodded. 'But I give no promises as to whether I'll keep my hands off her myself.'

Amy made a loud, indignant noise, with a stamp of one bare foot. For a moment, she was subject to the forces of her own white hot, undirected rage, before Sander slipped a familiar looking collar around her neck, 'No, damn it!' She yelled.

'Sorry, Amy, but you know the drill,' He shrugged. 'Listen, this time? There's a tracker and a teleportation array built in to that thing. So if you try to escape, we can send you right back to your cell at the touch of a button, okay?'

'I swear, I'll-' Amy began, before Mara grabbed her by the wrist and forcefully began leading her away.

'Come on, Amy,' Her voice cut in with a steely note. 'Maybe don't disrespect my Sander around me just now. Let's go.'

Sander gave her a cheerful thumbs up before disappearing around a corner. Mara tugged her in a different direction.

'This place is nice, huh?' Mara grinned over her shoulder as they travelled down a light filled passageway and into an immense, high-ceilinged plaza. A huge, carpeted staircase swept up onto a separate level featuring a number of sturdy looking doors in rows at either side of the room.

'It's a step up, sure...' Amy wavered, looking around.

'Well, it took a long time to get everything set up. We were the first colonists here, bought the place from a mining company that acquired the rights to the entire system,' Mara gave a little laugh. 'Of course, they didn't know the place was hollow when they bought it. Just seven feet of crust earth, then... Nothing. Just perfect, for us, and we got it for a song.'

'Such shrewd business skills,' Amy's disinterested sarcasm was beginning to get on Mara's nerves. Wasn't she considered a threat anymore? Where was that goddamn fear?

Something told her she was going to enjoy re-instilling that fear. Yes.

'Look, not that I'm not happy to have my favorite plaything back, but shouldn't you be, like, quaking, or something?' Mara pouted. 'I was hoping for quaking. I like it when you tremble.'

Amy sighed, filled herself up with righteous exasperation, and put her hands on her hips, 'Listen Mara, we've done all this before. The Doctor's coming, and when he gets here-'

Mara slammed her against the nearest wall, shutting her up completely. Her expression hadn't changed, she was still projecting sunny good humor, but her voice was flat, quiet and just a little too pointed, 'I could kill you, you know? Right now. I installed a little something extra in your Command Collar, just so I could. See, Sander... I won't let the Doctor swan in here and ruin everything again. He won't be able to handle that again. If he does find you, I can make sure he backs off. If I can, I won't kill anyone. Sander dislikes it, he'd probably never forgive me if I killed you... But I will, if it's to protect him.'

Amy's face shifted, Mara's smile grew that little bit brighter, 'There's the fear I was looking for. Good girl.'

'You'd kill me?' Amy breathed, suddenly dropped into a big pit of too-damn-serious.

Mara arched an eyebrow, showed a smile with a little too much pointed tooth, 'Don't escape, Amy Pond.'

She led Amy along the line of featureless white doors until they reached one nearest a long corridor. Mara pointed, 'Sander and I live down there, and you live here. We figure we'll be coming to you pretty regularly. Isn't that exciting?'

'There's more than one cell,' Amy gasped, realization dawning. Mara wriggled her eyebrows.

'Yes there is.'

The door opened, Amy was pushed inside. She had been in their cells before, and this one wasn't terribly different; that is to say, it was a prison cell. But the sheer dinginess of this one was... deflating. Despite herself, Amy made a little despairing noise.

Mara clucked her tongue, 'Oh, how depressing. Jerry, I thought I told you to turn on the overlay system before we entered the room?'

'You did, ma'am,' Jericho's voice was startlingly close, seeming to come out of the walls. 'My apologies, but my attentions have been elsewhere. Miss Kana-'

'Just activate the overlay, Jerry!' Mara cut him off. 'No need to spoil the surprise!'

'Executing,' Suddenly, the world was flooded with static and light. Amy blinked in the sudden brightness, and when her eyes opened again, she was in a different room. Mara placed her hand against the clock that hung on one wall, causing it to ripple and buzz.

'Holographic overlays,' She said conversationally. 'Much better!'

The size and shape of the room hadn't changed, now that Amy thought about it. It had just increased in quality. Everything gleamed, and the addition of a large window looking out onto the ocean only helped matters. I was still just a place to exist, in between serving Sander and Mara's twisted little whims, but at least Amy felt she could stand to be here for hours at a stretch.

Mara leaned her head against the window, looking out onto the calm sea beyond. It seemed solid enough, under her touch, and Amy wondered; where was the camera recording that view?

'There's a lot of ocean, in this place,' Mara mused, before turning back to Amy. 'Now then... Sander's had his fun. Why, I believe that leaves little old me to take a turn.'

She stalked the distance between herself and her prey, grinning wickedly. Amy found herself sighing at the familiar parlance of her captivity; "take a turn," like she really was nothing but an object to be used and discarded according to the will of her captors. Very familiar, yet something was different this time, and it wasn't just Sander's startlingly good mood.

Of course, she didn't have long to contemplate this, not when Mara crash tackled her at waist height, bearing them both to the large, and really rather soft, for a prison, bed. Her eyes glowed brightly in the second Amy was allowed to see them before Mara attacked her again, all lips and tongue and teeth and fingers.

'Mara, wait-' Amy stammered as Mara's tongue left her mouth and swept along her collarbone. Mara tugged at the Command Collar around her captive's neck.

'Oh, I don't think I have to do that, Amy!' The blonde woman gave a whiplash smile before diving back down, practically tearing Amy's shirt up over her head. 'Three years I've been waiting to do this again! Absence makes the heart grow fonder, as they say!'

'When they say that, they are not envisioning this scenario, you know!' Amy snapped back, shaking her head.

'I don't really give a fuck what people think of when they think up stupid axioms, Amy! All I care about, right now, is the intense fun I'm going to have, now that you're back. And baby, you don't know the half of it. How much things have changed...' Mara stopped, shook her head fondly. She stood, started disrobing herself, 'No, plenty of time for that later. Now, you can strip yourself off, and earn yourself some fresh clothes when you're finished... Or- and I should hasten to mention that I have absolutely no qualms about doing this- I can help you out of your clothes. Forcefully. And then you can spend the rest of the afternoon running around naked for your disobedience. Your choice, of course.'

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