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Doctor Who: Panic Moon Ch. 08


Author's Note: This is a sequel series to Amy, Captured. To get the full experience, please read through that one first.

Hey, everyone, we're back for another round. The events of this chapter take place concurrently with the tail end of the last chapter, so just bear that in mind. Other than that, I don't really have terribly much to say this time around.

Thanks go to Isabel for her editing and creative input, and to Allyourbase for being a fantastic editor too. Votes, feedback and comments are hugely appreciated. Enjoy!


Ren lay on her bed, muscles lank and throbbing, the pulsing dull ache a memory of their previous tightness. Sweat beaded on every exposed inch of skin, and her blood drummed a beat of discomfort behind her eyes. She felt like she should get up and stretch the kinks from her limbs, but her vision hadn't entirely cleared yet.

'Fuck,' She tried not to whimper, but didn't entirely succeed. Every movement made her skin itch and flush with heat. It would pass momentarily, but that didn't exactly make her feel better now, did it?

At least the voices had become bearable, lately. When she had been a kid they would flood her mind in a torrent, the individual words indistinct below the sheer volume of the Chorus. She hadn't understood why it was happening to her, back then; her mother had sat by her side as she weathered the pure, sensory assault, as her body attacked itself.

Of course, she understood now; it was a part of her inheritance, the same as her enhanced strength or mismatched eyes or odd skin. Something that marked her, set her aside from everyone else. When it hit her, when she doubled over in agony in the middle of a crowded street, or even in the privacy of her room, like this, it reminded her that there was no place that she properly belonged.

Halves occupied a strange kind of no man's land in the universe; there were so, so many worlds out there, teeming with life of every imaginable variety. And sometimes, folks got curious about just how similar those other entities were. They'd get the itch to... explore. Mostly that was harmless curiosity; even assuming the physical possibility of inter-species relations, there was generally no way for exploring to lead to viable offspring.

But sometimes, two species matched up well enough that a child could be produced, and the question became: where does that child go?

Ren was the daughter of a human father and an alien mother. And she looked it. There were large segments of human society that was fine with that, but there were equally large segments that were not. It was the same elsewhere. Halves didn't belong anywhere, not really. No matter the individual reaction, there was no planet, no culture, where Ren would ever feel truly at home. Hell, there were even whole regions of space that had no legislation regarding the rights of Halves, so in essence they had none.

She didn't go to those places. Invariably, something bad would happen.

Really, those intense bouts of psychic pain were just the icing on a cake of vague, upsetting disappointment. It had always kind of been her against the rest of the universe, so maybe that was the best she could hope for. She sighed.

Her hand crept up to sweep through her hair, damp and matted with sweat. She clicked her jaw, stretched her beleaguered muscles and pulled herself up off of the bed with a growl. God damn life could suck, sometimes.

But then, sometimes things came along that made everything better. Or at least, let you forget your troubles for a while. Let you bury them somewhere.

A wolfish grin spread across Ren's face; she was imagining burying her troubles, and a couple of other choice objects, in Amy.

Yeah. That'd do it...


Tsugi slipped silently into the cell; Amy seemed absorbed in the view from her window, and hadn't noticed his presence. He stopped, just shy of the doorway, head tilted to one side, wondering if she would figure it out eventually. After several moments of this, a thought crept into his head.

Even Tsugi himself had to admit that he was terribly hedonistic, at times, and what he was currently thinking was a mite childish, all things considered. The idea of expending the effort was somewhat out of character. But he was still young, and if youth was good for one thing, it was the occasional bout of silliness. With that in mind, his feet slipped silently across the cool metal floor- he had foregone shoes- as he edged closer to the pretty redhead.

When he got within range, his hands slipped over Amy's eyes, casting her into darkness, 'Guess who!' He sang, with a self-effacing grin.

Amy had stiffened at the first, surprising touch, but she quickly slouched once it became clear what was going on. An explosive, deadpan sigh escaped her lips, and she gently took hold of Tsugi's wrists and pulled them off of her. She spun around slowly, eyed him with a combination of suspicion and outright expectation.

'What, you're not going to play with me?' Tsugi pouted playfully.

'Now why would I want to do that?' Amy said, bitterness tingeing her voice. 'I know exactly why you're here, and it's not exactly a prospect that fills me with joy, you know.'

'Why not?' Tsugi planted himself down next to Amy, inspecting her face closely. 'I've seen you with the others. You always look like you ain't having fun, but you also always get off,' His head tilted to one side, his hand drifted out to brush an errant strand of hair away from Amy's face. The touch was surprisingly intimate, and she flinched. Tsugi grinned, 'I think there's something in that.'

It was remarkably easy to keep Amy off balance; her face went bright red at the reminder of her body's increasingly traitorous behavior. She looked away, unwilling to take Tsugi's impassive gaze, because, well, he was right. Whatever else she felt, however awful her intellectual self perceived her situation to be, it still made her cum. They still made her cum, this group that had kidnapped her, and tortured her, and raped her. In the moment when it all became inevitable and the pressures of her flesh blocked out all reason, that fact was all that mattered.

Amy hadn't thought it possible that she could feel more guilty and conflicted over this but, well, here she was. Well played, Tsugi.

'You thought wrong,' She said quietly, the words ringing false even to her. 'Why are you even here, anyway? Weren't you working for Sander's brother, last time?'

Tsugi leaned back, putting his weight onto his hands, 'Yeah, I was. But I quit. Sander needed some help building the Engine, and when he came to me, I jumped at the chance. It was way too interesting to pass up, and besides, the Oviroa was a good ship, and a fun time, but everything ends, you know? I still talk to Cohen every now and then, he's doing okay. Got another technician and everything. Why? Do you miss him?' He needled.

Amy didn't respond to that, aside from an added sharpness to her gaze, when she finally turned it back to Tsugi, 'Look, as much as I love hanging out with... you people, could you just do what you came here to do and leave? Or, if you're going to talk some more, then could you bring me a strong drink or, like, a gun?'

'Ooh, animosity!' Tsugi, perpetually unperturbed by life in general, cocked an eyebrow. 'We've only really spoken this one time, Amy. You really don't have any clue who I am, or why I'm here, if you think about it.'

'Call it an educated guess, then,' Amy spat. 'Because I don't exactly expect that I'll be keeping my clothes on for long around any of you bastards. You all haven't exactly surprised me in any pleasant way yet.'

'But I'm not the others, Amy,' Tsugi said. 'I don't even intend to touch you.'


He nodded, smiled an odd smile, 'Uh huh. You're going to do it yourself.'

Amy's eyes narrowed, 'I fail to see how that works out any better for me.'

'Nevertheless, it's a crucial distinction, because it means I don't have to move my mug,' Tsugi shrugged, waving a hand vaguely. 'Besides, you should be thanking me, after the workout Ren and just about everyone else has been giving you the past few days. Knowing you, this'll also be kind of fun, too.'

'I'm not going to thank you,' Amy deadpanned, eyes filled with flat irritation.

'That's fine, whatever works for you. Just remember that you can follow my directions yourself, or you can wait for me to use the Collar on you, upon which time I'll be way less inclined to go easy on you,' Tsugi moved a little further down the bed, propping himself up on the mound of pillows laying at one end. He was now at optimal viewing distance, 'Now, take off your clothes.'

Amy glared at him, eyes filled with steely defiance. But she noted that he stared right back, impassively, motionless. Her resistance seemed to break over and around him, without ever actually hitting him. She was left in no doubt that, no matter how much she fought, she would end up doing what Tsugi wanted. The only element of this that she could control was how much she would suffer before it happened.

She breathed a quiet half sigh as her hands drifted to the hem of her shirt. Again, she broke eye contact with Tsugi, eyes falling mournfully to the task at hand, the ever present threat of the Command Collar ensuring her obedience. The pressure of Tsugi's gaze was almost palpable as she lifted her shirt, exposing inch after inch of creamy white flesh to the androgynous youth.

Something about this... She had stripped, been stripped, in front of these people before. She'd been naked, they'd seen everything of her there was to see, as dissatisfying as that was. But this... The strange nature of Tsugi's gaze made her feel especially awkward; his eyes carried an appraising edge as it travelled over her, as though he were weighing her up. By the time she had been reduced to her underwear his eyes stuck to her curves with increased vigor, the spark of desire stoked within them. It was a tiny thing, and focused in a way that Amy had never seen before, but it was there, casting his expression in a hungry light.

That sharp edged smile returned to his face, he gave a little groan of appreciation as Amy's twitching fingers unclipped her bra and discarded it. Her mouth was a grim line as she exposed herself to him, her utter helplessness beating her down more effectively than any physical punishment.

Amy's thumbs hooked into the waistband of her panties, last bastion of her ever fading modesty, and she paused. This was it. Like some final step through a threshold into an unknown room, this was the last modicum of knowing that Amy had left. Once she was completely nude she would be in uncharted waters, completely at the mercy of a person who was, for all intents and purposes, a complete mystery. She had no idea what Tsugi would do, after that point.

Eventually, under Tsugi's solid stare, she had no choice but to comply, and her underwear slid down over her gracefully curving legs. Tsugi's gaze followed them down, hungrily devouring every inch of luscious thigh and calf with his eyes. Amy was beginning to see a more pronounced effect on him, in his intense expression, focused eyes and curving, happy grin. Her naked body gleamed porcelain white in the morning light; she could practically see herself reflected in his eyes.

Slowly, absently, his hand reached out. It made contact at her collarbone, his skin rather cold against her own. His touch was light and delicate, though not tentative in the way Kanaria's had been. He wasn't nervous, he was gentle and appraising. In a way, it was almost alienating; but for the spark of lust focusing his gaze, he was almost touching her in the way one would when checking the health of livestock.

Tsugi's expression was positively mercurial as his hand slid lower, down the soft skin at the top of her breasts to stroke over one pert little package with the slightest hint of a squeeze. Amy's heart thudded loudly in her chest, the utter strangeness of this new violation not lost on her.

'I-I thought you weren't g-going to touch me...' She stammered, some inner part of her trembling and shrinking away from the person in front of her.

'I lied,' Tsugi said, voice a little unsteady, as his index finger played softly over her nipple. A little dart of unbidden lust shot through Amy at that, and the first hint of a shameful blush crested her cheeks. Her skin tingled where he touched her.

His fingers skated the underside of her breast on their journey downward, exploring the curving surfaces of her ribs as they did. As they travelled further down across the softness of her belly, a thought struck her: Tsugi had graduated from treating her like livestock to stroking her as though she was a pet. It wasn't so much of an improvement.

His hand completed its tour of her body; ringed her navel, tickled the inside of her thigh, stroked through the red dappling of fuzz between her legs. But never touched her pussy. Amy could see him looking at it, staring in fact, but despite the fact that nothing she could do could stop him, he never invaded her there. Judging by his expression this was a kind of sacred ground to him; a border not for him to cross.

Amy realized that they had been sitting in an odd, pregnant silence the moment it was broken; Tsugi exhaled a hissing breath, his hand leaving her body. He scooted back a ways, the movement feeling almost like a retreat; his teeth ground together in an odd way. His mouth was dry, his mind on fire with the possibilities of the situation. Focus...

'Your turn,' He said, his voice hoarse. 'You'll follow orders, yes?'

Amy didn't want to, but she found herself nodding. This situation was only going to get worse if she resisted, and frankly, she had no idea what Tsugi was capable of if she got him angry. Parts of her mind rebelled against the decision, but she was becoming awfully, terribly used to that.

'Good girl,' He nodded too. Now, after a moment of slight separation, he seemed to have gotten his head on straight again. He was in control, 'I want you to touch yourself, now. Put your hands on your tits, play with them for me.'

Hesitantly, she did as he asked, moving her hands to cup her breasts. Her eyes clouded with confusion as she turned to him, 'Is this really all you want from me?' She said it quietly, recognizing that the answer would never be satisfying, no matter what it was.

Tsugi shrugged, leaned back on his hands as if to demonstrate that, yes, that was what he wanted, 'I like to watch. Now come on, girl. You've done this before, show me what you've got.'

His gaze licked at her skin as she caressed herself with slightly shaking hands, cupping and stroking and squeezing in accordance with the wishes of a deeper, primal part of herself. Her conscious mind was always aware of the humiliation of being watched, but other parts of her were more closely connected with her body, and they knew what felt good. Her thumbs played over her nipples, hardening them into sensitive nubs as the eroticism of the act swept over her regardless of her audience.

Tsugi was grinning now, 'That's it. Now pinch your nipples.'

Amy looked up, warily. She stared at Tsugi for a good, long time. Oh, where was this going?

'You heard me,' He said flatly. He gestured vaguely at her, eyebrow raised, 'Make it hurt.'

Amy got very close to whimpering, her mind envisioning a future in which this situation went downhill rapidly. Hesitantly, eyes closed, her hands lifted, taking the sensitive tips between her fingers. With one final, resigned sigh, she squeezed as gently as she felt she could get away with. Discomfort spread across her chest, but it was bearable; actually, just rough enough to be vaguely pleasurable. She made a mental note to try her hardest not to weaken here, not to allow her body to betray her. Her heart sank as Tsugi's eyes narrowed.

'Harder,' He said, voice shaking just slightly. 'Honestly, did you think I'd let you get away with that?'

'I suppose not,' She said in a tiny, barely perceptible voice. It was more for herself than for Tsugi. She complied, ratcheting up the pressure as much as she dared. Genuine pain tugged at her, distracting but, shamefully, not entirely unpleasant. It pulled at a string deep inside her, made her tingle in some odd ways. Her lips pressed together into a thin line, her eyes squeezed shut. Something inside her fizzed. It shouldn't feel this way, it shouldn't...

'Harder, Amy,' His voice hissed, invading her conflicted reverie. 'You're holding out on me. I want you to see stars, girl. Make it memorable.'

She heard herself mewl in despair, wanting to flee as far as she could, but the Collar was around her neck. It weighed her down like an anchor. She saw Tsugi's amused little grin, knew she would find no sympathy there. She took a deep breath, wondering just how far Tsugi was willing to push this. Then, exhaling steadily, she clamped her fingers down as tight as she could.

The pain was dagger sharp, and it took her breath away. Her whole body twisted with it, she cried out once as it stabbed through her. After what her desperate brain deemed an acceptable length of time, she released her tits, hands falling limply to her side as she breathed deeply. Tsugi's smile broadened, and she could barely look at him.

'Nice,' He sighed. 'Again.'

Her eyes shot to him, whole face locked in a strangled, pleading expression. He blinked, returning a sweet gaze of his own. She licked her lips, preparing to swallow her pride and beg him to let it slide, to cut her some slack... to do anything else to her.

'You look really pretty in a collar, you know that?' Tsugi commented pointedly, tugging gently on the silver metal encircling her throat. 'Especially when the rest of you is... Well,' He gestured down to her pale, naked flesh. Amy felt an incredible desire to cover herself.

But the point had been made, and it was clear: It really didn't matter what Amy wanted anymore. It hadn't mattered for quite a while, now. Here, she was nothing. She was flesh, to be controlled. To bow to the demands of others, bending and scraping, no matter what she herself desired. To be endlessly on her knees, forever.

Her voice dripped helpless sadness as she whimpered again, a high, reedy sound that washed over Tsugi, who was now smiling to the point of showing teeth. She swallowed thickly, hands trembling as, again, she pinched herself. A growl tore itself from her, low in her throat, as the hot, needling pain hit her again.

This had all happened before, of course; Sander and Mara had abused her tits last time, so she was no stranger to the awful commingling of pain and heavy desire that this kind of thing caused. But this... This was so, so much worse than that. Before, it had always been someone else hurting her, or her pain was drawn out of her by the Command Collar. But this was her; the mere threat of the Collar was enough to make her a slave, it seemed. It was her hands, torturing her breasts, squeezing and squeezing until her breath left her and her flesh burned. And all for what? Because Tsugi was staring at her. That was all it took, now.

'And... Release,' Tsugi said gently, snapping his fingers. His eyes were impassive, seemingly unaware of her pain, but Amy knew what to look for. She could see the fire behind the cold façade. He was enjoying watching her hurt herself. So, so much. Not for the pain in and of itself, but for where it would lead. Because Amy didn't think for a second that he was going to let her stop at her breasts.

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